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5/19/03 First Union Center Philadelphia, PA

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May 19th was one of the most magical nights I have ever experienced. I have never had the opportunity to see Fleetwood Mac up front..although I have seen Stevie several times very close :) My friend Brian, who I met during the Trouble In Shangri-la Tour surprised me with fourth row seats! I was so knocked out.. He arrived here from Long Island, and we left for the show almost right away. We got there, met some really great people, and waited for Stevie and the rest of the band to take the stage. I was totally mystified within the first five minutes. The highlight of my night was definitely Beautiful Child. I always hoped to see Stevie sing it, because it's one of my favorite Stevie songs. Stevie looked so beautiful..she was smiling, and dancing..and Brian and I were thrilled that we got our twirls and spins during Stand Back :) The crowd was wonderful..and we all sang and danced together. At the end of the show, everyone started to leave because they didn't know that Goodbye Baby was the very last song, so, Brian and I fought our way to the front of the stage, while Lindsey watched Brian and I struggle to get my platform boot un stuck from one of the seats..lol! Total humilliation was my brush with Lindsey...and that's just fine with me..lol. It was quite an unforgetable night. Being with one of your best friends, watching the woman who is your total inspiration was more than I could ever ask for in one night. Thank you Brian, for always being there to share in the experience of seeing Stevie..and Thank You Stevie for being my inspiration, and the joy that you've brought to my life all of these years..I know that the next time will be even more incredible.
Paul Coover
I went to the Philadelphia concert with my wife and we were BLOWN AWAY!! We sat on the floor close to the stage and it provided a wonderful experience. From start to finish, FM really rocked! The electricity was amazing as the band played through the night. It was an emotional moment when Stevie sang Landslide(My favorite song) and when she came out with Stand Back, the place exploded! Even several days later, I'm still on a high from the show. The only bad moment of the evening is when an older couple next to us asked my wife to sit down(LOOSERS!!) but it didn't take away from the concert at all. It's amazing that after all these years, Fleetwood Mac just keeps getting better! Thanks for the time of our lives!
What a great night!!!! I took my daughter to see FM for the first time...we were both dressed in Stevie style and had a blast. We sat is section 5 on the floor. There is noting like being at a concert in Philadelphia! The crowd is WILD!!!! It seemed like everyone was on their feet dancaning and having a great time. The energy of the FU center was 100% better than the Atlantic City show and you could tell that the band was feeling it too. It was the same set list, same Lindsey guitar craziness but wild, fun and amaizing just the same. The really memorable moments for me where when the WHOLE FU center sang Landslide with Stevie and cheered so loud at the end that she had to put her fingers in her ears, the cute face she made when she sang "I'm getting older, too", The 3-5 twirls she did when she sang Stand Back, when she said "You remembered!" When we all sang the last lines of "Silver Springs" with her, and at the very end of the show when Mick Fleetwood came out and said "Thank you for making us so DAMN happy!" I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they come back to Philadelphia on the next leg of the tour...if they do, you should come too.....there's nothing like seeing them there!
I attended both the AC and Phila show and I can't figure out what concert these other people were seeing? I am a HUGE fan of Stevie but both were disappointments for me. I paid top price for my ticket in AC, only to find my seat miles from the stage. Their sound people really need to be fired, by the time they finally synced the show was over. At the Phlia show our seats were on the second level and you could barely even hear. I have seen Stevie solo a number of times and she has always been great. I figured FWM would only be better, boy was I wrong.
On Monday May 19, 3 friends and I went to the Fleetwood Mac concert at the First Union Center in Philadelphia. We had a blast!! The show was very energetic and fun. The band sounded great and really thrilled the crowd. I especially enjoyed the way old favorites were mixed in with new songs. We really enjoyed ourselves and reaffirmed the fact that Fleetwood Mac is the best ever!!!!! To Stevie, Lindsey, John and Mick, THANK YOU!!!!!
Joe Higgins
I have witnessed every Fleetwood Mac Tour since 1978 except for the tours without Lindsey Buckingham. I attended the Fleetwood Mac concert in Philadelphia sitting in the fifth row ,center section from the stage. The band sounded awesome last night with a harder feel to their music than past tours. The departure of Christine Mc Vie from the band , although very much respected, did not take away from the band's performance due to the strong song material written by Stevie or Lindsey over the years. Her departure allowed Lindsey and Stevie to perform more of their songs live. There were many musical highlights during the evening. Beautiful Child was everything that the song entitled and this was the first time that I heard the song performed live.Stevie's vocals were strong during the evening especially on Gold Dust Woman, Landslide (with the crowd singing every lyric), and Silver Springs. I was especially impressed with Stevie's harmonizing on Lindsey's work particularily during Never Going Back Again,I'm So Afraid, and World Turning. Lindsey Buckingham remains one of the premier guitarists in music as exhibited in his searing leads on Come, I'm So Afraid, and Go Your Own Way. He displayed equal talents on The Acoustic version of Big Love and Never Going Back Again with his effortless finger picking style. During Tusk and World Turning I could not stop from moving to the rythmic blast created by Mick Fleetwood and his two percussion players. The musical chemistry exhibited between Buckingham-Nicks was dynamic throughout the evening and each singer really appeared to be enjoying themselves up on stage particularily during Go your Own Way when Lindsey went back to back with Stevie while he wailed away on guitar and she appeared to be laughing. The new material from the strong Say You Will release sounded fresh such as Peacekeeper,Say you Will, and Come . The only disappointment of the show was that more songs from the new release were not played such as Thrown Down,Smile At You,Everybody Finds Out, Miranda, Red Rover,or StealYour Heart Away. The band performed 24 songs over a period of 2 hours and 15 minutes. I feel very fortunate to have witnessed my favorite band of the past 26 years from the 5th row and proud to hear them sounding so great. I advise any Fleetwood Mac fan to check out the band on their current tour because they are in store for a very entertaining evening. The band may have grown older but they still know how to rock and roll and perform the ballads beautifully. Long Live Fleetwood Mac!
Well this was, by far, the LOUDEST Fleetwood Mac show I've ever seen. Wow! What a show. If the venue wasn't sold out, it had to be extremely close. The First Union Center was filled to the rafters, and the energy -- of the band, the music, and the crowd -- as AMAZING. Truly electric! I was so happy to see this lineup of Fleetwood Mac perform. I'm a long-time fan, and have seen them on most tours since Mirage in 1983. This had to be one of their best, if not THE best concert. The set list was a great mix of old and new, all performed masterfully. While Lindsay's voice was occasionally a little rough around the edges, his guitar playing was brilliant. Stevie's voice, in contrast, sounded more powerful and lovely than ever. And, as others have noted, those voices were meant to sing together. John and Mick, and all the backing players, played great. I loved every second! Highlights included the "singalong" to Landslide (everybody, and I mean everybody, was singing along note for note). I also loved how Stevie broke into a smile while singing the line "and I'm getting older too", like she acknowledges it and hey, it's O.K.! We all can learn from that... Gold Dust Woman is in always a thrill to hear live... Stand Back was beyond words, the band and the crowd were just going full throttle. I've always thought that calling Fleetwood Mac a "pop" band was a misnomer -- they are at heart a Rock Band (with the talent and the daring to experiment in the many flavors of rock), and this concert certainly proved that. Rock on Fleetwood Mac ~ a living legend of rock and roll.
My friend and I were in the 17th row on the floor of the First Union Center. The show was wonderful, as expected. Stevie got her hair cut into long layers which really flattered her face. I have been to every Stevie and FM show in Philly since 1989, and last night was the most beautiful I have ever seen her look. She was glowing and really having a good time~smiling alot. It was heartwarming to see the interaction with Lindsay. Loved Lindsay's version of Never Going Back Again. His guitar playing was nothing short of spectacular. The highlights of this show for me(since I've seen so many) were Beautiful Child and Stand Back. I wish I hadn't read the set list from opening night, because the surprise would have made it even better. What a great song! Stand Back was a highlight, because that was the song that got everyone dancing, and I love how the song has evolved over the years. My only disappointment was that there was no opening soliloquy for Rhiannon. I've loved hearing the stories for that song and look forward to them at every show. I can only hope for a next time. The show really rocked, and I hope to be lucky enough to see Stevie again some day. Goodbye, baby, no~I won't forget you!
As always Fleetwood Mac last night was awesome. I seen them in D.C. but Stevie seemed more energetic last night. She twirled, danced and really was into the crowd. She still can rock and Fleetwood Mac will live on for a very long time. The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Elvis have nothing on the Mac. Say You Will is just the beginning for this great GREAT Band. Happy Birthday Stevie May 24 and Mick June 24
Nancy Zink
Hello, Oh MY GOSH! What an incredible show at First Union Center, Philadelphia. Stevie and Lindsey were truly at the top of their game and played to a rockin' crowd. One of the best moments at the show was when Stevie was singing "Stand Back" and I turned around from the tenth row in section 2 near the stage and looked at the entire arena filled with arms moving up and down and seeing thousands of bodies jumping and singing all of the words to the song. It was awesome to see the energy of the crowd. Everyone loved the band as did I. I enjoyed the show so much, I didn't want it to end. Fleetwood Mac is truly an inspiration to rockin' out at any age. I saw people there ranging from ten to seventy. Wow, what an evening!
I won't bore everyone with what went on (or ruin the incredibleness for those who have yet to see)! I will simply say that Stevie can stand on stage, covered from neck to toes in swaying, black drapery, and STILL just drips of sexuality! Madonna, J. Lo, Brittney.....they dance their tails off, half clothed......Stevie stands there and BRINGS THE HOUSE DOWN with one simple spin!!! Eat your hearts out girls!!! The connection you can feel between Lindsay and Stevie while they play and sing on stage is just climatic! And Mick on those drums, with his expressions of pure joy and excitement is the most ENTERTAINING experience i have ever been too!! A powerhouse of an event!!! Laugh, cry, dance and enjoy the experience of a life time!!!! They leave us begging for more!!!
Jennifer Tini
Well these last few days were absolutely amazing! I attended both concerts of Fleetwood Mac-one in Atlantic City and one in Philly, my home town! Before the shows I got an airbrushed shirt made of Stevie's face and everyone loved it. It's beautiful. However, no image can compare to the real thing. On Saturday when she came out I almost died! I was in the fourth row in AC and the third row here in Philly. The highlight of both evenings, for me, was when her and Lindsay sang "Silver Springs" to eachother, and when she sang "Beautiful Child." "Beautiful Child" has always been one of my favorite songs of hers but it kind of faded into the background... never did I expect her to sing it!! And when she did, her REAL fans that knew the song went wild. Tears came to my eyes during "Landslide" when I stopped singing, closed my eyes, and just listened... listened to the whole crowd blend with her voice on every lyric. It was so amazing! I realized how much Stevie and this great great rock and roll band are really loved! I went there to see this inspirational woman, but when I got there, I remembered why it is that I love Fleetwood Mac as a whole! Each of them compliment eachother... Mick was outstanding with the crowd during the first encore; John stayed in the background but was awesome on guitar; Lindsay was beyond anything I ever imagined; and Stevie... well, there really are no words to grasp how wonderful and beautiful she looked and sounded. After the show I saw a neighbor that worked at the First Union Center who told me how many hundreds of shows he has seen there and that this has been one of the greatest! Congratulations Fleetwood Mac... you are welcome back to Philly anytime!!!
Jess Wise
I am going to try to make this short an sweet because there are really no words to describe last night. It was the 2 1/2 most amazing hours of my teenage life. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I danced, I sang, and I loved every minute. I even managed to make it onto the floor for the very end. I probably don't have to tell you how beautiful Stevie looked and her performance was amazing. She shined during Gold Dust Woman, Stand Back, Rhiannon, and most of all during Goodbye Baby and Beautiful Child. WOW! Lindsey was unbelievable. I've never seen anyone play that way, with such intensity, and look so good while doing it! LOL. Mick was as wild and crazy as usual and John was still back there beside him. Partners in crime forvever. Haha. 24 hours ago they were midway through the show and I would give anything to go back. My Dad and I ended up with 2 extra tickets that we couldn't get rid of, so for us it ended up being a $500 concert. At first my Dad was a little upset, but at soon as we got in there he forgot all about it. At the end he said it was worth every penny and that it was one of the best concerts he has ever seen ( he has been to alot). And I am the one who is the big MAC fan. I'm telling you, if you get the chance go see this show! It was such a wonderful experience and I will remember it forever. Thank you Stevie, Lindsey, Mick,John, the rest of the band, crew, and staff for making this happen. I love you!
I saw Fleetwood Mac last night for the first time, Stevie for the second. I couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate earning my bachelor's degree than spending "An Evening with Fleetwood Mac." They were phenomenal. One would think that after all these years they would lose their enthusiasm and energy...not so. Could it be that their talent has multiplied over the years? I have to admit that I was most excited to see Stevie but left the show a bigger fan of John, Mick, and Lindsey than I had been going into it. After reading some of the previous reviews and learning that they'd be doing Gypsy I was so psyched to see it live...I wasn't disappointed. The standards everyone expected to be performed were, of course, great but the songs off the new CD were awesome, too. I think What's the World Coming To was my favorite. Big Love, The Chain...Stevie bringing the house down on Gold Dust Woman and Landslide. I'm more in love with the music then ever before...and although Christine McVie was missed Fleetwood Mac proves that when you got it...you got it. Come Back Soon!!!
First off, I'd like to thank whomever organized the FM members only website for selling such awesome tickets in advance! When I found my seat so close to the stage I almost passed out. So thank you. :) The show was amazing, Lindsey is a madman! I've never seen anyone play guitar like him in my life, and I've been to tons of concerts. It's almost like watching someone who has been possessed. During one song he banged away on Mick's cymbal with one hand while thrashing wildly on his guitar with the other. During another solo he ran over to Stevie and almost knocked her over as he leaned his back into hers. It looked like she was trying to keep her balance as he used her for a wall to rest up against. I don't think she quite knew what to make of it from her facial expressions. Stevie looked tried to me. She really didn't seem all that happy except for when she sang "Landslide". Every single person in the stadium was singing along with her, and that put a huge smile on her face. After that she seemed to come around and enjoy herself. Someone might say differently, but that's the impression I got. Also, her voice seemed to completely change when she sang "Silver Springs" It was very Mickey Mouse like and her voice cracked once during the song. There was some eye contact between Stevie and Lindsey but not much. Couldn't see much of John as he was hiding in the shadows most of the night, but he played beautifully as usual, and Mick was completely crazy behind his drums keeping up with Lindsey every step of the way! One thing I as disappointed about was there were no tour programs, or posters to buy after the show, but over all it was a night to remember and I'll never forget it.
Terry M.
Well, I just fullfilled a promise I made to my daughter after The Dance tour, I would take her to see Fleetwood Mac when they tour again. She is now 16 and we just had the best time ever sharing this music I grew-up on and raised her on!! The energy in that Philadelphia arena was amazing! It came from the crowd and it came from all those amazing artists on that stage. Nichole now thinks of Lindsey as the God of the Guitar, he knocked her socks off, to say the least! We danced, we sang, we about clapped our hands off our arms. We experienced the most great, amazing, spirt moving performances from them all. We saw Stevie on the TISL tour right before she cancelled shows for being ill. She and the whole band was in tip-top shape tonight! It was so great to hear so many of the early songs with all the new ones. Lindseys' "Come" is up there with "Big Love" and all his big guitar songs. "Beautiful Child" was so sweet. I really wanted to see Stevie sing "Destiny Rules", my new favorite but, it was not on tonights play list to my short lived disappointment. Mick, whatelse can you say; what a WILDMAN! And, we loved John dancing with Stevie and playing around with Lindsey! This is just the begining of this tour, I can't imagine it getting better but, I have no doubt it will! Thanks "Fix" for being here. You are my 1st internet stop everyday. Keep up the great work!
Jennifer Polanski
This was my first opportunity to see Fleetwood Mac perform in concert, and let me tell u any song that you might have only kinda liked b4, well after hearing it live makes it so much better. I almost cried when the show started I was so ecstatic. It was great to hear the old favorites. One thing I was worried about from reading other reviews was that this would be a stevie-twirlingless concert and it seemedlike she would tease us with a half turn, she didn't even twirl during Rhiannon it took stand back with her great pokodot shawl to get a signature twirl and did the crowd go crazy. Landslide was so amazing live, I think the hole band could have stooped singing for a moment and it wouldn't have been noticed cause we were all singing along, I have no voice left from screaming and singing along and that's when you know its a great concert. I'll be honest in my opinion it didn't really matter Christine wasn't there, just gave stevie more time to shine and she covered her part in Dont stop very well. It was also great to hear second hand news, the set list was a bit different from I expected. It was so great to hear my old favorites. I was totally amazed at there stage show. I wish they would release this one on a VHS again. It was a show I will never forget.
Kelly Rupertus
WHAT CAN I SAY!!!!! It was a wonderful, wonderful time. They played the same set list described in other reviews. Ones that stand out in my mind are Gold Dust Woman, Landslide, which the whole arena was singing along too, and Stand Back. Stevie totally rocked out on this song and danced and smiled like she was completely enjoying herself. She did about four or five twirls at the end of Stand Back which cause the crowd to go wild. Stevie smiled a lot throughout the whole concert and seemed to have a lot of chemistry with Lindsey. They seemed like best friends, coming and going holding hands, and at one point Lindsey kissed her very endearingly on the forehead. Speaking of Lindsey , that man is a guitar God. He totally brought the house down. He got as much and maybe more applause than the Queen of Rock herself and he also got about four standing ovations for his crazy antics on the guitar. He seemed to be having a total blast which was so very nice to see. He seems to be getting much more crowd appreciation and we all know he needed and rightfully deserved it. It seems like they are equally sharing the spotlight now and that is a great sign. It creates much hope for more music from the Mac for many more years to come. I was a little annoyed with the crowd in my section, they were a little on the boring side. I mean I know there were not a lot of teenagers there but with the performance that Stevie , lindsey, John and Mick gave for us it would have been nice to see a few more people dancing and screaming the way I was. Oh yea, some idiot threw a stuffed animal on the stage right at Lindsey while he was playing. Maybe there were a few teenagers there after all. Oh my gosh though, all in all, I am still freaking out from how great they were. I personally think they sound better than ever, Stevie especially. She sounded like an angel, but doesn't she always?
V. Williams
OOH!OOH!OOH! Just got in from the concert in Philly and I had to tell someone who will listen before I attempt to sleep. That show was worth every cent and then some. It was my first time seeing Stevie or any of Fleetwood Mac live, they TORE IT UP!!! Stevie, beautiful as ever, was magnificent, even without the heels. Lindsey is a beast! It doesn't make sense for ONE man to have all of that goin' on. What's the World Coming To seemed a little strange at first... but so what. I enjoyed myself immensely! For the love of God...you have to come back to Philadelphia, Fleetwood Mac. Thank you for a great evening.
John S.
I just got back from the First Union Center in Philadelphia. All I can say is INCREDIBLE!!! What a show. I have been to a lot of concerts in my day ( I am 51), but this show rocked. After redin all the reviews from previous shows on the nicksfix websire, I felt like I already saw the concert. Most of the descriptions I read were right on. The highlights of the concert were Stevie singing Gold Dust Woman, Standback, Landslide & Silver Springs & LIndsey's guitar. He is the best. My point of view was a little different than the reviews I read on Landslide. Although you could hear the audience singing in the background, I really enjoyed the crowd evertime there was a poise in the song. The crowd would roar with approval & Stevie would smile. Also, the crowd sand along on Silver Springs and when the song was over, Stevie said to the crowd..."You remembered that one." Overall it was just wonderful to see the band back together playing their legendary music. I fyou get a chance to see the concert....GO. You won't regret it.

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