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7/3/04 Spokane Arena Spokane, WA

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Dawn Smith
I consider myself very lucky. I have seen Fleetwood Mac twice over the last two years in concert. Last year, I saw them play in Portland, Oregon and last night I saw them in Spokane, Washington. It was a great concert! Last year was wonderful, but this time around the band seemed to be more lively and into the music. I went with my sister and best friend. We had fun guessing the outfits the band would be playing, along with what song would be next. Our seats were awesome and we were able to stand for a major amount of the concert (sorry if you were seating behind us). It was an all around awesome show. They played some different songs then last year and that was just fine. It was great to see them perform Beautiful Child and Sara! It was a super touch to show Stevie perform the song when behind her they were showing old footage of her singing the song many years ago in what appeared to be matching red shaws/capes. We thought Stevie was making us wait a little to long for a song. She had come out with what appeared to be the Gold Dust Woman shaw. Sure she sang it, but it was a few songs later. It was well worth the wait. It was an awesome show. If the Mac has yet to make it to your city, BUY TICKETS!!! It is well worth the money and getting home at 3 o'clock in the morning. Regardless of how long you have been a Fleetwood Mac fan, go!!!
Diane Hoover
I just got back to Alaska after seeing Fleetwood Mac in Spokane and they were phenomenal, as usual! Everyone in the band seemed to be really into this show and it showed. Stevie was exceptionally beautiful and her voice was in perfect form. I was curious to see how Sara would sound after all these years and it was awesome. Stevie hit all the high notes and looked so beautiful while singing it. Her bangs are back and she looks fit and beautiful. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for another great show.

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