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7/13/04 Tyson Event Center Sioux City, IA

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It was Absolute Perfection when Fleetwood Mac took the stage at 8.25 p.m. in Sioux City, Iowa!!!~ We drove in from Omaha (Thanks Hunny!!!) & arrived early, I was so excited, with my Hubby teasing me as every mile ticked off, getting us closer & closer to the show~ The Tyson Center is a tiny venue, but fans came from all over~ We had 2nd row seats, but after finding our seats & security telling us we could stand right at the stage, we staked out our spot right in front of Stevie!!!~ the People & Security there were very nice~ I felt almost guilty having read some of the reviews from the Colorado show, that their experiences weren't the best~ Other eager fans were coming down to the front to take pictures of Stevie's microphone~ There was definitely magic in the air tonite, well of course "Rock's Mystical Goddess" was in town!!!~ And she came in bigtime fine style!!!~ I was very lucky to meet two other huge Stevie fans as am i, (Hi Brooke & Kate!!!), we were all decked out in black looking like triplets right off the "Rumours" cover~ Fantastic!!!~ The tech's were taking the stage to make sure everything was ready for Fleetwood Mac to start & Stevie's assistant Kim came out to add the infamous roses to Stevie's mic stand~ Kim talked with us for awhile, she was so kind & gracious to Stevie's fans & when she was finished putting on the roses, she gave me the stems she had cut off of them, ( I know I'm a Nut!!!)~ Then soon after, Cory Buckingham came out to put out the setlists, she was super, super friendly to me, she talked for awhile & went backstage~ Not long after, the lights went out & the crickets started a chirping & everyone just went balistic!!!~ And I can truly say this was the Best Experience of my Stevie-lovin' life!!!~ To be standing right in front of the woman who i have idolized & cherished for 31+ years, it was absolutely priceless~ Of all the shows i have seen in the past 18 years, this was by far the VERY BEST!!!~ As the Band kicked off the night with "The Chain", you could tell us as fans were in for a playful night~ Stevie & Lindsey arrived on stage with the biggest smiles, even John was beaming ear to ear & wearing red socks!!!~ LOL!!!~ The entire crowd was singing right along with the band, during "the Chain" & when it ended & Stevie went into "Dreams" the sound of the crowd was deafening~ She did such a flawless job on this song, it gave you goosebumps, taking you back to when you 1st had heard it on the radio in the 70's~ I can honestly say Fleetwood Mac was on fire tonite!!!~ Every note of every song was hit with perfection~ during "Say You Will", Stevie looked over at us doing the lasso dance right along with her & smiled & giggled at us~ And I must say when Lindsey came & stood over me & played his guitar solo during "Come", I was in awe of his pure talent!!!~ He sweat all over me & that was just fine with me!!!~ after "Come" was finished the crowd knew what was coming next, the much awaited "Sara", this song not only brought me to tears but i found myself blubbering all over myself, having wanted to hear this song live for so long~ And I will say again here as I did to Stevie that nite, which also brought a smile from Stevie my way, is, "Thank you Stevie, for Sara"~ It was precious seeing this song live finally, she was greeted back by the crowd singing it right along with her, Bic lighters gleaming in the air & all~ Landslide was very beautiful as it has been in past performances with the song ending in that tender kiss on the forehead, that just fueled the crowd & left them begging for more~ As always "GDW" & "Stand Back" were huge crowd favorites~ But when they started singing "Go Your Own Way", the crowd got louder than I thought it possibly could & this was also a memorable moment for me during the show~ Lindsey had been coming over right in front of us all nite, slapping hands & being so playful, but during this song is when he came over to our group & we were the lucky ones to get a turn to strum his much loved guitar & i also had some fun touching Lindsey himself, LOL (I know I'm Bad)~ He was just great, very friendly!!!~ I personally love Mick's drum solo & it was much better this time around seeing as we were front row & he was right in front of us~ And when it came time for Mick to introduce the band, when it came time to introduce Stevie, she was bowing & backing up so crazy she almost tripped, the crowd & John Mcvie got a great laugh out of that!~ The night was phenomenal & a moment that is forever burned in my memory~ But i have to save the best for last, at the very end as they were leaving the stage, Stevie came right up to us, the crazy section that had been screaming "I love you Stevie" all night & she shook our hands~ This was the best moment for me, I shook her hand once 18 years ago & finally I got to do it again!!!~ Fantabulous!!!~ Then in a flash they were gone, & the lights came up & i was so sad that is was all over!~ But i can once again thank Cory Buckingham, for she didn't let me leave empty handed & gave me one of the red roses attached to Stevie's mic!!!~ Thanx Cory you ROCK!!!~ And thank you Fleetwood Mac for taking me on your Rock ~N~ Roll journey with you, it has been a unforgetable ride!!!~ "ROCK ON" BRIGHTEST STEVIE BLESSINGS~
James & Tammy
Was a very nice surprise when we learned Fleetwood Mac was playing so close to home! Less than an hour drive, what a treat to not have to drive for hours to The Mac. The band started around 8:30 with some impatience from the audience to get things going. The set list was the same as mentioned in previous shows. We enjoyed what the additional players brought to the gig. That young drummer is an awesome player to watch! Stevie dedicated Landslide to a guy in Sioux City (don't remember the name) and to the audience. She was her wonderful self and the audience adored her as always. Towards the end of the concert, Mic made some weird comment about John McVie being born in Sioux City. (Not true, John was born in England) Left us scratching our heads. lol It was amazing to see the age differences in the audience and all equally having a good time. The front floor seats had both young and mature ticket holders, very cool. Thanks for a great night out Fleetwood Mac!

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