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8/2/03 Delta Center Salt Lake City, UT

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Richard Santillan
I seen the concert last night in Salt Lake City Utah, and it was one of the best concerts i have ever seen. Stevie was soo beautiful and her voice is still strong and sounded great in every song. She had so much energy in Stand Back it was wonderful to see how much energy she had. I hope to meet her some day. All in all it was the best good job to all of them.
Well, breathe a sigh of relief, no fights broke out in Salt Lake and Stevie seemed to be back to her usual self. All smiles. Stay tuned too, because I brought a digital camera to the show and took a lot of pictures!!! I know some of them turned out great. I will post them later. I was fortunate to pull up first row tickets on TM on Friday. The Delta Center wasn't even close to being sold out so they upgraded everyone's seats and closed the entire top portion of the center. Pretty cool. My seats were on Stevie's side, but I really wanted to be on Lindsey's side. Before the show started I asked a couple of people on Lindsey's side if they would like to switch but they were all a bunch of duds saying, "no," "why do you want to switch" etc. I didn't want to tell them that Lindsey puts on one hell of a show otherwise they wouldn't want to switch. But nobody did. My efforts were all for naught anyway because right after that I asked the security guard if they would let front row go to the stage and he said yes as soon as the band came out. So my friend and I waited until the lights dimmed and immediately ran right in front of Lindsey's mic a little to the right and right in front of the people that wouldn't switch me lol. Ok, people in SLC are dumb. My friend and I and two other people on Stevie's side were the only ones that ran to the stage. Everybody else just stood there or sat down!!! Bunch of duds. It wasn't until the very end that more people started coming up. But it was great standing there the entire concert without anyone pushing and shoving. As soon as they came out I started screaming etc and I saw Lindsey do his little bend over thing and his little stare at me. I don't know if he recognized me or not from Auburn and Boise. "The Chain" started and sounded simply amazing. Being right on the stage like that, John's bass line went right through us. It was a really cool experience. Stevie told the crowd how she used to live in Salt Lake and how she loved it. It was really cute. "Eyes of the World" rocked again. This song is really great live. At the end Lindsey did a little kick and I thought he was going to kick me in the head with his pointy little boot. First time I've seen him do that. Does anyone notice how Mindy and Sharon are totally synchronized in their movements. They do this little snake dance. It's really quite interesting. My friend thought it was great and told me to take a picture so I did. "Second Hand News" was great. It's so cool when Lindsey sings "do it" "do it" really fast. Everybody was singing "bow" bow" along with him. The new songs were great. I especially love "Say Goodbye" and "What's the World Coming to" They just sound amazing on "Say Goodbye." Its great how they can replicate the sound so wonderfully live. I like WTWCT just because Lindsey starts singing it so slow at first. I like it better than the album version. "Come and I'm So Afraid" rocked as usual. Most of the people sat down during "Come" like the duds that they were, but when he was done everyone cheered and I could tell alot of people were really amazed with his guitar playing ability. I held up my "Lindsey Rulz" sign and he smiled. Lindsey kept looking down and singing at me and my friend the entire night. Mick kept looking at us and doing his little eyes pop out of his head stare. I kept giving him a thumbs up and he would smile. I caught Stevie looking a couple times too. I was singing right along to every song they did. I wanted them to know that there are fans out there like me and you who do know every song and love to hear those oldies like "Beautiful Child" "Beautiful Child" was great. Stevie does this little "oh" type thing near the end that really makes it all the more powerful. She really sounded great. "Silver Springs" was amazing. Lindsey and Stevie really had all the looks between them. It sounds so great live. "Stand Back" was great because Stevie really twirled and danced alot. Lindsey really has alot of fun. Everytime Stevie sings "Stand Back, stand back, its alright, alright" Lindsey looks at someone in the crowd and sings it. It's really cute I knew that during GYOW that Lindsey would come right to us. He did and kneeled right down in front of us. I was able to play his guitar for the second time and it was better than Auburn because there weren't as many people and the stage was so much lower so he was basicially right there. I touched his leg and squeezed his thigh and he looked at me like "silly girl" hehe. Unfortunately my camera's battery was low so I didn't get any pics of this. bummer. Then he went over the other side and it was like people didn't know what to do, he had to keep beckoning them to play. During "World Turning" Lindsey went to the side of the stage again and sat there. He kept looking over and was wiping his face with his towel. I kept motioning for him to give it to me and he would just smile. He turned completely around and faced the people behind him in the upper level and just looked at them and gave them a little bit of attention. He turned back around and looked over and I waved and he smiled. I think he was probably thinking I was a huge dork. I don't know if he remembered that he threw me his towel in Boise, he was probably wondering what in the hell I would want with another sweaty towel. LOL. I was watching him and he was kinda rolling up the towel and putting it on his knee. I kept saying to myself "I know he's going to throw it to me." He looked over and I started pointing again and he started making faces like "oh you want this, well I don't know," and raising his eyebrows. It was so funny. So then Mick finishes and he stands up and has the towel in his hand. Right as he walks by me he looks at me and threw it directly at me and smiled! yay!! I said thank you!! Now I have two of his sweaty towels. What should I do with them?! After "Don't Stop" he came over and started signing autographs. My friend got his ticket signed. I got my sign autographed in Boise so I didn't get anything else signed. People kept giving him stuff and he said "I have to go." But I did get my sharpie back this time. I stuck my hand up there and he kind of threw it down so I snatched it up. "Goodbye Baby" was great. No fights and no crying. It ended perfectly. I held up my "John Rulz" sign and John saw it again and pointed and laughed. Lindsey saw it and pointed and was like "yah, alright" and was laughing and smiling. Stevie came over and looked right at us and we yelled and said we loved her. She did come over and shook some people's hands right by me. I was really fortunate to have the experiences I did at these concerts. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have front row at two concerts, get autographs, sweaty towels, and get to play Lindsey's guitar twice! It was really amazing. So this ends my concert going experiences for now. It will be something I will never forget for the rest of my life Thank you Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John!!

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