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6/20/03 Xcel Energy Center St. Paul, MN

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I got to see the entire concert Friday June 20th at St Paul. I can't remember when I ever had such a good time. Stevie Nicks, one word for her PHENOMENAL. She looked so great and did an amazing job on gold dust woman. I've been waiting 7 years to see them, and it was worth every second. Their music means so much to me. I was very happy to hear eyes of the world and beautiful child (from two of my favorite albums). Lindsey played his heart out and brought the crowd to their feet many times. John McVie came in with his killer base and Mick was fired up. I can see how it really is his heart's desire. I missed Christine alot, but they more than made up for it with an amazing performance. One of the best parts of the night was Stevie and Lindsey singing together on Landslide, it was very touching. Fleetwood Mac fans are the best. I was lucky enough to be sitting beside a girl about my age and her mom. We sang and danced all night and didn't sit down once. I can't wait to see them again next Sunday. Thank you so much for touring Fleetwood Mac, you are forever the greatest rock and roll band!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW! What a great show! Glad to see these legends still rockin and looking like they still enjoy it after all these years! Stevie is still beautiful and has that great voice. Lindsey and John can still jam on those guitars. And Mick! What can I say? The man is an entertainer in all sense of the word. Thanks so much for all the memories!
Rachel and Brad
I saw Fleetwood Mac and the lovely Miss Stephanie Nicks last evening for the second night in a row at the Xcel. I brought my boyfriend Brad, whom I had made a huge fan of the band over the past few months. I was so excited when they took the stage, because I knew we were in for another awesome night. Not too much was different from Thursday night`s show, however, it did seem a bit toned down. "Rhiannon" was still beautiful... Stevie, enchanting as always, did the "dream on, silly dreamer" version, and that was absolutely awesome. "Gold Dust Woman" was great too, and "Second Hand News" rocked again!! I cried through "Landslide", "Beautiful Child" and of course "Goodbye Baby"...I wish I could see them again on this tour, it was AWESOME!! "World Turning", "Stand Back" and "Go Your Own Way" were so much fun, too. Stevie sounded the best I have ever heard her. She is the most amazing, talented woman in the world and I am grateful that she and Fleetwood Mac continue to share their talents with us. Mick is The Master of the Drums, and I LOVED when he was talking to the crowd and asking "Are you still with me!?!" and playing the drums on his vest...Lindsey...wow what can I say! Still awesome, still beautiful!! I don`t have the words to describe his scorching guitar work...and of course John, where would they be without his thumping bass lines leading the way?? I am SO thankful I got the opportunity to see this legendary band twice. Now if only I could just meet Stevie once, I could die a happy girl :) Fleetwood Mac...thank you for an UNFORGETTABLE evening, I love you, and ROCK ON!!!
Craig, Debbie, Jamie, and Peach
Just returned from the 2nd night of Fleetwood Mac in St. Paul, MN. As expected the song line up was the same. Stevie was incredible and during goldust woman she performed at least 12 twirls! Lindsey was electric and tore the house down with his guitar solos. Can't wait for next week's shows in Chicago and the fundraiser in Phoenix when I can actually meet and party with Fleetwood Mac.
My 22 year old daughter, Sarah, and I attended the St Paul show last evening. The Mac is definetly back! Wow! Stevie looked relaxed. Her and Lindsey were so playful. You can tell that all of the "stuff" from the past is gone. She sang her heart out and showed so much emotion. It was so sureal. Rhiannon was, what I felt, the most emotional song of the night. She got so wild near the end and then brought us back to earth with her soft ending. I get the chills just reliving it. Of course, Lindsey blew us away! When he was playing I'm So Afraid, my daughter turned to me and said "Mom, he has got to be the most under recognized guitar player in the world". She is right on. He truly is a master at his craft! John was so in the background, where he likes it, but his bass was not! There were times when you could feel it going through you. Amazing. And then there is Mick Fleetwood. What a madman. I say that with utter respect! He kept saying "Are ya with me?" when he played his vest on World Turning. That put the crowd in a frenzy! I could go on and on. I anxiously await other St Paul reviews. If they do not feel as emotional as I do, well, they had to have been at a different show! p.s. Hi Ashley!
This is the second concert we've seen on this tour (the first being in Nashville). The show Thursday night in St. Paul was wonderful. Stevie seemed to really be enjoying herself. Lindsey was outstanding as usual. Of course, Mick and John were great too. It seemed as if everyone in the audience was singing along during Landslide. Silver Springs and Beautiful Child were very well received. I can't wait for the second St. Paul concert tonight.

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