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7/1/03 Ford Center Oklahoma City, OK

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I'd never seen either Stevie's solo tours or Fleetwood Mac from this close and---wow. Yes, The Goddesss of Rock and Roll is as lovely as ever and the warmth between she and Lindsey was flat-out beautiful to see and very much part of the magic of the night. Speaking of beautiful---I'd read that Beautiful Child was a highlight of the show and I'd thought yes, that's a pretty song. Pretty doesn't begin to cover it. The voice training is evident, Stevie was utterly confident and commanding in her skill---I glanced around...people were mesmerized. In introducing the song, she said it was one she never thought she'd sing on stage. I couldn't quit smiling the entire night. The crowd was on its feet for most of the show and reacted most strongly to Rhiannon, Second Hand News, Big Love and wow, Go Your Own Way, which blistered and crackled with energy. Stevie did the full-out, not-holding-back version of Rhiannon, by the way. Gold Dust Woman, too. Stand Back was probably the highlight . They played it fervently----you could tell everyone in the bad was having a blast. I always sort of had the impression that Lindsey didn't like to do Stevie's solo stuff but he was way into it. When Lindsey would introduce certain songs, especially from the new album, he seemed to be encouraging people to learn from their mistakes, to be courageous... Mick was wearing red tights and knickers and was a blast to watch. The man has got to have one of the most expressive faces ever----it would be so nice to give him a big hug. Maybe someday:) John, as usual, kept to his area, laying down the base lines with understated fervor. Saw him smile a few times:) I swear if I ever met Lindsey Buckingham I'd not be able to speak. That guitar of his has been a part of my psyche as long as I can remember and it's just impossible to put into words how much it means to me. I'm just glad the band is together and obviously having so much fun while bringing joy, art and rock and roll to all of us who love them so. Thank you, Fleetwood Mac, for a night I'll never forget.
Steve Young
What a way to start off July! When Stevie did Gold Dust Woman it was so bone chilling! I am 34 and I have never heard so many older people get so loud!!!! Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks are well loved and welcomed in Oklahoma! Thanks for puting on a concert I've been waiting a lifetime to see, worth the wait!
Barbara Garza
My husband and I were at the Oklahoma City concert on July 1. We have been fans of FM since the 70's but never had a chance to see them live. Oh my gosh!!!!! It was absolutely the best concert we have ever been to. They sounded better than ever and looked abosolutey amazing. My husband of course enjoyed Lindseys guitar and Micks drum playing so much. My personal favorite is Stevie. She is the most soulfull singer. Together they are magic. They really rocked Okc. Okc loves FM and we hope they return here real soon.
Hi everybody, I saw FM last week in OKC at the Ford Center & they were spectacular. Many fans have given such great reviews I'm going to keep this short & sweet. The moment "The Chain" started the entire place roared. My throat is still sore. Stevie was absolutely gorgeous & sounded incredible!!!! Very high energy level from the band & crowd. It was wonderful, beyond description. By far the best concert I have ever been to. Thank you so very much Stevie, Mick, John & Lindsey ~~~~ you all rock my world & I love you with all my heart!!! Much Love ~
Lisa & Craig
This show was awesome! Not much different from Chicago or St. Paul except for a pink overcoat Stevie wore during Gypsy. The sound in the new Ford Center was spectacular. The fans on the floor remained on their feet thru the entire show. This was the only show so far we used the fan club to purchase our seats and unfortunately these were the worst seats we've had. Sorry but true!! The three screens which descend for Big Love and Landslide did not function but it did not ruin the songs. All in all, this concert had the most energy. Next up is Phoenix. Can't wait.
Cindy Kelly
Well, the sound was a bit muddy, perhaps it was just up where I was. I'm sorry for the band and their brilliant efforts. Stevie was in great form - particularly nice and new to hear her doing Christine's vocal part! I didn't know they'd take a stab at overtly Christine stuff. And Beautiful Child, so nice. Some might think it a great "sleeper" to throw in, though lots of us have Stevie favorites that weren't singles...such as Beautiful Child or Storms. Lindsey and band were so great on "Im So Afraid," perhaps the showstopper! Great seeing Lindsey frail that Rick Turner guitar and allow audience members a strum too! What a great San Francisco type sound on that song. :-) Mick and John may well be the best rhythm section going, and Mick must've been a drum yielding voodoo man in another life!
Kevin & Cindy Ryan
I don't normally do this kind of thing, like writing in, etc. but I do have to share our experience at the FM concert in OKC July 1. We had front row (yea front row) seats dead center. The band wasn't 5 feet from us, no barrier, just too cool. I had taken a pic of Stevie and Joe Walsh 20 years ago when they toured on her Wild Hearts tour. She had walked off stage because the audience kept knocking down the barrier and we took a pic of her singing "Sara", right before she walked off. Joe Walsh came out, told everybody to chill or the concert would be over. We took a pic of him too. She came back out, all was well. When I got the pics developed, it came out double exposed like they were standing together with her arm through his. She came to Tulsa a month later and I contacted her manager, made 3 pics, met with her and Joe and her band, they all signed my pic, etc. Anyway, I had the pic scanned with all her bands sigs, Waddy Watchel, Sharon Celani, Lori Perry, etc. and was just planning on slipping it to her as I knew I would be close. (Couldn't have imagined how close though). Back to the present day, like I said front row, center. I had the pic in a file folder and was fanning myself. It was hot and Lindsey saw me and said man, its hot, and I said want me to fan you? He nodded and I started fanning. Every time he got too hot, he'd walk to the edge of the stage and I'd fan him. Towards the end, he walked to the stage and I was fanning him and he said to my husband and I to "play his guitar". Well, he didn't have to say it twice. He knelt down and he played the cords and we strummed like all get out. Then we stopped and he said don't stop, keep on playing, so we kept on playing. There was a big screen there and my friends said it was me, my husband, Lindsey and his guitar on the screen (any idea how I could get that footage, by the way?). I still have friends I haven't seen in years calling me and saying "Oh my God, I saw you on the screen playing Lindsey's guitar". Anyway, Lindsey was unbelievable, to be that close and watch his fingers work (no pick) is breathtaking. Stevie was wonderful, Mick was incredible. At the end of the concert I put the picture on the stage and Stevie walked by and I said, Stevie, Get the picture. She pointed at it and said, "I can't, ask Lindsey to". Which meant I knew they were coming back. They did, kicked butt, I asked Lindsey to get the pic. He said "what is it?" I said, "Just give it to Stevie, she'll know". So he took the pic and walked off stage looking at it. The final touch was when Mick Fleetwood walked up to my husband and knelt down and handed him both his drumsticks. No one else. Walked right to my husband and put them in his hands. You couldn't slap the smile off my husbands face. Unbelievable. The sticks are plastic. Never heard of Mick doing that before. Thanks guys. This concert could not ever be duplicated. Neither could our emotion. Come back........
What can I say...The show was brilliant. Stevie's voice was the best part of the show. Lindsey's solo's were amazing. I missed Chris, but the show was great anyway. The highlights: ~The Chain--greeeeeat entrance ~Come--Intense guitar solo, vocals ~Rhiannon--"Would you even try? No I don't think you would" Well, great show, Great audience and---ROCK ON FLEETWOOD MAC!!!
Brian O.
I have been a Fleetwood Mac fan since 1975, but the only time I had seen them together was during the Mirage tour in 1982. They had just quit coming to Oklahoma City...that is, until this year. The show was everything I thought it would be and more. My husband and I both were just simply amazed at their energy, especially Lindsey's. The man just never quit. He absolutely never left the stage for one minute. Everyone else got a little break here and there, but not him. He looked simply awesome, and in my opinion, stole the show. Stevie looked beautiful and sounded really good. Her voice sounded great and she seemed like she was really enjoying herself. I lost count on the Stand Back twirls, but there was at least seven of them, and she really let loose on Gold Dust Woman and Rhiannon. Landslide was excellent as well, with the entire audience singing along. It was like hearing a 20,000 voice choir. I thought one of the most memorable songs was Say Goodbye. It was almost an accapella / acoustic version, with just a little guitar. Stevie and Lindsey obviously like singing this song to each other, and it was almost haunting in its simplicity and harmony. That song alone was worth the price of admission, and we had excellent seats to boot! What is also touching about this show is the gratitude the band has for the audience. They do seem genuinely thrilled that everyone loves their songs, and they have such a great time on stage. If you haven't seen this show yet, you absolutely HAVE to. It's one in a million.
Bill Gamelson
I arrived at the venue early and got to meet two very nice people from Topeka KS who came to see the show. I saw Chris and his new motor home. Then came Stevie and the Mac. One...two...three black limos followed by a Chevy Blazer and two white vans. The caravan parked at the backstage entrance. One of the limos contained Stevie, the other two limos probably contained the other main members however I couldn't see two of the limos after they pulled into the garage. The Blazer held the rest of the band. I saw Brett Tuggle clearly as he emerged from the Blazer. A few minutes later, a lady emerged with Stevie's two dogs...out for a walk. Finally the doors opened. My seat was at stage right almost all the way up to the top, but the sound was still great at that altitude. Stevie and Lindsey were clearly having fun! The band was amazing. After about two or three songs, Stevie walked over to a dark area of stage right and proceeded to change. La dee da dee da!! Where's those night vision binoculars when you need them?!? Stevie's voice was fantastic! Lindsey's guitar work was almost flawless! The low point of the evening was when Paramedics took a person via stretcher to an awaiting ambulance as the band played. The Paramedics were running with the stretcher, which no doubt meant it didn't look good for the home team. After the song was over, the band's fustration showed when Lindsey yelled "damn" into the microphone. I hope all turns out well. After the fantastic performance, I hung out with a group of people waiting for the limos to leave. Security was very tight. Two police cars, one...two...three black limos, the Blazer and the two white vans that seemed to be there for security purposes only all left together. Intersections were blocked off. It looked almost like Secret Service protecting the President. The only thing missing were the machine guns...or maybe that's what was in the two white vans. One thing was sure, if there was a problem, there would have been potential for over thirty men minus the cops ready for action. I now sit here in my motel in Dallas awaiting the show at the American Airlines Center. Maybe I'll have a better seat...maybe a little closer to that dark area! ::giggle::
Well I'm from Oklahoma~ I saw the Mac opening night in Columbus with my best friend Shelly. So this was my second time on this tour and~ WOW WOW WOW it was sooo amazing, i think they did better than Columbus. I was 8th row center and i have to say, i'm very disappointed in the Oklahoma crowd. Some people were very rude and~ I have never been to a concert where people sit down so much right up front on the floor. They got into it on part of their stuff, but well all i know is I was the only one standing in my section on Beautiful Child( and a couple others)~ this guy behind me had the nerve to ask me to sit down lol~ I was like um~ NO. There was no way, the Mac is my favorite band ever, and Stevie is my favorite singer of all, my inspiration. So there I was standing, dead center from Stevie~ and the good part was, I felt like she was singing it for me ha/ha~ Beautiful Child is one of my favorites of hers, and there I was the only one standing up~ ~ She had to have seen me~~ Lindsey is just awesome awesome on that guitar, it blows me away. And Mick on his drums too. John is the quiet one but he still kicks ass~ especially his solo parts like the Chain. Stevie is just~ well what can I say, she's my hero~ She did alot more twirls and dancing then the opening night. I got my parents tickets and they had a great time as well. I also met an online friend Nikki there, who'm I've chatted with a long time, but this was the first time to finally meet. Nikki rocks~ the only thing I missed was my best friend Shelly from Ohio aka the "Dove", she couldnt be here for the Oklahoma show. We also met online, at a Stevie Nicks club, we're both die hard fans of Stevies, and we've become best friends. I know she would have knocked some people out for telling her to sit down hehehe~~If you read this Stevie I love you so much, when I see in in person I realize I love you that much more. Thank you for giving out your gift from God, you have touched and still are touching so many lives~You are the poet in my heart~~~ God Bless All
Gregg H.
I just returned from the July 1st concert stop in Oklahoma City and I have to say that the each member of the band was in great form. The 2 1/2 hour show was great from start to finish, the only negative being the so-so acoustics at the Ford Center. Lindsey was inspired during the entire set and I have never seen him so animated and "into" his performance. He actually went into the crowd several times and this drove the Fans near the stage wild with delight. Stevie sounded great but she seemed to be nursing a sore ankle - she did'nt move around a whole lot but her lack of mobility did'nt hurt her singing. The evenings highlights were "Landslide," "Gold Dust Woman," and "Silver Springs, " for which she received a standing ovation. Mick drove the crowd nuts with his solo in "World Turning" and served as group cheerleader. With so much energy, polish, and precision, the Mac proves that being over 50 certainly is'nt fatal.
Hi my name is Ryan and I am 20 and attended the Fleetwood Mac concert on July 1st at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City. I am such a huge fan of the group and Stevie Nicks so my expectations were really high and I was not sure they would be able to live up to them, but I was proved very wrong. That is probably the best and will always be the best concert I have ever attended. Lindsey and Stevie still have it their chemisty is unstopable. The both of them have such a great stage presence at one point during the concert it looked as if Lindsey was crowd surfing while he was playing guitar it was like he was a kid again. And Stevie I have never heard people scream so loud as when she did her dancing and twirls on "Stand Back" that was one of the show stoppers along with "Beautiful Child and Rhiannon." Lindsey was so wonderful on "I'm So Afraid and Big Love," all I know is after seeing him I want to take guitar lessons. This concert was incredible and met every expectation I had and more. They sound even better than the C.D. This concert is worth every penny. I just hope they never stop touring because I will always be there.
Talk about Shock and Awe. It has been almost 24 hours since I saw my beloved Fleetwood Mac, and I am still giddy - yeah giddy like a wee lad - after witnessing one of the best rock acts to ever tour - with supremely excellent seats to boot. Oh baby!!! My first concert I ever attended was Lindsey Buckingham, opening up for Tina Turner at Sandstone in Kansas City. It blew me away. Later I saw Stevie during her Street Angel tour and again for her Enchanted tour at Sandstone. Excellent as always. Stunning. When the Mac reunited for the Dance, I was disappointed because the Mac did not tour near my area - so I was ecstatic when I learned they were coming to Oklahoma City - a short drive from Tulsa where Ii now live. An avid concert fan, I have often found indoor concerts to be more enjoyable because of the more intimate setting and so the idea of seeing Fleetwood Mac up close in this venue was almost more than I can stand. The only thing that could have made it more exciting would have been the inclusion of the always classy Christine McVie. That said, I am a big Buckingham Nicks and Frozen Love is never far from my car stereo. A near capacity crowd (amazing for an area devoted to country and western music), I had floor seats about 15 rows back even with Stevie's mike. After getting two shirts - I chose the white baseball-looking shirt and a black shirt with their faces on it - I waited on the floor and talked with some friends and some others around me. Then, it happened. First came John McVie and Mick Fleetwood, the best rhythm section ever, followed by Stevie and Lindsey as they kept with tradition with opened with "The Chain." John McVie's bass paying still gives me shivers, and in some ways, I think he keeps the band together. Without him, the band's cheerleader, Mick, might not be so fervent. Next came Dreams. Awesome. I still find it hard to believe that this song is Fleetwood Mac's only official number one song. Having read many of the earlier fan reviews, I won't do a run through of the list - it was pretty much the same as were the special things they did such as Lindsey goofing on the guitar or Stevie placing her hands on Lindsey's shoulder during "Landslide." While it was obvious that Fleetwood Mac had rehearsed or done many of the same things many times before, there was never time a time when I didn't believe they were sincere or forcing the music. There were so many highlights of the show: from Lindsey's ferocious yet intricate guitar work to Stevie's voice ... that voice. I enjoyed her immensely during Street Angel and Enchanted, but I have to say her vocals sounded richer and stronger. In fact, she sounded better live than she does on the new album - which is fantastic by the way. I had been waiting for Say You Will for some time - and when I go running, I listen to the album. In fact, I wish they had played "Running through the Garden." I hope they release it as a future single. Mick Fleetwood was a hoot, with his bug-eyes and his personality. The joy that the band had playing was infectious and they fed us, as we fed them, going back and forth. What a great job, to hear fans like that every night. Occasionally, the fans or the music would get so loud, you might miss something. But that's just me, I guess. I wanted more. I loved the old classics, but I was looking forward to the new stuff. Say Goodbye is one of my favorites from the album ad Come is much better live as is Say You Will, a Fleetwood Mac classis and one of Stevie's catchiest. I am glad they closed the concert with Goodbye Baby from the new album, because it showed how much the band continues to be a creative force to be reckoned with. I hope Fleetwood Mac continues to make albums (and maybe even Christine McVie will come back.) My hope is that maybe there is enough interest that Fleetwood Mac would make a DVD concert of this tour. I have VHS or DVD copies from Mirage, Tango and The Dance and I watch them a lot. Please, ask the Powers that Be to issue a concert DVD. For that matter, I would love to get a DVD of all the Mac videos and solo stuff. My only regret now is that I can't get tickets t the Dallas venue. It is SOLD OUT. Anyway, thank you Mick, John, Lindsey and Stevie for the great show - as well as all the performers. And thanks to the web people at Nicksfix.com; I visit the site regularly for concert and other news and it is the best fan web site period, bar none. Kudos. God Bless.
Paula Scott
I am still in awe over last night's performance! Stevie is absolutely mesmerizing onstage, and her voice has never sounded better! She looked gorgeous and truly happy to be there, and was very engaging with the audience. Lindsey was on fire, pouring emotion and energy into every single note he played. Mick's drum solo was very entertaining and innovative. I have waited many years to see Fleetwood Mac as a group, and I was not disappointed! The ticket price and four hour drive to see them was absolutely worth it. In fact, I am going to get tickets to see them again at the Kansas City show that's been added to the lineup. Thank you Stevie for this tour and your undeniable talent!
Hi, my name is Lindsay. I'm 17, and I went to the concert at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City,Oklahoma on July first, and I just got home, and the only word I can say is WOW! I've never been to a Fleetwood Mac concert and I will NEVER forget this. It was the coolest thing i've ever seen in my whole life! The band was incredible, and Stevie was so graceful, and beautiful, and Lindsey, Mick, and John brought the audience to it's feet with their awesome beats. Personally, Gold Dust Woman, World Turning, and Go Your Own Way, and of course Landslide stick out the most in my mind, but ALL of the preformances were just incredible!!! If Fleetwood Mac does another tour after this one, I hope that they come back to Oklahoma because they sold out the Ford Center.....and you see, the Rolling Stones weren't even able to do that!! Fleetwood Mac made over 25 THOUSAND people smile and have a great night to always remember! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Oklahoma LOVES Fleetwood Mac!!!
It was incredible! I was able to take my Mom and Dad, who had never seen Fleetwood Mac before. They really enjoyed the show. I think their favorite parts were Mics drum playing and Stevies twirls. Favorite songs of the night included, Landslide, Dreams, Stand back, World Turning, and Goodbye Baby. My favorite part of the evening was when Stevie did her little dance during Say You Will. That was awesome. Can't wait to see them in Dallas.
Kim Green
The concert was FABULOUS!! My first FM concert & I will always remember it!! Stevie was her magnificent self, sounded great, looked great as well as the rest of the band. Lindsey did a wonderful guitar set & Mick a wonderful drum session. You could tell he was enjoying it & he is funny too. Stevie did her twirls, kicked butta on alot of the old songs, Rhiannon, Gold Dust, Silver Springs, it was absolutely wonderful. I would see them again & again. They put on a spectacular show. It's the best I've ever seen!!!!
Erick Church
The crowd crossed downtown Oklahoma City, leaving the Bricktown district for the beautiful and still fairly new Ford Center. A light rainshower just caused a little more of a rush to the arena. Once inside, it was obvious the crowd was going to be vibrant...and diverse. To our left, a couple in their late fifties, and to my right, a 13 year old boy. The show started nearly 15 minutes late, but that only served to entice the audience more. Once Mick's kickdrum started for The Chain, the crowd was ready to go. Lindsey was a madman during Tusk, running around the stage and dry-humping John and Stevie. He also got the crowd more involved, allowing the lucky ones in the front row to strum his guitar during Go Your Own Way and Don't Stop. At several times, he would hold the guitar behind his head, and I thought he might throw it to the ground! Stevie was beautiful of course, and her voice was classic. She put a lot of energy into Gold Dust Woman, and Stand Back, and was perfectly on key during Gypsy. Mick was totally insane during World Turning. He was really getting into it with the crowd, and they absolutely loved it. The only problem that I encountered was an audience that seemed unwilling to accept any new music. Once a song from the new album started, they felt it was time to sit down or go for a beer run. It was embarrassing to me, and I hope that isn't happening in other cities!

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