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5/23/03 Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY

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The show I am writing about was the Uniondale show on May 23, the day after my sister died of cancer. I don't know if this will be considered for the website, but I have a really amazing story to tell here that I think many people might appreciate hearing about. I am 34, and my only sister and best friend who was 36, was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2002. This was just a month or two after she finished breast feeding her 7 month old baby (her other son was 3 1/2). I won't get too much into the nightmare of the cancer incident except to say that she suffered tremendously trying to get well for her babies and for us and it was, of course, a nightmare. By the time Say You Will came out, we had discovered that the cancer had spread and at that time I was the one who had been sleeping next to her every night. When I finally had a chance to get the album, I was thrilled with it and that night I lay in bed next to her describing it and all the little details of how well Stevie sings and Lindsey's edgey/bluesy twists, etc. I spoke in particular about the song Goodbye Baby and how she sings in her old style on it and sounds so beautiful. Some writer who reviewed the album wrote that it was a song to Lindsey, even though I didn't hear it more than once to make my own judgement, I just figured until then that I'll assume the song was maybe about that and didn't give it much more thought. At that time, I was told by her husband who was dealing with her doctors that even though it spread and she may not live a 'full' life unless some new drugs come out in the next few years, that this could most likely be contained for that time. I had gotten myself a ticket to see Fleetwood Mac a couple of months before, it was a really good ticket considering it was through regular ticketmaster, it was the first row of the first section off the floor, 2 sections from the stage. At least a year before this tour was even announced, I either thought and meant to tell my sister, or did tell her (I can't remember for sure) that the next time that FM toured, that I was going to save up and spend whatever it took to be in the front row. But being I lost so much work time and also had no time to spare during all this, I just made sure to be home on my computer at 10:00 when the tickets went on sale and got my ticket that way. My sister needed to go to the hospital for a procedure that would allow her to get chemotherapy to her head region and was supposed to be back in a few days. That's what we all thought and that's what she told her son. A couple of days after she went to the hospital with our mother and her husband and had that done, I got a call from my mother telling me that they need to move her to a different hospital because something happened (they don't know why) and the cancer just got out of control and the hospital she's in is giving her 2 days to live. I got my boyfriend to come take care of her sons for me and rushed into Manhattan to be with her. The following week I spent at the hospital. My mother and I sleeping on the floor or not at all. Holding her hand and reassuring her and not telling her that it is now all over her liver. At one point I had to go to the local drugstore to get anti-bacterial wipes, etc. and Gypsy came on in the store. I lost it. I was hoping that it wasn't a sign that she was going to die, because of course what Gypsy was about (Stevie's friend Robin who died of cancer and left behind a baby, etc.). Despite that they were giving us more hope at the hospital, hearing Gypsy of all things, made me feel it was a bad sign. I dragged my feet back there. My sister barely talked to us this whole time, even when she was physically able too, she just said things like "I love you too" or interlocked her fingers in mine and my mother's hands when we put them near her. But undoubtedly, she had to know she was dying, but at no point did she say goodbye in any way to any of us. She barely talked unless a doctor asked her where the pain was or to tell me to "get out of here" because she didn't want her little sister seeing this. She died on the 22nd. No matter what she was hooked up to, the cancer took over and her heart kept stopping. I couldn't understand how this happened so fast from the time we found out she had it to now. That night I put on the new CD and played Goodbye Baby first because it was the one I was specifically telling her about. As I listened to each line of that song I cried more and more. The song sounded like a goodbye letter to me, from her. The words mirrored her, me and her and everything else - exactly. My boyfriend said that "I sincerely hope you are still going to see Fleetwood Mac tomorrow" I said that though I wouldn't have gone to any other concert, I needed to hear Stevie sing Gypsy and if there's a chance that she sings Goodbye Baby, I need to hear that too. But I asked him to PLEASE try and get a ticket and come with me, that even if we weren't sitting together, I need to know he's there. He told me that he would try and go to ticketmaster the next day (the day of the show) and get one. The next day he picked me up from seeing my nephews and I asked him if he got a ticket as soon as I got in the car. He told me that he got 2 so that we could sit together. I rudely (but any true fan will understand my rudeness) said, "oh no....but I want to sit in my really great seat, honey" so he pulled down the tickets from his car visor and said, "well here they are, if you don't want to sit next to me you don't have to". I opened them up and they were 2 front row seats. Tears started to stream down my cheeks immediately. "How did you get these?!?! Did you go to a scalper and how did they still have them?!?!" "No honey, I just walked into Tower Records about 2 hours ago, walked up to ticketmaster and asked him what 2 tickets he had". When he told me that, tears upon tears then streamed down my face. My sister. The one who always told me growing up that she would always be with me every step of the way. The one who always put me first and protected me. My true soul mate and the new angel above, I knew that she did this for me. I knew that she was telling me that she is with me, watching, and will always take care of me and be my angel, always. We got caught in traffic and it seemed like we were going to miss 20 minutes or so of the show, I was so upset and my boyfriend (normally NOT the spiritual type) said that maybe Laura (my sister) will hold them off for me. Sure enough, though the concert was supposed to start 25 minutes before, as I was approaching my seat the lights went down and I didn't miss any, of course I cried again. I was directly in front of Lindsey and right from the start of the show he paid me almost constant attention. The first time was when I was looking down and (I'm sure) mopey and when I looked up at him he had his upper body bent down to try and get my attention and when he did, he made a deliberate frown and then a quick smirk and scrunched his eyebrows together like,'what's wrong? why are you so sad? smile.' almost every time I looked up at him through the show he looked at me and either smiled in a flirty fashion or we locked eyes and in a really flirty fashion, stared me down with an intense look that would last so long that I would have to look away because it was too intense. I also was so worried with my wonderful boyfriend there, because Lindsey would do these things and the people on either side of me would stand back and look at me like,"wow...are you with him or something????" I appreciate very much that he did all that, but his poor wife. How does she deal with that? The best was when he sang lyrics from the songs to me. I don't remember off hand every one he did, but certain ones like "I know I've got nothin'on you" from Second Hand News and pointed at me, and then from Go Your Own Way, "If I could, baby I'd give you my world" (he looked a little sad after he sang that line) and then from Come, "...Think of me sweet darlin' every time you don't come" stand out in my mind. It was really weird that he sang a lot of Stevie related lyrics to me, I was thinking 'hey buddy...the real things right there next to you...and she's FABULOUS'. I don't know if he did all that just because he thought I was pretty or if it was because he knew I was so very sad or because (though I have dark hair) I've been hearing from people since I'm 15 that I look like Stevie and it was easier for him to look straight ahead than turn to look at her, or because my new angel, my sister, somehow orchestrated it to try and make me feel better. I like to think the latter, mixed with the fact that he could see from the start that I was unhappy and he was nice enough to try and cheer me up in typical rock star fashion. For whatever reason, that he did that and that I was magically there in the first row after telling her over a year before that that's where I wanted to be, did help me feel a little less scared of the world and the rest of my life, than I did that morning. And I'm so very, very grateful. Although I cried through roughly half of it and of course through Gypsy and a few other poignant ones, the whole thing helped me believe that she is still with me and that she'll make sure to bring me future happiness in my life, even though I lost the most precious thing in my life. How many concerts have done THAT for a person?? I had seen Stevie perform 6 or 7 times before this concert (My sister came with me to the Street Angel one, where though we were about 15 rows back, I managed to rush up at the end and touch Stevie's hand and returned to my sister crying from awe. She was so happy for me :) and by far, this was her BEST performance! I am SO proud of her. I don't think I ever saw her push to her full potential in the concerts I saw before, but here she did, and 'Stevie full potential' is a truly magical sight and sound to behold. Of course the closing song was Goodbye Baby and I believe that I appreciated it more than anyone else in that room. Thank you Stevie, thank you Lindsey, thank you John and Mick. I know you've touched many people's lives, especially you Stevie (you're so very special), but I needed that concert, on that day, with those songs, with Lindsey trying to make me smile and Stevie's words because my sister couldn't say them. She never said goodbye, until then. Thank you for helping her do that.
Sheri Chase
Spellbinding! The show was absolutely amazing. They sounded better than ever. I've been a fan since "Little Lies" was released when I was in the first grade, but this was the first time I attended a Fleetwood Mac concert and, although my husband and I really love "The Dance" DVD, it just doesn't do them justice. Stevie looked and sounded better than ever, Lindsey was simply amazing, John was great as always, and Mick was quite the showman! One thing that makes them special is that they seem to truly enjoy performing on stage. They really had a great night.
Eleanor O'Connor
Hi, What a fabulous show! I first saw Fleetwood Mac in June, 1977 on the Rumours tour, and this performance equalled that and more. This band continues to rock...missed Christine...but Stevie and Lindsey shone like the stars they are. The touching "Goodbye Baby" stayed with me...and hearing Stevie sing "Beautiful Child" after all this time was outstanding! Another resurrection, like "Silver Springs?" No one can lead a band like Lindsey...this show, though not as poignant as "The Dance," was such a welcome reminder of why we love them...Rock on!
Annie W.
The concert started a little late but once they hit the stage Nassau coliseum was rocking very quickly. The wait was sure worth it.I had pretty good floor seats and was standing most of the time as eveyone was dancing.Stevie and Lindsey were very playful and stevie danced around a lot she was awsome as usual...Beautiful child was done so well and it sure is a great song it finally has made it to the stage.. Everyone was singing to landslide.All the songs were great on the set and Mick Fleetwoods solo was amamzing..Standback ,Peacekeeper All the songs were just done great...They are defintly getting better as the years go by I've enjoyed the Mac for many years and hope to see them again in the future...Only one word for the concert well a few awsome great and very energetic... Stevie is still the Queen of rock and roll and it was great to see her having a lot of fun and just smiling a lot...Thank you Stevie and the band for a great night....
Donna Rondolet
This concert was AWESOME! Fleetwood Mac not only put on an incredible show musically, their personalities and their love of the stage was so moving, I have not been able to stop thinking about that show since Friday evening. I have been a fan of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie since the age of eight! That makes me a fan for twenty-five years now. It had always bothered me that I did not have the chance to see my favorite band live - especially since their music and Stevie's solo music, have guided me through so many experiences in my life. Finally, on Friday evening, I had the opportunity to see Fleetwood Mac live, at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY. My husband surprised me with tickets, because I was so busy at work on the day they went on sale. This concert was more for me, because he knew I was a big fan ... but my husband is also now a big fan too!!! He said it was the best concert he has been to, as well! Lindsey Buckingham was incredible - his voice, his guitar, he never took a break! Stevie sounded fantastic, and she really got into it as the concert progressed. I thought she was a little timid at first. By the end of the show, she was rocking along with the rest of the crew and had me in tears, I was so happy to see her live! Mick Fleetwood was wild and crazy, and John McVie, along with their old friend on keyboards, completed the group with their own strong gifts of music. I would HIGHLY recommend this show to anyone - young, old, fan or a fan to be. You cannot leave this concert without feeling good - Fleetwood Mac is back and they are making so many people happy! Thank you for giving me a well needed lift in my life!!!
Jen Bender
Goodbye Baby. I loved that Goodbye Baby was the last song. It's such a sweet song and when Stevie sang it, it was making me sad because I already know it's a sad song and it's the last song of the concert. I loved World Turning when Mick got to the front of the stage and was playing his sound effect vest. He was yelling out to the audience, "Can I hear you?"And "Are you still with me?" Then he was shouting some other things which I couldn't understand. Overall it was a great show! I had a blast!!! I was also singing and dancing throughout the whole concert! It was so loud that I could barely hear when we were all walking out of the coliseum when it was all over. That's how good it was.
Noreen Conroy Domingo
Fleetwood Mac rocked the coliseum on Friday night. The crowd was pumped and was definitely ready to rock. As the night went on both the band and the crowd became stronger and louder. I would definitely have to say that was one of the best concerts I have ever seen!! I have seen Stevie live and in concert before but never Fleetwood Mac. Stevie looked awesome and sounded very strong, energized, and extremely happy. Lyndsey was absolutely incredible! I can honestly say that I had previously underestimated his talent. He is truly one of the great guitarists of our time. My husband and I felt that the concert was a great balance between Stevie's lyrics and vocal talents with Lyndsey's passion and powerful guitar performance. We agreed that it was a combination that made for a great date -Stevie's softness for the women combined with the gutsy and energitic guitar playing by Lyndsey and John that appeals to the male audience. They did an equally superb job of balancing their "old/classic" material with their new album -which has quickly become a favorite of mine. My only regret is that Stevie did not play Illumne, which is a tribute to 9/11, considering the proximity of the coliseum to NYC and the fact that so many of us Long Islanders were affected by the tragedy. I felt that it would have been good for the healing process. Otherwise, it was truly a great night of classic Rock N Roll. The MAC is definitely back.
Michael M
The night started off as it usually does, whenever I see a Stevie Nicks or Fleetwood Mac concert......raining. The show was terrific. Stevie, Lindsey and Mick all show cased their talents in solos and together as a group. Stevie looked and sounded great. Her voice was strong, rich and just resonated well with Lindsey. She has never sounded better. Lindsey, was quite the show man. He genuinely seemed to be having a good time. I have seen them before in concert but this tour seemed different, he seemed to be enjoying himself. The audience was enjoying them as well. The did a great mix of old and new. After all, what would a Fleetwood Mac concert be without "The Chain" and "Dreams." Some of my favorite songs performed were Gypsy, Beautiful Child and Standback, which brought everyone to there feet. Standback is about 20 yrs old and it still has the energy today that it had when it was first released. Absent from the concert were Stevie's trademark boots, she was wearing what looked liked platform Reeboks this time. In today's concert scene, it often seems like the focus is no longer about the music. The focus seems to be on who can put on a best visual show, this concert was different. It was absent all the glitz and glitter and it relied on the music. Buy hey this was Fleetwood Mac, they done need to use acrobats, flashy sets and have a circus like atmosphere. It was about the music and a good time was had by all.
Alan Tobin
This second of three concerts I will have gone to was as superb as the Atlantic City show. I was 28 rows back in a direct line with Stevie's mic. Having an isle seat afforded me a great view for the entire concert. She knows how to work a crowd up to a fever pitch (as does Lindsey).The big kiss they did in Atlantic City wasn't there, but their love and admiration will not go away. I thought they did a little more banter in Atlantic City, but who goes to hear them talk? I did think Stevie would have mentioned something about 9/11 but she still might do that tonight at The Meadowlands. I do hope when the additional dates are announced that they will make another appearance to the NYC area, perhaps The Garden. Can't wait to sing Happy Birthday tonight.
Eileen Hillin
Words cannot even describe how amazing this concert was. I have to say this was the best I have ever seen Fleetwood Mac. All four of them rocked! The energy that illuminated from them was unbelievable. They were definitely the best I have ever seen them, and I've seen them, as well as Stevie by herself, more times than I can count. They are always great, but last night's concert was something I can't find the words for! My husband and I spotted Bill O'Reilly from the "O'Reilly Factor". He was rocking in his seat - especially during Rhiannon. We were loving it!! My husband and I were in the 12th row on the floor. Everyone stood almost the entire time. There was no way you could sit down - it was too exciting. I was literally jumping up and down when Mick did his drum solo. He is so animated. I just adore him. Lindsey's guitar playing was extraordinary. John, so quiet but the best bass player around, and of course, Stevie - well she was just amazing! She is such a beautiful lady. But it is her talent that is so beautiful. So beautiful, that I could not help but cry when she sang Landslide, Beautiful Child (what a treat!) and with Lindsey on Say Goodbye. I will never forget last night's concert. It blew me away.
I was very fortunate to be able to attend the show at Nassau Coliseum last night. I was so excited all day. This was my very first Fleetwood Mac concert. I could barely eat anything. My stomach was doing flip-flops all day long.. right up until the beginning chords of The Chain. OMG!! There is nothing like hearing those chords live and in person! Dreams was amazing! Eyes of the World was full of energy and I totally loved it. Peacekeeper was sensational.. it packs a different punch live. Say You Will was also a hit and had the crowd into it! Second Hand News I really liked. Gypsy (my favorite song) was awesome as usual. Rhiannon rocked! Stevie looked totally into it and I loved her Rhiannon sleeves. She changed her outfit quite a few times and she looks better than ever. She wore a few different shawls too - which was nice. No boots unfortunately, but if those Reeboks make her more comfortable.. that's cool with me. Come was one of the best songs! There is so much intensity in Lindsey's voice as well as his guitar playing. It was a very orgasmic experience! Oh and might I add how incredibly hot he is.. he is so sexy! He was also very flirty with the crowd. Big Love was another cool one.. this went right into Landslide. One of the most poignant moments of the show. Everyone was singing along and Stevie got a kick out of it too. She laughed at certain parts of it and shrugged her shoulders when singing, "I'm getting older too." At the end of the song, she walked over to Lindsey and hugged him a bit and he kissed her on the head. What's The World Coming To is a great song done live. I really was into it. Gold Dust Woman kicked some major ass!! Stevie was so on tonight - loved the wail and the pose at the end. Beautiful Child was absolutely the highlight of my night and the only song.. well one of the only songs I didn't sing along to. Stevie totally mesmerized me with her voice (which sounded almost exactly like the original recording) and her passion for this song - brought a tear to my eye - absolutely beautiful! Say Goodbye was equally intoxicating. I loved how they sang it to each other. It was a wonderful moment. Silver Springs was awesome - although it didn't quite pack the same punch as The Dance version. She cut out the screaming "never get away" part at the end and she was smiling throughout the entire song. After the song was over, she said, "you remember" to the crowd. I guess we were all singing along to it too..hehe I'm So Afraid isn't usually one of my favorites, but Lindsey rocked on this one too! Stevie's harmony was cool. Never Going Back Again was really great to hear - their harmonies were great. Stand Back was a crowd favorite and definitely brought the house down! It was just an incredible version.. Stevie twirled so much I thought she was gonna twirl herself into the ground..haha. Go Your Own Way also rocked the house. It's just so awesome to hear it done live and to see Stevie and Lindsey really get into it. Tusk is really not one of my favorite songs, but it was really different. I was totally into it. The encores.. World Turning.. love, love, love the way Stevie sings this with Lindsey.. and she remembered to come in on time too. She looked at Lindsey and laughed. Mick's drum solo is okay, but really needs to be shortened. Don't Stop has now become one of my favorites after this show. Maybe it's the fact that it is just Stevie and Lindsey singing. I really don't miss Christine at all. Finally, Goodbye Baby.. the other song that made me cry. Hauntingly beautiful on the cd.. 10,000 times more powerful done live. Absolutely loved it! It just seems to be a difficult song for Stevie to sing. Okay.. Lindsey got a ton of standing ovations.. Come.. Big Love.. and I'm So Afraid. Stevie got a few too.. especially for Stand Back, but the audience was into all of the songs. People did take bathroom and beer breaks during Come though.. which I thought was wrong and just plain rude. It's such an amazing song! Anyway, I had the best time and am so looking forward to Sunday's show.
Faith Litchock
The weather in Uniondale, NY was dismal but inside the Coliseum the mood was anything but. The scent of Patchouli waft the air as throngs of Fleetwood Mac fanatics like myself filed into see a concert three decades in the making. Some women were adorned in velvet capes and chiffon dresses paying homage to their favorite rock goddess- Stephanie Nicks. Others wore vintage concert tees proving they were veteran fans. The excitement was palpable and when the first beat of "The Chain" roared from the stage at 8:20 p.m. fans rose to their feet to catch a glimpse of the images and voices that live on their turntable. At 5'1" with heals that transformed me into a mere 5'3", I stood transfixed on Stevie. Her voice older and wiser but still echoing a girl in her youth. Lindsay Buckingham strummed his guitar as his eyes met Stevie's and they created a musical dance all of their own. I joined in with the band singing as Nassau Coliseum turned from ice-rink to Shangri-La. "Standing in the shadows," John McVie plucked his base and Mick kept study time on the drums. This energy lasted throughout the concert as they played favorites such as: "Dreams," "Gypsy," "Second Hand News," "Landslide," and "Gold Dust Woman" to name a few as well as their new material, "Peacekeeper" and "Say You Will." They even threw in a couple of surprises like "Beautiful Child," off of 1979's TUSK and Stevie performed her famed "Stand Back" as if it had been a Fleetwood Mac hit. After multiple encores which included Mick's tantalizing drum suit performance, "World Turning," "Don't Stop" and "Good-Bye Baby" the crowd was hungry for more but the night ended at 10:45 p.m. I stood frozen in my 2 inch heals gazing at the stage drunk on music. The images of Mick, Stevie, Lindsay and John imprinted in my mind. Fleetwood Mac is indeed back proving that their music is timeless and poetry ageless.
This was our fourteenth Stevie/FM concert. All I can say is WOW. To see an awesome band like Fleetwood Mac keep rockin' on after all these years is truly a gift. From The Chain to Rhiannon to Silver Springs to Second Hand News to Say You Will to Stand Back to Goodbye Baby, well, it's a privilege to experience this band's unbelievable talents. Lindsey's energy was nothing short of incredible, Mick's powerful, emotional performance, and John's steady, flawless rhythm, WOW. But, well, let's talk about Stevie.....I hope she never stops. Someone at the Albany show wrote that she is like a good friend who you hope you will see again and again, but you're never sure if you will...it is a sad feeling, in a strange way. So, Stevie, keep rocking, we love you.. I don't have a favorite song, they're all great, the great hits as well as the new songs, ALL ARE AWESOME. A great night which ended much too soon. To all of the concertgoers for the rest of the tour: You're in for a TREAT......
Great show!!! Here's my opinions on it, from my point of view Here's the set list The Chain Dreams Eyes of the World Peacekeeper 2nd hand news Say You Will Never Going Back Again ( They played it like the it is on the album, Mick on drums, Stevie doing harmonies, the tempo was even faster then in previous tours) Rhiannon ( Stevie had her Rhiannon shawl on. The ending was longer then on the Dance tour, but it seems as if Stevie was a little hoarse) Come ( nice , but no broken guitar strings.....lol) Gypsy (Stevie first outfit change. She was wearing a black button up velvet blouse, kinda like a granny blouse, she changed into another black blouse.....just no buttons....lol) Big Love Landslide ( crowd pleaser. it seemed like Lindsey was'nt as into it as much as Stevie because when Stevie came over to Lindsey at the end of the song to kiss him, it seemed like Lindsey turned his head...............I dunno, it seemed like he wanted to get on the next song.) Say Goodbye ( the audience was'nt into this one, but I loved it, it strikes me as being such a sad song) What's the World Coming To Beautiful Child ( It seemed like only the hardcore fans got into this song ....like me ....lol........Stevie got SO emotional at the end, she did'nt cry but it looked like she was headed that way. At the end of the song, she closed her eyes while she was singing, like she was some where far away. She REALLY got into it towards the end.) Gold Dust Woman ( the crowed went WILD over this song, I was surprised. Even the guys got into it. I would say it was the most popular song of the night. Stevie even sang "pick up the peices and go hoooooooommeeeee", just like the album....nice :-) I'm So Afraid ( This song is best when heard live...........really nice) Silver Springs ( Stevie got into this one, though not as passionate as in the Dance tour) Tusk (wow, killer drums.......they had 2 other drum sets backing Mick..........lol....it seemed like the whole place was shaking) Stand Back ( Stevie put on her polka dot shawl for this one..........This was probably the 2nd most popular song of the night..........long applause at the end) Go Your Own Way World Turning ( Stevie sounded great....it seemed like her hoarseness was totally gone.......clear as a bell!!!!!) Don't Stop Goodbye Baby Before I go any further, lemme just say, THE PLACE WAS PACKED, someone mentined it was soled out. The funny thing was, it seemed like it filled up a half an hour into the show. To me Stevie's face looked tired ........like she was'nt feeling well ( I had these huge binoculars, so I was zooming in on everyone) and she sounded a little hoarse when she was trying to hit the hi notes on some of the songs....I was kinda hoping she would give a performance like the Buffalo show. She had the platform sneakers on for the whole show. Her mic had the usual black strands,, but it also had rhinestone strands too....looked nice actually. Lindsey had his white tee shirt and black jeans on.............he really got into playing up to to the audience, he even got on his knees a few time while he was playing the gutair. Mick looked as wild as ever, and I notice John looked great with his bushy pony tail. Beautiful Child was the most memorable song of the night for me. It was done EXACTLY the way it sounds on the album, except it did'nt have the line "I feel into love" after the verse "Your hands, held mine so few hours" When it got towards the last 1/3 of the song, Stevie grabed the mic stand and held it with both hands, bending over a little. She really got into it....it looked like she got a little choked up towards the end. She kept on repeating the verse " wish that you where mine" and when the song was over, and the lights went off Stevie said in the dark "it's true, I do" .............I LOVE it!!!!! Gypsy was nice......it was a little more passionate, then the Dance tour.......... It was kinda nice at the begininng of it, cuz when Stevie came out, she did one of those ballet stances, like she does in the videos, when she stands in front of the mirror....she did'nt really quick though. The hardcore fans got into this song. By the way, there was quite a few backing musicians on various instruments. Anyways, the show was great, it seemed like a few people in my section did'nt stick around for the encores I gotta feeling they really thought the show was over. To me there where very few youngins in the audience, mostly middle aged couples. They where all drinking up a STORM....damn. I'm glad they did'nt get rowdy.........lol I so hope they come to Madison Garden. So that's "my" review of he show........................overall, a great show.
This show was super... The last time I saw the MAC was during the rumours tour. So, watching the band in action was a treat. Stevie's voice was terrific, and Mic's drumming was great. Lindsey played guitar with passion. John stayed in the background the entire show, with superb base playing. The set list was a bit different then what I read regarding the other previous dates, with staples such as Tusk, Landslide, Gold Dust Woman, and Go Your Own Way mixed in with some new songs. In my opinion, Nassau acoustics have always been a problem, the sound can sound muffled at times. The only downer for me was Standback, it didn't sound very good and drowned out Stevie's voice. The seats were great, Section 218 Row A.
Maria DeBartolo
I saw the show last night at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale Long Island. It was an amazing show!!! I have been a Fleetwood Mac fan since I was a little girl growing up on them from my parents!! It was one of the greatest shows...as all shows with Stevie Nicks are!!! She is an awesome singer!! Lindsay Buckingham has one of the strongest, most emotional voices there are and he is a great guitar player too!! Definitely a good mix of old and new music and they even sang Don't Stop...with Stevie filling in for Christie's part. It was a breathtaking night and one I will never forget as long as I live!!! If you love Stevie Nicks, you will love this concert and become a Fleetwood Mac fan in a heartbeat. Mick Fleetwood was as crazy as ever with his drums...he is such a great drummer!!! Definitely everyone should go out and see the Mac because it was definitely worth every second of it!!!
I witnessed a great night of music, legends and Rock and Roll history tonight! In other words...Fleetwood Mac Rocks! They were the best I've ever seen them. Some things do get better with age! Stevie looked amazing,swirling around the stage in her shawls and long flowing blonde hair. Her voice was smooth and velvety, singing beautifully some of the best songs ever written...Landslide, Silversprings,Gold Dust Woman , Dreams..to name a few. Lindsey Buckingham is this Gorgeous, tortured, intensley articulate artist, who , in simple terms, is one hell of an Axeman! He just boiled on songs like "Come", "Big Love", and "I'm So Afraid". I never knew how great he really was. He deserves respect from the fans. I've never seen anyone really "Work" for it like he did. He's Brilliant! Mick Fleetwood personified the Funloving , Rhythm kicking Percussion Master. His drum solo was second to none (and I've seen John Bonham, so draw your own conclusion) John Mcvie just kept his time, hanging out on stage while driving out some of the best baselines in the business. All in All this tour should not be missed! The Highlights....."Second Hand News", Gold Dust Woman", "Beautiful Child", "Go Your Own Way" and a special surprise...Stevie sang her mega hit as a solo artist, "Standback" full throttle! Very happy they included that, the crowd went nuts!!! I thought the roof was gonna fall in!!! This is a must see show for all!!!!!!!!!
Annie Wagner
The concert started a little late but once they hit the stage Nassau coliseum was rocking very quickly. The wait was sure worth it.I had pretty good floor seats and was standing most of the time as eveyone was dancing.Stevie and Lindsey were very playful and stevie danced around a lot she was awsome as usual.Beautiful child was done so well and it sure is a great song it finally has made it live....Everyone was singing to landslide.All the songs were great on the set and Mick Fleetwoods solo was amamzing..They are defintly getting better as the years go by I've enjoyed the Mac for many years and hope to see them again in the future...Only one word for the concert well a few awsome great and very energetic... Stevie is still the Queen of rock and roll and it was great to see her having a lot of fun and just smiling a lot...Thank you Stevie and the band for a great night....
Trish S.
Hi~ I have to say; that i am a fan for 30 yrs now. I just have to say that the Mac was awsome on May 23rd. They started about 8:15pm Started the show with The Chain........the show was rockin & the Lights were so beautiful; so many different colors were lite up over the stage. Lindsey was so amazing; there is no other like him......he is a ROCK GOD..........he is breathless. They all gave their best performance tonight; hard to beleive they could get any better then they already were..............but they get better everytime i see them. If you saw them last time(The Dance Tour) this tops that......you have to go see the Mac this time around ya'll!!!! Stevie shined like a precious Diamond........she touched my heart; like she always does. Was wonderful to get the chance to see them again. When steive sang "Beautiful Child" she brought me to tears. Her voice was excellent & She looks amazing as well. The way the Mac performed...i think they got another 10 yrs in them. THE MAC IS BACK YA'LL and they are not going anywhere~~~ I want to say that i enjoyed the show & that i love Fleetwood Mac for 30 yrs.......i will always keep you part of my life. Thank you for touching me in so many ways.
Lisa Molinelli
I just came back from the show.. OMG! Sitting in the 8th row, I could almost touch them. It was as if they were playing just for me. Stevie surprised all of us when she did her ever famous "Stand Back". I don't think anyone was expecting it. Nonetheless, a great show!
It was pure jubilation. The Mac ROCKED! I almost missed this tour. I sold my tickets (floor, 17th row) to a friend b/c after a year of searching my husband & I finally found a house to buy & unfortunately $300 concert tickets do not fit into the budget. I finally decided to give them up & later that day I won tickets from a local radio station. I am so thankful that I did not miss this show. Anyone who appreciates this band has got to see this tour. Stevie was AMAZING (as always) & Lindsey & Mick are such accomplished musicians (John too). To hear Beautiful Child (one of my all time favorites) live was AWESOME. Of course the old faves were incredible: Gold Dust Woman, Silver Springs & Gypsy but Say You Will & Say Goodbye kicked too! I do have a negative comment & it is not about the band. The 1st time I experienced this was on The Dance Tour. It is about fellow concert goers who in sit in their seats appearing to be almost petrified except to shoot dirty looks at others who are on their feet feeling the music. I mean come on. You are at a Fleetwood Mac concert, they havenít toured together in 6 years & who knows when the next time will be. I can not imagine that people were sitting on their butts at concerts back in the 70ís (I was 4 when Stevie & Lindsey joined FM) so I donít know. Look, if you donít want to stand up & sing along & rock thatís cool but you shouldnít have a problem w/ others that do. If thatís the case sit home & watch the DVD. There is something magical about this band. Their music has impacted my life & I look forward to passing it on to future generations and it will withstand because it is timeless. Thanks Fleetwood Mac & come back again someday.

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