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6/10/04 Ford Pavilion at Montage Mountain Scranton, PA

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Jamie K.
Fleetwood Mac ROCKED the Montage Pavilion on June 10th after a postponement that was worth the wait for sure (sorry about Pittsburgh though). I won't go through a song by song thing but I'd like to tell you how much this show has meant to me. I don't know why some of my friends aren't getting it about the MAC MAGIC that is happening lately but they missed out! I climbed a misty mountain to find my way to a place at the stage with some fans who can't be beat! Danielle, Martie, David, Kirsten, Lindsey's Cowgirl, Stephanie and Ashley -- a few who felt like kindred souls there. There was so much love and energy going around even before the show that it was dizzying! I finally heard the crickets... and then there you all were, blasting the Chain. I saw shows in May and September last year and all I can say is the music has gotten so much better - tighter and together. Awesome, so AWESOME. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for all the energy and expertise you put into your performances. I really believe there is no drug that could produce such a blend of fine artistry and am sooooo glad because your show proves that you all simply become the music when you play for us...and we feel every bit of you! Stevie Nicks, you are a captured falling star and your wardrobe on this leg is befitting, just gorgeous. Taking care of yourself looks good on you and makes you sound so strong and vibrant ~ my eternal gratitude for sharing your gift this time around! I hope you'll go on and on and be in the Guiness Book some day for having the longest career as a woman rock-n-roller. Your dedication of Landslide to Ashley and our (fan) response to her will forever stay in my heart. Lindsey Buckingham, your overlooked genius really gets me down but you know how true fans feel !~ we want MORE PLEASE. Maybe you all should become your own commercial enterprise and play by your own rules! You mesmerize me with that guitar -- especially on I'm So Afraid and well, all of your gre! at songs . How do you keep going when you are dripping wet and your heart is probably beating out of your chest? Do you know that later in the night when the temperature dropped there was steam rising from your body?...it was so cool but my camera couldn't get it, bummer. I can't begin to imagine what it takes to play so hard that strings break but that Come is one wild ride! And your neice is truly a great writer ~ we love the tour diaries...she takes care of you well too. After the show she had to refuse to give a fan some piece of your equipment as she told him you need that every night (sorry, we get desperate out here). Mick Fleetwood you too were on fire with more sparks than ever. Where is that energy coming from man? I was looking dead on at you, and rockin with ya for most of the show and all I can say is you were workin out, nonstop! OW! I just let myself go into that drum solo and I was so with ya! Yeah it was hot brother...you sure looked like it was all you were ever meant to do!! Your dedication to Lori Wagner and the loss to cancer was beautiful. You all have such big, generous hearts. Keep on PLEASE...but I have a huge request about John. He needs more face time with us and that bass. Can you guys get some bluesy songs goin for him to jam on because I'm afraid he's going to retire from boredom back there and smoke himself to death...BRING ON SOME BLUES FOR JOHN TO SHINE TOO!!! Even some short instrumentals would be appreciated. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Whatever it took for you all to work it out to get back to this was so worth it ~ certainly for all of us but mostly I hope for all of you too! Your timeless music will always be my most favorite and I just wanted you to know how much you all heal me with it!! My wishes for a well deserved rest as this tour comes to an end soon. Thanks for the DVD so we can keep it alive -- I remain, THEE Eternal Fan.
Tony Callaio
First off.... I'm a Mac fan since the mid-70s... I actually had the Buckingham/Nicks album before I knew what a Fleetwood Mac was. So you know what kind of fan I am. Fleetwood Mac never entertained in northeastern Pennsylvania so I was thrill to drive only 15 minutes to the venue instead of 2 and 3 hours. The show was packed with 10,500 screaming fans. Lots of gray hair in the crowd then you'd see at a Counting Crows concert, but that is to be expected. Like fine wine, the Mac is aging gracefully. The band never performed with such enthusiasm since the early days. All four performers were so animated and electrifying ... well, make that three.... John is.... well, he's John! Anyway, Stevie twirled like nobody's business, sang like an angel while Lindsay played his heart out and gave 110%. Mick did his usual bantering around stage for his solo and brought a lot of fans to a frenzy. John, as Mick stated, is the backbone of Fleetwood Mac if not in showmanship, but in his musical abilities and drive. The back-up cast of characters.... all faces from the past as a supporting ensemble, did a great job. The night was bitter sweet for the sole reason that Christine was not there. Yes, we all love Stevie and Lindsay, but Christine was an incredible singer/songwriter herself and the blend of all three voices was magical. I did miss her and will always miss her. I do hope she is doing well and will hear from her at some point in time. Back to the show, Stevie sang Beautiful Child so incredibly well, it brought chills up and down my spine. And who could not notice that all 10,500 people sang in unison, Landslide. I never heard so many people sing at once for a rock show. The lighting was excellent, the sound was crisp and clear and the evening's temperature on the mountain was ideal. The highlight of the night was Lindsay and Stevie playing to a handicapped girl of about the 12-14 years of age. She is an artist that has been inspired by Stevie and had drawing of Stevie that she had given her. This little girl was so beautiful with her blonde hair flowing during the show. She sat on the edge of the stage in front of Lindsay and I swear, she sang every single word of every single song. At the end of the show, Stevie walked over to her... slightly bent over, took off a gold scarf from around her neck, place it on this girl, touched her cheek and blew her a kiss whispering, "I love you." As she stood talk, waving to the child as she walked off stage.... the little girl turned to her family, I'm assuming, and with eyes filled, I can see her mouth the words.... "Oh My God!" It was a very special moment and it's one I won't ever forget. I wish I could remember this girl's name.... sorry sweetie, if you are reading this.... I couldn't be any happier for you!!!! Thank you Stevie, Lindsay, Mick and yes, John for making a great night. It had to be one of the best Mac shows I've ever seen and I was so thrilled with the act.... I ended up driving.... yes, you guessed it, two hours away to see them again two nights later at Hershey Park, Hershey, PA.
Kaycee & Sally
After renting a stretch limo escalde and driving 2.5 hrs. Thanx to Black Cat , We were ready to party. First stop Ruby Tuesday's @ Montage Mt. We met some of the nicest people who all seemed to be going to the concert. The staff were awesome as well,trying to handle the excited crowd. People were coming up to us @the bar because we were wearing our "Rumors" shirts and they wanted to know who we were???? Just the ultimate FM fans arriving Philly style. Seeing FM as we have many times in a small venue 10,000 or so was much different , more cosmic with the mountain view at your side and Stevie Nicks the ultimate mystical queen of rock front and center. Their electryfing performance ,rocked the mountain and Stevie provided the purple haze that keeps us Spellbound once more! Yes "Blackcat" We made it to the Mountain !!!! Much Love
I have been following Stevie & FM for almost 20 years now so imagine how exciting it was for me to finally have them visit my hometown. It was certainly worth the wait and by far the best show I've seen. The band was awesome, Lindsay rocks like no other, and no words can describe how wonderful Stevie is. She sounded great and looked great too. She is truly the original "Rock Goddess"! Thank you Fleetwood Mac for the best show ever. Come back to Scranton, PA soon!
Adiana Rain
Thursday night was the postponed FM concert at Montage Mountain. I was there with my friend, Avalon, and her parents. One word sums up the concert: wow. It was nonstop dancing for most of the people there, myself included. Although I had a lawn seat, I could see and had an awesome time! Stevie looked and sounded great as did Lindsey, John and Mick. (Is it just me or do the latter two not get enough credit? Wow!) As many people say, "Stand Back" really does get everyone crazy. However, I was happy to hear "Rhiannon" (which is my favorite song) and the version played at the concert reminded me of some of the demos I've heard. "Gold Dust Woman"... Do I really need to try to convey the insane awesomeness of that song? "Sara" was also great. I think it's really great that it's being played again because of all the longtime fans who missed it. All and all, the show was all sorts of fun energy. However, I was a little sad that "Silver Springs" wasn't in the set. It's always been on of my favorites. I was also sad that I didn't see more people decked out in their Stevie-esque garb. However, Avalon and I received many compliments (as well as strange looks) because of out clothes. (We're 15 year-old Stevie wannabe girls in our cool black dresses and boots. I think we were quite cool!) Now, I advise anyone who can to buy a ticket to an upcoming concert because no matter where you're sitting, you'll still be able to rock. This is the second time I've seen Fleetwood Mac on the Say You Will tour and it doesn't get boring at all! I left this concert with the same sense of inspiration I felt after the one I saw last year in Philadelphia. Thank you, Fleetwood Mac, for doing what many of today's top acts won't be able to do in ten years... and that is rock like there's no tomorrow!
Janine Hyde-Broderick
The Ford Pavlion show in Scranton on Thursday, 6/10 was beyond amazing. Almost three hours of perfection on stage. I've been listening to Stevie and 'Mac since I was 11 -- I'm 36 now -- and I've seen them numerous times and without question this was the BEST show I've seen. I'm sorry, and I know die-hard fans are going to want to hunt me down and beat me with Mick's sticks, but there have been times in the past when Lindsey's solos have seemed somewhat egomaniacal and just not in sync with the rest of the performance. They've seemed to come out of left field. Not this show. He played better than I've ever witnessed and the band was playing together -- they were unified, not four solo performers stuck on a stage. Lindsey just wove himself around everyone. He was stellar! Mick was his usual madman self and played well off Taku Hirano. As usual "World Turning" is a show stopper, and Mr. Mick held the crowd in the palm of his hand. He had everyone caught up. He didn't HAVE to ask "Are you with me?!!!!" We were, without question. John was John -- Mr. Get to Business and Play, happy to chain smoke, hang by Mick's kit and occasionally venture out near Lindsey or Stevie. And our girl is back up to snuff after being ill. Stevie sounded phenomenal -- no straining to hit the high notes, no erroneous notes on Rhiannon, despite what the lughead who wrote the Scranton Times review stated (was he at the same show I was???). Taking those few nights off was obviously a good thing. She appeared well-rested and on task vocally and as a performer. "Beautiful Child" was especially moving...remarkable. I found myself getting really weepy toward the end of it, it was just so powerful. As usual, she played off the audience very well -- they all did. "Landslide" was dedicated to Ashley, a young girl in the audience who ended up sitting on stage also. She had the chance to bang Lindsey's guitar at one point, and my husband and I both caught the change of expression on Lindsey's face. Lindsey...Mr. Guitar...Mr. Performer...was transformed watching this young girl (maybe 13 or so?) with theraputic casts on her arms (she's a disabled artist, according to Cory B's tour diary). It was instantaneous -- he went from the guitar guy to having this utterly paternal look on his face, his whole demeanor changed for just that instance that she played his guitar. Unless you're a parent, it's hard to describe that look, really. He was a father entraced, I swear. I know that look...sweet. Ashley also copped Stevie's scarf at the end -- lucky you, Ashley-Darlin'! Ashley apparently travelled a great distance to be there -- Stevie stated -- and the next morning, I caught the tail end of a radio news blub about the show and the DJ said Stevie stated that Ashley has changed her entire outlook on life. Nice going, Kiddo... ;o) Only one technical glitch -- one of the hugeTV monitors was a bit pouty for the first 30 minutes of the show and all we could see was color -- the gold of Stevie's shawl, the white of Lindsey's shirt. It was actually kind of surreal! But other than that, technically things were on track. Outdoor sound quality varies so it's got to be quite a task for Clair Brothers, but really there didn't seem to be any sound glitches. I missed last year's tour because with two kids, a mortgage, a job in a grant-funded educational program where income is always a question mark, and student loans that I'll be paying on for the next 20 years, I couldn't wedge it into my budget. After this show -- I'm starting a special 'Mac tour savings account for the next tour. I'll never miss another relatively local 'Mac show again...even if I default on those student loans!
Lisa Cramer
My husband and I drove 3 hours from Rochester, NY to catch the Mac at the Ford Pavilion at Montage Mountain. We had already driven there the week before only to hear of the postponement on a local radio station just as we pulled into our hotel. Talk about killing the adrenaline high we had. The show was worth driving back again, though, despite the high price of gas!! The weather was non-cooperative but it didn't dampen anyone's spirits, that's for sure. I felt sorry for the folks in the lawn seats - it was very wet and cold, the kind of dampness that heads right for your bones and just sort of hovers there!! We were in the 10th row on Lindsey's side of the stage. We purchased separate tickets (that was the only way to get good seats online) but we lucked out as the seat right next to me was empty so my hubby joined me after the first song. The band was in great form. Stevie sounded phenominal but she didn't seem as energetic as I've seen her before - probably a result of being sick. As usual, she was like an angel on stage. I noticed that her hair was a little lighter this time - it was such a beautiful contrast to the black and red she wore, respectively. She was still wearing her scarves and gloves - and the platform Reeboks, of course. Lindsay showed off again with his flawless guitar solos - he plays with so much mood! Hearing Sara live was a real treat! The added bonus of Tusk tour video footage was pretty classy. I never thought I'd get to see that song live on stage! Thank you, Fleetwood Mac! We couldn't see the ladies singing in the back from where we sat but they complimented the vocals of the band with style. Mick's percussionists had so much energy - they were really fun to watch (the few moments I did take my eyes off Stevie, that is). Lindsey made a lot of eye contact with his fans. At one point he sat down on the side of the stage (during Mick's drum solo after World Turning). He was SO close to the front of the stage. My husband tried bringing my original Buckingham Nicks LP up to him for a quick autograph, only to be stopped by a security guy who wouldn't let him through. Bummer! That would have been the perfect opportunity. All-in-all it was another great performance by the best band in the entire universe!!! Thank you, Fleetwood Mac, for mesmerizing us all once again. You guys rock!!!

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