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7/26/03 White River Amphitheater Seattle, WA

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Since I have not seen the band since late May, I was thrilled to hear how tight they are continuing to play and how much they seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves. After the Portland concert the next day we drove to Auburn, WA. It was my first outdoor venue on the tour and I very much enjoyed it. Just before the opening strains of The Chain a group of people sat behind us in the 7th row center. It was Stevie’s uncle and several other family members. They had just spent two hours with the band and Stevie’s uncle showed us a photo just taken of himself with Stevie. It was great. Stevie did dedicate Landslide to her uncle whom she loves very much and who lives in the area. Needless to say the concert was superb. I particularly enjoyed Lindsey’s new antics trying to ‘round Stevie up’ during Tusk. Stevie continues to sing her heart out . She dedicated Beautiful Child to Suzanne. Lindsey continues to give it his all every night. Mick is in his glory particularly during Word Turning and John is as steady as ever. It was so worth the cross country trip to see Stevie and the band again. The concert is amazing and I say go if you can and haven’t been. Thank you Stevie, Lindsey, Mick and John for countless hours of the very best music and for being such an exciting band to see live!
I absoultely loved the concert..Stevie Nicks is gorgeous and the band has great charisma together. I didnt spend one minute in my seat. I can hardly wait for the next tour. Fleetwood Mac forever..
Well, it's been a week and I'm still high on the show. Me and 5 of my friends piled into my Suburban and headed out for the show. We left our guys and kids behind. We decorated my car with Say You Will on both sides and Rock & Roll IS Fleetwood Mac across the back. The venue was so great! All those people there and it didn't feel crowded. The plaza was a great area to meet all of our Fleetwood Mac friends. I've seen the Mac four times and they pulled off the show with their usual class and style. The sound was great and the songs spoke to all. They have alot of energy and power in their songs. I can only hope they tour again so I can bring my little girl to the next show, as she loves Fleetwood Mac too. Thanks to the band for a memorable night and having the ability to get past things to continue with their craft after all these years and various incarnations of the band. The gift of a lifetime of music for us. I became a big fan at age 12 in 1975 and will be always. Goodbye Baby moved me to tears at the end. Rock & Roll IS Fleetwood Mac.
Dawn, Ken and Maddy Perrin
Stevie, Thank you for the wonderful memorable night! We were in the front row with my six year old daughter. What a treat for you to come and shake her hand and blow her a kiss. She may be six years old but Maddy knows all your songs by heart. Your voice was amazing and the concert was the absolute best! My husband lost his leg two years ago in a motorcycle accident - your music helped us throught those times and listening to you is a family affair. We love you! I'm so thrilled you shook Maddy's hand, mine and Kens. Your are the best. You have mentioned that you feel it is your job to sing - I'm so glad you do - you helped us through some of the most difficult times in our life. We also want to thank Lindsey for coming over to Maddy - I think she has a crush. We hope you got the flowers and the card from our family. Thanks again for the most wonderful time.
Rachel Kroll-Seattle
I live in Tacoma and drove down to the Portland show and then came back and went to the Seattle Show. So this makes it my second time seeing Fleetwood Mac live. Wonderful show- I loved it when Stevie sang "Landslide" and you could here the whole crowd singing along!!! I love "Goodbye Baby" that song sounded so beautiful. During "Rhiannon" I felt like I was in the middle of a resurrection, it was so astounding! I look forward to seeing them again!! I love Stevie's outfits she looked so beautiful!! The Mac is definitely back and here to stay!!! Stevie fan forever,
Coty Hogue
This was my first Fleetwood Mac concert, and all I can say is it was the best night of my life. Stevie was twirling and rockin' to every song! Her voice was so strong and sounding better than ever. Lindsey's guitar solos were beyond belief, Mick's facial expressions were priceless, and John was letting it rip on the bass. We drove all the way from Montana to see the show, and it was well worth the trip. I will never ever ever forget this night!!!
I am 14 years old and consider myself a relatively brand new fan of Fleetwood Mac. Like everyone my age, I have been influenced by the extremely catchy and hooking popular music of today but over the past few months I have realized that though for very few musicians and singer/songwriters, most of the true talent who regard their work as art have been going since the 1960's, 1970's, and 1980's, remaining influential in the 1990's. My love affair and relationship with Fleetwood Mac began rather unexpectedly such as life's rare meaningful moments. On a Sunday night in December, 2002, my Dad watched and taped a showing of Fleetwood Mac's The Dance reunion concert of 1997. Caught up in my busy life, I commented without thought or even paying attention, "How can you like this music?", having been influenced by the modern music of today such as the new forms of rock and rap and the ever changing pop tunes. One evening near the end of that year, I watched Fleetwood Mac's The Dance reunion concert. I had heard of the band and of Stevie Nicks as a solo singer/songwriter and musician but had not learned of their lasting bond, success, and changes over the years. As I watched, I could sense it was magical, not even by knowing the band members' names until the end or the names of the songs through looking them up afterward. In the following months, I purchased and listened to the record of The Dance as well as the recently released The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac. I was thrilled by their life story told in the cover insert of the double retrospective collection. I was even more excited to learn that Fleetwood Mac would be releasing a new album and touring the world later in the year. I hoped they would perform in Seattle. In April, 2003, I purchased their new album, Say You Will. It was so appropriately titled, reconnecting with their old fans and hopefully reaching out to new ones. If I could say in one word how I would describe their new music, it would be "enchanting." My favorite songs on the album are "What's the World Coming To?," "Thrown Down," "Miranda, " "Say You Will, " "Peacekeeper, " "Smile At You, " "Running Through the Garden, " "Silver Girl, " "Bleed To Love Her, " "Everybody Finds Out, " "Destiny Rules, " "Say Goodbye," and "Goodbye Baby." I was deeply moved by Illume (9/11). Though I missed Christine McVie's presence both in playing and writing, Mick, John, Lindsay, and Stevie have a new edge for sure. I hope they continue to record and tour. When I looked up that they would be indeed performing in Seattle, I was ecstatic. In the months before the concert I listened to Stevie Nicks' box set, The Enchanted Works of Stevie Nicks, and Timespace: The Best of Stevie Nicks. I was just as mesmerized by her solo craft, though Stevie's commitment and presence in Fleetwood Mac is no doubt to be admired. Very few artists manage to maintain a solo and group career and succeeding in both but also finding both paths rewarding enough to really enjoy it as much as I think Stevie does. Mick, John, Lindsey, Christine, and Stevie all have put a lot of effort into the band's achievements, not to mention the group's pre-1975 form and the Behind the Mask album form. I was overwhelmed and proud by the fact that their Rumours album of 1977 is regarded as a milestone both artistically and commercially. My Dad has always adored Fleetwood Mac and could not wait to go with me to "an evening" with Fleetwood Mac. The White River Amphithetre in Auburn, just outside of Seattle, is still very new and the setting was perfect on one of Seattle's best summer nights, with Mount Rainier in the background. Fans were screaming and kept looking at the stage for the band to come on as the minutes after showtime passed. Then the arena went into an uproar as the supporting musicians and singers took their places. First, Mick walked on excitedly, followed by John, and then Lindsay and Stevie entered gracefully holding hands, reminding all of us good friends are fond of each other always despite what tears us apart. They began with their anthem, "The Chain, " followed by Stevie singing my personal best, "Dreams." That was followed by a warm welcome to the Seattle crowd. We could not get enough of the band which has been through times of popular superiority and personal dilemmas, yet has come back better than ever, no matter what anyone says. "Eyes of the World" was the next song, then followed by "Peacekeeper" with a meaningful introduction by Lindsay. "Second Hand News, " "Say You Will," and "Never Going Back Again" was next. Stevie began to teach us her lessons through words and her special hand motions and unique twirls which inspire "Rhiannon" and "Gypsy." Lindsay then gave an incredible performance during the new rousing song, "Come" and the catchy "Big Love." Stevie returned with "Landslide,", my second personal favorite, dedicating it to her uncle who lives in the area. Stevie always writes and performs songs so gracefully and meaningfully-she is a star that will shine forever and affect people in rewarding ways. Lindsay then performed the new songs "Say Goodbye" and "What's the World Coming To?," the latter happens to be a very true musical statement. Stevie moved into the touching song, "Beautiful Child," dedicating it to someone, and then performed the elegant classic, "Gold Dust Woman," which was as moving as always. Lindsay returned with an outstanding rendition of "I'm So Afraid." His guitar playing is amazing and utterly unique in his energetic style. Stevie then performed "Silver Springs," another personal favorite. The band united again to join in the wonderful "Tusk" and afterwards Stevie went straight into a rousing version of "Stand Back." "Go Your Own Way" followed and the band said goodnight. The crowd knew it would not be over without "Don't Stop." Fleetwood Mac came on again for a first encore and performed "World Turning" and "Don't Stop, " introducing the supporting musicians and singers in between. They thanked the crowd, who was sad to see them leave the stage that they had filled with their mystical and meaningful music. The band followed Stevie onto the stage for a second encore. The fantastic evening concluded with the soft and touching new song, "Goodbye Baby." It could not have ended more perfectly. John, Stevie, and Lindsay wished us goodnight. The crowd was not only satisfied, they were proud to be present at such a performance. Mick said a few words, reminding us to keep healthy and safe in the sometimes mad world we live in today. Fleetwood Mac have remained constant and are going stong as ever. Mick could not have said it better at the end of the concert. "The Mac is back!" Fleetwood Mac not only heated up Seattle, they without a doubt rocked us all night long! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mick, John, Lindsay, Stevie, and of course Christine for contributing such wonderful, inspirational music to the world. Fleetwood Mac will never be forgotten. I am a fan for life. I hope you continue to fill the music world with your art. Stevie, we still want to see Fleetwood Mac live again and on record so we believe in you all the way to keep going. As you have reminded us and inspired us for three decades now; "....Never break the chain."
Destine K
White River Amphitheater , Auburn WA was recently blessed with the presence of FLEETWOOD MAC!!!! I was blown away....my very first FM concert, and I am just sure it was the best of all time. Lindsey was amazing on guitar, Mick could blow any other drummer away and the lovely Miss Nicks......she was radiant and her voice was flawless. When Stevie dedicated Landslide to Seattle, I cried. I truly cant say enough - I danced till my feet couldn't take any more! The crowd cheered like mad over the last comment of the night- Mick Fleetwood said "the Mac is Back!!" Long live Fleetwood Mac!!!
Susan Barker
My husband and I saw the band in Las Vegas on July 5th and they were absolutely INCREDIBLE! I didn't think they could get any better...until we saw them in Auburn, WA at the White River Ampitheater. There are NO words to describe the show we experienced. We took our 11 year old daughter to see them for her birthday. This was her first real live concert and she wasn't disappointed. In fact, she was over the moon! I've sort of raised her to be a Stevie fan and she wanted so much to see her in person. The look of awe and wonderment on her face when Stevie came out on stage is something I will NEVER forget! We rocked all night long! Our seats were fabulous, absolutely no one in front of us, which made it extra special. Thank you Fleetwood Mac! And a very special thank you to Stevie. You continue to bless this family by just being you. ROCK ON FLEETWOOD MAC! Never stop making your music!
When we arrive at our seats only a few minutes before the concert started, everyone in the first 3 rows suddenly runs to the stage. They let everyone in the first 3 rows stand at the stage the entire concert!!! By this time, I was freaking out!! I was right in front of where Lindsey would be. hehe. So they come out, and I see Lindsey immediately scan the audience. He saw a blonde girl right in the center that he immediately began making eye contact with etc. Being a brunette, I was like grr. I think he must have gotten tired of this blonde girl, because now he started totally making eye contact with me and smiling, pointing etc. yay for me!! This went on for the entire concert! I would point at him and sing and he would smile and make faces. Being the nerd that I am, I think I put my hand over my heart a couple of times and pointed at him. LOL. I think he may have been a little surprised because I was singing along to every song. I looked around and saw a few, but not many, who were singing to the SYW songs. I think he must have determined that I was a pretty big fan so he decided to pay alot of attention to me. I thought Stevie and Lindsey both sounded amazing! IMO, I thought Stevie looked tired. It could have just been the lights though. You know those horrible lights that can make everyone looked tired with the shadows and everything. She did sound great though and really belted it out during Silver Springs, WOW! I couldn't really see her side of the stage very well, but she did do the twirls and kicks. I did the little "Say You Will" dance. I saw a few people doing it. I saw Lindsey looking at me while I was doing it, he probably thought I was a dork! lol. He was also glancing at me during "Beautiful Child." I was singing along, but not loud didn't want to ruin it, ha. Hopefully that will give them the idea to do more forgotten songs since at least a few fans appreciate it and actually know the words! There was one lady who snaked up there kinda right in front of me for a minute who had a camera and was doing some kind of smoochy face at Mick. Finally he looked at her and she kept snapping pictures of him and then blew him this kiss and disappeared. She acted like she knew him?? Don't know what that was about. Lindsey just adds so much energy! He was his usual crazy self. I love the part during "Eyes of the World" where he sings kinda low "Eyes, Eyes" It sounds so cool. That is what he saying right? I couldn't figure out if he sings "Eyes" or just some kind of a grunt. Out of all his SYW songs I especially like "Say Goodbye" and "What's the World Coming To." "Say Goodbye" is just so beautiful and I had a perfect view of Stevie face. By her expression, I think she really loves it too. WTWCT, just sounds so cool, the way Lindsey sings it kinda slow at first. Of course he did the little Tusk dance. It's so funny when he goes up to John. It's like John doesn't know what to do. He kinda bumps up against him a little and John does like a little hop. I thought it was also funny when Lindsey swings his guitar cord around and chases Stevie. Hilarious. During "Stand Back" Lindsey was having alot of fun. Everytime Stevie sang "It's Alright, its alright" he would look at me and we would both sing "Its alright, its alright" at each other. It was great! So now GYOW starts and Lindsey is looking kinda strangely back at Sharon and Mindy. He kept doing it and finally, Mindy turned around and said something to that guy that gets Lindsey's guitars. The guy kept holding up guitars and Lindsey seemed pretty angry shaking his head while trying to play at the same time. I don't know what was going on. All of sudden, Lindsey ran to the end of the stage right in front of me so I and others next to me could play. All of a sudden, people just rushed the stage and there were about 10 people trying to play his guitar as well. I did touch his leg a few times but didn't try anything sneaky, hehe. After that, the guitar guy ran out and Lindsey like angrily snatched the guitar from the guy and started playing the new one. I don't know if he was angry or what. I asked the lady next to me what was going on, but she didn't seem to think he was angry. She said his guitar was out of tune and that's why he switched it, but I couldn't tell. By now there were way more people up there than before, pushing etc, but I stood my ground. A girl next to me hit me in the head with her head. It was crazy. So now they do their goodbye's and Lindsey comes down and shakes hands. I stuck my hand up there and grabbed his hand with both of mine and held on as long as possible . Then they came back out for "World Turning." During Mick's drum solo, Lindsey sat right down on the side of the stage by where I was. There were these girls that were talking to him. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but he was wiping his head with a towel and he threw it at them and one girl grabbed it. I was like, damn, why didn't I think of that. I kept looking at him and smiling. Then I waved and blew a kiss at at him, and he closed his eyes and blew one at me! yay. The whole time he just sat there and talked to people. It was pretty kewl. He's a pretty nice guy. Then he got back up and started playing again. So then they start to leave again, and I grabbed my "John Rulz" sign and held it up. I had this the night before at the Portland concert and Lindsey pointed at me and pointed at John who waved. So I held it up again, and Lindsey smiles and points at me and mouths "hey, you were there last night." Then he was motioning at me to turn it a little bit so John could see it, but John didn't see it. The man never looks up! So then they leave and come back out again for "Goodbye Baby." "Goodbye Baby" was great. Stevie sounded amazing and Lindsey really sings high on it doesn't he? He sounded so different, I couldn't even tell it was him. So now they do their little bow and I'm waving my sign, and every single one of them sees it and smiles except John!!! Finally, as John is walking by, he looks and points. I'm like motioning him to come over. He mouths, "I don't have a pen." Of course, my trusty little mom, is behind me holding up a pen. So John came over and signed my "John Rulz" sign. He then got up and looked at me and said "Thanks." I said "Thank you John, I love you!" hehe. I tell you what, if you want to get recognized bring a John sign!! Besides his signature he wrote something else but I can't read it. I think it may say "Thanks" but I don't know. Then Lindsey came over again, and I got to shake his hand again. Stevie was walking off, and all of a sudden she sees a little girl right next to me who is on her dad's shoulders. Her dad was already putting the little girl on the ground before he realized that Stevie was right there to see the little girl. So Stevie grabbed the little girl's hands and said something like "You're so beautiful" or something. Then she shook a few other people's hands. I was watching as the people grabbed her hands. I hope they don't squeeze too hard, Stevie has really small hands! So now they all walk off, and I'm in seventh heaven and everyone around me is congratulating me on getting my sign autographed by John. I was on Stevie's side for the Portland show. I love Stevie, but being on Lindsey's side was so much better!! He interacts with the crowd so much more. I don't know, maybe because Stevie has so many fans, she just doesn't like to make eye contact or interact that much. I had a wonderful time and would especially like to thank Lindsey for making my night one I will never forget!!
Laura Stuckey
Nothing could ever have prepared me for the treat I was in for on this night. Although the Portland show was incredible from 3rd row center, the Auburn show brought with it a party-type feel befit of the ampitheater's environment. Even Lindsey made a comment about how nice it was. This was a night to cut loose and that's exactly what Security did for fans in the first 3 rows, which apparently was my lucky number for the weekend. There are no words to describe a Fleetwood Mac concert seen from the lip of the stage on Lindey's side. I know I wasn't the only one standing up there that night who felt extremely lucky to be in that spot. Lots of energy came from the band and the audience during this show. Lindsey and Mick's performances were stellar. Stevie's vocals and performances were brilliant. Interaction with the crowd was warm, sincere and very enthusiastic. This band is very truly legendary; consumate professionals, fabulous entertainers, brilliant musicians and songwriters. The passion and professionalism is so much more obvious when you're within 15 feet. Wow!! It'll be awhile before I come down off this cloud... 8-D
I am getting married on August 30, and for my "stag", my best friend of 24 years and I went to the Fleetwood Mac concert at White River Amphitheatre in Auburn, Washington. We are from Vancouver, BC. What can I say that hasn't already been said, except that it was a night of pure magic. They are the most lively and dedicated rock band out there, and age hasn't slowed them down one bit. My friend was not too familiar with the music of Fleetwood Mac, but she had a wonderful time and was very taken, especially by Stevie. I'm pretty sure she is going to run out and buy the whole collection of music now. I have been a huge fan since I was a teenager, and have never had the chance to see them in concert. I saw Stevie's Enchanted Tour, but the year before when the Dance Tour was taking place, the Vancouver show was cancelled, so I missed out. Lindsay and Stevie's voices were incredible that evening, as always, and the sound was flawless. The set list was as follows: The Chain What's the World Coming to Dreams Beautiful Child Eyes of the World Gold Dust Woman Peacekeeper I'm so Afraid Second Hand News Silver Springs Say You Will Tusk Never Going Back Again Stand Back Rhiannon Go Your Own Way Come (encore) Gypsy World Turning Big Love Don't Stop Landslide (second encore) Say Goodbye Goodbye Baby The second encore where Stevie sand "Goodbye Baby" was extremely powerful. I had tears in my eyes, and the whole audience was moved by her. During World Turning, Mick did his amazing drum solo, and you could just feel how much passion he has for his band, and the fans. At the very end, after he had introduced the band and was thanking the fans, he said a few really nice words to everyone about taking care of ourselves, each other, and remaining positive in this crazy world we live in. He really is the big daddy. I always felt that I missed most of their career because I was born in the late 70s, so I wasn't around for the rumour era, etc. I also thought that they wouldn't have been as active as they were in the concerts clips I had seen on tv, just because of the many years that have passed and that they would be tired, but I was wrong, and I am so glad! It was the best night of my life!
The hot summer sun was just beginning to cast a red hue over the majestic Mt. Rainier when my friend and I found our fabulous, last minute seats on the first upper level, center stage, directly in front of the lighting crew at this new Northwest venue. The dragonflies in me were a swarming frenzy in anticipation of the legends that were about to take the stage. I could see the gently flowing, dazzling ribbons on Stevie's microphone stand which only added to my growing excitement. For on this night, Stevie would be transcended from a beautiful image on my bedroom walls to the live, dynamic, real living poet and goddess she is. I was chatting away with fellow fans when the melodic notes of "Albatross" began playing, and after a few moments, giving way to the gentle chirping sound of crickets; I knew the moment was here! The roar of the crowd was thunderous as Mick took to the stage, seated himself among the city of gold percussion and began the haunting bass pound of "The Chain"...followed by John's intense bass guitar, then, holding hands I could see Lindsey escorting the little figure in black lace with cascading, golden hair to her prominent place on all the stages of the world. "Listen to the wind blow..."...her soulful voice tearing the twilight melding with Lindsey's made me and I'm sure the thousands of others forget time and place as we knew it and hypnotised our soul from that moment on. Stevie looked radiant! Stevie sounded radiant! The two giant video screens only helped magnify the timeless beauty this woman possesses. Her eyes were dramatic and full of expression as though the song she was singing was being sung for the first time, just for me. Song after song the night became more magical. When Stevie and Lindsey faced each other for "Say Goodbye" and sang their very personal words, they appeared to be in a world of their own, and I felt like I was spying on a deep, private conversation and could feel the intensity between them. It was as spellbinding as it gets! This was a true rock history moment. This was a true test of time, of forgiveness, of character. Stevie danced and glided across the stage like a butterfly through every song. But when the synth began the familiar chords of "Stand Back" and Stevie took to the stage from behind the black drapes, the gentle butterfly turned into a soaring, passionate raven. Stevie took command of the entire stage, spinning in a dizzying cloud of shawl and lace, her long golden tresses entwining within this whirlwind of divine enchantment! It was like a rock music exorcism! It's what makes me adore her and admire her so. Stevie is the ultimate performer! Lindsey is the greatest guitarist, ever! Together with the worlds greatest rhythm section, Mick and John, it's no mystery why Fleetwood Mac is the greatest group of musicians in the universe. Though Christine was missing in person, she was there in spirit, I could feel it. There were too many moments to mention them all. I left after Stevie's heartfelt "Goodbye Baby" in a dreamstate that lingers still. This was more than just a concert, worthy of more than I could ever give in a structured, song by song review. This was one of those rare moments that will live on in my memory forever. Never break the chain... "Go where we may, rest where we will.... Eternal London haunts us still..."

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