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7/5/04 The Amphitheater at Clark County Ridgefield, WA

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Wow – last night I attended a Fleetwood Mac concert for the first time. I have wanted to see this band, particularly Stevie, ‘live’ in concert for a long time (many years). The weather was warm and so were most of the fans! I was nervous myself by the time 8:00 rolled around and couldn’t wait to see them walk out onto the stage. It was cool that Mick and John came out first. There was enough time lapse between them and Lindsey and Stevie coming out, I was about to think something had gone wrong. But then the spotlight hit Lindsey, with Stevie on his arm, and they were off with “The Chain”. I won’t go into the play list that people have covered many times. The highlights for me were “Sara”, which was outstanding (LOVED Stevie’s hair up and the red shawl) and I understand rare to hear in concert. “Stand Back”, “Say You Will”, and “Goodbye Baby” at the end were all great. I really enjoy all of Stevie’s work, and was so excited to finally get to see her. I thought it took her a while for her voice to warm up, but by “Sara” she was sounding great. Lindsey wore himself out giving a good performance. Their harmonies sounded good, even though the CC Amphitheater could use some acoustic work. The time went by so fast, it was unbelievable. While Mick was knocking himself out with his solo’s on “World Turning”, I finally looked at my watch and couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want it to end. They could have played another 2 or 3 hours and I would have been happy. The rest of their band was very good too – particularly enjoyed the outstanding showmanship job of the percussionist, Taku Hiranu. There is something very special about Stevie Nicks. I went in, I don’t know, expecting somehow that I would feel differently about her when I left. I didn’t. There is STILL something very special about Stevie Nicks, and her charisma. To the left of my husband were two young men, probably twenty somethings, that were, well, pretty much in love with her. The middle-aged ladies two rows ahead of us were screaming: “We LOVE you, Stevie” loud and often. The young girls and guys in the front rows were wild about her songs – some almost hysterical. There was a lot of this admiration in the crowd. Lindsey is great, so is Mick, so is John, the band is wonderful together – but there’s something special about Stevie Nicks. When it was over, I was almost depressed, but very happy at the same time. I really felt like I got my money’s worth in the tickets, and my husband felt the same. It was a great, really enjoyable show.
Shane Chance
Fleetwood Mac has always been my favorite band, and Stevie Nicks my favorite singer! Everything they do is pure magic, and this night was no acception! They began with the thunderous roar of "The Chain", and went through a wonderful set of songs! My favorite moment was when they did "Sara", because I honestly never thought I would hear this song live, as they have not done it in over 10 years! "Beautiful Child" and "Landslide"(which she dedicated to the audience) were also highlights! "Big Love" gave me chills and "Goodbye Baby" I was happy was still on the set list! The only things I missed (having been dropped) were "Silver Springs" and "Gypsy", but if they had to drop them for "Sara", it was worth it! Stevie looked better than ever, and twirled like crazy during "Stand Back" and I thing Lindsay was in the best voice Ive heard lately! They rocked, and I took two of my friends who had never seen the mac before. Needless to say, my friends were knocked out, as was I! Pure Magic, I hope forever, they "Dont Stop."

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