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10/9/03 Omaha Arena Omaha, NE

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Crystal Binder
I was able to see Fleetwood Mac in Omaha on October 9th, and even talked my husband into joining me. Thanks to other nicksfix.com posts, I waited until the day of the show to buy tickets. I was very happy with the 5th row seats (right in front of Stevie!!). I did see them in Kansas City in August, but I thought they seemed to enjoy this show more. Stevie was great! Stand Back was out of this world, it was great watching her from so close. She looks so vibrant and youthful up on stage. I personally don't care much for Tusk, but in concert I totally love it! I had such a great time, and am so glad that I was able to see them twice. The tickets are pricey, but it was well worth it to see such an unbelievable band. Thanks for the great music Fleetwood Mac, I danced the night away!
Jim O.
Hello all; Last Thursday renewed my hope in future concerts, after attending one '(excuse me) Damn Fine Show and crowd. After seeing the show in Vegas this summer I had little hope for my future of seeing concerts....YOU CAN NOT SIT THRU ROCK and FLEETWOODMAC ROCKS!!! Omaha was a reassurance that rockers of all ages still are out there....given the BAND and SPACE to ROCK. There is no way to sit thru Fleetwood Mac as THEY ROCK. A friend saw them twice in Chicago, myself once in Vegas and we both agree OMAHA WAS THE BEST. We were ALL allowed to STAND and BOOGIE. Long live the MAC!!!!
This concert was the best one I've ever been to. Stevie looked and sounded amazing. Lindsey and John played better than ever, and Mick was awesome during World Turning. I had so much fun, I never wanted the night to end.
tonight was the best night ever, although my seats were very high, i was on top of the whole show and could see it all. Stevie nicks was fantastic as ever, and Lindsay was awesome as well. Mick really got down on the drums and of course john had hes bass going strong. i was so happy too hear that they were coming too Omaha finally!!!! i truly hope they come back real soon, and if not together stevie nicks please come back you rock the house!!!!!!! Never stop!!!!!!!!!!! love ya all Omaha Fan
I attended the Fleetwood Mac concert last night in Omaha, NE and it was everything I hoped it to be. The band was magical and had such a powerful stage presence. My folks were HUGE Fleetwood Mac fans and I grew up listening to their music since the early 70's. In fact, I still have their 8-tracks! I have dreamed of seeing Fleetwood Mac in concert since I was a little girl. One of my Dad's wishes was to see Fleetwood Mac. Mom and I surprised him this year with concert tickets for his birthday. Thank you for a dream come true!!
Mike A.
Just got home from the FLEETWOOD MAC show at the brand new Qwest Center Omaha. This was the 2nd concert ever at the new arena (Cher was 1st, please don’t ask why or how). WOW. What a show! I got to see U2 at the peak of their powers in 1992 for their Zoo TV tour, which was incredible. The Eagles during their Hell Freezes Over Tour in 1995. This show is right there if not better than those shows. Lindsey Buckingham is an incredible guitarist, and shame on Rolling Stone for not including him in the top 100 guitar players of all time. Midway through the concert, somebody actually turned to me and said, “Jimi Who?” Just a remarkable show. The big highlights were “Big Love” and “Landslide”. Even if you own “The Dance”, nothing can brace you for the emotional power and energy that comes with these performances. The big shocker about the entire show is that Christine McVie is not missed, not even during Don’t Stop. I simply cannot get over how incredible the show was. Perhaps I need a day to reflect, but there’s nothing more that could replace the incredible energy and passion that came through with tonight’s concert. I want to see them again!
Hello, I just flew in from Omaha and I have to say last nights show was phenomenal!!! My friend and I had front row, center seats...a dream come true. We had the best time. We danced from start to finish! I want to say thanks to the band for their dedication to their fans. Your music will live forever!! Fleetwood Mac Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joe Pierson
The Show In Omaha Nebaska lived up to and even went beyond exspectations. Stevie sounded like an angel singing from the heavens with vocals that left me in a spell of apprecation of what she is capable of, She sings like no one I have ever heard, and I loved every single moment of it. Lindsey was amazing also, his singing and playing was very special. The whole band put on a show full of everything a Fan could hope for. Do not ever mis a chance to see this band they are a special treat , and I would to thank them for coming to our city, and they are welcomed back anytime. Thanks for giving us the fans something we will treasure long into the future.
In two words... "Incredible Perfection!!!!!"~ For 23 years Omaha, Nebraska has waited for Fleetwood Mac to return here and play~ They came, they not only played, the rocked the house!!!!!!!!~ When they hit the lightly smoke filled stage around 8:25 pm to a 15,000+ crowd and started singing "The Chain", no one was in their seats~ Personally I never took my seat, standing and dancing from beginning to end!!!~ Every single song was absolutely perfect and right on!~ Fleetwood Mac coming off of 2 days of rest between shows before coming to Omaha, looks wonderfully refreshed and definitely at the top of their game~ Mick Fleetwood sat at his drums, with the biggest grin, you could tell he was thoroughly happy to play for us~ Micks's "body drum solo" during "World Turning", was sensational, the crowd couldn't get enough~ John McVie was his quiet self but played a boomng bass, really getting into "Second Hand News" & "Tusk"~ Lindsey Buckingham was in such a great mood playing the crowd from beginning to end, letting them play his guitar & signing autographs between songs~ He was throwing his guitar in the air, he was really into every song, giving it his all~ Lindsey was play fighting with Stevie Nicks running all over the stage which ended up with Lindsey & Stevie hugging eachother dearly and the crowd let out with the most deafening scream at the sight of it~ Lindsey is one of the most underated guitar men~ His performance during "Come", especially shows the range of his talent!!!!~ Now, Ms. Stevie Nicks,.....well let's just say she was abolutely stunning!!!!!~ She was dressed exquisitely~ i have been a fan nearly 30 yrs now and this show brought me to tears~ It was that unforgettably wonderful~ Stevie was so vivacious and animated when singing, "Rhiannon", "Gypsy", "Gold Dust Woman" and "Stand Back"~ Striking her elegant bewitching poses~ Her performance of "Beautiful Child" was flawless bringing everyone to their feet in awe of her~ Stevie dedicated "Landslide", to a local Omaha man named Jack Peterson, giggling to the crowd saying She and Jack had been in a silly predicament 15 minutes ago & she had to dedicate it to him~ Everyone wished they were Jack Peterson's friend that nite!!~ "Say Goodbye" sung by Stevie and Lindsey was very poignant~ Stevie Nicks was unbelievably legendary!!!!!!!!!!~ Seeing her as close as i got to, was absolutely divine~ Very timeless she is!~ Fleetwood Mac played for 21/2 magnificent hours and I was there~ "Thank You", Mick, John, Lindsey and the "Legendary Goddess of Rock", Stevie Nicks, for the time of my life!!!!!!!!!` I for one will never forget this night, your performaces left me breathless~

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