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5/18/04 Sound Advice Amphitheater West Palm Beach, FL

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Pete & Renee
The Mac is Back! And they are back in a big, big way! What a truly unforgettable evening with a band that never seems to quit! We seen them last year in Atlanta, and we simply could not pass up the chance to see the greatest band in rock n' roll again. We were very fortunate to have seats on the front row, and what a great show they put on for us!! The chemistry of these people on stage is incredible! Stevie was her usual enchanting self, performing all of our favorites, Sara, Gold Dust Woman, Dreams, Stand Back,Beautiful Child, and of course Landslide. Which brought tears to my eyes and many others that were around us! The way their music continues to inspire all of us after all of these years is truly amazing!! They seem to be really enjoying and having great time playing together on stage!! Being right in front of them and being able to see them making eye contact with each other, smiling, holding hands, and Lindsey chasing Stevie around the stage and giving her big hug was a wonderful thing to see! It was a evening spent with my all time favorite band that I will never forget. My husband attended the concert with me, and loves Fleetwood Mac, but I'm the fanatic Mac fan! Mick, John, Lindsey, Stevie, keep rockin' and I will keep coming to see you!! Can't wait until the next chance comes to see you again! To quote Mick as he left the stage "JUST REMEMBER THE MAC IS BACK"!!!!!
What a terrific show! The setlist was similar to what has already been posted. No Gypsy, but we did hear Sarah, and about 6 or 7 song's off 'Say You Will.' Lindsey and Stevie still write incredible music together. The creativity still resides close to the surface. It hasn't disappeared at all. It may have actually gotten stronger. Mick referred to Lindsey as "Bucky" after one song, so we'll go with that. Bucky was fantastic with tons of solos involved in all the songs. Stevie and him sang and performed looking at each other throughout the night. They both seem to realize that true magic occurs whenever the band is together and united. There were two really magnificent solos done by 'Bucky'. His most recognizable was of course the buildup and climatic frenzied end to 'I'm So Afraid'. His guitar textures and harmonies are second to none. When one recognizes not only his songwriting, singing, playing, engineering and production abilities, and what he has done with Fleetwood Mac, you have to know that talent like his is true genius. He doesn't use a pick, just finger plucks the strings. Mick performed a eye opening drum, bongo, and vest touch pad solo that was neatly wrapped around 'World Turning'. He is a performer extraordinare. His eyes seem to bug out and look ready to burst out of his head at times. He pulls them back in, and continues to thump on his vest. Johnny Mc is the heart of the band with his bass lines. He keeps a steady and rollicking tempo. His world is the most tame of them all. He does his part and is appreciated by all. Mick and Mc play off each others tempos and know each other so well, they do their thing seemingly effortlessly. Stevie enchants us all. Stand Back was offered and got the juices going in the crowd. She also gifted us with killer versions of 'Landslide', and 'Gold Dust Woman'. 'Rhiannon' is the backbone or theme song for her twirling dances. She looked fabulous and was in fine voice and looked genuinely happy to be in the band performing with them. Stevie and the group disguised an opening prelude of sorts to finally explode into "Stand Back", the top solo hit of her career. Her "rock on" energy while singing the song worked the crowd into a frenzy that lasted at least several more songs into the show. She knows how to turn it on with her mystic ways. What a woman! I really hate to bring it up, but having seen the Mac on The Dance tour, I have to. Christine McVie has been so much of the band in the past that I have to mention her. I wanted to see her graceful and beautiful songs and melodies. Her voice is heavenly, and piano playing brings chills whenever I hear her. She has such gifts that I honestly missed her tremendously tonight. I'm thinking about ya girl! I know you are enjoying your home life and painting, etc. Please come back next tour. We want you! You're the songbird! The rest of the band just had to focus on songs that Christine wasn't there to do. They did a great job trying to keep our minds off her absence, and it worked to a degree. Like I said, "come back Chrissy". We missed the pure clean vocals and keyboards you are known for. The Mac will continue very successfully without her, but we will always remember her "warm ways". Again, what a show and tour! You are going to be surprised mostly at the energy in this band. I haven't seen another band in their era perform with such warmth and excitement for years. Jumping and twirling around on stage all night for two and a half to three hours. They have to be tired now....my legs are worn out from tapping and standing to the songs, let alone if I was up there. As Mick said at the end, "The MAC is BACK."
Scott Cushing
Cool ocean breezes on a balmy Florida night. The palm trees that surround the venue swaying to the beat. And Stevie, radiant in flowing black, her cornsilk hair wafting and blowing in the breeze (and yes, the bangs are back!) That's how it began: Tuesday night - May 18th, 2004 at the Sound Advice Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, Florida. What an incredible show it was too, and a great treat to see Fleetwood Mac in an open-air amphitheater. The stage was small, so set modifications had obviously been made, but it provided for a more intimate and completely different experience. The Fan Club produced fantastic seats (3rd row, thank you!) and that was the closest I've been to date. What a wonderful feeling -- being close enough to actually make eye contact with both Stevie and Lindsey. There were changes to the set list, but not exactly as noted for the May 8th show. Instead of a four-song swap, I believe it was three. New songs performed were "I Know I'm Not Wrong", "Sara", and "Red Rover". Out of the set were "Eyes of the World", "Gypsy" and (tragically) "Silver Springs". Hardcore Nicks fans like myself might feel the inclusion of "Sara" softens the blow of losing "Silver Springs". I'd never seen Sara performed live, so I nearly passed out when Stevie appeared, a vision in bright red, with her hair pulled back on one side. Like earlier performances of "Gypsy", images of the concert video for Sara were shown on the backdrop screen. Both "Say You Will" and "Goodbye Baby" were performed, so the expected "Destiny Rules" and "Don't Let Me Down Again" never materialized. It was a wild crowd in West Palm Beach - overall much younger too than the previous shows I've attended in Ft. Lauderdale and Washington D.C. (from what I saw anyway). The smell of weed was ripe throughout the front VIP section, and ever present during the entire show. We all smiled as that nearly forgotten aroma invaded our senses. The ovations were many, lengthy and loud, for song after song. One great change in song delivery was with "Gold Dust Woman" which seemed much longer than previous shows. The entire ending has been reworked, and I loved the new style of it. A classic that I never expected Stevie and the Mac could improve upon - but they did! "Beautiful Child" was another that just blew me away. If there are any fans left out there who haven't seen Fleetwood Mac live, get yourself to the nearest venue as soon as possible. What an amazing show that just keeps getting better!
Maria Garcia
Hello Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac fans, my name is Maria Garcia from Naples Florida. I am one of the biggest Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac fans there can be, and everyone who knows me knows that, even though I am only 26 years old!!! When I found out that Fleetwood Mac was touring back in the states again I said I had to go again, I saw them last year in Fort Lauderdale and they were amazing, and because Stevie Nicks is my favorite singer/songerwriter. So I just came back from the concert last night (May 18) in West Palm Beach and it was enchanting (Stevie Nicks), electrifying (Lindsey Buckingham), and spiritual (the concert)!! The concert was amazing from the first notes of The Chain to the last notes of Good-bye Baby. Stevie was amazing and looked beautiful and she even wore her boots during some of the songs. For me the best part of the concert was when she sung Sara, during that song they showed old concert footage of Stevie and Lindsey and the crowd went wild!!! Another highlight of the show was during Landslide when Stevie and Lindsey seem to be playing for each other and I must admit I wish they were together. Lindsey Buckingham is the greatest guitarist there is period!!! He takes his guitar playing to a highly charged spiritual place but not only does he take himself but he brings you along. And of course I can't forget John and Mick, John fades more into the background but not his bass playing and Mick gets the spotlight on him towards the end of the show. Nobody can do what Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks can do!!!! They are the Best!!! For me the show is one of the highlights of my life, just to be able to say I attended a Fleetwood Mac Concert means a lot to me, inaddition to seeing Stevie Nicks Trouble In Shangri-La Tour (my first concert) and Fleetwood Mac last year. So if you're a fan go to one of the shows cause its worth it!!! Rock on Gold Dust Woman!!!
WOW!!! What an incredible show! This is the third time I have seen the Say You Will Tour and it was great to see them outdoors. The concert began with The Chain and ended with Goodbye Baby! They did Say You Will and Stevie was doing a little dance. It was cute! The best part for me was to see her sing Sara. I have never seen her do this before and it was great! She was in a red shawl and the old video was playing in the background. It was great! The entire audience was enchanted! Lindsey really rocked on "Come" and "Go Your Own Way". He is incredible! He had so much energy and really kept the show going. John was his usual self and stayed away from the spotlight, however, on "World Turning", Mick was the man! He did his usual on stage performance and was great! The entire evening was awesome! I never wanted the show to end. I am so glad the Mac is Back!

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