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8/15/03 Savvis Center St. Louis, MO

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Mary & Mike Watkins
Your show in St. Louis on 8/15/03 was one of the best I have ever seen. I heard people talking about Stevie not being as good as she was in the 70's but I never had a doubt in my mind ! Tremendous performance as usual. Stevie, You are my ideal. You have always done what you wanted to do knowing that you could do anything you put your mind to. You have had challenges and difficulties as we all do but you didn't let it stop you. I teach my children that very same philosophy. If you want , go out there and get and NEVER give up. We brought our 15 year old daughter and her friend to the concert and to my amazement they knew most all your songs. They both sing in concert choir at school but aren't quite sure what they want to be when they grow up. They enjoyed the concert as much as my husband and I did. Before the show my husband emailed this to me and I thought you might enjoy it: In my DREAMS last night you attended the Fleetwood Mac concert with us but I know instead you will probably GO YOUR OWN WAY and I'm sure by the time you read this it will be SECOND HAND NEWS anyway. I'm sure there are RUMORS going around that I DON'T WANT TO KNOW so if you hear any of them try to break the CHAIN. I guess you probably have to work tonight but just hang in there and DON'T STOP thinking about tomorrow. BTW...We went to the Melting Pot the other night and were NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN! Later Mike P.S. Mary said to tell you she bets YOU MAKE LOVIN FUN! :-) Thanks, again for a great evening.
Cindy S.
I am a very big fan of Fleetwood Mac & this was my first time seeing them. They took my breath away. I was in tears by the first note of "The Chain." It was absolutely awesome. The best concert I've ever been to. You can feel the chemistry on stage. I cried all the way through. I just couldn't believe that I was actually watching my idols live! There are no words to describe how their music has touched my life. I will always be a loyal fan to Fleetwood Mac because they've always been there for me.
Dee Dee
Fleetwwood Mac was better than ever. They performed like I never seen before. There are no words that can describe the Aug. 15 2003 concert in St Louis. I was overwhelmed. Each one played as good as the other. Stevie was beautiful and sounded great. Lindsey played so good. I wish there were words I could say. They were totaly awesome.
Lesley Pitassi
They were all fantastic! Stevie was beyond description. She is just as beautiful as ever and her voice was unwavering -- the same voice we have all come to know and love, totally unchanged by time. The band was so gracious. They behaved as though it was a great privilege to play for us when in all truth, the privilege was ours to witness such phenomenal talent.
Fleetwood Mac's every sound and movement was captivating. Stevie was without a doubt enchanting. Watching her twirl about and each facial expression throughout the songs made you not want to miss a thing. I loved every minute watching the energy and playfulness of the group unfold. I wish it could last forever! It was great to see them together....I can't wait for what's ahead.
I just got home from the concert. It was awesome to see them again (last time was 1997). I purchased one ticket two days before the show and I got front row!! I was astonished to find out that I was right in front of Stevie, smack dab in front of her. She looked beautiful. I see it as my reward for something I must have done right or something as my world has been upside down for the past three months. It hasn't been "swell". The best song I will have to say was Beautiful Child. I had my earplugs in so all (most) of the background noise was cut out and I could tell if Lindsey or Stevie were in tune or not. Beautiful Child sung by Stevie was incredible. Right on the money. If I would have been by myself listening to her sing just how she did I would have cried. But I found it hard to let myself totally go emotionally with all these people around me, the smell of pot, and just people bumping into me. One more thing though, was that Stevie seemed down. I felt like, if she were my friend, asking her "what's wrong?" It was a little distressing to see my most favorite singer out of sorts. I guess from all the touring it's taking it's toll. Rock on Stevie, Rock on Fleetwood Mac! Can't wait to hear more from both, but especially Stevie!!!!! You're the best!
Jackie Hamby
That was a wonderful show that I saw in St.Louis! It seemed a little funny without Christine there and Stevie was singing her parts on "World Turning", and "Don't Stop." But hey, I thought that it turned out great! Stevie did mess up on "Stand Back", and I was shocked! She probably got a little too excited and got her words mixed up, but she just put a smile on her face and laughed her way though the rest of the song. When she sang, "I need a little sympathy..." she was pointing to herself and laughing. It was also great to see Lindsey play that guitar! Damn, that guy can play! And he was being sort of funny that night too...He was chasing Stevie around the stage when they were doing "Tusk". It looked like they had as much fun playing and singing as we did watching them. Mick FLeetwood was wonderful and John McVie at that bass was incredible. Every single one of them stood out and together they made beautiful music together. My boyfriend told me that he hasin't seen me that happy for a long time, and you know what, I think he was right. Thank you Fleetwood Mac. My God be with you on the stages that you dance upon, and roads that you walk on....
Jim R. Garza
You know, what can I say. The show was spectacular. Stevie and Lindsey were in stellar style and voice. I am amazed that as many times as I've seen Stevie and the Mac that they always sound as good if not better. Although I found it a bit loud at times a true Mac fan couldn't expect a better performance. Stevie's rendition of Stand Back and Gypsy were mesmerizing and I actually had a couple of tears looking at the Gypsy video while she sang. I just can't believe this band has been singing these songs for as long as they have. It seems like yesterday when I saw them singing Gypsy for the first time. As Mick Fleetwood put is at the end.. "The Mac is Back". I certainly look forward to seeing and hearing them again soon. This Band has it all. May their music never die.
We had the PLEASURE of seeing Fleetwood Mac in St. Louis last Friday night. It was the most AWESOME concert my husband and I have ever been to (and we've been to many) and we didn't want it to end. Everyone played their hearts out. If I die tomorrow, I'll be happy because I saw Stevie sing Landslide and Silver Springs. I LOVE THEM!!!!

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