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8/1/03 Lawlor Events Center Reno, NV

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Joe and Kelly
Let me start by saying, the show was outstanding, the best concert I have ever been to. The band was awesome and everything seemed magical until the end of the concert when some idiots in the first row decided to get into a fist fight and therefore ruin the magic for me, the band and the rest of the audience. I hope they realize how upsetting it was for all of us watching, to have to leave the concert on such a sad note. Stevie was so visibly upset she could not even sing the final encore and needed help from Lindsey. I mean all of the band are up there giving their hearts and souls to us, singing, dancing and playing their hearts out and this is the appreciation that they are shown? I hope you guys know that the vast vast majority of fans present Friday night in Reno wanted nothing more than to enjoy your music and lose ourselves in your magic worlds for just a little while. We wanted to embrace you with our applause , screams and enthusiasm and show you just how much you are loved and have been truley missed. Please do not let two or three drunk losers ruin anything. I myself never want to see my rock Goddess, Stevie, in tears and was so shocked and embarrassed by these peoples behavior i could have cried myself, if I was not so angry. Stevie is so sweet and sensitive and I really can not understand how anyone could watch the show with her giving us her 100 percent vocally, emotionally and expressively and then turn around and do something so hurtful. Do you really think the band is there for you people to drink yourselves into a stupor and assault each other???. Do us all a favor and stay the hell home next time so we can enjoy the whole show and see the band and especially Stevie leave the way she came, with a smile on her face. I can only hope that there will be a next time for them here in Reno after this. We love you Mick, John, Stevie and Lindsey and we loved the show. You guys are such class acts and are really at such a creative, cohesive , balanced time in your lives and you all deserve nothing but love and adulation everywhere you go.
The show was a major hit, combining the old with the new, and I was so happy to see Stevie & Lindsey, together for the first time on stage. During the encore, a fight broke out, in the first row, right in front of Stevie...she was so upset, that she was unable to sing, "Goodbye Baby", as EMT where called in, Stevie was teary eyed, she did finish the song, and the band left the stage...the show was ruined, and I was crying like a baby, because I had waited all night to hear that song, and mostly for Stevie, who was visibly upset, and after being in NYC on 9/11, I felt terrible. I had roses, and a gold ring, I wanted to give her, but all things considered, I didn't go backstage, I'm so sorry that happened, and I hope Stevie, dosen't hate Reno now...maybe I can catch another date on the tour, but the actions of 2-3 people ruined a joyful night for the other 9997 fans in attendence.Like Mick said, "In this day, and age-be kind to one another..."
The Reno show was stunning in every way, marred only by a fight that broke out in the audience during "Donít Stop" that left Stevie mostly apologetic towards the victims and furious with the perpetrators, but also briefly in tears and unable to continue singing "Goodbye Baby" herself. Let me just say that instead of retreating out of harmís way, Stevie stood frozen at the very edge of the stage with her hand on her hip the entire time fuming, as if she believed that by maintaining an authoritative presence there, she could help quell the rioters. She was fearless, shaken, angry, and Ė needless to say Ė beautiful, all simultaneously. However, that came at the end of the show and until that point, we were treated to breathtaking performances and comradery. Stevie and Lindsey were at the top of their game individually and together Iíve never seen such synchronicity, ease and happiness between them. Of course, Iíve never been at a show where they appeared out of sorts this year either. Even on the videos, Iíve only suspected a distance between them twice. Once was on Leno and the other time was May 19, Philadelphia. Other than that theyíve always been warm enough towards each other, but last night was special. They were sharing everything and never missed one opportunity to connect. Maybe itís because the arena was quite small. Perhaps they were forced into more intimacy than normal. Theyíre both me-oriented, have been in the past and will be again in the future, but last night they were as one. And because they could not have interacted that way with Christine there, just for that performance Iím glad she wasnít. However, Iím going to London for Thanksgiving on the mere hope that Christine will make a guest appearance at the November 29, show. I went last November to see Gillian Anderson in a play and I will be there again this year, just for Christine. I could not miss her more. Anyway, last night I began to notice that Stevie and Lindsey were especially playful during "Second Hand News." She had both hands full of fringes from her microphone stand and was waving them around like pom poms, while singing the "Bow bow bow" parts. Lindsey looked at her and laughed as he began his verse. I find it amusing how she starts the show with the very modest top on and then for "Never Going Back Again" goes over into the corner to get dressed for Rhiannon. When she returns mid-stage she suddenly has all of this decolletage. Sheís like Dolly Parton Nicks. Itís not even a full costume change, yet she goes from matron to siren that quickly. During "Come" when Lindsey lifts his guitar over his head at the end, you see his stomach over his belt. If he were in a "Special K" commercial, he would be able to "pinch an inch." I canít imagine why though. The way he works out and sweats 3 nights a week, he should be skeletal. We in the computer generation will all probably succumb to carpal tunnel syndrome very soon, but what happens to a guitarist like Lindsey? As he flexed his fingers for "Big Love," I thought by the time he is 75, he probably wonít even be able to use his hands and wrists anymore. There was a Japan video where we saw John getting a wrist massage. Lindsey expends so much of his body, running, screaming, and assuming extraordinary positions, just for effect. I canít imagine what kind of physical shape heíll be in in 20 years. Odds are, he might not be able to move, but heíll still look pretty cute. Usually, if I bring a camera, I try to photograph Lindsey and Stevie during "Landslide" but the "Say You Will" interlude is getting to be so special that Iím going to change this practice. This time when they met in the middle, she did her lariat motion and he kind of rolled his head back in response, then leaned in towards her. She pretended to play his guitar and he strums it with the neck extended towards her, as if giving a private performance. I find it very tender. When they clutched hands during "Landslide" they were laughing and pointing at one another. Afterwards, as they stood side-by-side Stevie said something to him and Lindsey didnít hear, so he leaned down as she repeated it twice more. Then he air kissed her temple. It kind of reminded me of the way Christine used to talk to him on stage, especially when they shared a mike during "World Turning" and you could see him mouthing the word "What!" back to her. Guess you canít really hold a conversation in a stadium full of cheering fans. He looked towards Stevie after "Say Goodbye." She wasnít looking at him, just as she looks at him walking away after "Silver Springs," and he doesnít look back. Still, those unreturned glances after the songs end seem to have special meaning, given the content of the songs. Stevie dedicated "Beautiful Child" to someone named Jemima (Jenina?). Lindsey mouthed the words, "your hands held mine so few hours and then" as she sang them. To me, "Gold Dust Woman" is gaining in depth all the time. In her solo shows, Stevie is impassioned in most of the songs, but with FM itís a little different, she only loses herself in a few. Sheíd have a persona during "Rhiannon" and "Sisters of the Moon", as if she was becoming the heroine in the song. Nowadays, she transforms herself into the "Gold Dust Woman" who is a very sensual and mysterious character indeed. Stevieís moves as she brings the "shadow of a woman" who is "running in the shadows" to life are very sultry. Lindsey has been doing "Iím so Afraid" for so long that I sometimes think it too familiar. However, it was fresh and powerful this time around. When the music begins, he is moving back and forth between Mickís drums, yelling. Even though he is far from his mic, you can still hear the yells faintly, but they are to motivate the band, not for the audience. Most singers would try to preserve their voice, rather than shouting for enthusiasmís sake alone, but Lindseyís just reckless about it. He described himself as "half heart" and "half hazard". Iíd agree. During "Silver Springs," Stevie asked, "Am I still a fool?" Thereís a Mirage rehearsal tape where Stevie is telling them that she doesnít think they should drag out the end of "Tusk". Well, she spoke about 16 years too soon. The more time Lindsey has to think about "Tusk," the sillier he decides to make it. He weaved his way over to Stevie and John, jumped on John. Unplugged his guitar amp, swung it at Stevie, then laid the guitar down altogether and chased her. Then, they danced. Then he waved his hand frantically at the band to remind them not to end the song. There is some new tapping music added to the close and he gets on his knees and crawls towards center stage. Itís just stupid and I shudder to think how much sillier it can get before the tour ends. After Tusk he is hunched over, monkey-like and he stays that way for a few moments, not even taking the guitar from the roadee immediately. Then, he begins dancing as Takuís drums start. In the wings, Lindsey practically mouthed ALL the words to "Stand Back" as Stevie sang and twirled. For "Go Your Own Way" she always sings packiní up and shackiní up with him, during this tour. She mouthed the "give you my world" part too, before singing "open up itís waiting for you" into the mike. Aside from ending the song on the drum stand, banging at Mickís cymbals, Lindsey is now also trying to strum his guitar while spinning it around 360 degrees. He has become a musical Harlem Globetrotter. When they left the stage and returned for "World Turning" Lindsey had Stevieís hand in both of his and kissed it. As they sing someone throws a hat or something onto the stage. They both watch it fly and land with their eyes moving. Then, they look at each other and smile. The whole night had been so great that I was looking forward to seeing how "Donít Stop" would end, but before it could a fight broke out among about 20 people in the audience in front of Stevie. I donít know who started it, but one man was being beaten pretty badly by the others. Stevie simply froze above them at the edge of the stage, as security intervened. She did not move away and pretend it wasnít happening. She viewed the violence angrily for long minutes. Lindsey, having come from his side of the stage, just made an L-turn at center, ended the song, put his guitar on the floor and interacted with the fans in front of him. He would not look at what was happening at the right. Mick came up and after security wrestled with the crowd, Mick and Stevie started to walk off, but she stopped to curse at the people on the surveillance monitors near the exit. They had the audience on camera and the ability to talk to the security people through headphones and earpieces. I think that Stevie believed if they had done their job, the entire melee might have been avoided. They returned for the last encore, with Lindsey pulling Stevieís hand as usual, but her face was still stony. She got to her mike and said, "We are SO sorry for what happened," to the crowd. Mick told the people on the floor that heíd hoped theyíd settled down. Mick hugged Stevie and Lindsey came over and rubbed her back. Stevie started "Goodbye Baby," but began to cry and turned to Lindsey and said, "I canít do it, you do it." He tried to coax her for a moment but again she said she could not do it. So, he sang. We know he ended "Silver Springs" one night in 1997, but at that time he only had to sing a partial sentence. With "Goodbye Baby" he had to sing a few of the verses and itís a good thing he knew the words. I think weíve heard that "Dreams" tape where Christine is singing the lead. She sounds great and knows a lot of the words, but sings the verses all out of order. Then, I heard Stevie on the radio laughing and saying she didnít know the words to "Never Going Back Again." So, even if you hear a song several times a week, that doesnít mean you can sing a part that isnít yours. Lindsey crooned gently and sweetly "and I who went to sleep as two . . ." when he got to the chorus, Stevie was able to sing it with him and then she ended the song herself. She took her deep bow as usual. When she moved back in line for the group bow, Lindsey kissed the crown of her head. As she left the stage, she could not smile, but she sincerely thanked the crowd for being there and waved to the people in the wings. Mick said that after what had happened that night, it was especially important that everyone remember "to be good to each other in this crazy world." Despite everything, I thought it was the best show I had seen this year.
Russell Cook
So Friday night, an overcast grey sky dumped rain on the Biggest Little City, but not hindering the excitement of an arena waiting for Fleetwood Mac. The halls were full of ex-hippies and older generation fans scurrying to get in line for tour memorabilia and cocktails. My seat is just above the stage on the left side. Initially, I didn't think I was going to go becuase I had the tickets were so pricy. I had been in love with the Mac since The Dance, and had made it a life goal to see them perform live. I had seen Stevie on the TSIL tour in Concord, CA in 2001, but this was the Mac. Tuesday morning a contest runs on the air, I sing a verse from Stand Back, and there I was listening to the thunderous drumbeat that begins The Chain. There again was Stevie Nicks, our favorite Sister of the Moon, with her old band Fleetwood Mac singing about rain washing you clean. There was a lot of passion and energy in this performance. Much more than in Concord. I was disappointed to hear the high notes taken out of the end of Rhiannon becuase that was one of my favorite parts of the song. However, the passion between Lindsey and Stevie during Say Good-bye made up for it and I broke a tear. Just at the height of the show, Stevie pulls a story from her mystical past and sings Beautiful Child. Another tear. Silver Springs brings a eurphoric feeling knowing that the words I was hearing in the air, were that of heartache and pain almost 30 years ago. I was bummed that Stevie again changed the melody of the song, taking it down a few notes. Then the slamming songs of Stand Back and Go Your Own Way bring the roof off of Lawlor Events Center. A girl tosses what looks like her bra at Lindsey, Stevie twirls franticly and the crowd screams. At one point, I saw Lindsey throw something back. (I think it was his boxers) This was my partner's very first concert and I was glad that he was seeing this. Now, after the Mac is long gone, he will say my first concert was Fleetwood Mac. I saw him bouncing his head as I was out of control whistling as Stevie spun during the guitar solo of Stand Back. I had never seen her with so much energy. Then Dont Stop begins. Lindsey started the first verse and it was good to hear Stevie harmonizing with the chorus. She ripped the second verse to shreds. I didnt think she still had it in her!!!! I was mad cause she lowered the key of Stop Draggin My Heart Around in the TSIL tour but this was Dont Stop. Same key, same ol Stevie singing the second verse. (she changed the words tho) Then down in the front row, trouble in paradise. A fight broke out right in the middle of the song. I saw a crowd of people fall, legs kicking, and fists flying. The two singers kept going just watching from the stage. At one point, Stevie walked out right to the corner of the stage where they were fighting and just stood there with her hand on her hip. I could tell she was mad. The fight was stopped and I could see a girl was hurt, all the same time Mic was saying his, "thanks for comming". Goodbye Baby began and Stevie started singing. I could tell from the screen above me she was pissed. Then she stopped and said, "I can't sing it" She motioned for Lindsey to sing and walked away from the mic. Lindsy sang the second verse and Stevie walked back to the mic in tears and finished the song, and boy I'll tell you that lady really can sing. She took that song with tears in her eyes and blasted it to the sky. This was an awesome show, with the only drawback being Christine's absence. I saw such a connection between the four, and it was obvious they were having fun. It proves that the members of Fleetwood Mac are not dried up, they are in-fact people, and when they put their hearts into it, they can make us all remember with just one song.....
Barb Muscutt
I just returned home after seeing Stevie and Fleetwood Mac at Lawlor Events Center here in Reno. Before I try to come up with the words to describe the show, I need to apologize. Something, I'm not sure what, happened down in front towards the end of the first encore. Whatever it was that happened had Stevie totally upset and, at one point, in tears. I would like to apologize to Stevie and everyone on stage for the bad behavior of a few people. Please . . . do not judge Reno by the behavior of a few ignorant people! The majority of the people in attendance tonight were like us . . . good, hardworking people who enjoyed every minute and walked out of Lawlor Events Center with memories to last a lifetime. We want Stevie and/or Fleetwood Mac back, so please accept my apologizes for the bad actions of a few! Now . . . on to the show!! Oh my God, there just aren't words to adequately describe what we saw tonight!!! Wow, fantastic and awesome just don't do it justice! The show was absolutely phenomenal!! Every time I see Stevie and/or Fleetwood Mac I think it cannot possibly get any better . . . and every time they prove me wrong! What a night . . . what a show!! Thank you yet again for an unforgettable night that I will never forget!! Thank You!!

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