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9/20/03 Air Canada Center Toronto, Canada

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Just a short review, what everyone has said so far is right on so I won't repeat it, but I will highlight just a couple things that made my night extra special. I had the great fortune of scoring front row centre seats the day before the concert, gave my 7th row to my husband, met some new friends from Buffalo from Micks message board, got Lindseys autograph on my SYW cd & one for my friend, played his guitar (& rubbed his leg). Life doesn't get any better!!! Thank you Fleetwood Mac for including Canada in this magical, blissful & spectacular show!!! and thank you fellow Canadian fans & out of towners for showing the Mac that WE LOVE THEM!!!!
Lyndsey Jones
To sum it up in one sentence - this is what God had in mind when he created music. The Mac is DEFINITELY back!! This was my second show of the tour - I drove 7 hours from Ontario to see the Cincinatti show back in August, and my life was forever changed - I have listened to these songs on vinyl and CD for years, over and over again...but to witness such musical genius and raw, powerful emotion LIVE, touched my soul like nothing else ever has or ever will. After over a month of waiting in AGONY, I headed off to Toronto for the Air Canada Center show. Though the energy of the Toronto crowd was nowhere near that of the Cincinatti concert-goers, Fleetwood Mac still played as though their very lives depended on it. Lindsey BLEW the roof off the place with his explosive and masterful playing, particularly during "I'm So Afraid" "Come" and "Big Love". Mick and John, as always, pumped out a hard, driving rhythm that I could feel in my stomach - man I love that feeling! Mick's performance during "World Turning" just blew me away (both times!). And Stevie...well, what do you say about someone who can reduce you to tears with just one note? If there was EVER any doubt that she could still "do it" after all these years, it can most definitely be laid to rest. Ms. Nicks was truly magical as she ROCKED the house with "Gold Dust Woman" and "Rhiannon", and the pure emotion of her voice during soul-shaking renditions of "Silver Springs", "Landslide", "Beautiful Child" and "Goodbye Baby" has been haunting me every hour of every day since. This is the best thing about a Fleetwood Mac concert - when the show is over, it's not the end...you take a piece of it with you, and you will NEVER forget how amazing you feel when you hear Mick pounding out those first few beats of "The Chain". An absolute highlight for me was how well the new songs translated to the stage - "Say You Will", "Peacekeeper", "Come", "Goodbye Baby", "What's the World Coming To" and "Say Goodbye" are all destined to become Mac standards in no time. The band played them with pure joy, and so they should - Say You Will as an album is as solid as they come. To all you ticket-holders out there, get ready for the night of your lives!! And to those who have yet to see a Fleetwood Mac show, what are you waiting for??!! Thank you Fleetwood Mac, for making this crazy world such an amazing place to be, if only for a few hours. (Christine, you are missed)
Tim Magas
I just got back to Winnipeg from having seen the concert at the AIR CANADA CENTRE in Toronto and my mind is still buzzing from what I experienced!!In this day and age where concerts become more and more about spectacle and less and less about music,it amazes me that after all these years FLEETWOOD MAC has the power to captivate thousands of people by simply standing and delivering.And boy did they ever.The chemistry between Stevie and Lindsey is indescribable.All the history and emotions simply flow through the songs.They speak for themselves.I have never left a concert feeling so satisfied with a set list as this one.(Please reconsider your opinion on Sara before you retire from the concert stage Stevie).I can't believe I got to experience GYPSY live along with clips of my favorite video as well.It took my breath away.And anyone who dares to say Stevie is past her prime has not seen her do STANDBACK live.She blew the roof off!!I hope a DVD of this concert is made because I have to experience it again!!!
Oh. My. God. I never thought I'd see Stevie sing Beautiful Child live in concert - never mind mere feet away from me. The world could have crumbled around me for all I would have noticed. I can't even put words to the feeling. That alone was worth the full $150 ticket price. I have seen Stevie three times solo, and this was my eighth or ninth Fleetwood Mac show - the first time I've ever seen Stevie and Lindsay perform live together; again, something I never thought I'd have the chance to see. I thought after the Tango in the Night tour, that would be it for the band. I cried after the Behind the Mask tour - I was positive that was it (Lindsay, thank you for coming back!!). Tonight, Stevie and Lindsay almost brought me to tears so many times - doesn't everyone just wish they were in love again??? Their chemistry is electric. From the guitar solo moment in Landslide, to their dance during Tusk, to the entire hold-your-breath rendition of Say Goodbye... They are so good together - their voices are made for each other. I loved every minute - it was so great to hear Second Hand News and Never Going Back Again (again, hate to be repetitive - but just never thought I'd get to hear those songs live. It was such a great surprise). I so hope Fleetwood Mac will continue to tour - we will continue to come out. Now, if we could only convince Stevie and Lindsay to do Buckingham-Nicks 2 (and release the first one on CD!), and sing some of those incredible early songs...
From the haunting drum beats of The Chain, the energy level in the ACC was brewing. As each member took the stage, their presence was something to marvel at; it was almost surreal. Legends in our time sounding as fresh and as relevant as they ever have. The new material from "Say You Will" mingled perfectly with the classics, which proves the timelessness of this great band. It would have been great to hear some more "Say You Will" gems like, "Thrown Down", and "Destiny Rules", but the guitar-driven choices really gave Lindsey a chance to shine. Gypsy and Silver Springs were gorgeous. Stevie has this stage presence that demands respect and complete adoration...she truly is one of our greatest voices in music, period. Rhiannon backed that up. Her whole "spinning" thing is classic. Mick's vest solo was stunning, as all of Lindsey's solos. This is the beauty of this band; varying memebers bringing their own dynamic character to the fold. Seamless and heart-warming. The choice for "Goodbye Baby" as the closer was perfect. I am so happy for the Mac that their longevity, and brilliance still speaks for itself. A night I won't soon forget. And yes Mick, "the MAC is BACK!", but when you're timeless to begin with, is there ever any question?
Paula K.
An evening with Fleetwood Mac was the best ever interactive & outgoing concert I have ever seen! The energy radiated from Stevie & Lindsey to all the fans throughout the whole show! When Lindsey went over to Stevie & started to embrace dance with her, it brought out such a happiness to the whole venue that I actually went home & thought about the whole experience & tears welled in my eyes! I prayed to God that night to bless Stevie, Lindsey & the whole band for touching my heart & sparking my emotions. The concert was an experience I will never, ever forget. Thanks for the memories & a superior great time.
Louis-François Dallaire
I was lucky enough to attend the only canadian concert of the Say You Will tour, in Toronto, on September 20th at the Air Canada Centre. It's an experience that I will not soon forget. I had been fortunate enough to catch the band on the Tango In The Night tour in Montreal, in October 1987. That concert had left me with fantastic memories, although Lindsey was unfortunately out of the band by then, as we all know. But Stevie and Christine's songs were heavily featured, so that more than made up for the absence of Lindsey. At least that's what I thought until I saw them in Toronto last night. Simply put, that guy is the best guitar player I've ever heard in my entire life. Of course, Stevie was fantastic - and many of my favourite moments in this concert came from her repertoire - but I was expecting that, of course ! So it was no surprise to see her shine and captivate the entire auditorium. I did not expect, however, to be so moved by Lindsey's performances. The evening started, appropriately enough, with the anthemic "The Chain". I got shivers just hearing the opening bars and felt, "This is the real thing". Unfortunately, the sound at Air Canada Centre was not always up to par, and the subtlety of John's classic bass line was somehow lost in the mix. It was still a pure explosion of energy, pain and emotions, even better than on record. Then came "Dreams", which Stevie performed beautifully and which was very well complemented by Lindsey's guitar work. "Eyes Of The World" is a song that I always loved on record (one of the few true gems on "Mirage"), but it was my first delightful surprise of the evening. I could only gasp in amazement at the reworked arrangements - so energic, so inspired, and such a delightful vocal interplay between Lindsey and Stevie ! This one really blew my mind. Then came "Peacekeeper" and "Second Hand News", both of which rocked very hard and had many people dancing in the aisles. Lindsey dazzled everyone - including myself - with a flawless, country-flavoured rendition of "Never Going Back Again", and it was a really inspired performance that made the entire band look very good as a musical unit - it had a beautiful flow to it that surpassed the version found on "Rumours". Stevie stepped back to the mike for a delicious rendition of "Say You Will", a song that would have been a number one single in another lifetime, and judging from the reaction of the crowd, I'm not the only who felt this way. She then proceeded to give everything she had on a riveting performance of "Rhiannon", and I'm so glad she still sings that song because it is an essential song in Fleetwood Mac's repertoire. Everyone was watching and listening to this classic song, obviously amazed by what they were witnessing. Lindsey then blew away everyone with a raging interpretation of "Come", a song that left me cold on record but that took on a whole new life on stage. The closing guitar solo seemed to go on forever, and at the same time you did not want it to end ! He really gave it all he had and I swear that when he finished the number, I did not know how he would possibly find the energy and ability to play the guitar for the rest of the show ! Stevie returned with my favourite Fleetwood Mac moment, the lovely "Gypsy", and she gave a flawless rendition of it that made it feel as if we were back in 1982. They even used clips from the video on the backdrop of the stage, and I'm sure that everyone remembered how fascinating this video was - a video that forever cimented the public persona of Stevie Nicks, a sensually twirling fairy-tale gypsy. I felt like I was 12 again, which is the first time I ever saw Stevie Nicks in my TV set ! "Big Love" followed, and maybe because I was already familiar with the outstanding acoustic arrangements (the same heard on "The Dance"), it didn't move me as much as it used to. It was a strong musical moment, but maybe too predictable. Then came "Landslide", and I couldn't believe I was sitting in a room listening to Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham huddled together and performing that song together. You could have heard a fly drop to the floor, it was an intimate and intense moment in the concert that everyone will remember. "Say Goodbye" followed, a song that has the distinction of being my personal favourite on the new album, and they managed to move me to tears with this one. The tempo was somewhat slower, and it gave the song a lingering sadness that was as real as it gets. Stevie (and the backup singers) did some beautifully understated harmonies on this song that heightened the sad beauty of the song, and seing her listen to that song on stage, facing Lindsey, was a moment I will never forget. I told myself, "It must be so special for the two of them to be together on a stage 30 years after their Buckingham-Nicks album debuted, singing those songs to each other after all the traumas they've been through", and you could feel a certain tenderness, the kind you feel for someone that you're no longer "in love with", but that you will always "love". What a great moment ! They played "What's The World Going To", which was a great way to liven things up at this point, and Stevie herself looked like she was having a lot of fun performing that song in particular, she smiled often throughout the performance. Then came another special gift - Fleetwood Mac doing "Beautiful Child" on stage. What a lovely song, one that I have listened to so often in my life, and there she was, giving a flawless rendition of it, every single note falling right in its place, everyone was silently listening to this long-buried treasure, and I remembered being 16 years old and feeling very concerned by some of the lyrics - that's the beautiful thing with Stevie's lyrics, no matter what she meant when she wrote them, you can make up your own interpretation and take them home. It was a very moving moment, and I cannot hide the fact that when I decided to drive for ten hours to Toronto to get to this concert, it was in big part because I wanted to hear "Beautiful Child" in concert - they had never done that song before, and I can't help but wonder why, because even though many people didn't know it that well, it got a very warm reaction. Stevie managed to outdo herself with the most magic performance of "Gold Dust Woman" that I have ever seen and heard. I was fascinated by the musical performance, but also by the way she moved on stage, and the lightning during that particular number was particularly inspired. It was an un expected high point for me in this concert. Lindsey came back with "I'm So Afraid", another song that proves his skills as a guitar player that got him a huge standing ovation, and then Stevie followed with another very moving performance of "Silver Springs", a song that can only qualify as "timeless" - the path taken by this song, from an obscure B-Side to a showstopping hit single, is exceptional - but then so is Stevie ! Then it all turned into one rousing party : "Tusk" (a personal highlight of the show, with Lindsey mockingly pugilating with Stevie, only to hug her to bits after a couple of minutes of kidding with her), "Stand Back" (awesome, and what a dancing spin she took on this one !), "Go Your Own Way" (where the whole crowd finally stood up - and stayed up until the very last second of the concert), "World Turning" (where Mick had people jumping to the roof with his drum solo), and "Don't Stop", where Stevie filled in for Christine beautifully - that song was the moment where everybody in the venue was dancing and jumping up and down. The band closed the show with "Goodbye Baby", a very appropriate finale the Stevie performed with an intimacy and honesty that would have melted an iceberg. I left the venue wishing they were back in Canada at least once a year, and secretly praying for a live album or DVD from this tour. The other players were all outstanding, and as a whole Fleetwood Mac has lost none of its magic. In fact, they only got better, because they are all obviously more focused and professional. Two final comments :

1) Yes, Christine's presence is sadly missed. I would have loved to hear "Little Lies", "You Make Loving Fun", "Everywhere", "Hold Me", "Say You Love Me" and "Songbird". But it's not like there was a ghost silently floating around the venue. As a foursome, these guys rock harder than they ever have, and I guess they're making Christine very, very proud of them.

2) One small constructive critic : unfortunately, Fleetwood Mac once again refuses to perform "Sara" on stage. I know that Stevie says this song is allegedly too hard to do on stage, and that she says it's not as good as the studio version, but I completely disagree (has she listened to the unforgettable version on 1980's "Fleetwood Mac Live" album lately ?). Performing this HUGE CLASSIC (especially with Christine out of the picture, and her countless hit singles with the band being out of the set list) would have been a fantastic addition to the concert. I can only hope that someday, Stevie will reconsider her position regarding this song. As the song says, "Say you will give me one more chance, please give me time to change your mind..." !!!

It's been 2 days since I saw the show at the Air Canada Centre and I'm still buzzing with delight. I'm 23 and went to the concert with my best friend. We have since many concerts, mostly much younger bands, but there was no denying that it was the best concert we have ever attended. They totally brought down the house and confirmed that Lindsay is the most underated, underappreciated guitar player in the universe. I just want to thank the band for stopping in Toronto!
It is almost 24 hours since my first Fleetwood Mac experience, and I am still blown away. There is only one word that can describe the show, amazing. From the start with 'The Chain', right to the finish with 'Goodbye Baby', they put on one amazing show. The most memorable songs, if I had to choose would be 'Gold Dust Woman', 'Rhiannon' - As Stevie got up and did her world famous dances, beautiful. 'Come', 'Big Love', and 'Im So Afraid' - Lindsey just blew the audience away, amazing guitar solos. John's haunting bass chords on 'The Chain', enough to send shivers down your spine. And less we forget the ever so entertaining Mick - I was so blown away by his solo on 'World Turning', I am still in awe. 'Goodbye Baby' was such a suiting song to end with, Stevie voice was flawless. This is one experience I will most definitely never forget. And as the last words of Mick Fleetwood, 'the Mac is back'. The Mac is DEFINITELY back!
Ashley Martin (age 14)
I was at the Fleetwood Mac show in Toronto Canada at the ACC on Saturday. It was the best 3 hours of my entire life. Stevie was just SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! If your reading this Stevie, it's true you are beautiful.She was dancing alot and really looked like she was having fun.She woar all these great shawls over her black dress which was beautiful. She has the most sultriest voice in the world. The songs "Dreams" "Beautiful Child" and " Rhiannon" were amazing.I actually don't think I have a favourite because they all are. I just loved Taku Hirano's percussion solo at the beginnig of "Stand Back",then Stevie starts singing it. I swear she was the star of the show.And Lindsey was a true guitar god during his solos "Go Your Own Way" "Big Love" and "Never Going Back Again". He was very handsome. During "Tusk" Lindsey put down his guitar and started to play around with Stevie and then they jumped around together, holding eachother and jumping at the same time. Mick's Drum solo was fab during"World Turning". He was so into it. He is the greatest drummer ever. John was bashful but he just had this killer bass. I had a great time just screaming my head off yelling "I LOVE YOU " to them.My mom was there with me. This is her 2nd time seeing them and this was my 1st time. at the end Mick said "the mac is back"! And he is right. I am 14 years old and I saw the MAC.I hope they'll read this. I want to see them again. I LOVE YOU STEVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Chain - I noticed the crickets this time and they went on which seemed like forever. The Mac started at exactly 8:00. As soon as they came out I knew we were in for a special treat. The Chain was so much better than the Pittsburgh show. They were really into it and everybody was going crazy. Of course Lindsey and Stevie came out holding hands. They are just too cute. Dreams - Before this Stevie says Welcome Toronto or something like that. Of course this song is always wonderful. I just stand there and stare at Lindsey. I had fun singing to him tonight but he kept looking at this obnoxious family that was in the front row. They were going crazy the entire time but they only knew the old tunes and left for some of the new. I hate that. Eyes of the World - I think this song was third this time because the last time I remember it being the fourth song. Anyway, I love the drums in the beginning and they way they are so animated. Peacekeeper - This song seemed to start out slower that I remember but it was still good. The Mac is really loud without earplugs (I usually wear them because I have constant ringing in my ears). I wish that Stevie would sing that recorded part in the middle. She doesnt even try and it cracks me up. Of course Lindsey had to make his Force speech before the song. Say You Will - I just love this song and the way Stevie sings it. She was doing the lasso move and I saw a couple of other people doing it too. I sang this song to my husband. The girl beside me was the best because everytime people would leave she would help me move down so that we ended up in the center for most of the night. Never Going Back Again - GOD I love Lindsey. This song was perfect and I just love it. I was singing a little too loud and had to force myself to be quiet. I couldnt help but scream constantly though. Making eye contact with Lindsey sure freaks me out though. He is so intense and when he looks at you it is almost too much that at some point you do look away. You cant help it. I think there were some times when he was looking over at me for a good while and I didnt know what to do with myself. I felt like I was 16 again. LOL Rhiannon - Stevie changed into her usual Rhiannon wear and looked great. She kicked this songs ASS!! She was dragging the microphone and going crazy. I was screaming "Go Stevie"!! She really worked that song and went all out. This was another song that was so much better than Pittsburgh. They had so much more energy. I loved it. Come - HOLY SH*T, Lindsey is a madman. OMG, I could not believe it. I really needed a cigarette after this song was over. He started it out pointing to some girl in the audience and singing to her (I wish it was me) and he was making hand motions to her like come here and then he was making all kind of crazy sexual hand motions. When he said the word fever he ran his hands down his face and body. That man is the sexiest thing alive. It was too much for me. I was flipping out during this song. I swear the solo was about 5-6 minutes long. I had to hold my ears because he was just going crazy. I thought he was going to jerk off the guitar at one point. And then he was doing the gerbal thing and running around like a mad man. It was so funny!! I wish I had as much energy as he has. The floor stood for this song and everybody was really into it. Of course he had everybody freaking out at the end of the song. Gypsy - Lindsey took a break for a minute before this song. I dont know how his hands arent completely destroyed. Gypsy was great. Stevie did all the extra parts at the end. Big Love - More hotness from Mr. Lindsey Buckingham himself. This song was so great and he was screaming the grunts at the end. The crazy family in front of me were doing some kind of pogoing thing during this song which was kinda distracting but if you cant sit there and thing that Lindsey is not the guitar god after this one then there is something wrong with you. Landslide - Of course this song is always great. Stevie stood behind Lindsey and helped play air guitar. I think he kisssed her forehead at the end and they hugged. It was very cute and Stevie milked the Well Maybe part at the end. Everybody loves this one. Say Goodbye - the people that kept coming in and out of the row tried to ruin this song for me. Why do people leave for this song or talk during it? Anyway, Lindsey gave some speech about spontaneaty and they sang it to each other. Stevie seemed kinda sad at the beginning but held it together. At the end I did hear Lindsey say "I could never say goodbye to you." I thought I was hearing things in Pittsburgh when I heard it but not this time. What's the World Coming To - This one started out slow but got faster and better towards then end. Not a bad song but I think there are better ones they could have done from the new cd. Beautiful Child - What can I say about this song? It is so beautiful and sad and lovely. Stevie sang this with so much emotion that you could hear the pain in her voice. She sang the I still love you and need you part at the end. I realy need a boot of this show. She seemed to really go for the high notes tonight. Gold Dust Woman - This song gets better everytime. It was loud and Stevie was really into it. She was twirling and flipping her hair and she went crazy during the Go Home part. I think watching Lindsey go crazy got her riled up cuz I have never seen her move around so much. I'm So Afraid - Another big highlight of the show. He went crazy again and my husband was wondering if he was going to have a heartattack. HA HA. Lindsey was humping the guitar again and then he had it in between his legs. I thought he was going to have sex with it. He was picking it up and putting it over his head and I kept screaming for him to smash it into pieces. His energy is contagious cuz you cant help but go crazy with him. Silver Springs - SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE DANCE! WOW! Stevie pulled out all the stops on this one. At the end she and Lindsey were both stomping their feet and screaming to each other. It makes the dance peformance look so weak. She sang the "Still I am a fool part" and she was flipping her hair and dragging the mic again. I was in awe on this one. Tusk - So the band leaves and all of a sudden I see Lindsey signing autographs. My husband is like get up there. So I had to hop over the front row seats which was no easy feat considering that I had on tight low rise jeans. I ran up there and put my ticket up to him and he grabbed mine and some guy next to me and signed them and then gave them back to me. The was the last ones that he signed for that moment. I was going to have him sign my cd but had no time to get it out of my bag. I was freakign out. The mother of the crazy family got mad and said that I pushed her out of the way. I thought she was gonna start swinging. I dont remember pushing anybody. This song was amazing and way longer that I remember it being in Pittsburgh. So its that time when S n L get frisky and Lindsey unplugs his guitar and starts swinging the chord around like a lunatic. Then he tusks the hell out of John who looked like he was enjoying it. He goes after Stevie and puts up his arms and tries to box with her. She was playing her tambo at him and then he grabbed her and they slow danced for a while. It was so sweat. They looked like they were both really enjoying it. After the slow dance Lindsey just hopped around the stage. It was great to see him so happy, Stand Back - I love this song and tonight was the best performance of this song ever. Before the song really started Lindsey was standing there with his guitar and going crazy again. I dont know how he did not break a string. He had the guitar down low and was thrusting it for a good while. Stevie was on the other side of the stage waiting for him to stop. I think she was kinda pissed. I looked over at my husband and was like "Lindsey is fuc*ing the guitar." HA HA. So finally it is Stevie's turn and she was fired up. She tore the roof off the place and must have done about 15 spins. She was jerking herself back and fourth and really gave it her all. I was proud. Go Your Own Way - Another kick ass performance by man Lindsey. He was still being a maniac and let the people in front of me play the guitar. It sounded like crap but it was all good. He threw a towel to somebody but some guy caught it. Why would a guy want his sweaty towel? World Turning - I love this song but Micks drum thing is way too long. I liked watching Lindsey on the side of the stage. He is too entertaining. Mick's spit was going everywhere and I was glad that I was not at the front at the moment. Security was realy tight and no pictures were allowed to be taken even though you can buy the cameras at the merchandise tables. Don't Stop - I always say how I could do without this song but tonight it sounds amazing and I am so happy to hear it. The MAC freaking rocks and I am so lucky to have seen them twice so far on this tour. Goodbye Baby - I am usually sad at this moment because I know the show is over but not this time. I am just happy being able to spend another 2 1/2 hours with my favorite band. This song was beautiful as always and you can tell that it means alot to Stevie. I thought she sounded choked up at the beginning but she managed to finish it. At the end she held her head down for a while before they did the usualy bow at the end. Lindsey signed more stuff and then told the last person that he had to go. He waited for Stevie and before they walked off stage and I was left with a wonderful feeling. The mac is back and they freaking kicked my ass!! So after the show we leave to go to a bar. It was only 10:30 and figured that we would spend the last night in Toronto getting drunk. (Well not to drunk) We went to the Smiling Moose and as soon as I walked in I knew it was going to be a great finish to the most wonderful evening. They were playing Big Love and everybody was singing and having a great time. There were tons of people there from the show and they all had their shirts on. There would never be a place in Pittsburgh where it would be cool to like the mac. (I hate that). So for the rest of the night the DJ kept playing Mac tunes. It was soo great and everybody was just having a blast. Girls were taking off their bras just to hear them. It was too cool. Me and the old guy behind me kept singing to each other. I dont know how long it has been since the Mac has been to Toronto but everybody was just loving them. I was really sad to leave and get back home today. I have come to love this amazing city in just two short days. I think my friends and thier husband are goint to come back up for New Years. On the way out of the hotel I saw a couple of ladies with their FM shirts on and I was reminded of how amazing last night truly was. I will never forget it and now I have my autographed ticket to add to my wall. (I have a frame with all of my concert tickets in them).
Adrienne Weiss
Thought I'd share my Fleetwood Mac / Stevie experience from Toronto: I just got home from the Fleetwood Mac show at the Air Canada Centre...their only Canadian stop. And what a thrill. A great blend of new and old songs, with awesome touches and flourishes. Amazing, wild guitar playing from an animated Lindsey ("Big Love" is phenomenal). John and Mick were so cohesive, so into it, having so much fun. The drum solo in "World Turning" had me wanting to beat my chest. Missed Christine. For me, though, Stevie was the gold touch, the highlight, and everything she did, from "Dreams" to a spirited "Stand Back" to "Goodbye Baby" felt special. It felt like I was hearing all her songs for the first time. And to hear "Beautiful Child" so raw, and so emotional, was one of the moments in the 2.5 hours that made time stand still.
Andy Parfitt
Last night was Toronto's turn for the Return of the Mac and the show was every bit as good as I had hoped for after reading the reviews of other fans along the way on the tour!! The Air Canada Centre was full (around 15, 000) and very appreciative of the great show. I have seen Stevie as a soloist on 3 or 4 tours and this was my 3rd Fleetwood Mac tour, but she was in best voice by far on Saturday. The mics were really cranked up which allowed us to hear how great she sounded--in the past she has been drowned out by the musicians! Say You Will sounded amazing live--I did not like the TV performances I had seen of this and so was very relieved at how well it came through on the tour. She took Rhiannon to the rafters of the building--she was REALLY into it and that one really got the crowd going. Lindsey of course was right on with his elongated guitar solos--Come,however, seemed to go on a little long for me though....Another favorite for me was Stand Back (she twirled soooo much and still had her breath to carry on with the lyrics right after--I miss the boots but doubt she could still have twirled so energetically with them ???!!!) I thought she might have messed up the lyrics a bit in Gypsy--or I could be wrong--we all know how she likes to add in new lyrics at times--just seemed like she missed a line to me!! It was so cool to hear Second Hand News live too. As others have said, John was very much in the background as I think he prefers to be, but his great bass playing came through on numbers like The Chain and Go Your Own Way. Say Goodbye was excellent--the way it had been slowed down and seemed to be more of a duet for Lindsey and Stevie. Mick had the crowd at his mercy during World Turning. Don't Stop kept the crowd on their feet. I bought some merchandise. Quite a selection of T-shirts--at least 6 of them--I got a tour book and a keychain. I ended up getting the blue T-shirt with Say You Will on the front and on the back Give Me One More Chance along with the US/Toronto tour dates listed. I LOVED THE SHOW-even though we were quite far back due to the computers being down on the day I was supposed to get tickets but still enjoyed it--we all thought it was very effective when the grey sheet came down during Big Love so that the performers' images could be projected onto it rather than on the video screens. Stevie looked gorgeous--especially in the button down sweater she wears at the start of the show. Although I love Christine, this show gave Stevie more of a chance to shine--I am wondering if Christine will come on to sing a song or two during the UK dates--something to think about!! Landslide was dedicated to Toronto and to "my good friend Marilyn Dennis"--she is one of the hosts on Chum FM--Toronto's biggest radio station--and a big Stevie fan! I would see the show again hands down--even after paying $150 (Can dollars) per ticket--it was a blast--if you get a chance--go see it--you will be very pleasantly surprised at the inspiring energy of the show. As Mick says at the end of each show--The Mac is Back--most definitely.
The Fleetwood Mac concert at Toronto's Air Canada Center was simply amazing. I was blown away by the powerful perfomances of every member of the group. Fleetwood Mac had everyone standing on their feet dancing. I saw Stevie Nicks in concert on Sept. 10, 2001 at Toronto's Molson Ampitheater and that show was also amazing. I travelled to Toronto from Waterloo, Ontario by myself for both shows, and both times I came away with the sense of satisfaction that is was all worth it. Stevie solo or with Fleetwood Mac always gives 110% in concert. From the opening the show with The Chain, to the last encore, the entire show was electrifying. I hope to see Stevie either solo or with Fleetwood Mac in concert in the near future because she is my favourite female singer of all time as well as being part of the best band of all time.
Kellie Gillingham
AWESOME!!! Words cant express what I feel right now. The Toronto show was amazing. I could hardly wait the drive home to share this with all the other Mac fans in the world. Stevie was at her best. Her voice was as strong as ever. Lindsay was so full of energy. As for John and Mick, they are still performing superbly! From the moment you hear the beat of The Chain till the very end was indescribable. Lindsay and Stevie had this little play fight during Tusk were Lindsay was chasing Stevie around the stage.That was truly adorable. I truly will not forget this night. Ever. If your reading this Stevie, I love ya lots, thank you for the greatest gift ever. Your voice.
Richard Coveduck
After more than 27 years, tonight was worth the wait for my first Fleetwood Mac concert. All the years, all life's experiences with Fleetwood Mac songs playing in the background were recalled to mind as the music flowed with honest generosity and high spirit. The musicianship was tight and the band clearly enjoyed performing for us. The set list was standard as previously reported, as were most of the stage moves, but choreographed or not, Mick, John, Lindsey & Stevie seem to clearly enjoy performing the show, each others' comfort and company, and the appreciative audience response. Therein lays the magic, the shared joy of the band giving gifts of songs and the grateful appreciation of same from the audience. Fleetwood Mac felt the affection. Each time they left the stage, they lingered, and thoughtfully attended to all sides for close-up waves, and came back for that one more, one last, final wave. No rush-offs tonight, as so many other insensible or immature bands do. And our admired lady Stevie was obviously in fine form, giving forceful renditions of Rhiannon and Standback, playing air drums as well as tambourine, and dancing about with elegance and grace, usually to end songs with striking and memorable poses. "Ah, 'tis something to have seen a legend....."
The Mac IS back and the show last night was proof- the entire band was up for it and Lindsey was shining- after a particularly blazing guitar solo finished the audience went wild and Lindsey bowed a thanks with his hand on his heart- as the concert progressed he would place his hand there again and at one point both hands - you could tell it was sincere. On any given soap opera or even some TV programs they show full sex but when Stevie and Lindsay get within 2 feet of each other THAT has more sex appeal and the crowd wildly showed our appreciation and love of that relationship that has weathered so many storms- First Stevie lovingly placing her hands on Lindsays shoulders during Landslide THEN a full HUG and dance!!!!!!!! They seem to have come full circle. Thank you for coming to TO ! XO
What a great show from the opening drums of the Chain to the enchanting vocals of Goodbye Baby. The Mac is back and they haven't missed a beat. I have waited 13 years for them to return and it was well worth the wait. Thanks Lindsey, Stevie, John and Mick for a wonderful night. Keep up the good work !!!!!!!!

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