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10/2/03 MCI Center Washington, DC

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This was the second show of the SYW tour that my friend and I have been lucky enough to see- both of them in D.C., but have never been on the floor for any of FM or solo Stevie shows. FINALLY, a chance to be so close and right in front of her microphone. I am sure that I am not the only one whose vocabulary just doesn't have the words to describe the magic, emotions, intensity and love that fill our hearts and souls when we walked away from the concert tonight. It still overwhelms me to think of the power that the lyrics and the music can have over you- to take you to another place, especially when you need it most. FM was that and so much more tonight. I thought the first show in D.C. was the BEST of any concert I had ever been to, but then these 4 highly talented beyond belief musicians proved me wrong again. This show was the pinnacle of a talented band doing what they love and doing it for the love of the craft. I always get chills when I first see Stevie walk out onto the stage in the shadows for the first time of a concert. When the lights came up and the CHAIN was on, I saw all of their faces and I was gone for the next 2 3/4 hours. I did not hear or see anything but what was taking place up there on that stage. They looked so much more relaxed and at ease than they did back in May. Stevie just had this magical look in her eye and a glow about her and Lindsey was so pumped up with emotion he looked like he was going to bust. I know that most other fans of Stevie's don't like her choice of shoes that she started doing in TISL tour, which do add "icing to the cake", but I would always suggest to her to wear those sneakers if we as fans can have that kind of performance all the time. She totally let loose on twirling, dancing, and playful antics with Lindsey instead of having to worry if she was going to trip over a wire or lose her balance on those spiked heels. Part of that letting loose was when she did STAND BACK. It was just TOTALLY OFF THE CHARTS tonight. I have seen that song performed many times live but never seen her break free like that before. That made all of us in the seats let loose with her. How awesome that I was able to be a part of that. Thank to the "boys" in the band for letting her do that song in this tour, but I think they enjoyed it too. On the slower songs, like NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN, SAY GOODBYE, LANDSLIDE AND GOODBYE BABY, they sang so beautifully together and with such emotion poured into the performance that it was just yanking tears out of everyone. I probably will never be able to say "thank you" to Stevie or the boys personally but I hope somehow they know just how special they have made the nights that I have seen them together. They have been a band that just gets better and it is an honor to still be able to witness someone have that much passion to do what they love and the talent to go with it. A special thank you to Stevie for the words and music that always soothes the soul. Thanks for the smile that came my way in one special moment- that split second of eye contact meant so much. Thanks to the girls in front of us ( section 1, row 10, seats 14 and 15- you know who you are) for being such good fellow fans and taking pictures for us- we wish we could have spent some time getting to know you. As Mick said before they all left the stage for the last time- THE MACK IS BACK, and boy is it ever people- go see and be a part of it while you can.
PHENOMENAL! It is now Monday evening, and I believe I have come back into this time and space enough to write in and share my feelings about the performance the band gave on Thursday nite here at the MCI center........To say that all members of the band were giving "us" one hundred percent of themselves just would not be adequate... Stevie, Lindsey, Mick, and John were positively enveloping the entire audience in a massive wave of magic and transference of sharing the joy of the intimacy of togetherness. The entire arena seemed totally and willingly "caught up" into the energy and power of the BAND-- and yes, Mick.... We are with the BAND !!! Forever! We screamed the answer to you as loud and as emotionally intense as we possibly could as individuals and, together, as very, very happy fans of the band. I had the pleasure of being on the floor, and very close to the front of the stage, in this show, and the show here in May, and I have to say, having been a devoted fan of the band, and of Stevie's since 1974- the energy the band produces and exudes now just surpasses the ability words in description..... the concert is a spiritual experience... and I truly believe and feel that is because they are up there on that stage, sharing that with us...... their spirit, their love of each other, their love of the band, and their love for us, their devoted fans. I can't thank them enough for the encouragement and insight their songs, and devotion to "getting through their differences", has given to me as an individual over all of these years. They have the uncanny abilility to convince each of us, that the songs were written not only about what they were/are going thru....but also to share with us our own life's experience..... to get us through the rough spots.... as they got thru theirs....to share this love and life we all happen to be in....... in this time, and this space.... and this moment.... My heartfelt awe goes out to them all. I couldn't have made it this far without them. Devoted Fan Forever-
Mike Sarzo
Fleetwood Mac returned to the nation's capital during the second leg of their tour to support Say You Will, their first studio album with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks in the band since 1987. While the first show was an iron-out-the-kinks outing for the band, this concert showcased Fleetwood Mac at its finest. From the end of the first chorus in Fleetwood Mac's opening number, "The Chain," it was clear that singer Stevie Nicks was much more into this show than she was in May. Another sign of improvement in this show compared to the earlier outing was dual screens, one showing singer-guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and one beaming images of Nicks when both were singing. The dual screens made it easy for the Nicks fans in the audience to see the intensity on her face and the hand gestures throughout many songs. While Say You Will the album may not have had the spectacular commercial success of Rumours or even the Mac's 1997 reunion record, The Dance, the first two singles seem to have won over the fan base. "Peacekeeper," which was co-opted as an anti-war song in spite of its being written three years before the war, and "Say You Will" saw the audience remain on its feet as it did during the classic Rumours-era numbers. However, Buckingham may have started to wear down slightly from the manic energy he displayed earlier in the tour, not singing the last line in "Come" after the fiery guitar work following the second chorus, and having his voice sound ragged. But while Buckingham may have lost a little bit of steam, Nicks picked up the slack. "Dreams" was almost a do-we-have-to song in the earlier D.C. show, but lost that forced appearance this time. "Beautiful Child" got an infusion of the exquisite sadness befitting the Tusk chestnut, and "Gold Dust Woman" was impeccably sung. However, the highlight of the show for Nicks and the fans primarily there for her was a rollicking rendition of her solo smash, "Stand Back." While that song seemed to be the energy number of the first show, she put on a display befitting a woman half her age, twirling so quickly during the bridge that a fan could be excused for thinking the calendar said 1983 instead of 2003. Much has been made of the retirement of Christine McVie from Fleetwood Mac, but the band performed "World Turning" and "Don't Stop" with Nicks taking over the McVie vocals in both songs, and successfully making them her own. On this night, the band continued to perform with the magic that leaves its most fervent fans asking them "don't stop."
Dj Gunning
I tagged along with a friend to the show @ M.C.I Center in DC, and all i have to say is AMAZING. Everybody knows Fleetwood Mac's Music, but I wasn't a fan per-se...UNTIL Thursday! The atmosphere of the concert was amazing...young and old alike coming together to have fun and celebrate great music. Mick and Lindsey gave show stopping performances and Stevie made me feel like her best friend. F.M. is definately one of my favorite groups now. Ok, i'll Say it - I WILL! hehehe. Thanks for a fantastic evening, and for an era of great music! From your newest fan.
Hi! I was trying to figure out how I would post this today...trying to find the right words...all I could come up with over and over was that the show was pure energy.....From the backup singers/musicians to Stevie, Lindsey, John and Mick, the band played like this was the most important show they have ever done. Never once did they give the impression that one...they have been on tour for months...and two that this was the second time in several months that they played the same arena. Everything was magical....the voices, the music.....just everything. Stevie looked so amazing that my dh and everyone we talked with around us were blown away....she doesn't have bangs...they are growing out....and you could really see how beautiful she is. She smiled....and sang very, very powerfully....hit every note right on...such a strong voice on every song she sang! Stevie looked stunning in all her lovely shawls and her flaming red nail polish...my dh commented on the polish and really liked it...I guess I may have to try to find that shade LOL! Lindsey was on fire as usual and got his first chance to really 'make love' to his guitar during 'come'.....I *think* there were a couple of different songs on this trip than in May but as I say, they played each and every song for all it was worth. Highlights for me were when Stevie and Lindsey played around....very sweet, very sincere...and everyone went crazy. I really believe the bond between them will never be broken...too much history....a love that was too strong. To me it seems to have morphed itself to something even bigger and better than what they had in another time....something that changes with time and age...maybe a respect that didn't always exist but surely does now. We had floor seats but not really close to the stage. As I said in an earlier post, I am pregnant and since everyone was standing, and I am only Stevie's height...without the platforms (lol) I had trouble seeing but the binoculars and standing on the chair a few times made a big difference. The couple next to myself and dh helped me get up and down from the chair which was nice. Since this is my little in utero baby's first concert, I will have to say I think he/she enjoyed it as much as everyone there. One funny thing...well sort of annoying thing was a guy in back of us had no clue about the band. He thought Stevie was a 'guy' and kept asking the girl he was with if Jim Morrison wrote all their songs....I laughed....once he saw me singing the words to every song, he started asking me when the girl he was with didn't have a clue....it was funny. He seemed to enjoy it just the same. Well, my dogs are barking (I have 3 adopted yellow labs) so I need to bring them in from the yard...it's a beautiful day here on the outskirts of DC....the perfect morning of a new day....filled with fabulous memories of last night! If you can get tix, you HAVE to see them!
Lauren Wilson
I'm still in shock from the show! I managed to get myself second row center for my first Fleetwood Mac concert ever! The last time they toured I was in high school - and my mom wouldn't let me go - so this night was a dream come true for me! The show was perfect from start to finish - it was everything I had hoped for and more! I even got to hear my favorite song of all time - Silver Springs- I must say - it brought a tear to my eye! After Stevie rocked the MCI Center with Stand Back - security lightened up a little and a few of use 2nd row fans were able to get up to the front row! Lindsey let us play his guitar - that was probably the coolest part of the experience! Stevie graciously took the yellow rose bouquet I had gotten for her and shook my hand! I was in heaven! At the very end of the show, Lindsey even came to the edge of the stage and held my hands for what seemed like forever. . .I wish I could live in that night forever! I'm only 21 - but I have a feeling that will probably remain as one of the best nights of my life! Can't wait to see them again!!!!!!
They did it again & blew me away at the MCI Center last night! I've gone to see them back in May here in DC the first and the second show was by far the best! Everyone in the band looked and sounded great and everyone looked much happier and at ease with themselves and the fans. Fleetwood Mac really rocked the house down last night. I am still on cloud nine and almost speechless. Stevie really twirled especially during Stand Back and Lindsey really kicks butt on that guitar. John McVie's bass parts are a real Gem and Mick is just the best drummer in the world! I think when the tour first started, everyone was just warming up and feeling their way through all the new songs. Now, the band really gets into it! For all those who haven't seen them live yet, Go! It's well worth it. I know I'll go every chance I get. We love you Fleetwood Mac! I wish you much more success and happiness and just like you tell us every night, Be safe & well and take care of each other!!
Diana Ryan
I had my second “Nix Fix” at the MCI center last night Oct 2nd, 2003. Although I love Fleetwood Mac as a group, the person I went to see was our beloved Stevie Nicks. The whole band was awesome, but Stevie always shines. Her voice is amazing, and she is absolutely the most beautiful woman! I would love to be able to be in her presence on a regular basis. It would be awesome to be her close friend. All the songs were terrific, and her voice was in TOP form last night, as were the rest of the band. When people say she can’t hit the high notes any more, I don’t think it is so much that she can’t I think it is more that she tries not too as often so she can keep her voice for all the songs and all the concerts. She definitely hit some high notes last night. She smiled a lot, and spoke to the audience a couple times. Shook some hands, and took some flowers, and a scarf from a fan (which she put on and wore for a couple songs) Wish I had been up there at the stage…. Lindsey had some great guitar solos, and Micks drum solo was amusing and terrific to see live. John was quiet and smiled a lot. This concert at MCI was much better than the first one in May. The crowd was much more into it, and stood pretty much the entire evening. My friend and I were in Row 1 in section 112, which is just to the side of the stage where they come on and off and the first elevation… We got to see what we believe was Micks twin daughters (beautiful) they walked right in front of us with what I assume were about 3 or 4 nanny’s, and we saw Lindsey’s wife and son (pretty sure) standing just to the side of the stage. Which makes me feel even sadder for Stevie, knowing that the guys all get to go back to their hotels and travel with their family’s and she has her dog’s, and of course her journal’s. It must be extremely difficult for her. Lindsey is a fool. It’s a shame she did not have any children, but like she said it would be very difficult to do what she does and have babies. For men, they can have babies and keep doing what they are doing. Anyway, the concert was awesome, the set list was great, they all looked terrific, and Stevie twirled like I have never seen during Edge of Seventeen. Totally a terrific night that I will never ever forget. The only bad part of the concert was that I purchased a tour book, and it got stolen or lost …and went back to try to buy another one and was told they were sold out… bummer. I pray that they do a DVD of this concert, and I pray that they come around again. I, of course will be on a downer for a while with almost a feeling of loss from the moment they all walked back off the stage.
Robert Stickley
I was never really a fan of Stevie and Fleetwood Mac until this year when my girlfriend Tammy introduced me to music that I had never known. I had unknowingly enjoyed the bands more popular songs without even really knowing who they were or much about them. She insisted that I take her to a Stevie Nicks concert last year, and I really enjoyed the music, and this year as a treat I bought seats 13 rows back from the stage for her Birthday in October. I also understand that Lyndsey's birthday is in October. I have certainly learned a lot about the band, Stevie, and Lyndsey this year. I will say that Thursday's concert was the best concert I have ever been to in my life. The energy was everywhere, and the performance by everyone was awesome. I can now count myself among the fans of Fleetwood Mac, and I will be on the floor at the next concert in my area. Thanks for a great evening,
This is the third time I have seen them during this current tour. I saw them the first time in Washington in May and a week later in Atlantic City New Jersey and again for the third time on October 2nd back in DC. The show was very good. Going into it I thought I'd be disappointed because it was the 3rd time and I had already seen it twice and even though the set did not change I was far from disappointed. I think that both Lyndsey and Stevie have settled into a certain way of doing things and were far more talkative and active on stage. They told occasional stories while on stage and the chemistry between both of them was really on. The Chains has to be the greatest song to ever start any concert. It just set the mood for the night. Stevie dedicated Landslide to all of the fans in attendance. Silver Spring was right on. Stand Back stole the show. Go Your Own Way was great. The double encorr was perfect. One disappointment of the 3 shows I went to was the crowd. MCI holds about 20,000 and for the first show it was 98-99% full. For this show there was 7,000 empty seats. There are 7,000 unfortunate people in Washington DC that they didn't get the chance to come see something truly spectacular. At the end of the night Mick did his take care of yourselfs but more importantly take care of one another speech. After Good Bye Baby Stevie and the group took one last bow...... and Stevie stepped back to the microphone and thanked everyone again and said " Always a pleasure." Stevie is such a class act, and I hope that once the overseas version of the tour is completed that they will once again grace us with a US tour.....
I`m still in awe of the D.C. show this evening. This is the third show I have seen on the tour this year, and the Mac keep getting better and better. Stevie really made the audience feel welcome by thanking them for attending and supporting the band over the years. Lyndsey was even more playful on stage than past shows and physically included the fans in some of the songs, with guitar work and various nods and smiles. Mick`s solo is so energetic with the antics he displays on stage, and John captures us with his genius bass playing. I was entranced all evening, especially by Stevie`s energy and inclusiveness of the audience as well as Lyndsey`s artistic mastery of the numerous guitars he was handed all night; that man can play like no other! Landslide always gives me a chill and makes me smile, especially when Stevie and Lyndsey embrace at the end. It feels like I am visiting friends, having followed the band since 1977, and I`m usually in another space and time, days after their shows; thinking about the incredible talent I was blessed to see on stage. Thank you for yet another evening of great fun, memories and for continuously putting a smile on my face with your music.

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