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3/4/04 Sydney Entertainment Centre Sydney, Australia

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Chris Hormann
Hi - I thought I'd drop a quick review of the 1st Mac concert in Sydney from a Kiwi perspective: This has been the culmination of a dream - when I heard Fleetwood Mac were heading 'Down Under', I assumed they would head over to New Zealand but as the time grew closer, it became obvious they wouldn't make it. Therefore I decided that I had to make a trip across the Tasman Sea to Sydney - who knows if the Mac would ever head down this way again. I am so pleased that I made the effort because they put on a great show - my DVD of the Dance (worn thin from some much playing) had given me some preparation for the concert but I was still blown away. From the opening number "The Chain" where Stevie high-kicked as she came on stage to the delicate and touching finale of "Goodbye Baby", I was completely in thrall to the band. While it was great to hear Stevie and Lindsey perform they're hits (Dreams, Rhiannon, Go Your Own Way, Big Love) the best moments in the concert were of the lesser known songs - from Lindsey a great version of "Eyes of the World" and a brilliant acoustic "Never Going Back Again" while Stevie poured her heart and soul into "Silver Springs" and best of all "Beautiful Child", my favourite of her songs. HTe new songs were also well received, especially "Peacekeeper" and "Say Goodbye". The interaction between the two lead musicians kept the crown entertained - whether putting on a boxing match or on "Landslide", Stevie draping her arms around Lindsey. The rythmic heart of The Mac, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood proved to be as solid as ever - John happy to stay in the background (despite a cheer from the crowd 'you're a monster John") and Mick going mad on "World Turning". "Don't Stop" had pretty much the entire crowd on their feet, in appreciation for a great rock band. I will never forget this night and only hope I get another opportunity to see them again.
Jenni & Elise
I Went to see Fleetwood Mac at the Sydney Entertainment Centre for the first time ever on the 4/3/04 Wow, what can I say, I had the best time ever. Stevie Nicks is just gorgeous, and she has the most beautiful voice. Lindsey and Stevie are just so perfect together up on stage. Lindsey rocked on stage and I ended up wondering if he would have enough guitars to get him through the night after the way he was tearing them up.. Mick and John were having the time of their lives, looking as though they all had never been apart. The set list was perfect, some old and some new...I was so mesmerized by the whole experience, whilst chatting away with my friend about how good the concert was we ended up on the wrong tram for home,, Well, we were very excited. My daughter and I were also able to attend the last FM Sydney concert. A good friend of mine who lives in America and who is also a huge life long devoted Stevie/FM fan sent me tickets so we could experience the Magic of the Mac for a second time. The concert on the 7/3/04 was sensation. Stevie once again sang beautiful, moving around the stage working her magic. A couple of the songs had lyrics that just brought me to tears with the way in which Stevie sang them. The whole groups performance was awesome and exciting and I am still re-living it in my mind. I so hope they come back again one day. . To my friend Keith, again thank you for the tickets, we had the best time ever!! To Stevie/Fleetwood Mac, thank you so much for coming to Australia. we love you all here in Aus. And Stevie I hope you liked the Kangaroo with joey in it's pouch. Thanx again, FM!
"Little Lies"
I was at the Sydney Show last night, a great show. Musically as tight as ever no mistakes apart from when the audience played Lindsay's guitar. Technically 'Silver Springs' was too quick, lost all of its feeling.....but the highlight had to be 'Never Going Back', and ' Big Love'. Lindsay and Stevie love playing on 'their relationship', and I loved watching it, fantastic showmanship...... and man, what about the history.
Oh what a night! As a ten year old in the early '80's I was blown away by a goddess singing "Stand Back" and last night, like a dream come true I saw her live for the first time and singing this very tune. I can't stop thinking about The Mac concert. Stevie's passionate performance was an endorphin rush, one that has continued today just thinking back to the concert last night. Unbelievable really. xxx
Stevie has just cast a spell on me, I'm mesmirised ! What a fantastic show, and Stevie's voice is a once in a lifetime experience, never to be forgotten. xx
I teach piano,the little girl I teach called me several months ago to say her family had bought me a ticket to see Fleetwood Mac with them. I was totally blown away, although not really familiar with the music. Only recently being drawn into Stevie Nicks music by way of being a huge Sheryl Crow fan. This concert blew my mind, I play drums and we were only about 10 rows back on the side which had given me a perfect view of Mick Fleetwood on his drums.The combination of his incredible drumming and the master percussionist ( im sorry for not remembering his name) was just.....i dont know how to describe it.....the drum solo and massive finishes to many of the songs, my jaw was on the ground. I think I held my breath for 10 minutes..my knees were shaking..it was amazing. The vocals were always incredible, and i have to say to see Stevie Nicks up close and to hear her sing live was a huge thrill. Also, just as the concert started a man that worked at the theatre offered the little girl i was with a pair of ear plugs, she looked at him like he was insane. When FM broke into Dont Stop at the end of the show her eyes lit up...big grin on her face..since we had been learning it on piano she loved jamming along to it on the cd. What i think is cool is that this music can still appeal to such young kids..and i think probably not enough kids get to hear this music. To see and hear some amazing artists that are good role models due to their love and passion for their art that u can see on their faces and hear in their voices on stage. The fact that they could wow the audience dressed in tracky dacks and slippers..it wouldnt matter what they wore..dont need to dance..costume changes. amazing sets behind them..none of that stuff matters like it does for so much of the music today..they can amaze with their talent and passion..I just wish FM could have seen the look on this youngins face when they played Dont Stop...it was beautiful. I am now a huge fan and will be buying as many cds as i can get my hands on....after the show i bought a FM poster..i find myself standing in my room staring at it with a silly grin on my face .I am so amazed by their talent and feel very very lucky to have had the chance to see and hear it for myself live..something i will never forget... cheers
Well it has been 3 days since I went to see Fleetwood Mac and all I can say is that they "Totally Rock," from the moment that the lights went down and Stevie and Lindsey holding hands came out onto the stage, my stomach was up near my throat, it seems that I have watched this band from a far for a long time and I finally got to see them, The atmosphere was electric. The band really turned it on, my favourite of the night would have to when Stevie belted out both of my favourite songs, "Sivler Springs" and "Beautiful Child". WOW is really all that I can say. Definitely a historic moment in my books. Thanks Fleetwood Mac for putting supplying me with a memory that I won't forget too soon. kindest regards.
Greg D.
The first of the 3 Sydney shows was amazing! ... right from the start Stevie was smiling and appeared to be having a great time! This was my 3rd show after having seen the 1st concert in Newcastle and the 2nd Brisbane show on 20th Feb. I was sitting further back than at the first 2 shows, however you could feel the energy in the room really well. The crowd singing along during 'Landslide' was great! Lindsey received a great response from the crowd following his big numbers 'Come', 'Big Love' & 'I'm So Afraid' ... he always appears to be blown away by the crowd's response to these songs. He even signed programs for a few of the people at the front of the stage following the encores ... Highlights of this show for me were 'Landslide', 'Say Goodbye', 'Gold Dust Woman', 'Beautiful Child' & 'Silver Springs' ... they rocked out on the ending of that one much more than I've ever felt before. I was fortunate enough to attend the meet & greet after the show and got to meet Stevie (though very briefly). She is so amazing in person! After rocking out for 2 hrs on stage she was friendly and gracious as she shook hands and posed with strangers for photos. Whilst Lindsey & John didn't appear to be too into it, Mick and Stevie came across as genuinely appreciative of the warm response they have been receiving on this tour and greeted people enthusiastically. Each band member was presented with a plaque for 'Say You Will' achieving Gold in Australia. The plaque had on it the album cover and some Aboriginal artwork. Stevie commented that they will definitely be going on their wall and Mick said that they were "very classy." After my quick hello and photo, I couldn't help just standing there watching Stevie as she greeted people and posed for photos. I was nervous that Stevie may not be really into meeting people after having just done a show and feared that she may just go through the motions... the opposite was true ... Stevie is beautiful and warm and it was a pleasure just to be in the same room. After loving her for so many years it is so good to see her so comfortable in her own skin ... enjoying the music and performing for her fans. This was a very brief, however very special moment. I can't wait until the final show on Sunday night ...
Robbie Smith
To witness the legendary Fleetwood Mac live in concert at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on the 4th of March was a dream come true, but to relive that dream on the 6th of March was just amazing. At 18 years of age these 2 concerts were my first of I hope many Stevie/ Fleetwood Mac experiences. The band played for more than 2 1/2 hours to a screaming audience and truly rocked the house. Seeing Stevie Nicks walk out onto the stage for the first time on Thursday night gave me goosebumps. I could'nt believe I was in the same place as Stevie Nicks. As soon as the band walked out onto the stage the audience erupted. From the opening of "the Chain" through to the second encore "Goodbye Baby" I was mesmerised and barely took my eyes off Stevie for the whole 2 nights. "Gold Dust Woman" was amazing. Stevies voice was so strong and powerful."Landslide and Silver Springs" were absolutely beautiful. All 3 songs left me tingling all over. The absolute highlight of both nights for me was "Stand Back." It was absolutely awesome and rocked the house. The vibrations were pumping through my body. "I'm So Afraid" had the same effect. Both songs completely rocked. "The Chain, Dreams, Eyes of the World, Peacekeeper, Second Hand News, Say You Will, Come, Never Going Back Again, Gypsy and Beautiful Child" were all amazing performances. The crowd erupted at the beginning of Rhiannon. "Tusk, Go Your Own Way, World Turning and Don't Stop" were spectacular. Micks drum solo during "World Turning" was great. I Don't think I stopped clapping and cheering during those 4 songs which were stretched out to probably 45 minutes. Then for the final encore Stevie sang "Goodbye Baby" and I knew that this amazing night was coming to an end. Stevie Nicks performed so passionately. She looked and sounded so amazing. Lindzey Buckinghams guitar solos and performances are second to none. He is by far the most amazing guitarist in the World. Mick Fleetwood and John McVie were amazing and to think they've been doing this for almost forty years. They performed with such energy. This band could easily out rock any new band. My throat is still sore from all the yelling and cheering. Rock on forever. Thank You for the 2 most amazing nights of my life. I hope to see you all Down Under very soon. PS. I hope to see you in Australia on your next solo tour Stevie. Thank You.

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