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3/7/04 Sydney Entertainment Centre Sydney, Australia

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Brett Vollus
well i just had the thrill of attending my 28th stevie nicks/fleetwood mac gig since 1977. as a plucky 15 year old who talked his way into the mac's press conference at the sebel town house in sydney in 1977 i would never have expected that i would be front row in sydney again for the greatest rock and roll band in the world nearly thirty years later at nearly age 43!!!!!!! what a mind blowing achievement from this awesome, human, empowering foursome!!!!!!! stevie, lindsey, mick and john, thank you so, so much! the band were in awe of their aussie tour with stevie herself proclaiming that they had taken around 3000 photos!! the most touching moment in the three sydney gigs that i attended was during say goodbye with stevie staring intently and passionately into lindsey's eyes as he he serenaded her with his goodbye lament. the song was so ALIVE as compared to the cd version. stevie's tears during goodbye baby on thursday night as she remembered her friend beverly brought a tear to my eye. the best part of all three gigs was the front row, line dancing with stevie through her upbeat version of say you will!!!!!!! what a moment!!!!!!!! thank you so much guys! a little bit of australia will surely remain in your hearts as you do in ours!!!!!!!!!!
Janet Parker
I was determined to see Fleetwood Mac as much as possible, so attended all 3 Sydney concerts and was one of the people who got to play Lindsey's guitar, gotta love that. I have loved this band since I first saw Stevie sing the first line of "Rhiannon" on the music video shows all those years ago and love them as much today. They are such a great rock n roll band and really had the Ent Cent jumping but know how to play the quieter numbers too. I loved all the songs they did with my favourites being "Rhiannon" of course, "Silver Springs", "Landslide" and "Go Your Own Way". They are such awesome musicians and after seeing Lindsey play such blistering guitar parts it makes me wish I'd practiced my guitar playing so much more! It would've been great to see the classic lineup again but I won't complain as I'm thrilled the four of them put together some a great show to bring downunder. Just hope you all come back again, the new bands have nothing on you. The Mac Rules.
This was my second Fleetwood Mac show, after attending also on Thursday night - the first time I have ever been moved enough by a performance to attend a second show. It was awesome to witness these songs live, after listening to them at home and in the car for so many years. Stevie was spectacular, just awesome. Lindsey was a revelation to me - what an amazing guitarist! I loved hearing all my favourites, as well as some beautiful new songs, and old ones I was unfamiliar with. I really marvel at how this band can cross so many generations - in my mid 20's myself, I took my parents with me on Thursday night, and on this night my younger sister accompanied me. Great music truly does speak to everyone. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for two wonderful evenings.
Greg D.
I have just returned home from the last night of Fleetwood Mac's Australian tour. Another brilliant show with the band again in fine form. This was the 4th show I saw on this tour and I am still impressed at how much fun they have on stage and how they appear to genuinely appreciate the response from the audience. We were front row tonight and stood at the front of the stage for the whole show. Lindsey was having fun with a few of the crowd at the front of the stage ... pulling faces and lots of smiles... even John shared a laugh or two with Stevie throughout the night ... and when Mick introduced John as the 'backbone of FMac' ... John walked over to Mick's drum kit and handed him a US $ note which Mick then used to wipe his forehead! It's hard to pick the highlights out of the 2 hour set list, but here's a few ... Lindsey & Stevie doing 'Landslide' & 'Say Goodbye' is simply amazing ... the quiet part in the middle of 'Say Goodbye' where Stevie sings softly to Lindsey is just incredible! ... you could have heard a pin drop ... really enjoyed 'Never Going Back Again' tonight ... pure magic with just the 4 band members on stage in a stripped back version of a great song... and I will never forget the live version of 'Beautiful Child' ... a long time favourite from the 'Tusk' album brought to life with such passion by Stevie... now if next time we could hear 'Crystal' or 'Storms' ... After arriving home at 3pm today after being out all night at the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade and dance party tonight proved to be a brilliant post-party recovery! This has been a great tour ... thanks to FMac ... please come back soon ... I'm off to bed now!!

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