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5/22/04 ALLTEL Pavilion Raleigh, NC

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Trish Mauviel
All I have to say about this show is WONDERFUL!!! Fleetwood Mac is the only band that sounds like they do on their record as they do in person!!! Stevie was beautiful and wonderful like usual!! I was so happy to finally hear her sing Beautiful Child!! She sent shivers down my spine. You could actually feel her while she was singing this beautiful song from the past. The whole crowd was memorized by her voice and her presence. I never really appreciated Lindsey's guitar playing as I did last nite!! He is a wonderful musician and he doesn't receive the recognition that he should. It was a wonderful experience. Don't break the chain!!
Delane Sellers
I went to the concert in Raleigh, North Carolina on Saturday night and all I can say is it was pure magic. Stevie is still as wonderful as ever, as are the other members of Fleetwood Mac. I was so happy to see Stevie and Lindsey come out together hugging. I have always hated that they didn't stay together through the years following Rumours and it is so good to see that they appear to be on such good terms. I have followed the band for so long that I feel like they are family to me. The music was great! I was so thrilled to hear Stevie do Sara live and especially "Beautiful Child" which I have loved since I was a child. Hearing her sing it and seeing all of them on stage together brought tears to my eyes. Stevie did some of her souvenir spins and kicks along the way and she looked absolutely amazing. You would think she is turning maybe 30 next week instead of 56. She still has it after all these years. There aren't words to express how wonderful this experience was for me.........I have seen Stevie with and without the rest of Fleetwood Mac several times and this had to be the best ever - I was in the 2nd row which made it even better as well. I have never been quite that close up. In closing, all I can say is.......Once in a million years, a lady like her rises...........there will never be another to come close to her magic.
Linda McCollum
Well it's Monday morning and here at work still on a high from the show Saturday night. What an awesome show! Little trouble at first with the sound system,but they worked through it with class. Had lawn seats for this one, (great floor seats at Greensboro, NC show). Stevie mentioned that it was "An honor" for them to play for us, but I feel it was an honor to be in her presence! Missed out on hearing Dreams~but, Sarah made up for that! Always loved that song~"Your the Poet in my Heart" ~"Never change, never stop!!!! The crowd was a great mix of young and old, and sitting on the blanket watching the young ones "get it" was very cool. The show came with it's on light show (amazing to see hundreds of people sitting on the ground with a huge lighting storm all around us, that my friends is loyalty). What was really neat, was when Mick did his thang on stage he had all this wicked lightening going on over the stage,looked wild to go along with his personality. What can I say to sum it up ~ Hearing Stevie's voice ring out into the night and seeing Lindsey play like a true guitar God ~ watching Mick make his faces and hearing John's bass, along with the others in the band made my Birthday a night to remember! (Thank you to Linda, my brothers girlfriend for treating me to the memories,what a great gift!)
My husband and I were lucky enough to be at the stage (at Stevie's FEET) during the entire show. First let me say that I met the nicest people at this show- Hi Kristen, e-mail me! This was my third show on this tour, and I thought Stevie sounded better than she ever has. Lindsey was his usual amazing self. I actually made eye contact with him a couple of times, and at one point, he totally recognized Kristen, the girl next to me- that was so cool. Actually, being so close, I was able to make eye contact with the entire band at one point or another. I smiled and waved at Mick, and he raised his eyebrows and winked at me- hee! The performace really was flawless. In the beginning, right before Dreams, there was trouble with the sound system, so while we were waiting for it to be fixed, we sang happy birthday to Stevie. I just couldn't believe I was standing so close to them, it was like a dream. I do have one kind of negative thing to say about Stevie, though. Although she sounded phenomenal, she seemed to be a bit aloof or distant during this show. Very serious, and not as "into it" as she usually is. My husband thought she was "going through the motions". I didn't agree with that, I just thought she seemed much more serious than normal. There just wasn't as much interaction between Lindsey and Stevie, really it seemed like maybe the whole band was not as reactive to Lindsey as normal. I did see Stevie take a hit from an asthma inhaler, so maybe she hasn't been feeling well. You certainly couldn't tell from her voice, though. It was a huge disappointment to lose Silver Springs from the set, but fortunately, Kristen warned me about that before the show started. The highlights of the show for me were: Come (Lindsey is so damn hot), Sara (Stevie delivered this flawlessly-a real treat), Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, Second Hand News, Beautiful Child (perfect), and Never Going Back Again. I hope my above comments don't make the show seem negative- it was awesome, and what a way to end MY tour with FM (heh). My neck is still killing me from looking up at them all night! If you have a chance to see this leg of the tour- GO!
Al Cannon
I just returned home from the Concert at Raleigh's Alltel Pavilion. Fleetwood Mac played a good 2 hours and 45 Minutes. Great vocals from Stevie Nick and Lyndsey Buckingham. Mick Fleetwood's Drum work as incredible. A wonderful Show; come can see it when it comes to your town.
I went to this show this past weekend and IT WAS WONDERFUL !!!! Stevie looked and sounded great ! Lyndsey rocked out as usual. Fleetwood Mac is definitely A Class Act !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can wait to get the Say You Will DVD !!!!!!!!!
James Dobbs
This was my third concert appearance on this tour. The weather was quite balmy (around 95 degrees) at the Walnut Creek Amphitheater but was all worthwhile when Fleetwood Mac opened the evening with The Chain. After The Chain ended, they were having technical difficulties, Stevie joked with the audience about hearing a buzz on one of the speakers, making a innuendo about "getting a buzz". She was so beautiful that night. The reason why I made sure to see them again on the tour was for the change in the concert setlist. Red Rover and I Know I'm Not Wrong went well and my favorite part of the concert was seeing them perform Sara. Stevie had a flower in her hair with her hair pulled back, she was so radiant! They played clips from Tusk era on the video screen of them performing Sara, which made even more exciting. I was dissapointed that they didn't play Destiny Rules and Don't Let Me Down Again, I was looking forward to it. Mick was being is usual cool self, popping his eyes out glaring into the audience, he was having a blast! Lindsey was great, all into the crowd and not detroying any guitars, haha. The standout songs were Stand Back, Sara, Go Your Own Way, Don't Stop and Tusk! I am so happy that the Mac is Back! Stay safe!

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