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10/5/03 TX SBC Center San Antonio, TX

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Alberto Perez
Man, What a concert..I had just seen them in Dallas this past summer...and I just had to see them again in San Antonio, SBC Center....I was hoping that Stevie would see me,since that has been my longest dream ever since i was 15, now 39 but I will not loose hope...Stand Back was so energizing..I swear I danced it all and maybe made some twirls too, I was in the balcony but was able to see well....I drove from Laredo to San Antonio and back....I was able to wake up the next day to teach my 2nd graders and asked me why I had lost my voice....Stevie, all I can say is, you're the best...you are definately an angel sent from above...and you still ROCK.....I will be writing to Oprah one day and ask her to interview you and to invite me too....THANKS FOR BEING YOU,SWEET AND SIMPLE, AND SO ELEGANT, SOPHISTICATED, BUT DOWN TO EARTH........We Love you and please please dont ever stop this......you are like our charm that should never fade away..........
I just moved from Tucson Az to Austin Texas this year. Having lived in Az gave me a great amount of pleasure seeing Stevie play in her hometown of Phoenix. I just got back from the Fleetwood Mac show in San Antonio. Fleetwood Mac...GREAT JOB! The whole night was great, the band looked good and sounded just fantastic. Stevies voice was perfect and Lindsey is the show stealer. Stand Back had us pumping. I wanna thank my good buddy Bill for getting us the great floor seats....we were 12th row on Stevie's side of the stage. Glad your back Fleetwood Mac !!
Roxie Lansford and Ginger Taylor
We just saw Fleetwood Mac in San Antonio, TX, and it was a WONDERFUL SHOW!! I flew in from Dallas to see them again, and we had a wonderful time! Stevie Nicks, of course was the greatest of all!! I saw them in Dallas in July and they were just just as great as they were in Dallas! We rocked all night and had great floor seats! We hope to see you again in the LONE STAR STATE!!!! We love you Fleetwood Mac! We love you, Stevie!!! Take Care!!!!!!
Ms. Nicks is the Angel in Waiting. While Lindsey played to the audience...signed autographs...allowed pretty slender chicks to strum his guitar...Stevie quietly waited in the wings...letting Lindsey have his moment...the Angel in Waiting. And why not? Stevie has experienced more success as a solo artist...Stevie shakes everyones' hands at the end of her solo shows...yet she is giving to MAC. She has never flaunted her solo success to the other MAC members. No one is to blame for her success...it simply is... The fact that she is the Angel in Waiting simply makes her more beautiful. I learned something last night. I have seen many MAC and Stevie shows dating back to Halloween 1981 in Austin when Stevie took the stage in a witches hat...all concerts I have been pretty close to the stage...no farther than 15 rows...but Lindsey, John, and Mick--they rock. Stevie rocks too...and she is in my heart...but they are ALL...SO...INCREDIBLY...TALENTED. There are many highlights...which many fans have talked about...but the biggest highlight is when Stevie and Lindsey do their top personal songs back-to-back at the end just before the encore presentation. Stand Back and Go Your Own Way. They had the house rocking on those two songs. Again, I have seen them many times...but never this rocking!! From my 3rd row seat I could see Stevie getting into the garb that she wears during Stand Back. I had read that she was doing this song really well...so I was excited. I was surprised tho...she didn't twirl across the stage as she usually does during the intro. I actually thought to myself..."if she is worn out and can't twirl, I am going to be very disappointed." She instead moved across the stage like a ghost through the fog. Then, all of a sudden, she began twirling in place, at least 8 rotations, with her shawl and layers of dress twirling like the opening of the video...almost. When she finally stopped twirling it was time for the vocals to kick back in and her beautiful eyes and lips were ready at the mic and didn't skip a beat. Thank you MAC! You are in my soul.
Laurie and Keith
Well, it was Fleetwood Mac or Bust again for myself and my beau, this time our trip to see them was in San Antonio, TX at the SBC Center (We had previously seen them this past July in Dallas, Tx). Obviously, anyone who has seen Fleetwood Mac on more than one occassion for this tour in support of their latest album 'Say You Will' know that the set list has been consistent, which was as followed: The Chain/ Dreams/ Eyes of the World/ Peacekeeper/ Second Hand News/ Say You Will/ Never Going Back Again/ Rhiannon/ Come/ Gypsy/ Big Love/ Landslide/ Say Goodbye/ What's the World Coming To/ Beautiful Child/ Gold Dust Woman/ I'm so Afraid/ Silver Springs/ Tusk/ Standback/ Go Your Own Way/ Encores: World Turning/ Don't Stop/ Goodbye Baby. Of course, the highlight again for me was knowing that Stevie was going to sing the lovely 'Beautiful Child'. I must say that the rapport between Stevie and Lindsey was a delight to the crowd, and they truly were appreciative of the energetic crowd. Once again, it never fails that certain fans want to use the 'time to play a few songs from the new album' announcement to go get refreshments or what have you. Nonetheless, the concert was once again what is expected of the band, and of course it is even more pleasing when you have great seats, which we had center seats F5-Row 6! Goodness, just absolutely breathtaking. Before the last encore of 'Goodbye Baby', my beau and I were able to sneak up to the forecenter stage and were approximately in the sixth row! Absolutely breathtaking. I don't know if my heart was beating faster because of the proximity to the stage or that maybe an usher would tell us to go back to our seats. And, I am most certain that Stevie and Lindsey saw me holding up the 'Buckingham Nicks' album that I took inside in the hopes that I would somehow work my way to the front and have one or both sign it before they exited the stage. Unfortunately, that plan came to nil. We decided to once again give it a shot that maybe we could catch the band leaving the facility after the show but to no avail :(. Anyhoo, I just want to close this review with what I forgot to mention in my review of the Dallas show. I was talking to other fans prior to the show who were admiring my 'Buckingham Nicks' album and we all had a general consensus that the only regret of this tour was knowing that songs from the 'BN' album did not make the set list. What a treat it would be for older and younger generation of fans of the Stevie-Lindsey Fleetwood Mac incarnation to hear maybe 'Crying in the Night', 'Long Distance Winner', 'Don't Let Me Down Again', or 'Frozen Love'. We are aware that there are no immediate plans to officially release the album on cd, which to me is disheartening. As I am typing, I am listening to the 'BN' album and I am just getting goosebumps imaginarily thinking those songs being played this past Sunday. Well, I highly recommend people to see Fleetwood Mac in concert and to buy the latest album 'Say You Will'. Long Live the Mac!

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