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7/25/03 Rose Garden Portland, OR

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Laura Stuckey
Fleetwood Mac hit Portland in a big way Friday night! It's always a treat to see Stevie when she stops in town; seeing her with Fleetwood Mac was definitely one of the highlights of my life. The sound in the Rose Garden arena was fabulous, as always. I love listening to Stevie sing in this venue, backed by Fleetwood Mac was even better. The bass drums were unbelievably miked. You could feel it vibrate your whole body. Fantastic!! The best part of seeing this show, for me, was being in the 3rd row dead center, thanks to a good friend. Lindsey and Mick are such excellent showmen. Whoever put this stage act together is to be commended. It makes for great fun watching. I was completely breathless by the time it was over. Stevie's voice was in fine form; very clear, perfect pitch and wider in range. Her whole performance was so much more emotional, vibrant and full of energy. She's just great with The Mac. Say Goodbye was the gooseflesh song of the night. The expression on her face and in her eyes was enough to bring tears. The harmonies were simply beautiful!! It was such a special treat for me to watch her perform Silver Springs, Beautiful Child and Goodbye Baby. She put so much emotion into these songs, it was truly impressive. Lindsey's Tusk antics were hilarious as he bend over from the waist and hobbled over to the mic, then groaned like he was so worn out. The audience LOVED it! I loved it when a young female fan got on stage with a bouquet of flowers, ran across to Lindsey's side and tapped him on the shoulder a few times. It took him (and security) several seconds to realize what was going on. By the time they realized what was happening, security hussled her off stage. Stevie got a good laugh out of that one. It was fun to watch!! And another good thing... I get to seem them tomorrow night in Auburn!!!
Dottie Boyd
“Electricity of love” a verse from SAY YOU WILL was the atmosphere during the July 25th Portland Rose Garden Concert. There was no doubt that Fleetwood Mac loved being in Portland, loved performing, loved the audience and loved each other. There truly was an electricity in the air even before Mic, John, Lindsey and Stevie appeared on stage. The audience embraced everything that the Mac gave and roared after every song. It was absolutely a fantastic show! I brought my 11 year old daughter, who is an absolute Stevie and Fleetwood Mac fan, and afterward she told me that she would never forget that night. Both Stevie and Lindsey gave stellar performances and displayed a charming playfulness (especially during Tusk when Lindsey chased Stevie around the stage)! Mic was a madman on the drums and you could tell he loved every minute! John is a quiet, in the shadows member, but he truly is an incredible bassist! I loved every minute, from the beginning to end the show. It’s hard to say what songs were my favorites, because I really loved it all. But, Stevie absolutely glowed during Gold Dust Woman, rocked the stadium during Stand Back and was spellbinding during Beautiful Child. Lindsey was so powerful during the whole concert, but Big Love, Come and Peacekeeper stand out for me. Mic’s final words were “The MAC is back” and the audience showed this legendary Rock and Roll band that they agreed whole heartedly and that they loved every minute!!
My seats were sixth row floor on Stevie's side. The crowd was actually really good. On the floor pretty much everyone stood the entire concert except for some of the slower songs. I only had one rude man tell me to sit down but I didn't. My mom and I switched seats so I was on the aisle and could stand the entire time without hearing the complaints. Stevie was in top form. She was dancing and smiling and twirling her little legs off. Her voice was so powerful. The black dress she wears at first is actually quite pretty though it may look plain from far away. The embroidered flowers ( I think) are beautiful. Of course, the little Say You Will dance is the cutest ever. I was the only one I saw that did it along with Stevie. I don't think she noticed me though. She didn't have much interaction with the crowd. I think I saw her smile or wink at one person during the whole show. I held up a sign, but I don't know if she even read it. Beautiful Child was absolutely amazing. Though Stevie's voice has changed, it sounded just as beautiful as ever. Lindsey, OMG, LOL. He was great. I didn't realized that during Tusk he actually, puts down his guitar and runs around like a mad man. I was laughing so hard. When he started doing the little ring around the rosie with Stevie, I think he may have been going to fast for her poor little hip. I'm not a big fan of "I'm so Afraid" or "Come" but seeing them live was amazing. I also got a kick out of Lindsey's "crab" imitation. He looks like a crab when he does that clawing type thing when he's playing, but it doesn't even look like he's playing. I wanted to play his guitar, but some people who I don't think were that big of fans did and Lindsey had to tell them like five times to play. I made a little sign for John that said "John Rulz" lol. Anyway I kept holding it up at the end so when they all did their little bow, of course John didn't see it, but Lindsey did and pointed and smiled then got John to look and he pointed and did a little backwards jig. lol. Tomorrow I have second row seats on Lindsey's side, so I'm going to see if I can get a little recognition for the brunettes! Anyway, I had a wonderful time, and the experience was one I will never forget!! Read my Auburn, WA review to read how I got my "John Rulz" sign autographed by John!!
I must say this show was the BEST concert i've ever been to. And i've been to over 40. I had seen them during their dance tour & saw Stevie solo also. BUT this show was so surreal! It was a truely spirtiual experience for me. The chemisty between them is such a site to see & feel... From the moment they stepped on stage til' the show was over I had goose bumps & my hair was standing on end on my arms. I never... once left my seat & never.. sat down. I danced thru the entire.. show! I was just feeding off their energy & giving them back a little of what they were giving me. I was in the first row right behind the floor. Which was great since it was elevated a bit & i'm short. I went nuts during the drum solo & was dancing all over the place! I felt like i was in a drum circle. Too bad others didn't leave their inhibitons @ the door & let go....! I actually had a guy behind me yelling at me to, "sit down, sit down"! I finally told him during Come.. "you probably don't even own the new cd so shut up"! I tried to walk toward the front during Don't Stop to dance with others. BUT security told me to go back to my seat. The sound guys were even disappointed they didn't let me & my cousin go up. He said, "you 2 are really having a great time & they are just too tight here. You guys are dancing more than anyone in here." Because of that we almost got backstage. *lol* My highlights were: Second hand news, World turning, Say you will, Come, Gypsy, Rhiannon, Peacekeeper, Stand Back, Beautiful Child & Dreams. I can not wait to catch another Mac show. I hope they come back to Oregon soon... because i'll be waiting. I love you Fleetwood Mac!! Thanks for a unforgetable, memorable, surreal evening.
Dawn Smith
2 years ago my sister and myself were fortunate to see Stevie when she went on tour to promote Trouble in Shangri-la. It was then that we made a promise that if and when Fleetwood Mac came to the northwest area that we would see them. Last night it happened, we saw Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John perform at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. The concert simply put was amazing. They had me from the Chain to Goodbye Baby. They played some of the new songs off of Say You Will, to older songs that I have grown to love. John was his quiet self and just kept bringing the bass behind all these wonderful songs. At first, I thought Mick was being pretty mellow. He was playing the drums like no other, but he seemed calm. That changed during Tusk. The crazy drummer was let loose for all to see, hear and enjoy. He really threw the door open during World Turning. The song started out pretty normal, and then Mick really got busy. He was wailing on the drums and then stepped out from behind his drum kit to play his vest. It was amazing and great to see him having so much fun simply put, playing himself by hitting different areas of the vest. The crazy drummer was here to stay. This went on for I would guess 5 minutes if not longer before he went back to his drum kit and continued to wail upon them. I swear Lindsey was performing and exercism upon his guitars last night. He was so full of energy and getting the most out of each and everyone of them. He literally played his heart out. I was half expecting a guitar to break in the process. He was able to go from playing a totally rocking song with his heart in it, to playing another song such as Landslide so nice and slow. He is truly a wiz on the guitar. I SO enjoyed seeing Stevie and Lindsey perform together. It was so obvious that they have shared many memories, moments and experiences just seeing them perform on stage. I loved seeing them looking right at each other when singing and playing a song together. Stevie often walked closer to him when she wasn't singing. I remember how during Landslide she walked in front of him and pretended to play guitar as he was doing it. It was simply amazing. Last night Lindsey seemed especially playful and got Stevie involved. At one point he put down his guitar and pretended to chase Stevie with something that he had in his hand. He then grabbed her hand and the two of them spun around together! I love to see Stevie feel so free just to spin. Last night, Stevie spun with Lindsey and it was simply great. When I listen to Fleetwood Mac CDs, I think of how Lindsey and Stevie sound good together. Boy,was I wrong. They sound so amazing together. Their harmonies are wonderful. They both bring out a little bit extra of the other. Stevie sounded as wonderful, if not more amazing then she did the last time I saw her. She was full of energy and appeared to be having a wonderful time. As the last time I saw her, she brought tears to my eyes. She sings with such raw emotion that few others can duplicate. She went from Stand Back with such a strong powerful emotion to Goodbye Baby in which she was so calming that you felt that she was singing the song just for you. Simply put, Fleetwood Mac had a wonderful performance. I was thankful to be there, and the band let us know that they were thankful that we were there. If you are fortunate and they have added a tour date to a city in your area, GO! You will not be sorry. By the way, my sister and I made another promise the next time they are near us, we will be going. Finally in the words of Mick as he sent my friends, sister and I away shaking like leaves, "The Mac is back!" How very true.
Shane Disque
What an awesome group of people! From the opening of "The Chain" to the final chord of "Goodbye Baby", it was an evening of energy and sweltering emotion. I got to hear my favorite Stevie songs "Landslide", "Silver Springs", and I cried during "Beautiful Child" because so many years after the "Tusk" album, I never thought I would get to hear it live. There were two encores, which included "World Turning" with Mick doing a ten minute drum solo in the middle of it. Stevie twirled quite a few times during the show, and showed to everyone that she is still very much a vital rocker in her fifties. I saw her and met her two years ago here in Portland for "Trouble in Shangri-La" but to see all of the Mac in one place was phenominal. Stevie and mick summed it up best at the end of the show. Stevie blew us a kiss and vowed "I love you Portland and I will always return to you." and Mick came to the microphone and said "Ive got a little secret for you....THE MAC IS BACK" Thank you Fleetwood Mac for and enchanted evening!
From the moment you walked into the arena~you could feel the power~that you were about to experience~and i say~WOW!! WOW!!WOW!! WHAT A BLAST MAN!!! Greg and i had soo much fun! The Chain opened up and i went crazy~dancing,jumpin and having fun~just very happy to see that the MAC CAME BACK and anticipating every moment to cherish for the rest of my days!!!! Stevie, Lindsey,John and Mick~there they were~and they rocked us out!!!some of my favorite moments besides the entire show as a whole~ were in landslide~Lindsey and Stevie did this high five~and grasped fingers and held hands~with arms extended upward~in Tusk~Lindsey chased Stevie like a wild elephant and circled around her like his prey~she batted at him with her tambourine~they were very playful~everything was awesome! gold dust woman just really hit the spot transporting me back to the days of old~all of STevie's twirling sent the floor crowd into a frenzy ~Beautiful Child was astounding and so well sung~Stevie was so goregeous ~ especially in Gypsy~she wore this long red beautiful coat/cape...Rhiannon was very cool when she broke out her Rhiannon wings and did some serious arm extentions,twirling and dancing~it was quite the moment~there is no one LIKE YOU STEVIE! EVER!!!! John with his quiet self was awesome on bass that boomed with almost every song~he is truely one of the GREATS!!!~John really seemed to be enjoying himself~hub and i were not happy with some of the people who sat on their butts the entire show~i was like kind of bummed with some of the older people out thinking~GET OUT OF YOUR SEATS!! THIS IS THE MAC~i danced the entire time~jumped up and down~and i must tell you~ the song Come~live in person~FRICKEN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!! i was not crazy about that song on the cd~but live and in person~ OH YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lindsey really was awesome~ i have always felt like he is very underated as a guitar player~but i say he is the absolute best at what he does! So Afraid really came from deep inside him~you could tell he was very into it!! Mick, John,Lindsey, and STevie rocked my world~MAC'S magic was in the air~ and we are glad they came here!!!!we had a blast~Micks drums on world turning was insane~his wide eyes and wild demeanor was so much fun~"Are you with me" he would yell!!the security guards next to us~were tappin their feet and rockin out!! we had such an incredible great time~it was very amazing! THANKS SO MUCH MAC~WE'LL ALWAYS LOVE YA~ESPECIALLY YOU STEVIE!!!!!!!!!!
Pure MAGIC is all that can describe the evening. I thought I would be a total fanatic; screaming, dancing, etc., but the music started, my eyes got misty for a minute, and I couldn't move. I was mesmerized. I just stood there and took it all in for over 2 hours. My favorite part of the show was when Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John were out front together playing and singing. You could sense the bond between these four people. I wish Christine could have been there for us and for them. Maybe next time. Stevie and Lindsey were not as playful as some of the reviews have mentioned, they kind of just did their own thing. Say Goodbye was a highlight along with Gold Dust Woman. My husband was a bit reluctant to spend the money and drive the 5 hours to see this concert, but as soon and they started playing, he was having a great time. He said the show was AWESOME and totally worth every penny. The experience was priceless and a dream come true. Stevie is QUEEN! As Mick put it as he was leaving the stage, the Mac is back! Much to the delight of this fan.
Ben Hilton
The July 25 show in Portland was my 6th Fleetwood Mac concert since Rumours. My list of favorite songs contain more Christine McVie songs than either Stevie's or Lindsey's, so it was with some trepidation that I went to see Fleetwood Mac without Ms. McVie. But I have to say I was amazed at the energy the band is putting out now. This was the best show since the Tusk tour. Stevie is is terrific form and voice, and the boys.....what can I say? The boys have unleashed a power that was not evident before...amazing. The audience was on its feet the entire concert until "Come" and then everyone sat down. But Lindsey MADE them stand up quite a long time before he got to the end of the song. Just an amazing guitar player. Beautiful Child was very beautiful, as was Say Goodbye, with Stevie standing absolutely motionless in front of her microphone facing Lindsey as he sang about saying goodbye to her, and the closing number, Goodbye Baby was very nice. I have read many fan reviews about the crowd singing along with Landslide, but in Portland I noticed everyone singing along with Go Your Own Way...an amazing sound, nearly 20,000 people singing along! The single moment I would take out, and that is with mixed feelings as the song is truly an anthem, is Don't Stop. It was just hard to NOT hear Christine on that song. Fleetwood Mac has been my favorite band for 25 years, and I'm more impressed with them now than for a long time. As Mick said, BIG MAC IS BACK! Worth every penny.
Rachel Kroll
The best show I have ever been to!! That was the first time I have seen Fleetwood Mac and it was incredible. Stevie's voice sounded better than ever! She looked so beautiful. Her voice and presence made me start crying. I love the new album and the songs sounded excellent live. I look forward to seeing them on tour again.
During the July 25th show in Portland, Mick Fleetwood made sure that everyone knew one thing..."The Mac is back!" These were Mick's final words after a spectacular evening with one of the world's greatest bands, Fleetwood Mac...you know it's true! Lindsey Buckingham was in his ultimate guitar godliness....playing recklessly beautiful songs from his instrument....some are his, some are Mick's, some are Stevie's...but he plays and loves to play...it's quite a sight to see. Mick is the absolute description of a world class drummer....amazing to see and amazing to watch his eyes grow with anticipation as to what may happen with his drumsticks. Stevie was gracious with her incredible sense of humor, especially when Lindsey unplugged his guitar and started circling her and then danced a move reminescent of a do-si-do. Stevie sang and danced the whole time with smiles and a "Girls kick ass" attitude! During "Landslide" the crowd went wild and screamed during the last line and Lindsey just kind of held out his hand and seemed to motion to her that this was HER moment...and it was. It was amazing to hear so many people singing to so many songs. Portland just loves the Mac! Apologies for the choppy sentences but it really was just one of those nights where if you tell the story, there's too much to tell and not enough time. It was THAT good of a concert.
After a VERY long 20 something year wait...I FINALLY got to see Fleetwood Mac live. Even though Christine wasn't there, the foursome sounded amazing (they were put here on this earth for one reason...to perform flawlessly) This is the second time I've been to a concert at the Rose Garden so I'm used to the fact that most everyone there wants an excuse to party and get drunk ::whatever:: We got there early they let us in around 7 and we found our 17th row seats in the aisles (front/left) directly behind the first section on Lindsey's side. Awesome view with no one in front of us, I didn't have to wear my 4" heels after all ::oh well:: As we sat there talking and watching the arena fill up we noticed that by show time a lot of people were still not in their seats...Lucky for them the show started around 8:30...After 'Dreams' and 'Peacekeeper' most people were STILL finding their way to their seats ::very odd:: In fact, throughout the entire show people were getting up, going out, coming back (several times) ::fools:: From 'The Chain' all the way to 'Goodbye Baby' it's very clear this band is comprised of timeless, talented, classic people who absolutely love what they do. Lindsey was just thrilled to be there holding his hands over his heart after almost every song thanking us and being a true gentleman. Not once did I hear a single flaw throughout the entire evening. Amazing can only describe how blessed I was to FINALLY be hearing this dear band perform live before my eyes. I hung on every note, every beat, every word...Stevie looked amazingly beautiful, dressed in a black sheer layered skirt with burnout velvet, v-neck styled top which she added her shawls, 'Rhiannon sleeves', pink/red kimono and tuxedo jacket with tails to during several changes. I could not see her feet most of the evening...yet when I did get a glance she had on comfy black low rise boots. She also wore a single diamond cross around her neck...and her mic stand was decorated in beads and ribbons with a single red rose. After having one day off her voice sounded incredible. I'll try to focus on the highlights from here on out...During 'Rhiannon' she spun around a few times waving her sleeves around her...as she chanted...'oh no rhiannon you cry and then she's gone and your life knows no answer...'toward the ending (shortened dance version) she wailed a little on 'take me with the wind baby take me with sky...high..' 'all the same...baby all the same...' The crowd roared as she held her pose with arms outstretched...the queen of rock and roll lives! I was prepared for everyone to sit during 'Come' and they did until the very end where they all got up and gave Lindsey a huge wave of adulation...he bent over barely able to move thanking us and holding his heart again...and you could hear him say...'yes...yes' as he walked off...I stood there stunned after what I just saw...whistling and clapping the whole time...this guy is SO amzingly, brilliantly talented...After that things slowed down with 'Gypsy' such a pretty song and Stevie did her finger movements for 'little bit of fear' and 'lightning strikes once maybe twice'...love that...she held all the right notes and gave a perfect performance. Lindsey came out for 'Big Love' solo and blew everyone away again...bending over his guitar back and forth while he mimics his love making sounds...he really got into this one...What can you say about 'Landslide' except it was truly a defining moment...another reason for people to speculate on Stevie and Lindsey's relationship. She dedicated the song to all of us since they didn't know anyone or have any special memories here...well that's ok... Wonderful interaction with the crowd (we all sang along and that was really cool to hear, I think Stevie liked that too) especially when she held the final 'well maaaaybeee...' she had to pause for like 30 seconds smiling ear to ear (she was beaming and Lindsey just looked at her like 'see how much they love you') until we all quieted down enough for her to finish 'the landslide will bring it down...' they held each other arm and arm and he gave her a kiss on the forehead throughout the applause. Then you've got Lindsey's tear jerker 'Say Goodbye' with Stevie opposite singing harmony and you understand how deep their love has been (the entire audience knew too) All I can say about 'Beautiful Child' is I have never heard Stevie sound so incredibly wonderful...a definite highlight of the evening (I think they should release this live version as a single) 'Gold Dust Woman' flowed quite well as the follow up song...Stevie pranced onstage and did lot's of hand movements, twirls, arms outstretched. She got a little feisty on 'and go home...aaawwwww...' then she held the ending pose for nearly a minute at the end (a photographers dream) I never get tired of hearing this song. 'I'm So Afraid' is one of my favorites and I'm really glad Stevie sang Chris' parts...old school FM...another amazing guitar performance complete with both hands flying over his head back and forth before he nearly collapses thanking us...'Silver Springs' was...WOW...hauntingly beautiful and again, the crowd just went nuts...she did her little waving her hands in front of her face signaling how hot is was getting for her...'Tusk' was such a crowd pleaser...I had NO idea how many people REALLY like this song...Lindsey chasing Stevie was hilarious, they ended up linking arms and spinning each other around before he went back to pick up his guitar and stand on Micks riser while Stevie faced Mick beating her tambourine. I really wasn't too thrilled that they chose to do 'Stand Back' this tour...but I'm SO glad they did...what a high energy song and Stevie knocked us out with all her twirls and spins...I think she gave a better performance than during her TISL tour...Yeah well, the best part about 'World Turning' was not Mick's 'beat thyself to death solo' I sat for this one...and stood once Lindsey and Stevie came back to finish...I love the song not the drum solo...They left the stage saying goodbye...and yes people actually started leaving ::hello the house lights are still off:: a few came back when they heard the first notes of 'Go Your Own Way' which is another huge crowd favorite...they went right into 'Don't Stop' and Stevie did an amazing job taking over Chris' part (I like this version the best) I think this was the song that a girl somehow got up onstage ran toward Lindsey and tried to give him some flowers and a hug...it was so funny because the band didn't realize it until they saw the security guard chase after her and quickly whisk her offstage...Mick said something like 'we can still get all the young girls' (or something like that ::whatever Mick::) then they all said goodbye again...and yes, people in Oregon are not the brightest crayons in the box (the couple next to us finally left they were like satues the entire evening) lot's of people leaving this time not many came back to hear another shining moment of this tour...'Goodbye Baby' is such a sad song...it brought tears to my eyes...I knew this was THE final song and it would soon be over...Yes Stevie sounded absolutely amazing and it almost looked like she didn't want to leave...standing there with her pink shawl wrapped around her shoulders all she could say at the end was "Portland...thank you SO very much...Thank You, Thank You, Thank You" as she bowed and walked toward the exit...Mick was left standing at the mic and while he told us 'God bless, take care of yourselves and each other in this crazy world' Stevie was standing between Lindsey's mic and the exit just watching him with her arms folded smiling and then he said 'And remember...the Mac is back!!!' he walked over to her still smiling she turned to wave at the crowd and they walked off arm in arm... A totally amazing night...I wish now we would have gotten seats for Seattle...oh well, there's always a next time...Thank you Fleetwood Mac for an absolutely incredible performance and a night we will never forget...
I am 19 years old and generally a fan of cheesy British pop music like the Spice Girls or Steps. So, when a friend brought Fleetwood Mac's DVD of "The Dance" to work at Hollywood Video with her during my shift I couldn't help but feel a little bit of dread. I had never heard anything Fleetwood Mac sang before and just thought they were some old group my mom had listened to before I was born. By the end of that shift I was utterly obsessed! Stevie had completely enchanted me and I went home and bought tickets that night. From that moment on I have heard Stevie and FM everywhere. Every single time I turn on the radio it's one of their songs! Every store I go to seems to be playing them over the speakers! I have done nothing for the past month but look forward to this concert! But, alas, so many things seemed to stand in my way! My car broke down, I got signed up to register for classes the same day as the concert, and the friend I was going with could not get out of work! I did everything I could, but it wasn't until 5 pm- in the middle of rush hour- that we were able to start the 135 mile drive to Portland. We arrived 20 minutes late, in a complete panic! But, somehow, miraculously the concert had not started yet! We found our section, made our way to our seats, and the moment I had sat down the opening beats of "The Chain" started! It was like magic! I have never had a more enjoyable night! Stevie looked and sounded beautiful! No one on Earth even remotely compares with her! She has this special light that shines from within her! She is a true Starchild. She sang all of my favourites, sounding amazing and bringing this incredible presence and power to each one of them. I have to say, though, that "Beautiful Child" was a major high point of the show. She had so much emotion behind it that I can't imagine there was a dry eye in the house. She shares so much of herself onstage and has for so many years. And the best part is, even though she's this mega superstar, she always takes the time to be incredibly gracious to her audience and all of her dedicated fans! She has made a fan out of me! She has me for life now! I only wish I had discovered them sooner! The whole night I just kept trying to catch my breath from the perpetual shock sent through my body just knowing that onstage, merely feet away, was the real Stevie Nicks! Amazing! I musn't leave out the others, though. Lindsey rocked on the guitar and was also so kind to the fans! He knows how to work the crowd! It was great to see Mick come out from behind his drums and enjoy some of the spotlight! He is awesome! And of course, Mr. John McVie! Amazing and brilliant as always! This show was well worth the panic and hardship and gridlock traffic I endured to get to it. I will be seeing them again in Boise in much better seats(11th row) and I don't know how I'll be able to keep myself from having a heart attack! Thank you so much, Fleetwood Mac, especially Stevie, for making last night the best, so far, in my entire life!

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