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7/21/03 America West Arena (Benefit Concert) Phoenix, AZ

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Michael Mowers
It has been almost a week since the Fleetwood Mac concert in Phoenix. I still have goose bumps. Every time I hear a Fleetwood Mac song on the radio, I get goose bumps. The Phoenix show was fantastic! I saw the show in Las Vegas, so I knew what to expect. The audience received even more in Phoenix. Stevie Nicks was (in her own words) psyched! The show was a benefit for the Arizona Heart Foundation. With her parents in the audience, Stevie was on fire! I can still see Lindsey standing at the edge of the stage with his eyes closed and jamming away on his solos. I have never been so mesmerized by a guitarist like I was with Lindsey at this concert. The last time I saw Fleetwood Mac in Phoenix was on a full moon night at Compton Terrace. That was over 20 years ago. Some of the old songs that were played took me back to that night. I hope Fleetwood Mac can stay together for awhile and keep on going. I would love to see them again. Thanks Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, and John for two very memorable nights in the 45th year of my life!
Tracy Lendyok
I'm not sure there are words to describe Fleetwood Mac's performance Monday night at the America West Arena in Phoenix AZ, but I'll try. Incredible is one. Otherworldly is another. I had never seen Fleetwood Mac perform as a group before, and it was well worth the wait!! From the opening chords of "The Chain" to the heartfelt beauty of "Goodbye Baby" I was totally mesmerized. I couldn't take my eyes off the stage. Stevie looked incredible. This was my third AHI benefit. She was magical on every song. "Stand Back" was a stand out. The whole house was singing along with her. It's as if for two and a half hours she casts a spell over the whole arena. "Beautiful Child" was so touching, and her voice was incredibly rich. Every note was perfect. All the other members of Fleetwood Mac were equally astounding: John McVie (very understated). Mick Fleetwood gave new meaning to the word performance! His solo on "World Turning" was breathtaking! Lindsey Buckingham was almost in a trance at times! It's as if he and the guitar are one! I never wanted the evening to end. Thanks to Stevie and Fleetwood Mac for supporting such a wonderful cause and for giving me a most treasured memory. I can't wait for next time!
Sorry for the English i´coming from Europe. It´s the second time i see Stevie im Phoenix (first 12.06.2001). What a show, i think they´re better now than never, they opening the heart of the people with their voice and music. Stevie looking great and her voice and sang was really perfekt and i can only say this.....young singer from now looking this Rock Star, this Lady and try to learn to do the same in many years. Thanks Stevie, Thanks Lindsey, Thanks Mick, Thanks John for this evening, it´s was great and i take this moment for the best memories of my live...thanks...hope i can see you again (maybe in Europe)
Steven J Beebe
What an awesome show!! I have been anticipating this show for weeks, as it was my first Fleetwood Mac concert (having seen Stevie's solo act twice in her career). I was not disappointed! From the opening strains of "The Chain" to the second encore of "Goodbye Baby", I was enchanted!! Thinking something would be missing, due to the absence of Christine McVie, I was proven wrong. It was a magical night. A good assortment of songs from "Say You Will" were performed, the best being "Peacekeeper". While not my favorite song from the new album, it sounded extraordinary and I was impressed. My favorite song from the new album, the title track, was also performed, but was lacking something. Possibly cohesion. Maybe the band needs to practice more. Highlights of the night were "Landslide", "Beautiful Child", and "Gold Dust Woman", for which Stevie received a standing ovation. I am not biased to Stevie (well, maybe a little), but she was in top form. I have never heard her sound better. Lindsay Buckingham was also in top form. He made his guitar sing during "Come", as well as "Big Love". "I'm So Afraid" was another standout. There were a couple of disappointments during the show. I felt that "Rhiannon" was cut short and that Stevie was just not into it that evening. I have seen her twice before and both times she performed "Rhiannon" far superior to last night. It was a major disappointment, as that is one of her signature songs. "Landslide" did make-up for it, but still.............Many of the best cuts from "Say You Will" also were not performed. "Running Through The Garden", "Thrown Down", and "Destiny Rules" were sorely missed, as they are among the best tracks from the new album. In spite of all of that, it was a great night in Phoenix and Fleetwood Mac shone in all of it's glory. I wish I could relive that night every single night. How fabulous it must be to tour with the band. I love it!!! Thirty years later, Fleetwood Mac still can outrock bands half their age.
Kathy O'Brien
Well I was one of the very lucky people who was able to attend the AHI benefit July21,2003. Our night started off at the pre-party at the America West arena. Everybody was so grascious, there was plenty of staff to make sure we were all comfortable and directed us to where ever we needed to go. The ordurves were great and waitresses made sure we were supplied with whatever we wanted to drink. About 8:15 we were all escorted down to the concert floor. The time had finally come... My friends and I were all in the front row, The band came out and they sounded better than ever. The songs that stand out most for me would have to be: Beautiful Child,which Stevie sang with so much emotion, Stand Back, which we all danced like crazy to and PeaceKeeper from the new CD which was so awesome to hear Lindsey, Mick , John and Stevie Rock to. I have been to many , many shows since the Dance..But in my opinion this was the best ever. Stevie is breathtaking and being so close to the stage, I was able to get a good look at her out-fits and they were spectacular. Then there was the after party.. We got to Kincades right after the concert and immediatley got in line for our photo's with the band. We listened to speeches from several AHI representatives and most importantly from Stevie Dad. He is so awesome.. I was really happy for Stevie to be able to see him because I just lost my Dad about a month ago. Anyway, we all got to take a picture with the band and even though I did not get my poetry book signed this time, I was able to introduce myself Stevie. She Thanked me for the book... But the real gift was in her accepting the book and reading it. For that I will be forever grateful. Overall this night was a 10... and I would have paid anything for that experience.. Thank You so much Stevie, AHI and the Mac for this fairy tale evening!!!
Jan & Christie
Christmas came in July this year and good ole Saint Nicks was good to us. I left Atlanta on Sunday by bus and headed to Birmingham to meet my Nicksfix (plug for John and how his site brings people together) and concert traveling buddy Christie. Our having to get up at 3:00 a.m. to catch our flight to Phoenix did not matter as we were on our way to see "Stevie". Our trip to Phoenix was not without incident…I am on crutches as a result of a broken foot so everything was done in slow motion. We only had second row seats at the concert but Delta moved us to FRONT ROW as a result of my broken foot. Once seated on the plane we thought we were on our way to Phoenix. Wrong!!! Bad weather, rerouting of flights, missing flights, falling down the steps of the plane onto the runway (Christie is still laughing her ass off about this), and arriving in Phoenix 4 hours later than expected would not dampen our spirits….we were going to see Stevie. This was our 5th show this tour but the excitement never ceases. Got something to eat at Hard Rock but was disappointed as now they only had a small display of our favorite group. There were several people in there going to the concert and we chatted with them. We then headed to the Wyndham and called Pattie (another Nicksfix buddy). We agreed to meet up at the pre-concert party. We had only slept 4 hrs but was still too excited to nap. We arrive at the VIP entrance around 7 for the pre-concert party and due to steps and distance I was wheeled to the party in a wheelchair. While I was stuck sitting on a couch, Christie was out socializing. Barbara and Jess Nicks were at the party and Christie chatted with them for a few minutes. Barbara told Christie to enjoy the concert….we did not think that would be a problem. They both appeared to be in good spirits. We were taken to our seats early since I had to go in a wheelchair. By 8:15 the arena was full. An announcer came out and during his comments mentioned that 500 tickets had been given to military personnel and the arena went crazy with applauds and just about everyone in the arena was standing in honor of our military. Shortly after that the band takes the stage. The front row went to the stage so it was like we were on the first row. Over to the right side of the stage were Barbara and Jess and in the stands right above them was Lori and Jessica who appeared to have a friend with her. All the shows we have attended had been great, but Stevie truly shined in her hometown. She welcomed Phoenix and again the crowd responded with clapping and shouting. The set list was the same, and all the songs were great. One of my favorite parts of this tour is watching Stevie singing the BAM BAM BAMMING on Second Hand News. All evening Stevie seemed to not be able to keep from smiling. She dedicated Silver Springs to her mom and Landslide to her dad. Stand Back was definitely a crowd pleaser as was Rhiannon. However, the new songs were well received and people are beginning to sing along with Stevie and Lindsey. During Say You Will quite a few people are now doing all the hand motions with Stevie during this song. The first several rows stood most of the night, but toward the end of the show almost everyone in the arena was standing. Even with a broken foot I stood 99% of the show. Security where we were ignored all the picture taking. We were able to get about 72 pictures. Lindsey was looking in my direction when I took a picture and he smiled at me and I kind of shrugged my shoulders and smiled back and he smiled again. One thing I did notice was that when Lindsey came to the edge of the stage for people to play his guitar his security guard is now on the floor at the edge of the stage with the fans. Stevie was also wearing a red coat during one of the songs (I don't remember which one) that I had not seen before and it was beautiful. All I can say is that the Mac put on a great concert and Stevie glowed the entire evening. The after concert party was at Kincaids across the street from the arena. At this time I must thank the wonderful people from the AHI…..Gerri, Maxine, and all the others involved in this event who did an outstanding job. They really put a lot of time and energy to make this a special evening….so thanks to all of you from the bottom of our heart for a memorable evening. You all are the BEST. After arriving at the party, one of the first people I saw was John Kinney so I hobble over to him. Christie had already told him about my fall off the plane so in his playful way he asked me if I had fallen down lately….of course that is how I broke my foot in the first place. Pattie had already found seats in the area where our big surprise was going to be and we joined her and Janine (spelling). There was an announcement by someone we could not see but then Jess Nicks spoke but we were too far back to really hear. The tour manager then spoke and said the band was on the way and that we were going to have our picture made with the band in groups of 6, but there would be no autographs. He also said that Stevie wanted us to know that her doctor had ordered her not to talk much and that she apologized for this and for us not to be offended in her not talking to us. The band arrived and got situated for the picture taking. We were sitting right beside the area where the pictures were being taken and Stevie was smiling in all of them and was so loving to everyone around her. Toward the end Christie and I went and got in line for our picture. As soon as we got in line the 4 in front of us asked would we be the other 2 in their group so they could stay together. We said yes if we could be on each side of Stevie and they said yes …..no problem. It was now time for our group and they put me and Christie in the front of our group. When it was time to move over to the band for our photo I was putting my crutches over to the side, as I did not want them in the picture. When I turned around to see where Christie was she had left me and made a mad dash and had herself up by Stevie getting a big hug. I guess Stevie saw me hobbling toward her and she leaned over and held out both hands and said "Come on baby don't hurt yourself we will make this happen". Next thing I knew Stevie had both my hands and I was standing beside her. She then said, "we are going to stoop down just a little but we won't hurt you"…… I can tell you I was feeling no pain at that moment !!!! After the picture she gave me a big hug and said thank you and I told her thank you and then she gave Christie another hug and we FLOATED out of the area where the pictures were being made. This was our 3rd benefit and it was absolutely the best. Last time autographs and this time pictures. Does it get any better than this!!!! After the party Christie and I met up with Pattie, Janine (sp) and Jake for breakfast and Stevie talk. We got in bed about 3:30, and the last words we said at the same time….WE GOT OUR PICTURE MADE WITH STEVIE. Six hours later we met Pattie for breakfast #2. While we are eating Pattie is on her cell phone making plans for her next shows. We had the waiter take a picture of the 3 of us (Pattie make sure we get a copy) and said our goodbyes. Guess our next shows will be Biloxi, Atlanta, Greensboro, and Knoxville. We checked out of the hotel and stopped by Federal Express so I could ship all my clothes home as I could not manage 2 bags after I left Christie as she had been carrying all my stuff. I could only manage one bag after we parted so I kept all the important stuff with me……..laptop, tamborine, camera, film, Say You Will cd, poster, Sunday edition of Arizona Republic, the gift bag from the AHI, and anything else Stevie related. We said goodbye to Phoenix and left with many wonderful memories of a great evening and the warmth of friendships made. I left Christie in the Atlanta airport for her flight back to Birmingham and I took the train to my side of the city for home. Our trip lasted 48 hrs, during which time we slept 9 hours, traveled in trains, planes, buses, and automobiles, spent 23 hours in Phoenix…all to attend a 2 ½ hour concert…..was it worth it…..you better believe it!!!!! PS I want to thank Christie for putting up with me on this trip. She carried my purse, my poster, my luggage, my laptop, anything that needed carrying….she was the BEST…..but aren't all of Stevie's fans!!!!
I expected seeing Stevie Nicks in her hometown would be cathartic, and I was not disappointed. The show was well paced and energetic, belying reviews of previous dates where Stevie allegedly had "lead in her heels." It has been a long time since Stevie whirled and twirled as much as she did Monday. She appeared to be having a wonderful time, and her voice was incredible. She has found new strength in her instrument, and though the high notes are shaved off, Stevie rarely misses a key. Renditions of old favorites were inspiring - "Gold Dust Woman" and "Rhiannon" featured gossamer twirls absent during "The Dance." "Stand Back" was excitingly enthusiastic, and Stevie was almost frenzied. I loved "Say You Will," a track that sounds infinitely better live (and in single form) than it does on the wildly overproduced album. Stevie even led the crowd in a "Say You Will" Dance involving various hand gestures for the chorus. "Beautiful Child" and "Goodbye Baby" appeared so personal, it was hard to believe they were being performed in front of thousands of people. Lindsey has more energy than performers half his age. I think his guitar riffs got a bit tedious, but he appeared orgasmic, so I can't fault him. The only disappointing part of this show was the fans - how can you sit reservedly while someone is giving you their soul up there on stage? I was actually reprimanded by an angry woman for dancing during Stevie's songs! This is a bad attitude - from the band's perspective, looking into a crowd of dancing, cheering fans is rewarding, and it offers a bit of thanks. Too bad more people weren't moved out of their seats by the incredible energy of Fleetwood Mac's performance - I know I certainly was. I ask all those who will attend the remaining shows on this tour to please get up and dance!
Basket Winner
Front row....Lindsay's guitar at my fingertips....Mick's spit in my hair....the High Priestess of Rock-n-Roll in 'da house....her loving parents in the crowd.....a hot desert night that don't get any better than this....aahhhhhh..
Cheryl Dawson
It was the most wonderful evening watching this group together. This has to be the best concert I have been to. They rocked the house and brought everyone to their feet. The woman next to me was in tears as soon as they started singing "The Chain". The little girl at the end of the row couldn't have been more then 12 was screaming for Stevie. The concert was simply Fleetwood Mac at it's best. This is the third time I have been to this event and every year it just gets better. I was so excited to see all the songs and one of Stevies own. I was so happy to be a part of a wonderful show for a wonderful cause. Fleetwood Mac can still rock the house, they will for a long time to come. Stevie will always be able to bring people to their feet. Wonderful!!!!!!!
Jacqueline Carden
I live in Kansas City and flew to Phoenix for the show. I was not disapoointed. The show was GREAT. They all looked like they were having a good time doing the show. Stevie sounded wonderful. I did not really miss Christine. They civered her parts so that it was not obvious she was not there.
Michael Gulley
An amazing show!! In my opinion Lindsey Buckinghams talents have never been more showcased than this show. He really gave it his all. He looks great and was very focused and centered. Ive read all the reviews from past shows and I must say everyone is right when they say "Stand Back" and "Gold Dust Woman" are Stevie's best performances. I am 37 and have been a Stevie fan since I was 15. One thing stands out that has always amazed me about the her. Other entertainers go to exhaustive efforts to give themsleves stage presence. Stars today less than half her age rely on a fleet of backup dancers complete with backdrops,fireworks and smoke to create an onstage persona. Not true with Stevie. She merely saunters out to the microphone , sings her song standing still and the crowd goes absolutely mad. A sign of a true star and legend. Thank you Fleetwood mac for a very memorable night
Carol Lincoln
WOW! I have been truly blessed. My dream of seeing Fleetwood Mac has come true and it was better than I could ever have imagined. I have been a HUGE Stevie fan since the 80's. I grew up with Fleetwood Mac tunes, but always considered myself a true Stevie fan at heart. But now that I've seen them, I get it. I GET IT! They are truly amazing. Stevie was beautiful ...... glowing....gorgeous. Lindsay gave it his all ..............and then some. After many of his perfomances there were close up shots of him beating his heart with his hand. He was very touched by the audiences response. It just was an amazing night. An amazing band! I'm still on "Cloud Mac"! :>) I love you guys! FLEETWOOD MAC ROCKS!
Could Phoenix Get Any Hotter????? OK. Contrary to what ANYONE says, Fleetwood Mac is NOT just another dinosaur band touring the circuit to milk their oldies and present a greatest hits show. They are out there displaying the dynamic talent that has given them their permanent foothold in American ROCK. ....Their sound is tight as a drum and they sounded better than ever. They had 7 additional musicians with them to fill out the sound. The concert was GREAT. It was a full house...a benefit for the Arizona Heart Foundation. The group and Stevie solo has done this benefit over the years. They have raised millions for a new research center in Phoenix. Stevie was RIGHT on the mark. She has never sounded better. They opened with "The Chain", then into "Dreams", then cuts from the new album, and the old standards, "Gypsy" "Gold Dust Woman" "So Afraid" etc. Stevie went into character on "Rhiannon", with her spooky spins and draping shawls, but she really broke loose on her rocker "Stand Back" almost spinning herself into a frenzy across the stage. Although at times she can be more reserved these days in concert, she still can rock out like in the old days when she needs to. Like she sings in "Landslide"........"I'm getting older too..." The big drop screens were delightful. Everyone in the house could see great and watch closeups. The lighting effects were awesome. Although we were at the end of the arena in the lower loge, we could still see all the action. Stevie said she was so excited to be here she could hardly talk! And she said she wished she could go home to her house here after the show, but alas, no it was not to be, she had to go away to do more shows. Oh well. "Beautiful Child" , an old "Tusk" cut, was delightful and it shimmered. This was her first time doing it in concert and she dedicated it to her father, Jess, who with her mother, was also in attendance (in the VIP section no doubt). He's also on the board of the Heart Association. Lindsey Buckingham was a wild guitar man as always. WOW CAN HE PLUCK THOSE STRINGS! He even got down on the edge of the stage during "Go Your Own Way" and let the fans reach up and strum strings. Although it it rumoured from various other concert reviews I've read, that some of the gals were rubbing his thigh and trying to reach for more than "strings". Like Stevie, he still has his "guitar god" sex appeal. Maybe that's why this band appeals to so many people. The age range at the concert was from little kids, all the way up to older folks. Lindsey's guitar antics were loud and long at times, but hey, THIS IS ROCK AND ROLL! Stevie's ballads and softer side balanced it out nicely. Mick Fleetwood was dynamic and brilliant as ever! John McVie hid in the shadows as usual, but his thumping bass was ever-present and strong! No one seemed to miss Christine McVie and their sound did not suffer by her absence. If anything, it's much more edgier rock n roll without her soft ballads in the mix. But we still love Chris, now don't we??? If you EVER get the chance to see them live, go for it. You will not be disappointed. There is still magic to be witnessed and true awesome rock and roll to be experienced. I will not forget this show and the awesome power of Fleetwood Mac!!!

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