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7/8/03 HP Pavillion San Jose, CA

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Wendee Karp
Can you say WOW! Fleetwood Mac is magic!! It was even more magical for me, being a native San Franciscan, knowing that Lindsey and Stevie are from the Bay Area. As the saying goes, they get better and better with age!! I have never heard Lindsey Buckingham sound better!! He is so full of life when he performs. He just draws you in and you are amazed at his guitar playing. Just in ay. Stevie is still the best of the best!! Her magic shows as well as her heart and soul in everything she sings.. From the moment she takes the stage she captures you. Either you are smiling or crying but you feel every word she sings or speaks. Her love toward people and music is just amazing. I guess you could say she is MY IDOL for many years! But of course what can you say about Mick Fleetwood and his drum solo.. He is truly amazing.. Don't forget Mr. Wonderful John McView he can defiantly keep your interest.. From the back up singers who are outstanding to the the rest of the band they all made the show as well. I will tell you this, that Christine McVie was surely missed!! Just her presents ... I think the band respects her wishes but missed her as well. In conclusion, I can only say great things about Fleetwood Mac and I am so glad that the "MAC IS BACK !"
Tina Gibbs
I won't bore you by rehashing the hundreds of other reviews that have been posted. Just a couple of noteworthy things I'd like to share... My friend Scott and I both missed Christine very much. Stevie is our favorite, but, the stage didn't look complete without Christine up there - and the music just wasn't quite the same. Although I loved that Stevie sang Christine's parts in several of the songs (and added her own revised lyrics), Christine was really missed...both visually and audibly. It looked, and sometimes sounded incomplete. Lindsey is a really great guitar player. He plays like no other. And, although the whole stadium was standing up for all of his numerous, extended and loud guitar solos, I have to say that I would have prefered less of them. It's certainly not that I don't appreciate and respect his talent, but I like to hear the notes being played and be able to tell what song I'm listening to. In many cases, the guitar solos became so undecipherable and distorted that it was painful. But, again, I'm in the minority - because most of the people in the arena were loving it. The same is true of Mick's drum vest. Everyone always seems to love it - but, well, I'm not a fan of it. I'd prefer to hear him play with 2 sticks and a drum any day. The highlight, hands-down, was Beautiful Child. I felt truly blessed to hear Stevie sing that song tonight. It was beautiful. What made it so very special to me is that this song is a bit obscure and not a radio hit. I would guess that 90% of the people in the audience didn't even know that song. I really felt that Stevie sang that song for the other 10% of us out there. It was a gift, and it was for the devoted fans - the ones who love her and Fleetwood Mac so much and always will - and this was her way to let us know that she recognizes and appreciates our dedication. I thought everyone looked great, especially Lindsey. However, I did feel that Stevie's new hairstyle wasn't flattering at all. It made her look tired, older, and weighed down. Although I was pleased that she finally changed it after having straight bangs for several years, I don't think that this is quite the style for her, and I hope she decides to try something different soon. Overall, the show was great. Scott and I are both glad we chose to go. Seeing Stevie and Fleetwood Mac every year or so is sort of like visiting relatives. It's just so nice to see them, to hear them, and to give positive feedback, admiration and love to them - while they express their gratitude and love to us through their talents. We love all of you, and we really enjoyed our fleeting moment with you this evening. It always goes by much too quickly. After every single concert, I walk away, wishing it could have lasted forever. For those who are interested, the tour merchandise consists of about 8 different t-shirts in VERY limited sizes. The largest size they have is a 2X, and it's in one style only. I was hoping to find a 4X or 5X to wear as a nightshirt, like the big shirt that was available at Stevie's last tour...but no such luck. It seemed that they had nothing but "mediums" in one style, all "x-larges" in another. Sizing is extremely limited, so go up to the counter with a second and third choice in mind, in case they don't have your size in the first shirt you choose. The shirts range between $25-$40. Aside from this, there's 1 coffee mug, 1 plastic keychain, two baseball caps, a poster, and the "Say You Will" CD. That was all. There's no tour program, nor were there any teddy bears (I think there were bears earlier in the tour, but perhaps they ran out).
My First Mac concert and it was the Greatest. Lindsay Rocked on his Guitar and Stevie Just rocked on with him. I have to admit that Stevie is a very,very Strong Lady to be able to do this for so many years. She sang with so much Emotion that I almost cried. My Dad had front seats and I got to look Lindsay in the eyes. When they came out and sang "THE CHAIN " and "GYPSY" and "STAND BACK" and "DREAMS" It was amazaing. Lindsay Rocked on his solos "COME" and "SO AFRAID" and "BIG LOVE". When they left the stage and came back to sing "GO YOUR OWN WAY" and "WORLD TURNING" Mick was so awesome on his Drum solo. And then they left the stage again and the crowd just went wild when they came back to do another encore. Stevie dedicated the last song to "SCOTT" It was "GOODBYE BABY". You could tell they didn't want to leave. And after they all took they're final bow, Mick told everyone to be safe and to remember "THE MAC IS BACK". I Can't wait until next time.
Hello, My name is Sara and I wanted to give my review on the San Jose California show. It was an AMAZING show. I'm 13 years old and I was so happy to see Stevie and Lindsey and John and Mick. Yesterday night was one of the best night(if not the best) in my entire life! Stevie looked amazingly BEAUTIFUL!!!!! She danced around the stage. It was like she was floating on air. Stevie looked like she was having a great time!!! She was beautiful. Lindsey was a wild man! He was jumping around on stage. He was having a great time, you could tell. He was chasing Stevie around durning "Tusk". It was an AMAZING show! I wish last night could have gone on forever!!!!
Not even a broken heal can stop the unstoppable Stevie Nicks! Without a doubt this is the best Fleetwood Mac concert I have ever been to and I have been to more than I care to admit over the past 15 years. Stevie looked as radiant as ever and that same electricity that I felt at my first FM concert can still be felt the moment they all took the stage. Stevie and Lindsey will always have that same chemistry between them and it shows in their presentation of each song they do together especially The Chain and Landslide. I think the reason this concert stands out for me above previous FM concerts is that Lindsey is no longer holding back. He really lets loose and if you didn't know it already, you relaize he is truly one of the most gifted, talented and genuise guitar players to stand the test of time. Mick is still the wildman and it shows in his symthesizer padded vest. His percussion solo with his vest brings people to their feet. John is still the steadfast, stowic reliable bassist that is the backbone of the band. And Stevie...what can I say...she looks beautiful, she is perfect and she will give you goosebumps when she starts spinning you into her web. Thank you ,thank you, thank you Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John for a truly an unforgettable performance!
On July 8th Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac played the HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA (Stevie and Lindsey's very enthusiastic hometown crowd as this is where their musical careers started). It was truly a blessing to see in person the woman whose songs form the soundtrack to my life. Stevie was lovely with her long blond hair, black dresses and various shawls, switching between platform boots and platform trainers. The almost full-capacity crowd cheered both the classic songs and the new ones. There's nothing more special and exciting than hearing the songwriter and original singer of "Rhiannon," "Gypsy," "Landslide," "Gold Dust Woman," and "Silver Springs" perform her songs live. Stevie was in wonderful voice - I thought she often sounded better than on the latest album, and I didn't know how that was possible! It was extremely special to me to see her perfom "Stand Back" because I became a fan of her work in the 80s. This song just brought the house down. It was terrific to hear the sweet and touching "Beautiful Child," as well. What a wonderful addition to the song list. Stevie and Lindsey interacted with warmth and familiarity that was great to see on stage. Lindsey played the guitar like no one else, and it was awesome to see John and Mick in person, as well. I enjoyed the special touches on the stage, with the video of "Gypsy" playing in the background during the song, and other special effects shown on the screens behind the musicians. The show was just truly exciting and I can't praise Stevie enough. Heres to many more years of equally high quality work!
Nina Compagno
Lindsey immediately made it known that this venue was extremely sentimental to he and Stevie since it was the Bay Area in which they met and began there musical journey. The band was playing very loud, but not loud enough. I was amazed at how small Stevie is. One expects her to be larger than life, when in fact she is probably just about 5 foot---but still larger than life. She took some additional time to share with us how very sentimental this show was because a lot of Bay Area friends and family were present and also how she and Lindsey spent 3 and a half years driving back and forth to and from San Jose State where they often played. She dedicated Landslide to the audience and sang like an angel. I was very shocked that Lindsey Buckingham played for 3 hours straight and didn't even take a break at all. That man truly loves what he is doing and he gives 110% of himself. I loved the show. I cannot wait to see them next time around. I also loved their choice of songs. Fleetwood Mac is a class act.
Ron Emery
Just arrived home from my big 3-0 time of seeing Stevie with or without Fleetwood Mac. I have tickets to the upcoming Oakland show as well and I thought I was excited before, after seeing this tonight I am thrilled to get another chance! Took my 11 year old son who has only had a chance to see Stevie and on that first outing got to hold her hand. He was looking forward to seeing dad's legendary band that he obsesses on. You all know the set list and the things that they have done at the other shows, holding hands on stage, the kiss on the forehead and all. But I did feel that we got somewhat a special show in that Stevie talked a lot about her and Lindsey starting out in San Jose and that it felt so good to be back and she dedicated Landslide to San Jose because this is where it all "started". Very cool. Audience was great for the most part. I was shocked to see how many people did not seem to care as much about the new songs. I guess when you see them as much as I have you pray for a new song here or there. I would have paid the $135.00 just to hear Beautiful Child live. I would not have been disappointed either, what a fantastic rendition of a classic song. Eyes Of The World also was a stand out for me, it rocked! Stevie's voice has changed slightly since the last tour I followed her on and I think that she sounds better then ever. Honestly. Every song she sang was the usual magic with and added joy and energy that was so cool to see as I have read that she starts off slow on some of the fan reviews. Not tonight! If I have to say one song that did not feel right it was Gypsy. I think that they should put Running Through The Garden or Destiny Rules back in and take Gypsy out. Please don't get mad fellow fans, it just did not come off well. Either that or do it the way Lindsey and Stevie did it acoustically at her heart foundation benefit. All the other songs performed had a feeling of being fresh and new. Lindsey, well I think my son said it best as we were leaving the show that we never wanted to end, "Dad, Lindsey IS a guitar God". Go see this tour, tighter, edger and more alive then I have ever seen the Mac. Mick, John Stevie & Lindsey and all the players & crew, you are really giving us a great tour. Thanks
Kim Schmidt
Just got back home from the show last night. One word, AWESOME!!! That was my 3rd time seeing Fleetwood Mac (seen Stevie solo 6 times) and by far the best show yet. The entire band was at their best last night. Lindsey was having a great time onstage. His guitar playing is totally mind-blowing. But the real reason why I was there...STEVIE, was as enchanting as ever. She did the straight-ahead rock version of "Rhiannon". A version of "Gold Dust Woman" that absolutely blew me away. And, I finally got to see "Beautiful Child" live, one of my all time favorite songs. I think everyone in the arena stood cheering after that song. "Come" and "Tusk" were also crowd pleasers. However, I did miss Christine, a few of the songs just were not the same without her. But I couldn't have asked for a better show. I can't wait until the Oakland show!
Lisa Bailey
Stevie looked miraculous as she took the stage in her Black Layered Rhiannon Style Dress, with the original Stevie Platform Boots! Thank God she can still wear them (although the Reeboks came out for the middle of the show). Her presents permeated the arena. Fleetwood Mac ,ROCKED the house. Yes, at their ages they still have it. I have to say Lindsay shined, he sure knows how to pick a guitar. Mindy and Sharona swaying back and forth in the distance, Sharon's vocals blending with Stevie's in that way she always has. Mick was his usual, unusual, scary eyes! He had a Blast during his solo, sweat spraying everywhere. John was low key, as we all know how he likes to stay almost anonymous. Brett, Carlos, Taku, Neil were also there. I have to admit I never really watched any of them. I got in front of Stevie for at least half the show, very magical indeed. Although my seat was in front of Lindsay. ** My favorite songs that were performed: Goodbye Baby, of course........ Beautiful Child, that brought tears to my eyes. "Don't forget me. Yes, I was out spoken, You are with me all the time. i'll be with you one dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Love Ya!
Jennifer DeRosa
Last night was the BEST night of my Life!!!!! It was my first concert ever, I'm only 16 years old, and what could be better than telling everyone that Fleetwood Mac was my first ever concert!!!!!!!! I don't think it really hit me that they were going to be right there...singing, dancing, and totally rocking the house--not even after seeing Stevie's microphone (which of course had the ribbons!), it wasn't until the lights went down and I saw Stevie and Lindsey walk out holding hands. When the The Chain started everyone went crazy...then it was real. Every song was amazing, every single one of them! Stevie never missed a thing, she was hitting those notes,and she never held back---she was rockin' it!!! My favorites though would have to be, Stand Back, Beautiful Child, Rhiannon, Landslide, Gypsy, Gold Dust Woman, Say You Will, and I it was so cute when she did Christine's part for Tusk and World Turning. ( I know that's almost every song she sang, but how could a real Stevie fan pick just one!!!) Not to mention how absolutly beautiful she looked, timeless as ever!!! Breathtaking!!!! Lindsey---well he rocked that arena like no one else!!! He is so great at what he does! Some more of my favorites were: Come, Go Your Own Way, Say Goodbye, Tusk, The Chain, and Big Love. It was really great beause of how much Stevie and Lindsey really talked to the crowd. Lindsey started to explain how San Jose had a special meaning for him and Stevie and that it's kinda where they got started here in California-before moving to LA. Stevie then said somthing about how they usually don't talk very much , but that they had to explain how much San Jose was a part of there history, and how much we all mean to them. The interaction between Stevie and Lindsey was great! Once again she stood behind him while he played guitar, they held hands and danced a little bit, and Lindsey put his arm around her. During Never going back again, Lindsey started to cry, I think there was a few times when he almost started to cry. I think Stevie wanted to cry at different times throughout the concert, but she held back her tears. I dressed like Stevie (dress, boots, black top hat), and I had the time of my life. I was in such shock that they were right there, I couldn't believe it!!! Stevie is my role model, I look up to her so much. She has taught me lessons through her music and words that will never leave me. The same goes for the rest of Fleetwood Mac, without one of you the band just wouldn't be the same. Mick and John--Outstanding, what else can you say about them. They were great----Mick did and awesome solo!!! Mick, you are the drummer of all drummers--John, no one can play bass like you can--Lindsey, you are one of a kind no one is like you, there are no words to desribe the talent you have with music, thank you. And Stevie, you have changed my life, thank you for the music, for the songs, and for your words, but most of all thank you for the kindness that you have given to us all. I know you gave up more than we will ever know, to teach the lessons that you teach us, you are a true poet! I wish you all the happiness in the world, because you desearve it! "The MAC is Back!!!!!" Tuesday night--Mac style--it is one I will NEVER forget!!!!!!!
Doug Blake
I have been a long-time fan of Stevie's and Fleetwood Mac's for years. Stevie's music especially inspires me. I have many of the Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nick's albums and I was known around town by my "I love Stevie Nicks" bumper sticker for years! However, I was very disappointed last night at the concert. The sound was the worst I have ever heard. It really bothers me that I paid $125/ticket to see the group and didn't hear their voices on the first several songs. I could tell my looking around that the crowd in general was not pleased either. The best songs of the night were "Landslide", "Silver Springs," the encore song Stevie did at the end (very touching) and the two songs that Lindsay sang where you could actually hear their voices. There were 6 of us in the group that went. Concensus was that the sound was terrible which really ruined the show for us. I hope the sound folks get their act together. There's really no excuse, you guys have been in the business for years and should have higher standards than what we heard last night. Stevie and Lindsay need to sit in our $125 seats and listen to what they sound like. I think they'll agree. I am a loyal fan and will continue buying your albums. I'm just not sure if I'll go to another concert, especially at $125/seat.
Cheryl Fonseca
Last night my sister of the moon and I saw FWM. We had terrible seats, but it did not matter - except that we couldn't dance for fear of tumbling down the stadium. Of course we were in our Stevie wear. Amongst the few. The highlights of the show were when Stevie sang Silver Springs.... she slowly and deliberately turned the mic to face Lindsey. And you know that part where she so passionately sings 'the sound of my voice will haunt you'. Classic! I have to wonder if it's still true. Stevie also sang Beautiful Child, and changed the lyrics to 'I still wish that you were mine'. Very emotional. I would love to know what that song is all about. Lindsey was incredibly sexy and out did himself with Come. Growl Gypsy - the video was playing behind the band. I have been trying to get ahold of that video, with no luck. Stevie sang this song in a way I've never heard before. It was nice. Mick did his part to entertain us while the rest of the band took a quick 5 min. break. I love those hanging balls that he wears. Stevie closed with Goodbye Baby. Very touching. Don't think there was a dry eye in the stadium. Christine was missed. I wish she could come and surprise us with Songbird....... Is was a comfortable feeling to see John there. As you can tell, I can't write enough about my favorite FWM member, Stevie - it was so nice to see her twirling and wearing her boots and shawls. What an example of love she is to us. I sum up this concert as the feeling you get when you hang out with old friends. Very familiar. I grew up with FWM and they are a part of my life. Mac is BACK!!!!
Neal Alejandre
I count myself lucky to have seen FM/Stevie a total of 6 times, considering I'm only 21 and their tours are few and far between. Last nights show at the HP Pavilion, however, would have to rank at the bottom L. NOT because the show itself was lacking, quite the opposite. The band was awesome!!! They look and sound great, and I thought it was actually better than The Dance shows I attended (despite Christine's absence). What put a damper on the evening was the group of retirement home escapees I was surrounded by! Our seats were very close to Stevie's side of the stage, only 1 row up from the floor, yet these people insisted NO One near them stand, dance, sing, smile, etc. They sat like rocks, and even asked venue personnel to make everyone sit down and "stop screaming". I had 2 friends w/ me I've recently converted and it left a bad taste in their mouths. Anyways, enough negatives J Again, everyone looked great. Stevie and Lindsay both made comments about the Bay Area, and how "it all started there", making the crowd go wild. They didn't play Destiny Rules or RTTG unfortunately, but the rest of the new songs seemed to get a really positive reception; as did the unexpected ones like Beautiful Child (gorgeous performance!) and Eyes of the World. I felt the show really picked up toward the second half. You could really feel the energy of the band and the crowd increasing as we approached the finale. The gap between Don't Stop and Goodbye Baby was really long, and many (including myself) had started to leave. We were outside the arena when we heard the first notes, and quickly ran back in. Our seats had been taken so we managed to squeeze up closer. The delivery of the song was so beautiful! Stevie looked very intense, yet happy. Everyone was totally enchanted by her J The band made their final exit from the stage and the crowd filtered out. My friends and I sat in the parking lot for another hour + listening to the new album, and sharing thoughts/feelings on the show. It was sooo great! I can't wait for the Oakland show on the 21st!!!

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