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6/19/03 Xcel Energy Center St. Paul, MN

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Shane A.
After flying to California and missing the 8/21/01 Universal Amphitheater, Universal City, CA show and then missing the 8/31/01 Target Center, Minneapolis, MN show of Stevie's TISL tour (she canceled due to illness), I was ecstatic when Fleetwood Mac announced they would be coming to the Excel Center on Thursday 06/19/03 for their Say You Will tour. We were extremely fortunate that they added a second show on Friday 06/20/03. Both shows not only lived up to, but greatly exceeded, the expectations that I had built being a Fleetwood Mac fan for the last 25 years. The last few concerts I have attended have been some pretty big name rock shows: Metallica, Nine Inch Nails and Godsmack. They have nothing on Fleetwood Mac. In fact, they could all take lessons from Fleetwood Mac on how to put on a truly world class live performance. Fleetwood Mac simply rocked; be it Stevie's sultry voice, Lindsey's unparalleled guitar work, Mick's thundering drums, or John's rhythmic bass. Their sound was simply amazing: crisp and clean. Both shows were outstanding, both instrumentally and vocally. All four members exhibited their mastery of their crafts. Stevie seemed a bit subdued on Thursday, which made her soulful take on Dreams, her haunting performance of Silver Springs and her exquisite rendition of Beautiful Child highlights of her songs. For Lindsey, well, he was just unbelievable. While his vocals were dead on, the highlights of his performance were with his guitar. Big Love absolutely kicked. Oh man! did he go insane during his rendition of I'm So Afraid. John, Mick and the rest of the gang were solid throughout the show. The band energized the crowd with its thumping versions of The Chain, Second Hand News and Tusk. Friday was a bit different. Stevie was simply on fire, she was more vibrant and really put some gumption into her performance. After a mind blowing show on Thursday, I didn't think anything better was possible. I was wrong. Stevie enamored everyone with her mystical rendition of Rhiannon. She blew the roof off the Excel Center with a spirited, mind-boggling performance of Gold Dust Women. Not to be out done, she followed up with a kick-you-in-the-pants, fire-under-your-feet performance of Stand Back. She was also stellar in her wonderful vocalizations of Gypsy, Landslide, and Goodbye Baby. Lindsey was awesome, once again. For a second night in a row he nailed Big Love and ripped up I'm So Afraid. He tore into Come, making it primal catharsis of energy. He rocked on Tusk, Go Your Own Way, and Don't Stop. They guy is unreal when it comes to the guitar. It is a shame he doesn't get the credit he deserves for his skills with a guitar. Mick kept the crowed entertain both nights with his drum solo, both on his kit and with his vest, during World Turning. While words can't accurately describe these two performances, I can say that they were two mind-blowing shows that were worth every penny of admission. Thank you to Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, John; Fleetwood Mac.
Stacey Stock
Well I sapose my story really starts off during Stevie's "TISL" tour. I was saposed to go and see her in Minneapolis.... but she canceled due to illness. I was heart broken, I was only 14 and it was going to be my first time seeing her. My father was supportive in saying IF Fleetwood Mac was to tour I would be able to see them. Sure enough it happened. My aunt and uncle drove me 6 hours to my destination. I went with my best friend, who really wasn't a fan... before the show but now has a whole new prospective. The real evening started about 10 minutes aftershow time. They started with the normal "Chain". The set list wasn't too surprising... except I didn't exspect to hear "Eyes Of The World". It didn't seem like a song they would want to play live, but it fit in. "Beautiful Child", was just that. As for the energy... that semed to be in Lindsey... he was sooooo wonderful, his energy seemed to be contagious. Stevie did about 10 or 15 twirls during "Stand Back". The whole band was on key, John seemed to be enormously quite, but I did get a glimse of a smile from him, when Lindsey came to pick on him. Lindsey was just plain on fire, I heard a fan say he lives to perform, well hes damn good at it; slaming his guitar emotionally and thrilling the audience with onw of the best songs of the night, "Come"... most of the audience was sitting during the song but they were all standing by the end. This concert was the best thing you can experince, i would go over and over again.......I love Fleetwood Mac!!!!
I had been waiting for Fleetwood Mac to come back to the Twin Cities since the 'Dance' Tour. I missed that tour, and was anxious to see Stevie Nicks on her TISL tour. Well, unfortunately, she cancelled due to illness. So, I hoped nothing would happen and that FM would come back here. When I heard that they were indeed coming, I was going to be sure that I could go. My friend couldn't decide where to sit, so we almost didn't get tickets. We ended up getting seats in the very upper section, to the left and behind the stage. A word of advice for future concert-goers: DON'T stay in those seats for the entire show! You'll miss the cool lighting/backdrop behind the band. So, we did move during Lindsey's 'Come', and stood behind a section to the left of the stage. MUCH BETTER!!! The security guard didn't even kick us out (we weren't the only ones standing there either). I had read reviews from this site prior to the concert, and my excitement grew with each day until the day of the concert FINALLY came. Highlights included: actually seeing some women dressed up like Stevie- especially one women who had the 'I Can't Wait' white dress with the boots, and the tie-back top (FABULOUS!). For 'conservative' Minnesotans, I was afraid people were going to sit on their butts all night- but they proved me wrong. It took awhile, but by the end of the concert, people were standing, yelling, singing along with the band. Was disappointed by no tour books (maybe they can make a video like was done for 'The Dance'). Would of been great to have heard either 'Thrown Down' (my favorite from the CD),or 'Everybody Finds Out', but liked the mix of old and new songs. I have to say I came to see Stevie most of all, but was amazed by Lindsey's performance. His guitar playing was exceptional (he was playing two handed at times, and even let front row attendees play along). I swear he and Stevie were playing "tag" during 'Tusk' (although I don't think he caught her- she got out of the way in the nick of time). It was hilarious to watch. Of course Mick showed us his varied eye/facial expressions during the entire show (FYI: LOVE the red shoes!) Stevie spun so fast during Stand Back (my favorite song of hers), that I thought she was going to fly off the stage!!! And to time it so perfectly that she got back to the mike to the perfect beat. My friend thought it was one of the best concerts she's been to (and she's a frequent concert-goer). Since this was my first FM concert, I'm still in shock that I really was there to witness this amazing band. By the way, John M. is the one whose bass playing lays the foundation for so many of the great FM songs. Wished I could of gone on night 2 at the "X", but had a magical time nonetheless. Thank you for coming back to MN, and hope to see you again someday. Enjoy yourselves!!!
Todd H.
What a wonderful show!! After reading some reviews I wasn't sure what to expect, if the shows of old were in the past and toned down performances would be the norm from now on. But I was pleasantly surprised. Some highlights for me were Eyes of the World and Beautiful Child, both of which I'd never heard live before. Lindsey & Stevie both looked and sounded fabulous and the absence of Christine only left the door open for both of them to showcase their talents much more noticeably than in days gone by. Stevie especially put her signature on all of the songs she sang on, her voice was clear and true and really stood out on the songs. Her harmonies and background vocals were flawless. Beautiful Child stands out especially with Stevie hitting registers she usually steers clear of. I had a great time as did my friends I brought along.
Wow, what can I say about Fleetwood Mac? I think everyone has told all there is to tell about this spectacular tour. The "Landslide" emotion between Stevie and Lindsey, "Beautiful Child", the twirling on "Stand Back" and those Reebok platform shoes. What could I possibly add to the list of praises already miles long? I don't know if I'll add anything new, but here goes. I was on the floor in the left section right on the center aisle. While going to my seat I walked right by the stage and saw where everybody would be when the show started. Let me tell you that Fleetwood Mac does not travel light! I mean there were microphone stands galore, more drums then a marching band, and hundreds of lights. Needless to say I knew that this was going to be one hell of a show. Then I caught a glimpse of the shortest microphone stand, with beads and long strands of black. Hmmm...wonder who that belongs to? That got me even more pumped for the show. Then at probably 8:20, the lights dimmed, and the stage began to fill with people. Guitar players, drummers, Sharon and Mindy, John, Mick, and finally Lindsey Buckingham escorting the lady of the evening to her place. The lights came up, and the music began. The first harmony of the night on "The Chain" sent chills through my spine. As many times as you can listen to a song on CD, nothing compares to hearing the real thing right in front of you. After they got everybody warmed up, Stevie kicked in with "Dreams". It's a classic song, and you can't help but love it. After that, they did some songs from the new cd, which went over pretty well. I think "Peacekeeper" got as much applause as some of the classic cuts. But hold on, the best was yet to come. A little song about a Welsh Witch. "Rhiannon" is and always be my favorite song by Fleetwood Mac. No matter how the song has changed through the years, it's Stevie's shining moment. This version was pretty close to the original back in '75. Granted, Stevie can't go crazy at the end like she used to, but it still rocked. The new line "Well...I don't think you do" fits perfectly into the song. I could go on forever about it, but there are other things that need mentioning. Like Lindsey's guitar playing. I think he is by far the most underrated guitar player out there. This man can play! His solo's were by far the coolest parts of the evening. I wish he was recognized more for his flawless work. I just stood there in awe watching him and his guitar during "Come", "Never Going Back Again", "Second Hand News" and many others. It was the best guitar playing I have ever seen. Another highlight was "Gold Dust Woman". The whole band seemed like one on this song. Everybody did a perfect job, and the pose at the end by Stevie was great. She looked like she was in her 20's again, singing it for the first time. This got everybody going crazy. And before we could settle down, BAM! There went "Stand Back". Everybody was jamming to this song. Dancing and singing like fools, but hey, we all paid for our seats, so we can do those kinds of things. And all of a sudden Stevie took a few steps to my left closer to John McVie, and TWIRLED! I'd say it was at least a dozen twirls. Everybody went nuts seeing that, but who wouldn't? It's hypnotic. You have to love it. After that, Lindsey exploded with "Go Your Own Way". This was his best solo of the night. Even though the emotion behind the song has changed since '77, it still blew the roof off of the X charged with feeling and talent. "World Turning" was really cool with Stevie taking over Christine's verses. And for a 61 year old man to play a drum solo the way Mick did, it was out of this world. I'm a third of his age, and there's no way I could do that. Stevie closed the show with "Goodbye Baby", which was really nice, and a fitting end. I still would have loved to hear Christine play "Songbird" for us, but this was still a great way to end the show. Every member of the band wished us all well, and good health, and slipped away into the dark. Just as quickly as they had come. This was definitely a once in a lifetime experience, and I'm glad i got the opportunity to share it with you all. Thank you Mick, John, Lindsey, and of course Stevie for an unforgettable evening! Don't stay away too long!
Michael Hanson
I have a one word review - AWESOME! The Star Tribune gave a so-so review of the show but said that Stevie basically stole the show from the rest of the band. It took her a little while to warm up to the crowd but once she did ... she was unstoppable. Stevie definitely appreciated the crowd at this show and walked from side to side several times singing (without a mic) to the people on the sides of the Excel Center. She gave the best performance I've seen in nearly a decade and a half. She tore the living daylights out of Gold Dust Woman, spun like a mad woman on Stand Back and brought the SOLD OUT crowd to tears with Beautiful Child. Lindsey really rips the guitar into a frenzy on Come and Go Your Own Way. During Tusk, Lindsey tried to get Stevie to dance with him but she wasn't having anything to do with him at that point - she picked up her tambourine and started pounding as she walked away, smiling like a mad woman. I thought her version of Don't Stop was a welcome change and most of the crowd didn't know the difference. Lots of Minnesota gals (and some guys) dressed up in Stevie regalia from Bella Donna to Rock A Little. I had 17th row floor seats to this show and am returning tonight with 13th row center seats. I can't believe that they are performing here two nights in a row!!!
Paula F.
An awesome night of music was experienced on the 19th of june at St.Paul's Energy Ctr. I have been a fan forever and from the 13th row the view was fantastic. A quick little run down first. STEVIE...gorgeous & demure, LINDSEY...fiery & intense, MICK...humurous & intense as well, JOHN...solid & sure ! The chemistry they have is the finest of ANY band around!! I know a lot of you out there would agree with me too!! Stevie has such a special place in my heart, I must admit I teared up when I first saw her enter the stage. My husband teased me a little bit about it, but he knows how much her music means to me. It is so refreshing to see so many Stevie & Fleetwood Mac fans out there. And I would like to say,Lindsey you are SUPERB!! Your performance was stunning! Stevie, your VOICE & PRESENCE are a rare gem!! Mick,John, you are both a CLASS ACT!! DON'T miss the chance to experience them live! Their music is timeless and you will truly regret it if you miss this.Goosebumps & tears will be had by all !!!!
The night was finally here... I'd been waiting 12 years to see Stevie Nicks again - I was on the Edge of Seventeen the last time I saw Fleetwood Mac - Id had tickets to see her several times through the years , but something always happened , the last being 9/11 and I didnt want to fly to the show in Las Vegas. 8:15 pm - the lights finally go down - and I see her in the shadows - when the light hit her my eyes welled up with tears! The Mac went right into "The Chain" - it was awesome! They sound better than ever and look better than ever. Lindsey Buckingham is a guitar maestro - and he and Stevie look like they really are enjoying playing together again. "Landslide" was a big highlight, you could hear the whole audience singing along - gave me goosebumps! But my all time favorite song and of the show had to be "Gold Dust Woman" - Stevie ROCKS! Noone can compare to that unmistakeable voice and talent. I just cant wait to see them again -Mick, John, Stevie, & Lindsey have a magic that is undeniable - they are definately living legends... Thank you for what you do!
Rachel Tomala
I saw Fleetwood Mac last night at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN, and it`s hard to find words that do it justice! It was, by FAR, the BEST concert I have ever seen in my life. I have been a Stevie fan for about 16 years and seen her solo twice before, but I had never seen Fleetwood Mac., Like I had expected, I cried when the whole band came out. I cried all the way through "The Chain", which absolutely ROCKED! Other highlights from the evening include: "Second Hand News", which was fantastic and really rocked, started to get people off their feet a bit. "Rhiannon"...oh my gosh that rendition was without a doubt the GREATEST I had ever seen it performed!! It rivaled her 70`s performances...she did all those yells and even a little spin, to everyone`s delight!! "Gold Dust Woman" was amazing, she posed in front of Mick`s drums at the end just like on The Dance video, where she has her arms up and the light is shining through her gold cape...The woman is literally amazing, I can`t stress it enough!! "Come" ROCKED, Lindsey attacks his guitar and looks SO FINE doing it too! I think he broke the strings three separate times :) "Stand Back"...OH MY GOD this was my favorite song of the night...no one in my Senior Citizens section wanted to dance, so I danced like a crazy girl all by myself... Stevie spun so many times like days of old, her voice was in awesome shape and I wished she would just sing it again!!!! "Beautiful Child" was a sweet addition, and "Tusk" was amazingly fun...Of course "Go Your Own Way" brought the house down, by this time EVERYONE in the place was up dancing, singing and clapping along. Mick had a drum solo for us during "World Turning", that was so fun to be a part of!! He had a mic and was talking to us, asking if we were still with him!! AHH! He is such a cutie! And he had funny little red elfin shoes on too. At the end, they all said some kind of parting words to us, but I couldn`t understand what anyone said but Mick. His was something along the lines of "Be good to yourselves, be good to one another, and it`s most important to smile. We love you" and then he kissed us through Stevie`s mic, this 6'5" Englishman bent over little Stevie`s microphone was such a cute sight. I had a BLAST, and I`m surprised I didn`t cry at the end during Stevie`s sweet "Goodbye Baby"...That`s probably because I know I`ll be right back there tonight, doing it all again...Stevie you are and always will be the Queen of Rock & Roll, you are awesome, timeless, and I thank you for the positive influence you have had on my life! I love you girl :) Rock on Fleetwood Mac!! YOU ARE AMAZING and I love you all!! Can`t wait for round two tonight!!

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