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5/9/03 MCI Center Washington, DC

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Mary Wallace
Folks you haven't heard them unless you've seen them live. Fleetwood Mac delivers and then some. The Mac opened up with two classics, "The Chain" and "Dreams". "Peacekeeper" and "Say You Will" showed that the band can be just as tight playing new songs as they have been playing the hits for many years. Stevie shows us her remarkable stage prescence with crowd (and personal) favorite "Rhiannon". It really made my night when she sang the song that turned me on to Fleetwood Mac in the first place, "Gypsy". I would have liked to have heard two songs from the new album, "Thrown Down" and "Running Through the Garden" as they seem very Romeo-and-Juliet-esqe to me. However, I was very pleasantly surprised when the band did "Stand Back" with Taku Hirano's awesome conga solo before it. You couldn't help but dance to this one. Although, I was never really a Lindsay fan, I couldn't help but be mesmirized by his solo work during the show. As one other fan put it, "he is probably one of the most underated musicians in the business." His solos in "Eyes of the World", "Come", "Big Love", and "Tusk" unmistakably have his signature, something that no cover band could, well, cover and have it come anywhere close to what he does. You also no longer see the once angry Lindsay that was once a trademark to his songs. You see someone who has come full circle. You see a band that has come full circle. Mick's solo during "World Turning" was in two words amazingly awesome. Thanks to modern technology, he was able to make incredible sounds by hitting soundboards on his belly. His jovial stage presence was really fun to watch. All in all the show was in one word, amazing. This was my first time seeing the band live (I saw Stevie on the Trouble in Shangri-La tour) and I hope it won't be the last.
Susan Patnode Blizzard
All fears anyone has had about the tour not being up to par can be forgotten. The Mac IS BACK and sounding better than ever. EVERYONE was in top form and Lindsey is a Guitar God! This was my 5th time seeing Stevie on stage (The Dance, Enchanted, TISL twice) and obviously my 2nd time seeing the band and it was excellent! We took our 8 year old son with us who danced to quite a few songs and managed to hold up until the end. What a way to celebrate my birthday that night! Stevie looked WONDERFUL and her voice sounded (to me) better than on the TISL tour. Mick is incredible as usual and the "drum vest" was interesting to say the least . Everyone was in awe. John still shy as ever I think got one of the loudest rounds of applause and cheers when Mick inroduced the band and back-up band & singers. Christine's presence was missed but they carried on without her.... it was strange not to hear "Songbird" but Stevie sang a fitting replacement with "Goodbye Baby". I was sort of surprised they didn't play "Running Thru The Garden" like they did opening night in Columbus and they didn't replace it with anything else either but all the songs were in tune, on key and wonderful. "Beautiful Child" sounded just as it did on Tusk and gave me chills. Anyone contemplating on going to a show, don't think, DO IT! I was well worth the $$$$ I spent on 3 tickets and my son Aidan now has a Fleetwood Mac t-shirt to remember his first concert! THANK YOU MICK, JOHN, LINDSEY AND STEVIE!!
Bill McFarlane
Fleetwood Mac are definitely back and great! They really know what works best for them and what their fans want and they deliver-they rock! I became a fan when MTV aired The Dance back in 97 and like a lot of other fans, Stevie had me at Landslide. I was not able to see them on their last tour, The Dance, but I have seen Stevie perform at two solo concerts. So I was really excited to get tickets for their DC & NJ shows to finally see Fleetwood Mac live. The show was great. You could definitely feel the anticipation, energy, and the love people have for this group and the band just feeds off it. Stevie really looked amazing-I have never seen her look as good as she did that night. Her hair and face were beautiful. Stevie sounded great too. Lindsey is the best guitar player ever and Mick was awesome on drums-especially during his solo at the end when he came out from behind his drums down to the center stage and used his body to strum up beats-very innovative. The only thing I could say to improve is for less sound feedback. At times Stevie's voice was drowned out because of it. They played a great mix of old and new songs and they each got a turn in the spotlight. Stevie had her songs including Standback and Lindsey and Mick had their solos too. People were very receptive to the new songs. They might think about adding Thrown Down to the set list and I would have loved to hear Illume, but what I did hear was the best. The Chain, Say You Will, Rhiannon, Gypsy, Landslide, Gold Dust Woman, Destiny Rules and Goodbye Baby were my favorites and I really enjoyed Lindsey's guitar playing. There really is something special between Lindsey and Stevie. It not only comes across on stage but is intensified. The whole band puts everything they have into the show and it shows! I can't wait to see them again in two weeks.
Wow. So hard to put into words, but any fan that was there knows what I mean. It was like spending a very cool evening with 4 good friends. I never thought I'd be the type of concert goer to see more than one show per tour, but I'm getting worse (better?) as I get older. Am I too old to act like this? I don't think so. Music is my peace, and I thank you, Stevie for continuing to feed our souls with your incredible magic. MCI was great. Off to Atlantic City next...and the tour is just beginning! Hmmm, it could be quite a summer.....
Bill Woloszyn
I have followed Stevie around for years now, Buffalo, Syracuse and Canadaigua (Rochester). I own every Stevie solo albums, even the BuckingHam/Nicks albulm. I have never had the fortune of seeing a Fleetwood Mac concert until yesterday (5/9/03). Fleetwood Mac performed at the MCI center in Washington, DC. The concert was just simply marvelous. Stevie, Lindsey, John, and Mick were great. I went with my best friend Phil to celebrate my May 12th Birthday. Fleetwood Mac belted out many old favorites: The Chain, Gypsy, Landslide, Silverspring, Tusk, and many great new songs. The only thing missing was Christie McVie, that was too sad. But the Band played on and Excellently I may add. They were all in rare form and their voices were never as intense. Stevie, I believe was clearer and stronger than I ever had seen her. The crowd was spellbound by her beauty, her voice and her mere presence. Stevie, we all love you!
Leslie Hudgins
What a fabulous show!!! Fleetwood Mac was completely awesome. They had the crowd on their feet through the entire concert rocking and singing right along with them. Stevie's voice is just as clear and beautiful as ever!!! The chemistry between her and Lindsey was exciting and thrilling. The entire group was SO full of energy. The set list seemed to be like a poetic life cycle of the bands life together including all their fans favorite oldies blended with their newest songs from "Say You Will." This was the best concert ever, worth every penny and definitely a must see for any Mac fan. I feel so blessed to have been a part of this tour, truly a memory to last a lifetime. I am so thankful that the band has returned and is in full force continuing to please their audiences of both young and old. Truly a band that crosses all generations.
Jen Shepp
I saw Fleetwood Mac for the first time when I was 16 in 1976 with my best friend. We saw them during the Dance Tour and again at the MCI Center in D.C. At the age of 42 our excitement for them is just as youthful as it was in 1976. What an incredible night! From the beginning with "Chain" to the end with "Good Bye Baby" -- they rocked!! Stevie was as beautiful as ever and sounded better than ever! Before singing a note - the audience went crazy for her! "Beautiful Child" and "Standback" were a wonderful surprise. Everyone in the venue singing "Landslide" with her brought a smile to her face. She's truly is amazing!! Lindsay is one of the greatest guitar players out their - he had so much energy! John is such a talent - he needs to be upfront too! Mick - he's so expressive! His solo got the place excited and to their feet! The Mac took us back with their classic hits, brought us to the future with their new material, gave us visions to remember with the videos, and seemed to enjoy performing that night as much as we enjoyed listening and watching them. There are only four things that I regret not happening: Not hearing Stevie sing "Thrown Down", John not having a solo performance, That our seats weren't closer to the stage, and That I didn't have another ticket for the next show! We are so lucky to have grown up with one of the greatest rock-n-roll bands ever! Thank you Fleetwood Mac for the great music, the great times and all the great memories!!
Mindy Lynn
Fleetwood Mac, May 9th, D.C. was an awesome show! Started out w/The Chain. I couldn't believe the variety of songs that were played! From Gypsy, to Peacekeeper. They sounded GREAT! I've been a huge fan of them for years. When they sang Silver Springs, I cried. Love her! And the chemistry between her & Lindsey is still remarkable! I think they should be together! Was a wonderful show & thank you Fleetwood Mac for making one of my dreams come true! I was glad I got to see them on the 2nd show of this tour. Hope to see them in the future!
Ms. Debbie
Fleetwood Mac totally rocked the house at the MCI center in washington D.C. This was by far the best concert ever! Stevie looked beautiful and sang her heart out not missing a beat. Lindsey's sexy energy rocking out on his guitar set the arena on fire. Mick got the audience going with his drum solo and brought everyone to their feet. John played his bass and sounded excellent. Stevie's backup singers, Mindy & Sharon sounded & looked great! The concert was well worth the money spent to travel and see the band as I'm a dedicated fan!!! "Don't Stop" rocking Fleetwood Mac You were Great!!
I went to the Fleetwood Mac show yesterday in Washington DC. Oh my God it was amazing! First, the started with "the Chain" and it was very good all through the show. In the middle of it Lindsey started doing what he does best, Play like a GOD. He was awsome! And Stevie's vocals were the best and very heart felt. The best song was "Gold Dust woman" ahe felt it so much, and darned if we didn't either. I almost cried twice, espical at the end when she sang "Goodbye Baby". Mick Fleetwood was crazy! He had these synthsizer type drums on his vest and got the crowd in a roar, when he was playing them, but the kicker was when he began to hit his croch like a drum! They are the best I have ever heard Fleetwood Mac, EVER. Go and see 'em. It was the best time of my life.
Kim Robey
It started out as a gray, stormy day in Northern Virginia. But I knew that it would end with a flash of light. I met up with my niece, Samantha at 4:00 and we headed for DC in Friday rush hour traffic. We got there and actually got a great parking spot!!! We hung out at an irish pub where they were playing Fleetwood Mac music. Met a guy who had come all the way from England just to see the Mac. He was as much into Lindsey as I am into Stevie. We traded stories and 'schooled' each other on little known facts about our favorite Mac members. In fact he said he lives about 30 miles from where Christine McVie lives in England. How cool! At 7:30 Sam and I walked back to the MCI Center, donning our new shawls, to check out our seats. Great veiw of the stage! Section 101 rocks!! At about 8:15 the band to the stage. I had read the reviews from the Columbus show, so I thought I knew what to expect. WRONG!!! It started with The Chain. The Mac rocked DC!!! The screen behind the stage is so cool! The lighting is fantastic! Mick is a drumming madman! John is a master bass player! Lindsey made that guitar talk!!! And Stevie, stunning in her black ensemble, is at her best! She has so much energy in her moves and her voice, twirling around in shawls, growling on Standback!!! The band as a whole was super tight! A couple band members were from Stevie's band on the TISL tour. Mindy and Sharon lit up the right side of the stage and sang like angels. The set list is a mix of old and new, eclectic to ethereal, and it's all beautiful. The highlight for me was 'Beautiful Child' from the Tusk album. I couldn't hold back the tears. Whoever added the song to the set list, thank you. I really don't know who had more fun last night, the band or the audience. It's there, you can see it, you can feel it. It is the magic that is Fleetwood Mac. Thank you to Mick, John, Lindsey, and Stevie for doing this. And thank you Samantha for being my chauffer, confidant, and Sister of the Moon. And for knowing that just like Fleetwood Mac, We've Still Got It. And it's probably better than before.
It's saturday morning the night after one of the best concerts I've ever been too! Fleetwood Mac took the stage around 8:30 and blew our minds for over 2 hours. The whole band were on their game. Stevie look great and sounded even better. She really rocked my world when she sang "Beautiful Child", I can't believe after all these years they pulled this one out. She nailed the song and brought me to tears. Lindsey rock the house all night with his trademark guitar and John and Mick backing him up with the rhythm and beat. All in all the evening was classic with the new and old and I wish they were here for a second night!
Mike Sarzo
Two nights after opening their tour to support Say You Will, the first new studio album in 16 years for the mainstays of Fleetwood Mac, the band hit Washington, D.C. last night for the second show on the 40-plus city itinerary. Long-time fans may have been guilty of searching the stage for long-time keyboard player and singer Christine McVie, but by the end of the show, most fans weren't talking about a missing Mac member. The band started out with two Rumours album classics, "The Chain" and "Dreams" then did "Peacekeeper," as they did in Columbus Wednesday night. Singer Stevie Nicks mistakenly introduced the title track to Say You Will before the band launched into "Eyes Of The World," but the band did the song immediately following the Mirage tune. With the D.C. show being the second stop on the tour, the band made some changes to the set list from the opening night, moving "Come" behind "Rhiannon" and before "Gypsy" and dropping "Running Through The Garden" to the dismay of several Fleetwood Mac fanatics in the audience. Songs that seemed to get the best reactions were "Tusk," "Stand Back" and "Go Your Own Way," with the band playing a version of the Nicks solo hit that sounded more like her solo band's performance of the song than a typical Fleetwood Mac version. Instead of the song's angrier tones with Fleetwood Mac behind her, Nicks sang the song and danced almost as if it were the get-out-and-dance number it is with her solo band. It was arguably Nicks's best performance of the night. Other highlights for the long-time fans: "Beautiful Child" off the 1979 double album Tusk, which is being dusted off for this tour, "Rhiannon" sans the lengthy piano introduction of recent Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks solo tours, and Buckingham's blistering guitar work on "Never Going Back Again," "Come," and "Tusk." One of the most anticipated events for the long-time Fleetwood Mac fan was hearing Nicks try her hand at vocals usually done by McVie on "World Turning" and "Don't Stop," and Nicks made the verses hers, particularly with "Don't Stop." Nicks made subtle lyrical changes that seemed not to be mistakes, but deliberate variations. Instead of "why not thing about the times to come," Nicks sang "why not think about the things to come," and instead of "if your life was bad to you," she sang "if your life wasn't good to you." Most people leaving the show after the final encore of "Goodbye Baby" walked away in awe of Fleetwood Mac. They had good reason to.
Admist deafening applause and ear-splitting screams, Fleetwood Mac took the stage Friday evening, May 9th. In the words of grateful fans, "The Mac is definitely BACK!" The tour was well worth the wait--two and a half hours of solid classic rock, played by the best, could not be beat. The Mac was in fine form--I say all four are at the top of their game. Especially Stevie, who sounds better on this tour (though she always sounds wonderful!) than she has in years (the Dance and the Enchanted Tour being my frames of reference). She looks amazing too...hmm, I think it's time to grow my hair out! The song choices were excellent and the crowd was extremely energetic. From the opening strains of "The Chain," I was in awe and, I must admit, in tears! "Dreams," "Landslide," and "Rhiannon" (yeah, the "I don't think you do" version!) were all hauntingly beautiful, while "Stand Back" and "Gold Dust Woman" rocked with an intensity that seemed to come from an earlier Mac era. Lindsey's guitar and passionate performances were extraordinary!! "Big Love" and "I'm So Afraid" were breathtaking (man he can PLAY!!!), and though I am not a huge fan of the new song "Come," no one can deny that the all-out jamfest at the end kicked major butt! Pleasant surprises abound on this tour--"World Turning" (complete with Mick's solo, very amusing...who doesn't love to watch a grown man play his belly?), "Eyes of the World," "Never Going Back Again," and last but not least, "Beautiful Child." I was so surprised and pleased that they chose to play this--it's my favorite Fleetwood Mac song and it was amazing--there are no words, only tears (again!). Thank You. The new stuff was great also, "Peacekeeper" and "Say You Will" being especially tight numbers. "Destiny Rules" was also a good choice, though I would have loved to have heard "Thrown Down" or "Everybody Finds Out" (a song that I think could be one of the best Mac songs in years, the harmony is superb). The closer, "Goodbye Baby" was heartbreaking but beautiful, and Stevie's closer rivals "Songbird," which I initially thought would be a tough act to follow. But in true Stevie Rock Goddess fashion, she not only pulled it off, she stole the show! Sorry to all those who left before the lights were up :( Stevie's license with "Don't Stop" was also kind of cool, that a girl Stevie, make it your own!! Stevie's clothes were somewhat more subdued than on her solo tours: the black coat dress from the Leno slots, the black sequined "Dreams" dress, the gold cape, and the Edge of Seventeen cape did make appearances though. I missed the "Stand Back" cape--a personal fav. The best part of the Mac, for me, is still the chemistry between Stevie and Lindsey. They are definitely kindred spirits and it shows in their performance, even more so without Christine's presence. There is nothing staged or contrived about the latent passion of "Silver Springs," the tender embrace at the end of "Landslide," the cosmic and harmonic bond of "Say Goodbye," or the jovial nuzzling and teasing during "Tusk." ("Tusk" was also super cool; thanks to Lindsey for bringing back the kooky screams, laughs and grunts from the original, they were sorely missed).Their's is the kind of connection fans cherish and the almost, but not quite mythologized bond is what they come to see...this tour delivers! All in all it was an amazing experience I will cherish forever...thanks Mom :) I would also like to thank our kind seat-mates--man in the music note vest, if you read this you know who you are. Thanks for the use of the binoculars, those few up-close glimpses of my idols meant so much to me, and your kindness restored a bit of my faith in the goodness of others. Now I remember why I love Fleetwood Mac...and their fans!! ~Thanks again for a remarkable night full of crystal visions~
The Fleetwood Mac concert was amazing - I cried, Katie cried. It was great. The opened with THE CHAIN and went then into DREAMS. And when they started to play RHIANNON I went nuts - so did everyone else. Stevie looked like she was having a lot fun singing that and STAND BACK. And she belted out GOLD DUST WOMAN like Ive never heard before. It was magickal. I wish it coulda lasted all night... 1 - Hey, Lindsay, whats with all the damn weird noises? 2- Umm..Mick.. why do you make those scarey faces? 3- Stevie, come here. You dance like an old white woman - can I teach you? ;p ..but I like what she's doing with her hair, letting the bangs grow out. It looks fabulous. And, my lord, did she look sexy during GOLD DUST WOMAN, the shawl, her face, the way her hair was covering part of her eye... I've never really been attracted to Stevie - but damn was I at that point- oh .. and ..the whole arena went insane when Stevie and Lindsay hugged after landslide. It was soo sweet - and everytime they touched everyone screamed and clapped. And Lindsey did his lil' thing where he goes over to everyone this time just Jon and Stevie0 while playing and rests his head on their shoulder and head-butts them. It was so cute and Stevie was laughing uncontrollably.It was adorable. and I was in awe of their harmonizing on BEautiful Child - it was gorgeous. RAther magickal actually. I think eveyone felt that old spark ignite between them.... :sigh;
Ms. Gillis Culgan
I "grew up" listening to Stevie Nicks and to Fleetwood Mac. I've seen their videos and the tape of the reunion tour a few years back. There's no doubt that I have enjoyed them very much all of my adult life as we are very close in age. I decided I wanted to see them in concert on this tour and felt that, no doubt, it would be a good show. I've got to tell you, it surpassed my expectations totally. Stevie Nicks has a presence on stage that I've not seen or felt before. Lindsay is nothing less then brilliant on the guitar. John and Mick were totally on it the whole time. I've got to say that I missed Christie McVie. I always enjoyed her music. But, I've got to hand it to Stevie. I took a friend of mine that has been a life long Nicks fan and she has seen her in concert numerous times. The only way she could describe Stevie in concert was "the Queen." At 48 years old, I have seen many, many artists in concert during my adult life, but, my friend hit the nail on the head. She is the best. Her mere presence commands the respect and attention deservent of an artist that can deliver such "peace" on a stage and have her songs embrace you. She made the thousands at the concert feel like they were each the only one there. You then have Lindsay, Mick and John performing as fantasticly as they always have, and you've got an evening of wonderful memories with some of their older songs.....and a promise of a wonderful future with the new ones. In a world that is so upside down and turmultuous, Stevie, Mick, Lindsay and John gave me an evening I will not soon forget. I had fun. I danced and I sang, and smiled at the memories on the stage. When I left, I left with the feeling of a peaceful and most enjoyable evening that I can't recall having in a very, very long time. I'm proud of Fleetwood Mac. I'm proud of them as individuals, and proud of them all as a group. Thanks Stevie. You made me smile and feel peace in a world that is so unsure. God bless you, Mick, John and Lindsay.
Just walked in the door from the concert in D.C.. OH MY GOSH. What a concert. Unless you experience this for yourself and understand what I am saying, I can't make the words do justice to what I saw and heard tonight. This was very simple.......4 very dear friends doing what they absolutely love and happen to be extremely talented at it, sharing it with us and having a ball. Individually, John lets his bass do all the talking and that thing has a lot to say. He seems to give the songs their soul. MIck- well he is and always will be the MAC DADDY. Love those "new bongos" he plays too. Lindsey- one of the most underrated people in music- brilliant at producing, flaming fingers on guitar, and of course the chemistry with THE WOMAN. Stevie- my Stevie, what can I not say about her. beautiful, oozing with talent vocally and creatively, humble to the fact that she still looks shocked that the crowd goes wild and she can't talk over the ovations she gets, and as always beautiful. I can never seem to get enough of the magic. Together though...........tonight they showed why they are in the rock n' roll hall of fame and that they absolutely deserve to be there. Everyone looked so at ease with each other, and that somehow incredibly after all the drama and turmoil, their love and friendship has come out the other end in such better shape than when it started. You can not fake that on stage. They communicated on stage with each other tonight through looks, laughter and even some teary-eyed humility. We went wild for them for the way they played and the pure entertainment and it made them teary-eyed to see that love being thrown back to them. As you can tell, it was emotional for me. They are the only band whose music truly gets in my soul and it surely did tonight. John, Mick, Lindsey and Stevie- thank you so much for the absolutely best concert I have ever been to. Your refreshed my spirit and soothed my soul. I think I went through every emotion tonight and it was worth all of it. My advice to anyone of you reading this- if you are a fan- do whatever you can to go see the magic happen once again. You never know if this is their swan song or the beginning of the BEST of their lives, but go. You will not be disappointed in the 2 3/4 hours of entertainment that only the Mac can give you. ( Hey someone check the birth certificates on these people please because they are no where near 50-something).
I am still buzzing from the concert in D.C. I have seen Fleetwood Mac a few times, but this show was more incredible than I could have imagined. The sound was perfect and everyone was sincerely having a great time on stage. Stevie and Lyndsey were obviously excited to be touring, and Mick Fleetwood was as gracious as ever towards the audience. Opening with the Chain, then strategically entering new as well as old songs just seemed to fit. There was a great deal of emotion on that stage, and you could tell the band appreciated the fans in attendance. Stevie`s voice is like an angel, and she commands attention with each song. Lyndsey continues to mezmerize the audience with his guitar playing and his new versions on old songs. John McVie may appear to be shy, standing in his usual position, aside Mick`s drums, but he was having a good time. Mick`s solo was captivating and the audience stood at attention as he strutted about the stage. It had been 4 1/2 years since I had seen the Mac, and worth every minute of waiting. I already have a seat for the Sunrise, Florida show and cannot wait to experience the gift of four geniuses on stage again. This was an amazing evening, full of nice surprises, i.e. Beautiful Child, and the playfullness on stage between the band members. There are not enough words to describe this experience, and I hope new and old fans alike are able to see this sensational tour. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for yet another unforgettable evening, and for entertaining my roommate, who had never seen the artists at work, live, before this night. Fleetwood Mac is simply timeless.
Well, What can I say, Fleetwood Mac is the Best. It was like taking a time machine back to the 70's. How can you not love this band. Stevie and Lindsey were met to sing together. The stage was set up nice, videos of Gyspy and the marching band from Tusk were played when they sang those songs. And Mick on the drums, there is nobody better. It was a terrific concert. Nobody will ever compare to the great FLEETWOOD MAC!!!!!!!!!
I got to the MCI center around 6:30 with my wife and daughters. We had the chance to hear them do Say You Will and Dont Stop on their sound check that got me ready. We had good seats in section 111. The songs sounded unbelivable!! In no order: Come-amazing this song rocks and the crowd loved it. Beautiful Child was excellent live, Stevie's voice was at top form Say Goodbye and Destiny's Rule were fantastic live. They did a great job with a new Eyes's of the World approach Stevie singing with Lindsey on Never Going Back Again was a surprise.I miss Chris but I must say Stevie on lead with Lindsey on World Turning was outstanding! (Don't Stop worked well) I think Lindsey really got a lot off encouragement from the audience. (however my daughter tells me she noticed many "fans" taking their bathroom break when his songs came on) I expalined to her that some do attend to see just Stevie and her "back up band". Peacekeeper and Say You Will were strong and with a lot of life. This show had ATTITUDE and ENERGY and LOTS of it. I'm glad I saw one of the early shows and I hope the energy continues throught the tour
Mary Beth
This was my first Mac show since high school in 1977! My friend Beverly and I were very excited to be in the presence of Stevie and Lindsay, together again. I could not take my eyes off of Stevie. I knew even as she took the stage in the dark that she looked like the days of old. She is thinner than she was for the TISL tour and her bangs are growing out. Surprisingly, her long (to her waist still) hair, makes her look even YOUNGER than ever. Her skin was just glowing and I can never detect any WRINKLES! She wore a ankle high platform boot which was a pleasant change from the sneakers she has been wearing. The boots did not have the old suede heel, but leather with a small chain around each ankle which looked great. She was in a pretty typical "Stevie" ensemble to start. Layered black dress with three quarter length sleeves. We had great seats to the side of the stage, where we could see her dresser prepare her for some minor outfit changes. She took off a small vest and donned the black crepe wings for Rhiannon which she tied in the back until the song began. She made one pose like days gone by with the black crepe draped over her hands and hanging in wings-wonderful! She also wore a beautiful amber colored shawl which was heavily beaded and another pale pink shawl later in the show. She did not wear any jewelry except for a pair of drop earring and had her nails brightly painted with a deep red polish. It is amazing how long her fingers are for such a small women. She is truly an inspiration to me for all she has been through and come back from. She sings like an angel.
Johnny Bladen
I was in the 7th row, dead center. Spitting distance. I've seen Stevie in concert somewhere between 15 to 20 times and I can tell you that I haven't seen her look as good as she did last night since the Tusk tour. I was amazed. I've also seen shows where I felt she was just "phoning it in". But not last night -- no way. She was fully present in the performance. She had that arena spellbound. I wish everyone could have been as close as I was to see the expressions on her face -- you could tell she was really enjoying herself. One of the highlights was Landslide. I have to confess that I never loved that song the way everyone else does (sacrilege, I know!) but when she sang it last night and 18,000 people where singing with her, it was a religious experience. I almost forgot to breathe. Another thrill was Beautiful Child. All of the familiar songs were performed -- Gold Dust Woman, Rhiannon, Dreams, Stand Back. From the new album they did Destiny Rules (my favorite), Say You Will, Peacekeeper, and for the very last song of the night -- Goodbye Baby. From the reaction of the audience that's a brand new instant classic. It never ceases to amaze me how the woman can just stand there and ooze out some sort of intangible star quality that reaches all the way up to the rafters in the ozone and leaves everyone in an emotional puddle, but she does it. Every time.

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