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6/17/04 The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Spring, TX

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The Fleetwood Mac show at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in Houston Texas was the best. I saw them at the Toyota Center earlier and I really prefer the open venue. The show was excellent. The band had allot of energy. More than I expected after their extensive touring. I took one of my friends for her birthday and she loved it as much as I did. Houston put out a great crowd. I think my favorite was Stand Back. She still rocks during that song. Gold Dust Woman was done to perfection. I love Say You Will and that song went off very well. I think allot of people will buy the CD now that have heard it. Mick Fleetwood's drum solo was powerful. Big Love, Lindsay Buckingham can play a guitar like nobody's business. Great show, great encore. What els could you ask for??
Arlene Lewis
Well, I have to tell you that the Houston show was incredible, the 3rd time around! After seeing our Mac last year, in Dallas, AND at the Toyota Center, here in Houston, it was better this time around, then last year! Well, to start off with, I brought the band a GREAT Texas-shaped gift basket full of some Great Glazed Pecans, and other great "Texas" treats! My boyfriend John and I ended up in the front row, behind the Orchestra Pit, right in front of Stevie! We had GREAT seats! The band was incredible, as always, and it seemed like the energy of the crowd was SOOOO intense, we totally fed off the energies of the band, and vice versa! Stevie sounded GREAT, as always, and so did Lindsey! Mick and John were great, as well! We saw Corey, right before the band came out, and I tried to get her attention! I screamed out to her a couple of times, but she didn't look up! Stevie was GREAT on all of her songs, and when "Sara" came on, she blew us all away! I LOVED the "Sara" experience! I LOVED the red shawl, and Stevie's hair clipped up looked wonderful! We LOVE the new shawl's! I LOVED Stevie's red shawl, at the end of the concert with the gold in it! That was beautiful! At the end of the show, when Stevie was telling everyone "thank you" she looked right at me, pointed, and mouthed "THANK YOU" to me! I almost fainted! I wasn't sure she was thanking "ME" for, as I was definitely thanking her!! What a magical night, I will NEVER forget...
Well I was almost done writing my review and I had it like all in order in great detail. Then somehow I deleted it..makes me soo bad!!! So i'm gonna have to restart and try to remember everything i said already. ugh! Well I don't know how to explain last night.... It was great.. no excellent... No PHENOMINAL!!! I loved it they did SOOO great they just rocked on up there.I had plans to meet 2 ppl I had been talking to online, Arlene and Brooke. Though I did not run into Arlene I seen Brooke. But then I got all shy and hardly said anything and felt bad . Brooke had 6th row in the pit but got to the stage and stayed there. Almost in front of Stevie's mic. She was all decked out in Stevie-wear. I had several ppl comment about me and my dress and shoes... etc. I think the greatest compliment I got was someone came up to me and said "You would make Stevie so proud if she could see you in that. " And someone said when i walked by ooh look at that little Stevie mama. I didnt know exactly how to take that so I just turned around smiled and kept walking.... Then someone else told me I looked like a mini Stevie. My mom said she wished I could have gotten closer because since i'm only 14 she said she believes I atleast would have gotten a smile from Stevie. Which would have made me day, no week, no month. It would have made me evry happy. We were lucky rnough to get actually seats though instead of the lawn but not near close as I wish we could have. All the compliments made me happy :) :) :) :) Well I about cried when Stevie walked on stage during The Chain I was so excited and overwhelmed that it was Stevie!! That she was right there! Then my mom started yelling at me and ruined the whole experiance of the first song cuz I got so excited I grabbed her arm not knowing she was holding her Strawberry Daquiri in that hand and she dropped it..right on my foot I might add. She was really mad but got over it and enjoyed the rest of the concert. Then Dreams came up... Stevie did this so good. I was singing along. May be different octives cuz she cant quite hit the high notes now but still very good song. I know I'm Not wrong was good too. Though alot of the audience acted as if they didnt know it. Lindsey showed off in Peacekeeper off there new album. Did it wonderfully also. Lindsey so rocked out on stage during Second Hand News it was cool. I enjoyed it alot. Rhiannon was haunting as always :) Lindsey totaly got into his guitar part in Come so great! I loved all of Stevie's different outfits they were all so great. She looked beautiful in all of them. My fav was what she wore for Sara.. the red shawl red gloves... etc She just looked absolutely gorgeous in it!!! And she had her hair fixed in the most adorable way. It was halfway up to the side in a clip. It made her look so youthful She looked like she was about 30. But even without her hair up like that she has beautiful hair. It's fantastic.During Sara she looked straight at my friend Brooke and pointed to her and smiled... Brooke told me she about died. Oh and it was really cool cuz while she was singing Sara they had a video of her singing it on the screen. I was like aww she's so cute. lol She performed all the songs so great. My new favorite song is Beautiful Child... i love that song its so sad yet beautiful. She sang it with so much emotion and everything I was crying. And I loved all her little dance moves in Say You Will .. especially the little lasso dance its so adorable. I took lots of pics during SYW. I only brought 2 rolls of film and definately shoulda brought like 4. I got most of the pics I wanted to get with a few others i just took cuz it was Stevie and i wanted to take them lol.I did want the final bow and "The Mac is Back" But ran out of film. And during Landslide the whole audience was singing and Stevie stopped and everyone kept singing and like cut off exactly at the right time. It just tickled her to death she was laughing alot. She said "WOW, You guys can really SING" I had been looking forward to Tusk all night because I knew how they do the little boxing dance at the end and end in eachothers arms. I took lots of pics of that. When they got in eachothers arms the audience started roaring. It was one of the best moments of the night. And she did Stand Back great. Lots of twirling took place. I loved it. And of course Gold Dust Woman was also wonderful. She did all the little movement things she does in it and it was awesome. So mystical :) And tears came to my eyes during Say Goodbye. They looked at eachother so deeply and sang it. And they did Go Your Own Way good also. Lindsey Rocked on up there. And Lindsey grabbed my friend Brooke's hand and was grinning and being silly looking into her eyes and he made her play his guitar. Everyone was saying "He grabbed her hand!!" and all that. He then left, then later came back over and put his face practically in hers (as he was playing guitar) she said it was so close she prob'ly could've kissed him. LOL ...then he looked over at her, and yelled "Yeah" in the mic, and she screamed, "YEAH!" and he grinned and said it again, and then she said it back then he said it again... grinned and started singing. she said once again she about died. And for the first encore World Turning... wonderful And Mick did his little thing which was great. And I for sure was screaming cuz thats his time to do his thing and I wanted to make him feel good. lol alot of ppl were screaming for him. He really did do a great job though. Then Dont Stop came up which they also did greatly and i think alot of the audience was also singing it. Then Goodbye Baby. Stevie did FANTASTIC. I was bawling... it was just wonderful. And my friend Brooke had been trying to her Stevie's attention all night and ppl kept telling her oh ur not gonna get her attention she never interacts with the audience anymore. And what do ya know right after Goodbye Baby she went straight to her and TOOK HER HAND... She held her hand!!! I am soooo jealous lol Then poor Brooke being so excited nearly pulled her offstage and Brooke felt really bad and immediately let go and yelled "I'M SORRY! and Stevie smiled a great big smile and nodded. Brooke said she just had this nice way about her and she knew Stevie knew it was an accident and she didnt feel as bad anymore. Brooke said she could tell she was feeling badly... like she got worried when she first came on stage for The Chain cuz she looked medicated. And she said she could just tell there was something with Stevie that was hurting. Hopefully she was just exhausted. Well then the concert was over. My feet were hurting SO bad cuz I was wearing platforms and was standing the whole concert. I was the only person in my section standing but that didnt stop me :) But when we were walking away and I looked back to the building I knew Stevie was in and said "I am now walking away from my idol" It didnt last long enough.. I got all sad. I didnt say anything the whole drive home. I was wanting to cry. Last night I was having like "end of concert depression" but now i'm "concert high" again! I sure hope that Stevie does a solo album so I can see her again. I dont want last night to be the last time I ever see her. If she does I will do anything and everything so be in the closest seats was possible. Oh and also at the end of the concert some very lucky person got to hand her a bouquet of flowers. I was like an they are sooo lucky. Well that's it! Hopefully I did a good enough review. lol. Well that was my review of the best night like ever!..... Oh and things were alot cheaper then I expected. I bought the little penguin(20$) which was so cute by the way. A Shirt which was 20 a keychain which was 5 a poster which was 5 and this little booklet thing which was also 5. So I got quite a bit for only 55. Considering at the Arrowfest concert I went to shirt were like 35 and 40 and key chains were like 15 and everything I was real surprised. If anyone wants to e-mail me with any comments my e-mail address is Kittyangel5390@aol.com I'd love to hear what y'all think about my review. And it's always nice to have another "Gypsy" to talk to ya know!
Cathy and Friends
This was a wonderful birthday present- seeing Fleetwood Mac on My actual birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I have been a long time fan of FM and more so of Stevie Nicks!!!!!!! They really rocked the whole pavilion. The entire crowd even impressed Stevie when we all sang along while she sang Landslide. I think Houston showed them that not only do we rock but we can sing toooo!!!!!!!!!! It was a magical evening and one I will remember that I shared with great friends and the most wonderful band in the world. I loved the gloves that Stevie added to her wardrobe this time around- very classy!!! If you get the chance to see them GO!!! It truly was a magical evening!!!
Betty Bowden
I have to admit that we were a little worried about going to this concert. We had seen the Live From Boston on PBS and Lindsey was maniacal and Stevie seemed lackluster. But as soon as they started on The Chain we knew we were in for a GREAT concert. Stevie went right into Dreams and her voice was the best we had heard it in a long time. She owned this crowd and she knew it. It was 89 degrees for a high and had rained so the humidity was up but the heat was totally forgotten when we heard those magical notes. She then welcomed us with “Welcome Houston Texas” and the crowd went nuts. She made two more references to the audience during the show saying “Texas audiences are the best!” Security was very tight. This was a very mature audience not the childish antics that I have read about in so many prior reviews. No blowing smoke at Stevie or throwing beer bottles at her feet. Everyone stayed where they belonged and there was no jumping over seats, rushing the stage or just hogging a spot at the stage that you didn’t pay for. This audience knew the old hits and the new songs off Say You Will. Peacekeeper and Say You Will were well received but there was a mad rush for bathrooms during Come and a few other new songs, not because they didn’t know them but because they didn’t like them. But Stevie owned this audience and her voice was magical. She didn’t let Lindsey steal her thunder and she didn’t steal his. This audience was definitely a “Stevie Group” And most importantly she deserved it Sara was wonderful. And everyone was surprised by Stand Back as this is a Stevie song and they roared their approval. We were glad to see that Lindsey did not try to steal her rightful place in this crowd’s hearts. The highlight of the show was Landslide. Stevie’s voice was perfect, hitting all the high notes and never missing a beat. The whole audience was on their feet singing along at the top of their lungs. When Stevie got to the part where she sings “in the snowwwwwwww” hitting that high note and holding it, the crowded ROARED it’s approval. The noise was deafening and she actually stopped singing and bent over in a bow with all that blond hair flowing around her. She just beamed at us waiting for us to quiet a little and she had a huge smile on her face and she thanked us. Then she started singing again “coveredddddd hills…… well maybe the landslide will bring it down” and she had to stop again. She waited and then finished the song. The crowd screamed their approval and she looked so touched and kept thanking us. During World Turning, when Mick was doing his drum solo thing, Lindsey was dancing all over the stage with no guitar and Stevie was watching Mick. Lindsey was totally soaked in sweat but he danced over to Stevie and they wrapped their arms around each other and just danced in a circle. I said to my husband “Yuck, he is totally dripping sweat and she had no problem hugging him”. You could see Lindsey talking to her while they embraced and swayed. I wonder what he was saying. But they danced for quite awhile just hugging each other. The night ended with Stevie singing Goodbye Baby which everyone sang along to. It was a perfect ending to a perfect evening. A perfectly magical evening.
Kayla Wagner
Hi! I'm Kayla Wagner and I attended the Fleetwood Mac concert on Thursday evening in Houston, TX at the Cynthia Woods Pavialion. The show rocked!! Lindsey Buckingham was fantastic!! And of course Stevie was great, I really enjoyed Stand Back!! The whole show was amazing!! We were in the second row it was so great!! We got a few weird looks because we were so young (seventeen) and knew every word to every song!! We drove 3 hours from new braunfels, tx and paid lots of money for our tickets, and it was worth it!! I can't wait to see them again!!
We attended 3 FWM concerts last year. FWM totally rocked at each concert!! Stevie (as always) was gorgeous and sang her heart out. I thought that the Retour would be similar to the "Say You Will" show and my concern for Stevie's voice is something that has been on my mind. (Of course if the guys jammed out and Stevie just danced and looked beautiful that would be more then fine with me. Just watching her and the vibe she lets off is enough to send chills through out my heart) WELL!! I can not tell you how wrong I was about doubts I had in my mind... The Retour was fresh and the whole feel was new. There was no loss of energy for anyone on that stage. I was so blown away by the show and the crowds energy. Words can not describe the pure wonder and magic this show . Now onto Stevie!!! I am a true admirer of Stevie and have been for years. I am one of those hopeless 80's chicks that adore her style, beauty, and charisma...I was telling my daughter how she used to change her look for the different songs and how much I truly missed that. At the past 3 FWM concerts I went to, she would add a shawl here and there,use different things but I think my "old school" personality missed the full blown gypsy magic...Well that magic was there last nite! I am not sure how she changed outfits as fast as she did but WHOA!!! Her wardrobe was incredibly magical. She wore sequins and beads....CHIFFON, lace, ribbons, shawls (a change of shawls for the different songs..I LOVE THAT!!!) Her dresses were incredible and flowed with her every move!! She wore the long black gloves for "Stand Back" and her shawl and some special gorgeous scarf of ribbons/threads around her neck that truly was outstanding...The dress for "Stand Back was embroidered with purple and sequins. Her hair was so beautifully done it glowed and looked so soft. She looked and sang like an angel. She wore a beautiful golden shawl for "Gold Dust Woman" but I think that is a favorite tradition. Her tambourine was a black half moon with so many gorgeous flowing ribbons GESHE is was fantastic!! Her mic stand has roses, ribbons, beads, and even more added magic... As we were leaving during the last song....My son of 15 said, "Mom, she is so close move up so you can really see her...." I moved up and I completely froze. There she was...Her beautiful hair, The long robe that covers her completely in that Stevie magical way...Her timeless beauty and that angelic voice....I had chills and tears in my eyes....When she was done I hugged my son and thanked him for giving me that courage to move forward and take it all in...That was my moment... You just have to see it!! I promise it will rock your soul!! OO and theres new t-shirts and collectibles!!!
Molly, Marshall, and Mason
What a night! Thunder only happened just minutes before the show started and there wasn't a drop of rain to ruin anyone from having a great time. The list was the same as the shows this summer and we did miss Gypsy and Silver Springs but Sara made up for it all. We had fourth row seats thanks to the fan club and center stage to boot. The Cynthia Woods Mithcell Pavillion has fantastic acoustics making the entire evening perfect. We watched the new DVD before the show and that set the mood. We traveled from Tulsa, OK. for the show and would do it again in a second. This was our 6th Say You Will tour concert and now we must retire. We may have been the youngest fans with our ages 12, 9, and 6 respectively. We celebrated our dad's birthday at the show, afterall, he is the number one Fleetwood Mac fan!!
My name is Jackie and I have loved Stevie and Fleetwood Mac since the first album and had Buckingham Nicks as well. I named my daughter after "Sara" and when I took her to the concert outside of Houston the 17th I must say it answered all my wishes!! She is 20 now and a huge fan and she was lucky enough to get to be at the foot of the stage where Lindsay played in front of her (looked as if it was almost a personal mini-concert for her!!) And that was awesome but what came at the end was an answer to my prayers!! After the fabulous show ended, and thank you Stevie for adding "Sara"-my daughter had her hand out and Stevie walked striaght over to her and took it and held it for about 3 seconds and then touched another persons hand and that was it!! My daughter will never forget it and it was as if Stevie knew that there was a connection there. John McVie was fabulous as always-Mick a class act and crazy as ever!! Lindsay-one of the best living guitarists bar none!! And Ms. Nicks, I thank you with my whole heart as you made the night for Sara and myself!! Blessings to you and the band!! the show was awesome!!
Jill & Tracey
How Awesome was this Show!!!!!!!!!!!! Fleetwood Mac will never lose the magic they share on stage. No matter how many times we've seen them, it's like seeing them for the first time. Stevie's voice is haunting. It gives me goose bumps whether on a CD in my car or live on stage. If we could, we would be at every show in every city. Lindsey has such energy he keeps the crowd on their feet. Mic with his drum vest and John on the bass brings it all together. We just wanted to share our feelings about the band and how they make us feel. We hope they keep rockin' for many years to come.

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