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2/27/04 West Australia Cricket Grounds Perth, Australia

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Vicki O
Absolutely fantastic!!!!! Lindsay’s guitar work was just amazing. Stevie’s voice is still SO powerful. Mick, well Mick is JUST MICK – no words can describe his talent. The percussionist, Taku Hirano – WOW. It was a concert well worth waiting for – when we bought our tickets 5 months ago we thought the day would never come. Thoughts of going again to tonight’s concert most certainly crossed my mind as they have released some tickets. Hmmmm very tempting. LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And THANK YOU!
James Ross
Legends!!! I have waited so long to see Fleetwood Mac and they did not disappoint in fact they just awesome. I only hope we get to see them again. I could go on about every song but that takes too long. Just a very big thank you to Mick, John, Lindsay and Stevie on a wonderful wonderful show. Mick you are right "The Mac are back"
I saw the band on Friday night - didn't want it to end and wished I could have gone on Saturday. It was awesome - their talent goes on and on. Stevie - beautiful and talented, Lindsey amazing and an unbelievable guitarist, John the same and Mick - the same as ever - thenk goodness.
Susie Grant
Well, what can I say..THE MAC IS BACK.. What a totally amazing experience. I am still buzzing from last nights show in Perth Western Australia. Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John, you were absolutely FANTASTIC. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!

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