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5/27/03 Worcester's Centrum Center Worcester, MA

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Sheree Henry
Once again they steal away and leave me speechless. Fleetwood Mac was absolutely the BEST I have ever seen them Tuesday night in Worcester. It was like a family reunion. Watching them iteract on stage and re~living some of the memories their songs bring out in them......was priceless. Stevie and Lindsey harmonized so beautifully together, I especially liked the way she harmonized on Never Goin Back Again....her voice wraps around his like magick. I never thought I would be blessed so much as to hear Stevie sing "Beautiful Child".....she sings like an Angel and had me entranced trought the whole night. What a rare gem.....I loved every minute of it as they successfully pulled me into thier world once again.....if only for a moment....and a memory is all that is left for me now......I agree that I would have loved to have heard more of Stevies new songs from SYW....but I have no complaints...and can I add...she ROCKED out on Stand Back....WOW!!! And closing with Goodbye Baby.....so incredibly touching....left me with a smile in my heart...I could write so much more, but just know this....The Mac is Back and better than ever......so grateful for the fanclub for getting me such great seats to rock with them once more..and to share this night with my Mom (once again..) and step Dad and my closest friends just made it that much more special........There is magick all around and Fleetwood Mac still has it....."Don't Stop"!!!!!
Brenda Wood
I have to say this concert was truly MESMERIZING! In all honesty it took my breath away, sent chills down my spine, stood my hair on end and left a tear in my eye. You have all outdone yourselves. Looking around at the faces in the crowd I believe they're in agreement, BRAVO! I will proudly wear the 2 t shirt and my keys will have a permanent place. I could go on and on with wonderful things to say, but I will end here and tell you my CD "SAY YOU WILL" has been in my playing every time I'm on the road:) Thank you for a night of memories from a band that will always be #1 in my eyes:)
Gwen Smith
I saw Fleetwood Mac at the Tweeter Center a few years ago and they were great! I had lawn seats for that show so the view was a little small but the sound was perfect. The Centrum show was absolutely excellent! I sat in LITERALLY.. the back row. My back was against the very highest back wall of the Centrum but the view was astounding. I think one of my two favorite parts were when Stevie sang Gold Dust Woman, the stage was surrounded by the twinkling gold sparkles and Stevie, in her gold shawl in that trademark nightbird pose. At the end of the song, there was a gold spotlight on her and from my seat, she was made out of pure of gold. The way the lighting hit her at that point, she looked like a gold Phoenix surrounded by gold dust. When I looked up onto the JumboTron, you couldnt see the gold as much as I could from my aeire and I felt priviledged to have my view. We were very surprised to hear her sing "Beautiful Child". We had never heard her do that live. She was flawless. The bongos for the intro to "Stand Back" were AWESOME!! That guy is great! A real keeper! I also noticed that at one point in the show, Mick had four drum kits on stage! His enthusiasm is inspiring. I enjoyed the body drumming on the Dance tour as well as on Tuesday, the red shoes are so funny! His faces remind me of Frank Oz and his puppets! Lindsay was great... he went into a tangent about half-way through the show and was playing a song that was not familiar to me at all. We couldn't understand his lyrics at all either and we were a little taken back by that part of the show but his passion for his music is really bigger than life. My second favorite part was "Never Goin Back Again". I was happy to hear them play that and Lindsay's guitar on that was like salve on a sunburn. It was perfect.... perfect. Thanks for listening Thanks for playing Please come back soon
Tiffany MacDonald
Wow!!!! I am not sure that I can even come up with words that are powerful enough to describe this Fleetwood Mac concert. They are absolutely in top form! I have seen Stevie a few times, and I have been waiting forever to see Fleetwood Mac. I have grown up listening to their music and have heard so many stories of their legendary shows....I was not let down. First of all, I had great seats, I was really suprised at how close to the stage we were. The band came out swinging with "The Chain", and continued to rock for the rest of the night. Lindsey was soooo AWESOME!!! I am a guitar player myself, and I have to say that he is one of the most brilliant guitarists around. When he played his new song "Come," I was in absolute heaven. He rocked so hard on that song, he just let his guitar go and he was banging on the strings with both hands, it was so awesome. Then came one of my favorite Mac songs, "Landslide." I have heard Stevie sing this at her concerts, but it just has a different feel when Lindsey is there. As a matter of fact, the crowd was singing so loud that Stevie stopped at the end of the song and began chuckling to herself and she said "wow, you all have such beautiful voices." The crowd was singing so loudly, and she was so happy to hear us sing her song back to her. Then of course they embraced and let the crowd's unconditional adulation wash over them. One of the best parts of the show was "Stand Back." I think that everyone who hears this song on the tour will be really suprised. It sounds so great, and Stevie was so pumped. I have not heard the song performed this way, they have really beefed up the sound with more drums and guitars...it was great. I looked around and the whole crowd was pumping their arms in the air and having a blast. One of the best songs was "Silver Springs," just seeing the interaction between Stevie and Lindsey was great. Finally, there was "Go Your Own Way," this song was so awesome. The crowd was singing very loudly and Lindsey had a huge grin on his face. As a matter of fact, he rocked so hard that he broke one of his strings...it was great....her really gave it his all. Then there is Mick...who can say enough about Mick and his drum vest, it was absolutely incredible. The encores were awesome....so great that a fan jumped on the stage while the band performed "Tusk." Stevie just started laughing, and then Lindsey walked over to her and playfully leaned up against her and almost knocked her over. At the end of the night after Stevie and Lindsey sang "Goodbye Baby," we all left happy. My ears were ringing and my throat hurt from yelling, and I knew that it had been the best concert that I have ever seen. Fleetwood Mac is the best!!!! They still rock!!!!
We saw Fleetwood Mac last night and the concert was absolutely incredible. They played for 2-1/2 hours without a break. I've never had 2-1/2 hours go by so quickly. The band was really well rehearsed and tight. Lindsey's guitar playing was brilliant and Stevie looked gorgeous. Her voice was the best I've ever heard it and she looked like she was having a great time. I only wish that she had sung more of her songs from Say You Will. Mick was great as always. We really liked his "body" drums. And John McVie was his usual hidden self, but did a great job. And of course, Sharon and Mindy were wonderful as always. I hope that Stevie puts out another solo album and tours again. I don't want to have to wait another 2 years to see someone so incredible and talented!!
Kate Ryan
My husband and I attended the opening night at Worcester Centrum and the show was excellent!!! Stevie looked great and sounded fantastic - Lindsey had so much energy and it was so good to see the two of them up there singing together!! I have seen Stevie numerous times and was lucky enough to see Fleetwood Mac back in 97 when Christie was with them - definitely missed Christie but am a die hard fan of Stevie and Lindsey - Mick Fleetwood was so fun to watch up there on stage!!! John McVie did his typical stuff - still sounding good!! Our seats were great - we could see them coming on and off stage - Stevie looked like she was having trouble walking - she had her sneaker/boots on but you have to give her credit - 55 and looking beautiful and sounding so good!!!!!!!!! Loved Beautiful Child and if anyone is reading this and can tell me what that song means please email me at fredandkate@attbi.com and tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have fallen in love with it and am dying to know who and what it's about - You've got to love Fleetwood Mac, I have been listening to them since I was seven years old and am now thirty three and I am still discovering songs from them I have never heard, I also loved the fact that there were fans ranging in age from teens to late fifties and sixties - I love seeing the younger girls dancing to Fleetwood Mac just like I did and am still doing!!!! Life is good - being able to see Fleetwood Mac live makes it even better!!! Those of you seeing the upcoming shows will truly enjoy your evening!!!!
What can I say, the concert was excellent! Everything the other fans from the first 11 concerts said was true! Stevie looked beautiful as usual, her voice has never sounded so angelic and Lindsey picked that guitar like I never seem him do before, and I never missed a Fleetwood Mac concert since 1975 so I know what I'm talking about. I liked the way Lindsey let some of the fans strum his guitar with him on World Turning. Mick has not lost his touch and was outstanding on the drums. John played the bass with such finesse. I had great seats on the floor, but I still got a little closer to the stage. They all (FM) sounded so good, I wish I could see them again, like I did in 1997 for the "The Dance" tour. Wednesday night fans are in for a fantastic concert. 2 1/2 hours of music and magic! HAVE A GREAT TIME AND ENJOY!
Melissa L.
I was very much privileged to attend the May 27th show in Worcester, MA. I am 18 years old and I have never been to a Fleetwood Mac concert, so this was a first for me. I had no idea what to expect. What I did see though was the most amazing performance in my LIFE! As a teen, I have been to MANY concerts, but Fleetwood Mac has topped them all with their amazing ability to write music and perform on stage. Stevie Nicks is absolutely amazing. She is, by far, my favorite performer of all time. Lindsay Buckingham, what more needs to be said about him, he is WONDERFUL! The way he can play and how he gets so into the music on stage, it makes the crowd go wild!! Mic Fleetwood, WOW! He amazed me! Stevie Nicks did the most incredible version of Stand Back. She made that song better than ever with her live performance. Her performance of Gold Dust Woman had everyone in awe. When she performed Landslide, that was breathtaking. The entire crowd was singing along and everyone cheered when she sang the line "But time makes you bolder, children get older and I'm getting older too." At one point she stopped and said to the crowd "What a voice!" because everyone was singing along. She is absolutely brilliant! She looked and sounded better than ever! They all did! This was the best concert I have ever been to. I am amazed by the talent of everyone in Fleetwood Mac. This concert is definitely one to be remembered if you attend. I will NEVER forget this night. I got to see my idol on stage, how could I forget it? Thank you Fleetwood Mac for such an enjoyable evening! Stevie Nicks, we all love you!
I just wanted to share with everyone who reads this that, to me, Fleetwood Mac knows how to Rock and Roll!! I had the pleasure of seeing them last night in Worcester. I had a wonderful time and from the looks on the band's faces, they too were having fun! Lindsey B. didn't stop moving the whole show..yet he seemed so relaxed. I loved the song line up.....and I was so happy to hear some songs I thought I would never hear live. The stage backdrops were very cool....subtle little touches that contributed to the energy that flowed throughout the arena. As for Ms. Stevie....what can I say but, she is a little angel sent by God or Goddess. One thing I can say for certain is that Fleetwood Mac is irreplaceable and truly loved!! Thanks!
Fleetwood Mac absolutely rocked the Worcester Centrum last night, playing to a sold out crowd. The band kept me enthralled the entire 2 and a half hours they played for. Lindsey's guitar-playing was insane. I have never heard a guitarist quite like him. Up-and-coming bands should pray for a lead guitarist with a tenth of the talent that that man has. Stevie's voice sounded superb, and she seemed in good humor the whole night. Her performances were passionate. Their voices combined were incredible, they didn't miss a note and the harmony was incredible. I loved how Lindsey allowed the fans in the front row to "play" his guitar during some of his solos also... I wish I had been lucky enough to be down there! Fleetwood Mac had the entire center on their feet (with few exceptions) and clapping their hands, and the entire night was one gigantic sing-along, with Mick, John, Stevie, and Lindsey at the center of it. I am going again tonight, and am excited as hell for it!!! Everyone should rearrange their schedules for a show, it is a performance you will be forever kicking yourself for not seeing. Awesome!!!
My husband and I were fortunate enough to attend the Fleetwood Mac concert at the Worcester Centrum on Tuesday, 5/27. We had great seats, and the arena was full of electricity from the first moment we entered. The crowd seemed older than the crowd at the Stevie concert I had gone to in 2001. There was a smattering of youngsters and teenagers, but, for the most part it was people in their 30's, 40's and 50's. I had read every media review and fan review of the previous concerts so I knew the order of the songs, and everything that had happened at the other concerts, so there were no big surprises. But, to actually hear them play and sing was just unbelievable. The amount of energy that they all showed was awesome. The crowd was respectful through the new music, but, I think it was evident that everyone really came to hear classic Fleetwood Mac. And there is nothing wrong with that. It was clear by the way the crowd responded, that the old songs have meaning, and the people will always want to hear them. I am so glad that I was able to attend, and encourage anyone that if you have the chance to go..GO! It was a magic night...2 and 1/2 hours of classic Mac. It doesn't get any better than this.
Kathy A.
I saw Fleetwood Mac in concert for the first time last night and all I can say is "OH MY GOD!!!!". I have been a fan of Stevie and Lindsay's since 1975 and I was never able to see their shows for one reason or another. This time my nephew and niece said we're buying you a ticket! Since my other nephew was graduating from college they got him one too. He's another huge fan. We had the best time. Stevie was beautiful and sang all my favorites, especially"Beautiful Child",which was done to perfection! "Landslide" was a personal moment between Stevie and the fans. Lindsay is AWESOME and I never realized what a mad man he is till now. What a show he put on. Mick with his drum solo and getting the crowd in a frenzie was the best. John is so cute hiding in the shadows. I still saw you John!! All I can say is I want to see them again. My only disapointment was I didn't get to tell them how much they've meant to me since I was 14. If you haven't seen them in concert yet GO!!!!!!
Jim Nolan
The Crowne Plaza Hotel is a block away from the Centrum. It’s a choice place to stay. Show opened up, and a whirlwind of soft and hard music ensued. Somebody let Lindsey loose for this show – Never seen a conservative posture work so hard. Pete Townshend has the “Windmill”. “Pagey” has the “Drop D”. Don’t know how to describe Linsey other than “Gunnin’”. Calculated, and disciplined, he breaks down a rhythm to open strings, and then rebuilds it back into the song like a Marine works his M-14 rifle. Mick did his voodoo dance while playing his sensor vest in “World Turning”. Stevie and the girls did well to cover for Christine’s absent vocal lines. John and the rest of the band thundered through it all. Gotta be there again tonight! Thank you.
Allison F. Parker
I must admit, all of the glowing reviews scared me into thinking my expectations were too high for the Worcester show....NO PROBLEM! I dare say Stevie's voice hasn't sounded this good since the TUSK era. Her harmonies with Lindsey...I closed my eyes and traveled back in time about 20 years. Mick was hilarious with his little faces / smiles he made for the monitor. John was very strong. The whole band had a tight knit sound. They were incredible. I hope they will make a Say You Will Live CD, this was unbelievable. Beautiful Child was the clincher for me! What a great selection. I do wish they would have played 'Bleed to Love Her'. We saw her the day after her birthday. I wished Mick had initiated us to sing happy birthday to Stevie. Poor Lindsey still had some guitar problems, but were compenstated by his humor. "We've gone through four guitar roadies on this tour already". Lindsey was playing his heart out on songs like Come, and Big Love. He is truly one of the great guitarists of this century!
Sara Green
I was absolutely blown away at the May 27th concert in Worchester Mass !! It reminded me of the old Fleetwood Mac…the band looked and sounded great. Stevie was incredible--totally unreserved and free spirited. Lindsey can still make his guitars work and can still make me step back in awe. Mick, well Mick is Mick--I got such a kick out of watching him on the big screen so animated and into his rhythm and John is still the cooliest bass player, quiet but can set the underlining mood of each and every song. I honestly cried when Stevie sang "Beautiful Child" and the closing encore "Goodbye Baby"…the band didn't seem so reserved and held back this tour. The electricity and magic was throughout the entire concert. Thank Fleetwood Mac for once again for all the wonderful years of music, reminding me of what's important in life by just listening to your words and music. And thank you Stevie, your beautiful word set to some incredible music still touch my soul. Bless you---
Allison F. Parker
I must admit, all of the glowing reviews scared me into thinking my expectations were too high for the Worcester show....NO PROBLEM! I dare say Stevie's voice hasn't sounded this good since the TUSK era. Her harmonies with Lindsey...I closed my eyes and traveled back in time about 20 years. Mick was hilarious with his little faces / smiles he made for the monitor. John was very strong. The whole band had a tight knit sound. They were incredible. I hope they will make a Say You Will Live CD, this was unbelievable. Beautiful Child was the clincher for me! What a great selection. I do wish they would have played 'Bleed to Love Her'. We saw her the day after her birthday. I wished Mick had initiated us to sing happy birthday to Stevie. Poor Lindsey still had some guitar problems, but were compenstated by his humor. "We've gone through four guitar roadies on this tour already". Lindsey was playing his heart out on songs like Come, and Big Love. He is truly one of the great guitarists of this century!
Cherie Hovey
The show was very "rumors" like, Mick Fleetwood wore an outfit that rendored back to the rumors album. Stevie was as elegant as ever and Lindsey was rocking off the stage breaking all strings on his guitar with his powerful performance. I was amazed at how fast the show was over i did not want to leave. They were INCREDIBLE as i would expect but they seemed this time to have much more fun. Stevie and Lindsey had great chemistry while he danced around Stevie playing his guitar like never before. (I really underestimated Lindsey's abilitys, he can play that guitar just as Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton). Lindsey definitely was in spotlight this tour, more than any other. I was so happy that Stevie heard me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVIE she said, THANKYOU. Three of my favorites of the night was GOLD DUST WOMAN a backdrop or screen captured golddust in the background of Stevie romancing her move as she laid her head and spread her flowing cape for all to cheer as they did. Another was STAND BACK she was more raspy than ever STEVIE is BACK!!!! Lastly, When Mick Fleetwood comes out and puts the audience in a trance like state with his incredible Bongo and Vest Instrument, it is something i look forward to every show i am at. The Final song GoodBye Baby is even more breath taking when you hear it live than on the cd version. All in All the show was amazing. I hope they come back to the Boston Area for their Second Leg Tour in September. I will be there,..... I SAY I WILL!!!!! .......(*v*) WHITE WING DOVE FOR STEVIE!!!!
Ron Grenier
Five star rating for the Best Concert of the year. If you are truly a FM fan, go and see the show cause you will be missing out. I like others on here got great seats, 6 rows from center stage and had a awesome few of Stevie all night. The week before the concert I went to Ticketmaster and found seats they were re-released to the public and scored, try it you might luck out. When the show started the crowd went crazy with the opening number of "The Chain". The concert moved right along with all their hits of the past 20 years, it was like being in a time warp. All I hear about is how great Stevie sounded singing "Beautiful Child" and I would agree it was touching and she sang the song like it was fresh off the cd Tusk. I was surprise Destiny Rules: was cut from the set, I was looking forward to that song. Stevie got the crowd going with Gold Dust Woman, Rhiannon, and the crowd was flipping out on Stand Back. The crowd over sang her on Landslide, but that's a classic and no one better can do it but her and Lindsey. You know when you were kids and you would be singing a song and your parents would lower the radio, to catch you singing away. well she did it to us and told the crowd, we have a great voice, that was a funny hightlight.Lindsey when crazy on his solo's and songs. he was wild as was Mic with his drum solo. The highlight for me was the final song "Goodbye Baby", that song made me melt. Thanks Mic, John, Lindsey and Stevie for giving me a night I won't ever forget.
This was my first time seeing Fleetwood Mac and what a night it was! I had seen Stevie on the TISL tour but thought this concert was even better! I got to the Worcester Centrum at 8:00 and they went on just before 8:30. Stevie looked absolutely beautiful. I was a little disappointed that she didn't wear her platform boots but she did change into many different shawls during the night. She sounded INCREDIBLE. They all did! I was so happy Stevie sang "Landslide", "Rhiannon",and "Gypsy". It was such a treat to hear "Stand Back". She was AMAZING during "Gold Dust Woman". She did a few twirls which of course got the crowd going! Lindsey was FABULOUS on the guitar. He has such great energy. He really got the crowd going when he let people in the front row touch his guitar!! I couldn't get over the chemistry between Stevie and Lindsey. I love seeing their expressions when they are singing and looking at each other. Mick is a mad man on the drums. He really seemed to enjoy himself. One bad part of the night was when an old couple behind us told me and my sister to sit down because they wanted to sit and couldn't see the stage. We didn't let that ruin our night. I don't know why you would go to a FM concert and just sit. Anyway, I had a wonderful night. I was happy with how they mixed in a lot of older songs with the new ones. The last song they sang "Goodbye Baby" was a perfect ending to a great night. It was such a MAGICAL time, one that I will never forget.
Mary "Fush" Fusciello
Fleetwood Mac was FANTASTIC! My boyfriend & I went to the concert in Worcester, MA at Worcester Centrum on Tuesday, May 27, 2003 & it was UNBELIEVABLE. We had pretty good seats-section 106 row B (granted not front row or anything) & the Mac certainly did ROCK! I was shocked, the concert was slated for 8:00pm and sure enough, the Mac started playing at 8:15pm, NO opening act, it was GREAT, we definitely got our monies worth, they played for 2 1/2 hours! & did 2 encores! Stevie OF COURSE was beautiful & she sang her heart away. The crowds went WILD when she did Gold Dust Woman & twirled around in her beautiful gold shawl, she's definitely the Enchanted Goddess of Rock! And of course, Landslide & Rhiannon, Stand Back, ALL of the songs were FABULOUS. Stevie is absolutely AMAZING, I truly adore her! Mick was breathtaking with his drumming, he definitely becomes one with the drums, he is so passionate in his drumming, you can tell he was having a great time - I LOVE when he rolls his eyes and starts drumming madly, that's when you know he's lost in a drumming trance! Lindsey was pretty amazing too! He can play one mean guitar, he too becomes one with the guitar, he puts everything into his strumming. Lest I can't forget John McVie, although he stays more out of the limelight, you certainly knows he there, he's a vital part of the #1 Rock bank of all time….FLEETWOOD MAC! I sure wish I was able to afford MORE concerts & travel around to see the Mac again because I had a GREAT time, dancing & singing through the whole concert! Thanks Mac for a GREAT time! Keep on rockin'!
This was the first Fleetwood Mac or Stevie show i have ever been to. It was AMAZING!!! Stevie was beautiful as ever with that great big beautiful smile on her face. Our seats were perfect i could see their faces and boy was i happy! Lindsey was a wild man tearin at his guitar and Mick and John seeemed to be having a great time! During Landslide the tears came down so fast but they were tears of joy, joy that i was there.When stevie held the big note we all went crazy and she laughed and said somethin along the lines of well let me finish!!! During Silver springs i was screaming at Stevie to stare at Lindsey. Half the people in my section were staring at me like i was crazy. The girl in the seat in front of me said YEAH! And she gave me a high five at the end of the song. Stevie did stare at him, I hope she heard me tellin her to (she probably did'nt hehe). I was surprised my dad let me go so wild being his only daughter and being so young with all of the cheering and dancing i was doing. About half way through Tusk some moron with no brains jumped up on the stage and was dancing like a lunatic. Stevie just stred at him while playin the tambourine( i dont know what mick, john, and lindsey were doing stevie was right behind the guy) then a security guy threw him off the stage. Everyone basically had their mouths dropped open in shock, Then all of a sudden Lindsey circles Stevie and leans on her durin a guitar break. She was saying somethin i couldnt decipher even though i am the mistress of lip reading. Because of Lindseys doing everyone quickly forgot about the lunatic (i think he purposely did it to get our mids off it). Stevie did an incredible job of singing Christine's parts in both Don't Stop and World Turning. My Dad Noticed it to. This whole show was INCREDIBLE!!! I will never ever forget Stevie waving to us as long as i live. Infact i'll never forget this show as long as i live. I dont think i have ever, danced, sweated, or yelled more in my entire life. On the way home i could brely move or keep my eyes open, but it was definetly worth it. Stevie, Lindsey,Mick, John, and the rest of the band were totally worth it! If FM does another tour in a few years I'M SO THERE!!!!

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