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6/29/04 HP Pavilion San Jose, CA

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I got a great seat the day of the Fleetwood Mac show at the HP Pavilion. As I was making my seat selection, I looked behind me and there was Christopher Nicks on his motorized scooter, waiting. I asked him, "How's it goin' Chris?" to which he replied enthusiastically, "Not too bad!" As I walked away from the window, I acknowledged him again with a nod and a smile and he told me, "Enjoy". I then saw Chris go up to the box office attendant and ask how sales were going for that night's show. It was far from sold out. They say that performers feed of the energy of an audience, so when the lights finally dimmed, I was a bit concerned that the reception from the audience was on the luke-warm side. That changed immediately, however, after the band heated things up with "The Chain". Highlights I particularly remember was how much I enjoyed hearing for the first time, "I Know I'm Not Wrong" live - and the way the crowd standing at the foot of the stage all mimicked Stevie's hand gestures during "Say You Will"...but most of all, I will remember Stevie finally singing "Sara". She was absolutely radiant with her red shawl w/matching gloves, pinned up hair, long earrings, and her boots. It was almost like watching a recreation of the "Sara" music video. Hats off also to John, Mick and Lindsey - who I think is SORELY underrated as a guitarist. I live in San Diego but did not get to see the show here as I was on vacation in the mid-west. I made my return flight for San Francisco so that I could catch the show in San Jose and am I glad I did. The 8 and 1/3 hour drive home the next day was WELL WORTH IT!!! If anyone associated with the band reads these, you have no idea how great a job we all think you are doing and please keep it up!

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