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9/28/03 Wachovia Center Philadelphia, PA

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Kristin B.
In May, Fleetwood Mac was just embarking on their first tour without their keyboardist and third songwriter, Christine McVie. Although her departure still left the viable John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham, and Stevie Nicks, critics questioned how successful the latest incarnation would be and left the group feeling uneasy. Although the show was the seventh performance on the tour, the whole band seemed all at once happy to be there and a little leery. The fall show was much the same. The band seemed a little more confident in their efforts, t-shirts were a little pricier, but all-in-all it was still a fantastic performance. "The Chain" served as the introductory song for the evening, with a bass line that proves John McVie is a key-member. "Dreams" came next, with its slow methodical rhythm, but wasn't until Lindsey Buckingham started "Eyes of the World" that the show really got moving. Lindsey is a brilliant guitarist and, much to my amazement, self-taught as well. When he plays his guitar, when he breaks out and jams through a solo, it's just him and the guitar up there. There's no retouching, no second take, and I'm willing to bet he barely notices that all eyes are on him. On a conscious level it's just Lindsey, doing what he loves best. That is what he was born to do. The same can be said of Mick Fleetwood, though he takes a more comedic stance on performing. If it weren't for the camera strategically stationed around the drum-set, I would have missed all the familiar, bug-eyed faces. The audience was never so pumped up as it was during "World Turning" when Mick stepped down from the drum-set and instead beat, among other things, his unique vest. There is a performer that is so into making the audience happy. He seems to thrive on the exuberance of the crowd, and as he beckoned, "Are you with me, Philly?" there was no question every concert-goer was indeed caught up in the moment with him. That type of camaraderie is unforgettable. John McVie remained sedate throughout the concert. He is a pillar that has stayed with the band from the very beginning, and he is often forgotten by fans and critics alike. The best part about John is, you can tell there's a funny side to him that just doesn't come out on stage. (I'd like to pull the photograph from Rolling Stone magazine that depicted McVie and Fleetwood as bride and groom as proof.) McVie is a founder, and with Mick and Lindsey's energy bouncing around the arena, I don't believe the audience could take another perform quite that excited. This is not to say that Stevie Nicks wasn't excited. She sang her songs with feeling, as she always has before when I have been privy to seeing her in concert. She changed her shawls and jackets numerous times, remembering, with care, to take out the "Gold Dust Woman" shawl at the proper time. But there is something very different about Stevie Nicks with Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks alone. There is the same motherly concern, the black-widow gestures, and the spinning that fans hold their breath for during "Stand Back." She is indeed the same woman, and her performance ethic is unchanged, but the way she stands onstage with Lindsey can never be matched with Waddy Watchel. The chemistry is unlike any other. They came on-stage holding hands, and frequently turned to face one another as they sang their infamous break-up songs. To come away from all that years later and still be able to show that amount of affection is remarkable. The bitterness has faded, the angry songs have subsided, and "Go Your Own Way" has gone from hurtful to historical
John S.
This was FM's second time in Philadelphia. I was lucky enough to see both shows. After seeing the first concert in May, and reading all the reviews from the nicksfix website, I thought that I knew the show inside and out, and that I would be just sitting there watching a rerun concert. Although the song list was identical, and basically the entire concert was identical, the band was not. They say that practice makes perfect. Well, last night was inbelievable. Every song was precise, and filled with feeling from the entire band. They all seemed to be having such a great time out there. Stevie looked great, and her voice was so much better than the first time in Philadelphia. Lindsey and Stevie seemed to enjoy each other on the stage, and it really looked genuine. During Tusk, Lindsey went off on guitar, and then he put it down and went over to Stevie and started to circle around her. Then she started circling with him and put up her hands as if to start boxing with him. It was so cute. Stevie dedicated Landslide to the audience because it was their second time back, and I think it was her way of showing appreciation to the Philadelphia faithful. After the Chain, she did her typical welcome by saying "Philadelphia, PA...Welcome." It just amazes me to see them enjoying themselves so much night after night. Anyone who hasn't seen them yet, if you have an opportunity to go.....GO!! You won't regret it. FM is BACK with a passion.
Ok, I just got back from the Philly show. All I can say is that it was the best night of my life. I am still on cloud nine, and I dont think I will come down for quite a while. I mean, how can you when, you are so obsessed with a group, and you finally get to see them up close and personal?? Words cant even describe how happy I feel right now, I only wish that I coudl have gotten to meet the group, or have gotten an autograph! But I have enough memories to last a lifetime!! I had to drive back from Penn State 3 hours before the concert began. Luckily the concert started a little late, and I made it to my seat just in time. My sister and I managed to get up to the 6th row on the floor, right in front of Lindsay, so we made a ton of eye contact the whole time... He laughed, pointed and made gestures to us, it was incredible!! Ok, I wont make this review that long, even though I could write pages upon pages about the best night of my life. I thought that stevie was wearing way too much foundation, it made her skin look so, I dont even know... she looked different, but still beautiful... she was so cute when she was dancing, she would put one hand on her hip and spin her other hand like a lasso... I couldnt help but laugh!! I think she should communicate with the audience more, but thats just me!! Ok, best songs? I would say Stand Back, and Silver Springs, for Stevie. There was SO much energy in Stand Back, the whole crowd was crazy, adn Silver Springs I though was just as good as The Dance, but she and Lindsay didnt really communicate that much in it. For Lindsay, his bests were Monday Morning and Big Love, I think. I wasnt a huge fan of his whole huge guitar solos before, but after this show, I wanted more!! He was incredible, and no doubt is he one of the best in the world!! I went to my first show back in May, and that got me hooked. I am 200% obsessed with Fleetwood, and before this show, much my obsession was towards Stevie, becuase, I mean, she's Stevie... but after this show, I love Lindsay, too!! He is so cute the way he interacts with the crowd!! I would say the wierdest part of the show was when Mick did his drum thing, and was like singing or something, but no one knew what he was saying, and he was spitting everywhere!!! It was really funny tho, some guy had to wipe off the microphone for Lindsay when Mick was done using it!! Let me just tell you, when the drums in the Chain started, it was like it everyones heart started beating together, in sync, it was beautiful. I must say, though, that I was disappointed in All the empty seats here... I thought we shouldve had alot more fans!! But one thing is for sure, THE MAC IS BACK, and I PRAY that they come back to PHILLY again!!! (I thought that Mick should have done teh E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES cheer!! That would have made everyone crazy!!!) But anyway, thats my review, and if I can give you one piece of advice: GO SEE FLEETWOOD, YOU WONT REGRET IT!
Last night was the best ever!! This was my second concert for this tour...and I just can't get enough! I'll spare you all the set list because we all know it by heart already. Here's the highlights: Rhiannon, Beautiful Child, Landslide, Tusk, Second Hand News, Go Your Own Way, and Stand Back. Mick was in top form, entertaining us all the way. John laid low as usaul, but did what he does so well! Lindsay jammed his heart out - I know his fingers hurt today! And Stevie - she was so beautiful and enchanted - it almost hurts. Stevie and Lindsay chased eachother around the stage during Tusk, hugged and kissed a couple times after Landslide and Silver Springs. This was the best part - during Say Goodbye, Stevie and Lindsay turned to eachother - and stared SO INTENSELY right into eachother's eyes - for the entire song. They weren't singing to us, they were singing to eachother....it was so magical and beautiful. They might say their love was a long time ago, but I beg to differ. I think they'll be together someday...the bond is still there after all these years!! The crowd was loving every minute of this band. During Stand Back, Stevie twirled around and around...I thought she was never going to stop!!!She is so cute when she taps her feet and jingles her tambourine. Mick did his solo act during World Turning...he's so funny! He was sweating so bad on Lindsay's microphone - a crew member had to come out and wipe the microphone off after Mick used it!!! Stevie dedicated Landslide to all of us, and the Philly crowd let her know we appreciated it! I think Beautiful Child was emotional for Stevie...she looked sad, but kept on going. The show was absolutely wonderful! I recommend any Stevie fan or Mac fan to see this show - it's great! This band rocks. After all the drama, drugs, alcohol, break ups, fighting, lying, and cheating...they're still the best rock and roll band alive! Philly loves the Mac and Stevie!!!!! Once in a million years, a lady like her rises.....I love you Stevie Nicks!
What a night! Stevie looked unBELIEVABLE as usual! And when she smiled all anybody could do was cheer! it was great! Stand Back was the crowd pleaser that night! Everybody was on their feet singing along and dancing with it! It just EXPLODED when she started twirling with her shawl! They made you feel like they were your friends at some huge dance party! It was great! And when Stevie dedicated Landslide to all of us there, it was like a dream come true! I went home and told everyone that Landslide was dedicated to me! haha! What a night! Stevie...what a show...your amazing! Thanx for the best show of my life!
WOW!! I just got home from the show at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. And I got to say that this was the best concert ever. I saw them already on this tour in Wahington D.C., back in May (There second show on the tour). This concert was 10 times better that that one, if that is even possible. But they just seemed so relaxed and layed back during this show. The talk to the audience a lot more and dance around more and they preformed better. My favorite songs of the concert were come, man he really rocked out on that song, Gypsy I love how the played part of the video on the screen in the backround, but I noticed that she missed a verse in that song was that done on purpose? I don't know. Gold dust Women was awesome also.I also really like when they did So Afraid, Eyes Of The World, Rhianon, Silver Springs, World turning, Landside (that was cool because you could hear the entiere audience singing), oh, what else, oh yeah the chain, , well basiclly ever single song they did.But I got to say that I was dissapointed that they took out Running through the Graden and Destiny Rules, those songs were great in concert. I loved Micks solo with her vest, he's great, that was really cool. oh, man what else, oh yeah it was so sweet how Lindsey and Stevie danced together during tusk, I loved that part, it was great. this was definitly the best night ever. Wow I can't believe what a great show that was. I could go on all night about how great the show was but I don't want to much space on the page. Rock on!!!
I had the pleasure of seeing both appearances of Fleetwood Mac in Philly this year. The first show was back in April, very early in the tour... That concert was tremendous. Anticipating the 2nd show, I was curious to see what (if any) difference there would be 6 months later into the tour. Would the band be tired? Would the band be bored? Would the crowd be less enthused? The answers to those questions: a resounding NO! Fleetwood Mac soared last night... FM sounds just as fresh, and just as energized as they did when they first hit the road, but they were also "looser" in terms of appearing more relaxed, having more fun. Lindsey in particular was so into the performance, and just seemed so happy to be there doing what he loves to do, and seeing/hearing/feeling the crowd respond. Stevie's voice was in fine form, her performance as captivating as ever. The rhythm section was rock solid. The band was downright playful. And the fans loved every bit. It was just a terrific night... The set remains the same (with a few tiny tweaks here and there), but well worth the "reprise" visit! A great night of "top shelf" rock and roll!!
Nancy Zink
Wow, I saw the FM show at Wachovia Center in Phillie last night! This is the second time I saw FM there this year. This one was even better than the first. Stevie was so spontaneous and powerful as you sang "Stand Back" and "Gold Dust Woman" and Lindsay's guitar playing was unmeasurable. In a nutshell, the audience went nuts!!! I was in the third row and was just star struck!!! What a tremendous and unforgettable show. Can't wait to see them again....
Fleetwood Mac has come to Philadelphia twice this year and I have been fortunate enough to see both shows. Last night's show was the best I've ever seen! The chemistry between Stevie and Lindsey was intoxicating, and it was obvious that the entire band had a great time. Stevie said she loves our city, and wishes she could stay. So do we!
Bobbie Z.
Fleetwood Mac just rocked Philly. The show was awesome, the band is like wine, they get better with age. I am telling you, Stevie was ever so graceful and Lindsay jammed along with John McVie. And Mick Fleetwood , need i say more ??? No words can describe his talent. I left the show speechless (well that is because I lost my voice from singing and cheering at the band). Every song was breath- taking. I am grateful that the next generation after me is able to experience a band that will forever be a part of me. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for being a part of my life for over 25 yrs !!! God Bless all of you .
Stacy Fetzer
It Was Truly Amazeing.It was the first Fleetwood Mac concert I've ever been too.They just blew me away.Words just can not describe that band.There amazeing. They are buy far the best band in the world.Lindsey was just going nuts on the gutiar.It was awsome.I've never seen anyone paly a gutiar an hard as Lindsey did.Stevie shes just the world to me.Ilove her always will. I do not know what I would do without her.Mick blew me away.He was always smileing an the faces he made wehre just so funny.John is Just awsome.Lindsey was danceing next ot him an almost knocked him over.It was so funny.John was just laughting.Durning Tusk the crowed just went wild when Stevie and Lindsey danced togeather.It was the cutest thing ever.They belong togeather.All I have to say.Its Thank you Fleetwood Mac.I Love You.Thank you for your music.Thank you for being a huge part of my life. The Best Bnad In The World!!

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