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7/6/03 Arco Arena Sacramento, CA

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Nina Compagno
Lindsey immediately made it known that this venue was extremely sentimental to he and Stevie since it was the Bay Area in which they met and began there musical journey. The band was playing very loud, but not loud enough. I was amazed at how small Stevie is. One expects her to be larger than life, when in fact she is probably just about 5 foot---but still larger than life. She took some additional time to share with us how very sentimental this show was because a lot of Bay Area friends and family were present and also how she and Lindsey spent 3 and a half years driving back and forth to and from San Jose State where they often played. She dedicated Landslide to the audience and sang like an angel. I was very shocked that Lindsey Buckingham played for 3 hours straight and didn't even take a break at all. That man truly loves what he is doing and he gives 110% of himself. I loved the show. I cannot wait to see them next time around. I also loved their choice of songs. Fleetwood Mac is a class act.
Nicole Polen
I am utterly in awe. I saw the Mac concert on Sunday at Arco in Sacramento and I think it is going to take a lot of time for me to recover from the experience. The concert had a great mix of old and new and Stevie, Lindsey and Mick all shined like the stars they are. I was personally touched greatly by " Beautiful Child" and "Silver Springs". During "Silver Springs" Stevie and Lindsey didn't take their eyes off of one another. There was so much passion in their voices and in their faces. I was mesmerized. Lindsey's guitar mastery is unbelievable. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor more than once as I stood in awe of his wonderful talent. Mick has made me truly appreciative of the drums as I have never seen someone play with such skill and intensity. Stevie's beautiful soul just shines through her performance and I just wish I could see her face-to-face to say thanks for an evening I will NEVER forget. My appreciation goes out to Fleetwood Mac for showing us what great music really is. You touch my life.
Kristina Johnson
I was at the show in Sacramento and had the best time of my life. My parents dropped my friend and I off extra early so we could try and win front row tickets. We ended up helping out the Sacramento classic rock station roll posters, and while we were doing this we saw Stevie's brother, I said hi-then after I realized who it was I was too in shock to say anything else. He said that he had been listening to the station while he was down here because they were playing FM all day. We also met a crew member who was Faith Hill's cousin. Later, we went inside to the show, and it was soooo amazing. Beautiful Child was definitely the song of the night, Stevie voice was amazing. When Stand Back started her energy really kicked in and she got into it. She even did a high kick at the end of World Turning. Lindsey was a different story he had sooo much energy the whole night. I loved how Stevie sang Gold Dust Woman, and Second Hand News was so good. It was amazing how much he can rock on his guitar. It was definitely the best concert I have ever been to.
The concert last night at Arco Arena was unbelievable. Stevie's distinct voice was awesome and Lindsay really preformed. A really great concert and I fully appreciated John's guitar playing, in the background but definitely the Fleetwood Mac sound. Mick was great too but Stevie is the best. The place was packed.
Bob Pasley
Just returned from seeing The Mac in Sacramento and it was the best Fleetwood Mac concert I've seen. Kevin, Ruth, Karen and I counted 11 consecutive spins during Stevie's "Stand Back." I'm thinking that was a record, yes? Lindsey stole the show, pounding his guitar till it bled. Mick was his typical hyper self, and John hung in the background providing the essential base line. Stevie was as majestic as always, taking advantage of drum and guitar solos to swap shawls. Would we expect anything less?
Name Withheld at Author's Request
Welcome~........ That’s How I felt! I Took My Sister To the Show This Evening… I Have Had A Real Bad Break-Up This Last Year…. My X , Is Someone I Had Always Gone(In The Past Five Years),With, To The Nicks/Mac Shows…. I Have Seen STEVIE ,As Of This Evening,…45 Times!!… I took My Sister , Because She Has Been With Me Through The ,..Still Painful ,…Break- up !.. We Meet Some Friends, Who Flew Back Home From N.Y. For The Show.... We Were 5`th Row “STEVIE” Center..LOL.. I Tried To Sneak A Camera In For Some Keep-Sake Photos!.. There Were NO,Cameras Allowed!!.. So I Had To Be Honest,… And I Tossed My Camera(Disposable) !!…When I Got Inside,..There Were Cameras ALL Around Me..(What A Dope..LOL)…. The Show Started A Half Hour Late…No Problem ,It Gave Every-Body A Chance To Arrive…. The MAC Started With The Chain…. Ok!,.. Heres The Part I LOVE!!!… STEVIE Had Her HEELS On!!!..No Rebbox!!..No Godzilla Attacking The City…LOL.... I Know they Played VEGAS The Night Before Sacramento.. But Still,.. I Had Probably One Of The Greatest Nights Of Seeing “The MAC” I Have Ever Had!.. The Last Song,Goodbye Baby,..HIT HOME!,…For Reasons,..I Have Already Disclosed…. I Just Got my Tix. For Reno!!…. Thanks Guys,…I Don’t Know How You Do It!!……
WOW, what a great show at Arco Arena. The show had great energy. Lindsey goes nuts on the guitar. The 3 percussionists are fantastic, and Stevie has her high register voice projecting out into the crowd. Lindsey's guitar and vocal were combined with the showmanship of Mick Jagger. He was all over the place. At one point, he started dancing a jig with Stevie. I don't think Stevie was ready for it. Lindsey had to prod her a little. She was clearly embarrassed but danced around a little anyway. They spun around a few times but I think Stevie was a bit worried about not having her wind to sing. Lindsey left Stevie and started running around bashing on his guitar and on Mick's drum set. Lindsey even let the fans play on his guitar. Mick broke out two drum sets. One that faced sideways to let the crowd see him play. Throughout the night, Mick combined with the other drummer and synchronized his rhythms very well. They had some great jungle sounds going. The conga player put on a great solo and Mick did so too. Mick soloed on his drum kit, a pitch-able conga, and his midi trigger vest. He did a great job and didn't extend it out too long. It was a great addition to the song sets. Stevie had a different look than in her TISL tour. It took me a while to figure out the difference. She went with a very natural look. Very little make up and feathered back hair that is parted down the middle. What a flashback! It looked great on her and she seemed very comfortable and confident with herself. She was very careful to blend in her vocals with Lindsey. At one point during the beginning of the show, I saw her adjust her earpiece. Her and Lindsey were still adjusting the mix and a couple of times they came in a little to strong. I took two or three songs to get dialed in. Stevie held back on the screaming and howling. She did the howl once during Rhiannon. She came back and her voice was a little raspy. It is pretty clear to me that the screaming and howling ruins her voice. She more than makes up for it by hitting the upper notes with real authority. Additionally, she sang with incredible vocal control. It is a real joy to hear her slide up and down the notes and change her vibrato and tone. Her duets with Lindsey were fantastic. It turns out that Lindsey does all the screaming and howling and Stevie sings like a bird. I thought it was a great mix. A very yin and yang moment. My only wish is...that I could go to the San Jose show tomorrow. Well, they do say that too much of a good thing is bad. Besides, I don't think it would be fair to my family. See you next tour. Thanks for the excellent show.
Emma Scherer
Last night my sister and I saw Fleetwood Mac at Arco (in Sacramento) and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. There was a good solid (lengthy!) set of songs, and everyone in the arena was really excited. (Lots of screams of "We Love You, Stevie!" and the like!) Down in the floor section (where we were) people kept standing up to dance or at the very least sway to the music and sing along. Stevie had these beautiful outfits, my personal favorite being when she sang "Rhiannon"; she wore this black ensemble with the huge draping flowing sleeves that looked almost like sheer wings. It made her look absolutely enchanting! When she sang these familiar songs, the crowd was crazy, and I had a great time pirouetting around on the floor in my own Stevie-inspired ensemble (complete with fringed black lace shawl!). Lindsey's rendition of "Say Goodbye" was so touching I actually cried and Stevie's voice when she sang "Beautiful Child" was so haunting I got choked up again! Mick's kinda strange (and quite long) drum solo at the end might have baffled a few people, but I really think most everyone loved it as part of the eclecticism in the show. It was a brilliant mix of classic Mac, cool new songs, and great showmanship (and showWOMANship!). To me, this is what keeps them fresh and wonderful and has new people fall in love with them all the time! (We saw everything from little kids to twenty somethings to baby boomers and beyond!) Overall, I say a flawless performance...if we weren't poor college students, for sure we would try to catch their next show! Thanks to Stevie, Mick, Lindsey, John and co. for a wonderful Sunday night!
Nikayla Crews
This was my first concert and it was amazing!! Stevie looked so gorgeous and she sang great. During the guitar solo of "Landslide" Stevie went behind Lindsey and it looked like she was playing piano on his shoulders, it was so cute, he was smiling the whole time. During another part of "Landslide" Stevie reached out her hand to Lindsey and they just stood there hand in hand, god it was so adorable!!! Stevie held hands with Lindsey a total of 3 times and once with Mick while walking off stage. At the end Stevie sang "Goodbye Baby" which was totally unbearable, I cried so much. It was so beautiful and at the end Stevie had tears just streaming down her face which made me cry even more. Lindsey and Mick got pretty teary to. John almost looked like he was sobbing. It was incredible!! I'll never forget it as long as I live. Thank you Stevie for an enchanting evening, you will always be in my heart and I hope you like my gift!!

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