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5/10/03 Mellon Arena Pittsburgh, PA

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Dawn Gillispie
The Pittsburgh show was awesome, fantastic and electric! Stevie sounded great from beginning to end and she looked beautiful! This was probably the 5th time I have seen Fleetwood Mac and I believe it was the best FM concert yet! The band looked liked they were actually having a great time on stage. Lindsay's guitar playing was his best yet and he was so full of energy as was the whole band. It was wonderful to hear Stevie sing "Landslide" again which moved me to tears. "Destiny Rules" was even more powerful than on the CD. The only disappointment to me was that they did not do "Running Through the Garden," which is my favorite new song. I must say that I did not miss Christine McVie. I think her absence gives Stevie more songs to sing and the guitar sound comes through more powerfully. The entire band really put their hearts & souls into this concert. The lights and special effects were also awesome. The show was well worth the 5 and a half hour drive over the mountains to get there from southern York County, PA! This is definitely a must see show!
Brandy Lynn Confer
Another super performance from the band!! I was also at the opening show in Columbus, and there were a few changes in the set list between the two shows. Running Through The Garden is gone, Second Hand News was added, and Come and Gypsy switched places!! Stevie was obviously a little more settled into the tour by the third show. Letting loose at the end of Rhiannon tonight where she had inhibitions on opening night. (and made a funny face and looked at Lindsey opening night right when she opted for the lower register at dreams unwind.... like we were really wound up and she wanted to do it, but was more compfortable in the lower register) Pittsburgh she left us have it!! It made me smile knowing of opening night!! An entire arena singing Landslide as usual. It never fails to give me goosebumps!! Fans on there feet for every song old and new!! ( A big thumbs down to the venue security for removing people for standing and dancing!! Some people don't get it!!) Another priceless night, and I will be on to Philadelphia on May 19th. We are really having fun with this tour. We are going to every show even relatively close to us!!!
I wasn't going to write about the Pittsburgh show, but after reading a couple of the other reviews, I figured I'd better chime in. I'm a little confused by the reviews that said the concert went over 2 and a half hours. As a compulsive clock watcher, I can testify that the show started at 8:20 and the final encore was over at 10:35. But oh, the magic of the 2 hours and 15 minutes in between! The energy was incredible. For a band whose members are all in their 50's now, Fleetwood Mac can ROCK! Lindsey played like a man possessed. He has such an identifiable playing style that you can never mistake him for someone else...and he played his heart out. I loved it when he jumped up on Mick's drum platform and pounded on the cymbals. The only time Lindsey left the stage was between the main set and the encores. Mick looked like he was having so much fun. I was kind of taken aback during his drum solo when he played his crotch...guess his vest just wasn't enough for this tour. :-) The man's energy is endless! John was classy and understated, as usual. His bass playing never sounded better. He didn't get as much "screen time" as everyone else did, which was a shame, since he's a very strong part of the band. Stevie was Stevie. It's sad that her vocal range isn't what it used to be...to quote Mick, "she shredded the sh*t out of her vocal cords" performing "Rhiannon" in the 70's and of course that 3 pack a day habit she used to have didn't help. But lower range or not, the lady can still belt out a tune. Some of the loudest applause came when she "struck a pose" a couple of times during the show. And yes, she did give us a couple of twirls. While Christine was missed, her absence did *not* take away from the show. Stevie did Chris's part on "World Turning" and "Don't Stop" extremely well. I found myself wondering how she'd have handled "You Make Loving Fun." It was great to hear "Second Hand News" and Stevie said before "Beautiful Child" that she never expected to sing it live; it was incredible. Oddly, I didn't notice any women dressed in "Stevie drag." I did see several guys who could have passed for John, though. One complaint: I was seated behind 4 women who had one beer each before the show started and then spent the rest of the concert getting up to go to the bathroom. Folks, don't drink if you can't hold your hooch! I've been a Fleetwood Mac fan since 1975, and believe it or not, this was my first time seeing them live. I was *not* disappointed!
I attended the Pittsburgh show on Sat. May 10th. the show was incredible overall. The sound at the Mellon arena wasn't bad. Stevie seemed very into The Chain, but seemed a bit tense on songs like Stand Back and Rhiannon. Her trademark dance on Stand Back was missing and the past twirls during the break in Rhiannon was totally missing. Just a half turn before she started singing the last phrase of the song. Vocally, she nailed "Beautiful Child" and "Goodbye Baby". She truly demonstrated the beauty and ability of her voice in these two songs. Mention in a previous interview of Gypsy being hard to transpose on the stage proved true on this night. I couldn't agree more. I thought the acoustic version I heard at the 2000 Heart benefit was much more effective. Overall, the set was very long but very cohesive. I particularly didn't care for the backdrop. I have a feeling that because people were sitting in back of the stage that it was not up as far as it should have been. Images were hard to see because of this. I also didn't care for all the extra drums on the stage. There were three total! Stevie seemed to be walking rather uneasily in her trademark boots.
Have you ever felt so happy that you cried? Or so sad that you smiled? If you attended the Pittsburgh Fleetwood Mac concert you know what I'm talking about! I will never see anything more inspiring or amazing in my life! The Mac has given their fans more that what we could have anticipated. Stevie sounds beautiful, so beautiful that every slow song her voice would give me goosebumps because she was singing from the heart and allowing that energy to filter to her fans! I just can't say enough good things about the show. I wanted to mention that if you really listen around you during Landslide you can hear the sea of people in the crowd backing up Stevie- That energy and emotion is something that can never be forgotten! If you haven't gone- you are denying yourself the experience of a lifetime! I just hope that someday I can experience another Fleetwood Mac show.
Annette Kaltenbaugh
All that I can say is that the show was wonderful! I had a lot of things on my mind yesterday, but the performance given by the band was so great that I had forgotten the things that I was worrying about earlier. Stevie and Lindsey had good chemistry and outstanding vocals. There was such a good blend of Lindsey's "out there" and crazy guitar solos and Stevie's mystical vocals on songs like Rhiannon and Gold Dust Woman that kept me wanting more! I was really surprised to hear Beautiful Child, but let's just say that it was a great surprise. Stevie looked lovely on the stage and I really enjoyed her costuming changes to go with all of her signature songs. This was the first time that I had seen the band live and it was definitely a show to remember.
Anthony Barker
After attending the opening night Columbus show, I was fortunate enough to get tickets to the Pittsburgh show. "Destiny Rules" my life, because when I was a freshman in highschool, I swore Stevie Nicks would go to prom with me. Well, it was my senior prom the night of the show...so I knew I had to go see Fleetwood Mac on prom night...it was just meant to be. Pittsburgh was the closest to my house than any other venue, so off we went, me and my mom, to see Fleetwood Mac burn through another two and a half hours of fantastic music. This was the first time my mom had seen Fleetwood Mac and she was blown away. The show was great, but the crowd seemed to be a little less energetic than on opening night. I was surprised to find out that "Running Through the Garden" had been dropped, but was pleased to hear "Second Hand News." Again, I was in total awe of "Beautiful Child" and "Landslide." These songs are so touching live. The show just goes so fast when you are watching it live, you just get there and it seems like it is time to go, but the memories I have walked away with are unforgettable. I wished I could have had closer seats like I did for Stevie's solo tour, then I got to touch her hands during "Edge or Seventeen." Stevie and Lindsey were both very chatty throughout the concert and before "Say Goodbye" he talked about reasons for writing the song and getting closure from his relationship with Stevie. All in all, the show was perfect and I just wish I could make it to a few more shows, but this was the last one until they tour again. I can't wait. Thanks, Mick, John, Lindsey and Stevie...you fill my heart with so much joy, Anthony Barker, Sutton, West Virginia.
I am still in total amazement of last night's show at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pa. I had ok seats the day the tickets went on sale, but for some reason I decided to check ticketmaster 3 days prior to the show. I could not believe it when 2 available tickets popped up in the second row!! I have seen Fleetwood Mac 2 times before and I have seen Stevie several times before, but never THAT close. So, of course I could not pass up 2nd row seats! The usher showed us to our seats and my jaw just about dropped to the floor when I saw that our seats were in the SECOND ROW, RIGHT IN FRONT OF STEVIE'S MICROPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! The lights went out about 8:20pm. They started with The Chain and I was in total awe of Stevie, standing right in front of me! She sounded amazing and was so beautiful. It was truly a surreal experience to be THAT close to the stage and Stevie! I snuck a camera in(shhhhhhh), but they did make an announcement that disposable cameras with no flash were permitted. So, I turned the flash off. I was able to get quite a few pics...most came out a blurry, but I did get a few decent ones. :) Lindsay was AMAZING! He played with such intensity. He was very playful with the crowd and with Stevie. Mick was awesome, as usual, during his drum solo. He had the crowd going! I have never heard Beautiful Child done live, and let me tell you, it is worth going to see this concert just for that song alone! I couldn't believe when I heard them start to play STAND BACK, afterall, that is a Stevie song. The crowd loved it, going wild and dancing. Stevie was very sweet, smiling and waving. My husband said she smiled and waved to him. lol. The only minor thing that could have been a bit better was the drum intensity on Tusk. Other than that, it was one amazing, awesome, wonderful, magical evening! GO SEE THIS SHOW! Thanks Stevie, Lindsay, John and Mick! Love ya!
Pat Holt
We were fortunate to have good seats for the show Saturday night which was absolutely wonderful! They really ROCK! Second Hand News has replaced Running Through the Garden, song order has changed a little. Beautiful Child was lovely, so was Goodbye Baby. Lindsey just goes crazy on Come & I'm so Afraid - my favorite. Also Mick on World Turning is awesome! The fans just LOVE Stevie so much - Stand Back is a show stopper! Please, if possible, go see this concert. They have a great bunch of musicians playing with them, and just sound amazing!
Cheryl F
All the reviews from the opening show in Columbus were 100% correct--what a show!!!! I had goose bumps numerous times listening to Stevie or when Lindsey was playing the ### out of his guitar. He was so into it and it is great to see him enjoying himself. And what can you say about Mick?? Mick is Mick--pounding the ### out of his drums and grinning from ear to ear. John on the bass which is one of my favorite parts of The Chain. In conclusion,it is so heart warming to see Stevie and Lindsey move beyond their pain,accept the past,make amends and be good friends with much love and respect for one another. It hits close to home b/c I attended the concert with my ex-husband and years ago that would have been inmpossible. But with the kids grown now, we have both matured,learned acceptance and forgiveness and Saturday night was a amends making evening with closure to our past battles and a evening we shared because of our long love for The Mac. For those of you who are anxiously awaiting The Mac to hit your city----you are in for a A##-Kicking Show! Enjoy!!
Hello all - there aren't words to describe how great the new Fleetwood Mac tour was last night at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, PA! They rocked the house. It's a great blend of new and old songs. My only complaint was John wasn't given equal time on the screen footage. It was so great to see Lindsey loving this - he truly has become to appreciate himself, his fans, and the band. He was so energetic and having so much fun. His playing was suberb. Stevie was beautiful as always. I think her new hair do makes her look even younger. Sadly there weren't any twirls :( Beautiful Child was unbelievable. It has always been my favorite non-single of the bands and to see it live on stage was a small miracle. They all seemed to be having fun and the new songs sound great. Lindsey was insane on Come. The time went so quickly and knowing the song list freaked me out since I knew the show was coming to an end. Running Through the Garden was traded for Second Hand News! The new version of Eyes of the World was great. So very different from the Mirage tour. You guys will love the show so I hope everyone gets to see it. I have tickets for the Atlanta show and can't wait.
Kristina Miller
I became a fan of Fleetwood Mac at the age of six (thanks to my mom). Now 23, I have waited 17 years to finally get the chance to see them live. The wait was definitely worth it. Last nights show in Pittsburgh was, to say the least, amazing. The energy of the band made it even extra special. Lindsey, Mick, and John rocked me right out of my seat and I can't say enough about Stevie. She is so beautiful and graceful, my inspiration. Standback was a nice surprise. As if they needed to, they proved that they are the best and they are definitely back! Rock on….
This was the best concert I have seen in a long time. They came out with BANG!!!! I loved every minute of it. They did a song I had forgotten about Second Hand News. I loved it and so did the rest of the crowd in the Mellon areana. Also the big topper for me was when they did Standback. How awesome was that the a song Stevie had made a hit on her own the rest of Fleetwood Mac would help her make even better. THis tour rocks and I live in ohio and think I am going to go to the Cleveland show also. It was that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A night I'll forever treasure. Pittsburgh civic arena May 10 2003 8pm. My 16 year old nieces birthday present to see FLEETWOOD MAC, my baby girl was in AWE! The Magic was so intense everyone was in a good mood and we just watched the pros take us on a journey we've all (the older ones) been on one time or another. The band played like it was 1975 all over again. Stevie hit all the notes stronger than ever. She made it look so easy. We even got a couple of twirls at the end of Rhiannon. Totally timeless. Lindsay's guitar playing is absolutely flawless and the energy he put out was embracing our souls. I know Mick never could have had second thoughts about getting him to join the band. Best decision Mick probably ever made. Mick's strength to pound out the beats was tiring to watch. What a rush!!! God bless Mick! John at his usual position after all these years with his flawless Bass playing , at times Stevie would play the tambourine next to John while lindsay sang his songs. At one point I kinda sensed Stevie might have been a little lost without Christine. Christine was missed but her decision I think is greatly respected. We the fans are too involved in this relationship with the band to ever hold grudges. Beautiful child was sang and it hadn't been performed in the longest time to the best of my knowledge. What an appropriate song the night i had taken Mandi to see them, (when she was a baby I would rock her to sleep humming that song. The Magic was there. I'm almost afraid to think that might have been the last time I would ever see my songwriters and magnificant players ever again. Other songs performed were rhiannon, dreams, smile at you, say you will, the chain, to be honest I cant recall all of them because I was too busy listening to the poets wisdom love and knowledge they have related to all of us through these many years of growing and sharing. When it comes down to it Isn't that what its all about? To sum it up, Perfect, timeless and beautiful to see!!
Was it "Say You Will"??? No. It was "Yes They Did"!!! The MAC definitely brought down the house in Pittsburgh on May 10th. The almost capacity crowd was left with wanting more. The MAC had nothing to prove to their highly charged fans. They were like a fine wine that is prized and only gets better with age, which was enjoyed by screaming fans spread across the palate of several generations. We must thank Mick, John, Lindsay, Stevie and the many talented players of their entourage. If only the current arena of Pop and Rock entertainers would take note of the class, style, and showmanship of this team. It is sad that Christine is not on the current roster as she is greatly missed, but certainly not forgotten. To those that have yet to see the EVENT, it is worth the wait! Everything from The Chain to Good-Bye Baby and everything in between was performed flawlessly! Lindsay ceases to amaze the world with his string skills and vocals. Mick's drum solos made this person's arms just ache! He is absolutely outrageous! Stevie was, as always, ravishing! Her vocals only seem to improve. I had the opportunity to see her on tour last year and I have to say that she sounded very better this year, if that is possible! If you haven't brought your tickets yet, what are you waiting for???!!!??? You will not want to miss this opportunity! On a final note......Thank you Stevie for including "Beautiful Child" in the set list. It has always been one of my favorite songs, but then there are soooooo many MAC favorites that one cannot really choose. Thank you MAC for including many of the older songs it was a great treat to hear World Turning and Never Going Back Again! However, I did miss not getting to hear Murrow Turning Over In His Grave and Thrown Down from the new CD
Frank Magyar
A packed house full of all ages were at Mellon Arena to welcome back the Mac. The price for the third row tickets was more than worth it for an INCREDIBLE evening. I had read the Columbus reviews so I knew what songs to expect. Well guess what ... you're probably going to get a surprise. The listed "Running Through the Garden" was replaced with "Second Hand News." So who knows what other show will have to offer. "Come," admitedly my least favorite song on the Say You Will CD, was breathtaking live. And Stevie delivered, by far, her most electrifying performance of "Stand Back." Complete with an intense intro by Mick. The encores featuring World Turning and Don't Stop with Stevie sharing lead vocals in place of the absent Christine seemed like that's how they were all along. I don't think any Christine fans can honestly say they were disappointed. And the touching Goodbye Baby at the close was the perfect end to a perfect evening. Exciting ... Sentimental ... Intense ... I only wish I could follow them from city to city.
I really don't even know what to say... Twenty-five songs (that I could count), almost three hours on stage, not to mention two encores... This concert speaks for itself. I asked myself this one question as I left the arena, sweat covered and hoarse, "What song didn't they play?" I cannot say anything that these other people haven't already said, but if you don't get to go see this band, there will be a void in your life that will never be filled. I cannot explain it, but for those of you who were fortunate enough to attend this show, you know what I am talking about. Get there!!! Thank you Lindsey, Stevie, Mick, and John. You are truly the best!!!
Lauren Selway
I just returned from an amazing nite at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pa. Fleetwood Mac gave all of us fans more than our moneys worth. From start to finish the whole show was flawless. Stevies vocals were amazing and Lindsey played the guitar until he was literally out of breath on many occasions. I am 19 years old and this was my very first time seeing the band live. I left the arena in awe and wondering if I should go online and search for tickets available in surrounding cities. I just need more of the mac and can't wait to see them again. I'd like to say that Stevie was marvelous. She really got into all the songs. Especially STAND BACK and GOLD DUST WOMAN. She even did a little dancing on a few of them. Also, Lindsey's solos and other guitar parts were masterpieces. The man is a god. Wow.
Brent Stephens
What can I say? It was beyond all of my expectations. I thought Christine's abscence would hamper the band, but Stevie and Lindsey more than made up for her vacancy. The Chain and Dreams started off a stellar set, including Beautiful Child, Stand Back and Gold Dust Woman. stevie was in great voice and looked fabulous. Gold Dust Woman, Landslide and Silver Springs stole the show. However, Stand Back was amazing with energetic percussion. When Stevie sang Christine's part of Don't Stop, she gave it all she had and did splendedly. Despite a slight mess-up during Gypsy, the 24 song set was incredible and was a tie for the best concert I've ever seen. (Madonna was incredible as well.) this was my first time seeing the Mac and I hope not my last....the Chain will never be broken.
I just got home from the Pittsburgh show and I am so fired up that I can't even begin to think about sleeping. My friends Marla, and Melanie and myself had 12 row seats but moved quicky to the 4th row directly behind Miss Queen of Rock & Roll Stevie Nicks. I have been a fan of Stevie's since the beginning and have been to close to 40 concerts over the years and I can truly say that she is still the Queen. The Mac is Back for sure. They Played all the classics and some new ones too. I would of loved to hear Running Through The Garden & Thrown Down, but was very happy to hear Stand Back. Lindsay was the best I have ever seen him and he stole the show several times with his guitar solo's on Come, World Turning, So Afraid and many more. Mick did his thing and got the crowd going and John was John. He just plays his base and blends in. They played for almost 2 hours and 40 minutes and I was wishing they could of played for 2 more hours. Lindsay was spent. He puts so much energy into his playing and he really out did himself tonight. What can I say about Stevie.....She was the bomb. We moved next to the stage for the last encore and Stevie really looked good. Her face was like porclain and she smiled more tonight than I have ever seen her smile at any show I've been at. They all looked very happy and looked like the were having a blast. I can tell you the the crowd was singing so loud sometimes that it drownded out the band. I can't wait until Tue. for the Cleveland show, and then I have to wait until July for the Vegas show. I really enjoyed myself tonight and I can't wait to do it again. Thanks for all the Memories
Ed Maritz, Jr.
Stevie was great, really, really great, as expected. "Trouble in Shangri-La" opened in Pittsburgh a few years back so the fan expectations were high this time being only the 3rd stop on the current Mac tour. Stevies vocals were strong throughout the show and proved she still reigns in Rock. I was very impressed with Lindsay he still has it and then some as this guy can Rock! The dynamic between Lindsay and Stevie during Landslide drove Pittsburgh nuts! Silver Springs was just as passionate. Stevie did two twirls during the show (that I noticed maybe more) and it brought the house down each time she did it! She turned around and grinned from ear to ear as if saying thank you Pittsburgh. Stevie was belting her vocal hard on several tunes, most notably on "Go Your Own Way" she really belted out the vocal. She sang "Gold Dust Woman" like it was an exorcism, really bringing out the soul of the song and lyric. I went to this show thinking something was going to be missing (sans Christine McVie) and I was flat-wrong, the band didn't miss a beat without Christine. The only noticeable difference without Christine was toward the end encore when Stevie took lead vocal on "Don't Stop, it sounded odd or awkward not hearing McVie singing" Mick's drum solo was as entertaining as it was talented. The drum vest and ever classic hanging "balls" entertained all. At one point during the show Lindsay jumped up on Mick's drum platform and was banging on the drums along with Mick, the spontaneity and dynamic was very cool and it was clear to all at Mellon Arena that Mick and Lindsay were jamming and having a great time! The stage and set was simplistic but lent itself to the set list. The backdrop was arched upwards croissant style, and doubled as a video-screen, which, at times, showed clips of the band live and then stock footage of old videos during "Gypsy." One small complaint to note, especially if any Tour Personnel are reading, the Video screens above the stage are far too small, and why are the video screens in black and white? I'd pay double the ticket price just to see the world's best band in full-color. The black and white videos were puzzling and subtly annoying. Even the drop down canvas at midpoint in the show was black-and-white. The Mac deserves full color! At any rate, complaints aside, it's a colorful show worth attending!

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