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5/28/03 Worcester's Centrum Center Worcester, MA

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Wayne and Kim
We drove eleven hours from New Brunswick, Canada to see Fleetwood Mac at the Worchester Centrum Center on May 27. After a long day at the wheel we pulled into the Crown Plaza in Worchester, Terry the bar tender in the hotel had just returned from Cleveland where she saw Fleetwood Mac. She thought the show was amazing, and was telling us about Stevie's fantastic songs and Lindsey's amazing guitar solos and energy. She absolutely loved the show, and so did we. We were in the 5th row, just in front of Stevie. They sounded great, we never sat down once. They played "Stand Back", one of Stevie's solo songs, and it was one of the highlights of the show for us. The whole experience was awesome! Long live Fleetwod Mac and Stevie Nicks!
Having attended both Fleetwood Mac concerts in Worcester, MA, I must say the band is playing and singing brilliantly. From the opening drum beat of The Chain to the closing gentleness of Goodbye Baby the band has never been better. They have great pride in their new album, Say You Will, as well they should. I thought Stevie in particular was in superb voice. She really went for the high notes and nailed them in Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman and Silver Springs especially. I was curious to see if her voice would be as strong the second evening, If anything it was even better. Hurray for Stevie! Well, I had a third row seat for the second night and I found myself at the front of the stage as early as Landslide. It was civilized and roomy at the stage. Such has not always been the case. Due to the set-up of the floor, you had to be in the first three rows to have a chance to get to the stage. Even then I had to climb over the first two rows. Security was tight but not obnoxious. It was a thrill to lock eyes with Lindsey as Stevie sang ".and did you say she was pretty.". Lindsey had that little boy sheepish expression on his face. To see the intensity between Stevie and Lindsey when they sang Silver Springs and Goodbye Baby among others was mind boggling. Beautiful Child was a real highlight and induced tears for me. That song is in a class by itself. Gold Dust Woman never loses any luster and is always a favorite of mine. I really enjoyed the six new songs as well. I love Lindsey's interplay with the rest of the band during Tusk. It is my opinion that Stevie is a bit wary not knowing from night to night what he'll do exactly. The first night he leaned his head on her shoulder. The next night he hugged her tightly(the way he used to do during Angel) although their backs were to the audience.. Overall I think Stevie enjoys those moments. Lindsey is a real showman whose brilliant playing sometimes seems possessed as in Come, Tusk and I'm So Afraid(a fav of mine). You'll see him actually beating his guitar like a drum. Oh, the power of Landslide. To say that Stevie and Lindsey inhabit that song is an understatement. I'm fortunate to have several concerts to look forward to including Nashville this weekend. Fleetwood Mac is a band for the ages. Thank you Lindsey, Stevie, John and Mick for you have brought so much joy to so many people with your amazingly
Michelle Montminy
Excellent concert! Wish I was able to go to another one. StEVIE WAS BEAUTIFUL AS USUAL! her hair was shiney, I liked her new hair doo! Her voice was beautiful.Linsey and mic an john we amazing too all did such a nice job. I liked how twvie was doing alot of smiling at the end was nice to see her so happy. was also nice what Mick said at the end. If they come around to ct. area again my husband and I will be sure to see them.
Barbara Maloney
The show was magical, from beginning to end! Lindsay Buckingham is undoubtedly one the most talented guitarists in rock history. I've never seen anyone play like he did - you could see everyone in the Centrum was in awe. Stevie's voice was fantastic; as it was when I saw her during the "Trouble In Shangri-La" tour. I got chills when she sang "Landslide" and cried when she hugged Lindsay at the end of the song. As Lindsay said,"Without forgiveness, there is no redemption".
J. Rossi
This concert is by far one of the best I have ever been to. I was never into the "drama" I have always just loved the music and writings and I have to say, this was just a real treat. If you are a fan of beautiful lyrics, singing and by god......looking to hear the best guitar playing experience of your life then PLEASE, go to this concert. It will make your day...or night!!
Melissa M.
I can not even find the words to describe how fantastic the Fleetwood Mac show was. Only being 23, I wasn't around for the beginning of their career and I really wish I had been. I can only hope they go on tour again. Even being fairly far up in the centrum they sounded amazing! Lindsey was incredible and Stevie sounded phenomenal. I've never heard so many of the fans singing along to the songs. I watched the Dance on TV and the band had soooo much more energy now. Lindsey was nuts on his guitar! And Mick on the drums! My goodness! The feeling you got watching Stevie and Lindsey sing together you just can't describe. The show was much more than I expected and I really hope they go on tour again becuase I want seats up front! Great job Fleetwood Mac!
Todd Rubacka
it was a dazzling night of fun and friends this past tuesday! i went forth in search of big love and got much more than i could ever have dreamed of! fleetwood mac did a stunning two hour plus show in the centrum in worcester !!! my dear friend sheree and her lovely mom along with her step dad and two friends, olga and corey helped me to rock on all the way to the centrum in style in a stretch limo!!! this was the bomb of concert going experinces! altough i saw the big mac on the dance tour in 1997, the show on this past tuesday was by far and away better! not only were they rockin the walls off the centrum, but they were in fine voice and tune! the timeless stephanie nicks pleased the masses of a sold out stadium with her rousing take on my fave tune by her, "rhiannon"...then, as if that wasn't enough, she ripped through a searing version of "GOLD DUST WOMAN" that brought the house down...the hits continued with "gypsy" and "landslide", but by the time she got to old faves like " stand back" the energy was through the roof! as for lindsey, he was brilliant with his guitar filled solos and his unique vocals, songs like " second hand news" and tusk took on newer and fresher sounds!" what's the world coming to" and "peacekeeper" were great new additions to the big macs' thirty year plus vault of timeless classics! all i can say is i never sat down...i screamed and sang and jumped about ten pounds off in a swirl of fleetwood mac mania! when the indestructible mic fleetwood came center stage and exclaimed "are u with me boston?" i looked up to the gods and said..."oh YEAH!!!" rock on and on big mac...
Rosemary Oliva
What an experience hearing Fleetwood Mac live at the Centrum on Tuesday night! My heart's still pounding. I thought I had heard the best on Stevie's Trouble in Shangrila tour, but she was in even better voice this time. I loved it when Stevie sang, "But time makes you bolder, children get older and I'm getting older too." So am I Stevie. I turned 60 this year, and how inspirational it is to see all of you rocking on in top form. You looked like you were just lovin it. I loved Lindsay's guitar solos, Mick on drums, and John's solid bass. And the backup singers and musicians were great too. Thanks for an evening I'll never forget.
Karen Elaine Sayles
Tears streamed down from my emerald colored eyes as I sat....mesmerized, as if I were in a trance, as Fleetwood Mac entered the stage. 'The Chain' united both the fans and Fleetwood Mac into a chain which would stay untangled for the next two and a half plus hours. 'The Chain' led into 'Dreams'. Words cannot describe the welcomed chants that Stevie Nicks received from the fans. She was pure 'Magick'. Her voice, unchanged after all these years. Her beauty was that of a goddess. Each emotion, that her songs were meant to portray, were felt by each and every one of us. 'Beautiful Child' ( a song in which I dedicate to my Daughter, Amethyst) brought a flowing stream of tears to my already moistened eyes. I quickly regained my composure as Stevie broke out into 'Gold Dust Woman'. WOW!!! is the only word I can use to describe the haunting, heartfelt emotions which ripped from Stevie's heart and eventually emanated from her crimson lips. John McVie's spectacular bass riffs continue to seal the sound of Fleetwood Mac. However stationary John may seem, he still highly contributes to the bands success. Lindsey Buckingham stole the stage as his hands feverously, yet effortlessly broke through several strings during his performances. 'Big Love' nearly tore the place down, by his energy and precision. His vocals led the audience into tribal like chants which were followed by intensely crisp OOH Ahh's. The wild man behind the drums known only as Mick Fleetwood was intense, to say the very least. I had no idea what I was in store for when the band started playing 'Worlds Are Turning'. Mick's 30 minute solo in which he played various types of percussion instruments which were housed within his cloths!!!!!, truly mesmerized the audience. Mick held court wearing his red pixie slippers and frolicking around stage like a jester on holiday. What else could you expect from the one and only Mick!!!!!!!!!. Silence, I think not. The first encore brought the band back on stage to sing 'Don't Stop'. All the fans joined in singing and swaying back and forth. As the band returned backstage yet again, we felt greedy and started stomping our feet and chanting for some more. The band returned and Stevie ended the perfect night with her sweet sounding voice echoing the lyrics to 'Goodbye Baby'. Fleetwood Mac was Alive!!!!!, as it had been since Peter Green had aided in the formation back in the 60's. A true Mac fan, such as I, felt a loss without Christine McVie's beautiful vocals, but the four remaining members kept the electricity alive for all of us to enjoy. All I can say is buy tickets to an upcoming local show and experience the enchantment for yourself.
Betsy Malenfant
I was so taken by Stevie's voice.....I have seen every tour for Fleetwood Mac since 1979--and Stevie's tours also....she is just as captivating as in the beginning.....
Hi I am writing this review for myself , myhusband , 17 year old daughter and her 3 friends. We all went t o this show together, My husband and I had previously been to Nasseau on the 23 of May and now with even closer floor seats 16th row , we were freaking out .I am not going to spoil the show for anyone by telling you the setlist or anything but I will tell you this. FLEETWOOD MAC LIVES ON!!!! THEY were so unbelievable that it is so hard to write the right words and describe them.A band who does not need fancy lights, pyrotechnics and all other fancy stuff that can just get up there and jam, and I mean jam!!! also attracting people of all ages , there were lil children , to Senior Citizens and they were all dancing and rocking and it was just the coolest feeling in the world. I felt so at ease , and Everybody sang Happy Birthday to Stevie cause her Birthday was the next day , she was so cute going 55 ,55 and smiling proudly!!!!! She was absolutely radiant, The choker for me was when Stevie sang "Beautiful Child" , you see when my daughter , Lauren Rebecca was a baby I used to play that song and sing it to her, we had gotten into an arguement and were not speaking to each other for about a month.I had these tickets way back in March so I was kinda upset . I decided that even though she had not called me I was still going to take her to the concert . She was with me on the floor when Stevie sang "Beautiful Child" and she was hysterically crying, as so was I . I told her I loved her and always would ,no matter what!!!Then Stevie sings "Gold Dust Woman"right after s we are still crying and in shock of how close we are and the bond between us was once reunited due to STEVIE. The ending song "Goddbye Baby " symbolized to me that I must realize that she is 2 months away from being an adult (18) and I have to let her go....THANK YOU FLEETWOOD MAC FOR ATRULY ENCHANTING EVENING...AND THANK YOU STEVIE ..FOR YOUR SONG "BEAUTIFUL CHILD" THAT REUNITED MY DAUGHTER AND I !!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!
Laurie Garabedian
All I can say is that if I died today I would die happy because I have seen the best show in the world. Last night Fleetwood Mac played to a full house and rocked out unlike any other band ever could. I am 18 years old and I have seen a lot of bands, that my generation thinks are hard core, in the past few years, but I have never seen a show that intense and full of emotion in my life. It was beyond amazing...Lindsey is the guitar God, he was just so into it last night and the crowd was loving every second of it. The band sounded great and Mick kept that energy flowing all the way till the end of the show. Stevie, my hero, was absolutely gorgeous. She looked and sounded wonderful and just seemed to be glowing on stage. She brought the energy and the fire with Stand back and Gold dust Woman, and then she used that haunting voice of hers to suck the crowd in with Rhiannon, Landslide, Gypsy, and Silver Springs. The crowd sang along with the old favorites so loudly that you could hear them along with Stevie. I was in heaven for about 2 and 1/2 hours of great music...including two encores. One of the best moments of the night was seeing Lindsay and Stevie walk back onto stage hold hands for the encores. Stevie sang her heart out and it was amazing to be able to watch her get into her songs. She goes from a cheery smile during Don't Stop to a sorrowful, serious face during Goodbye Baby. I can't even begin to explain how awesome she was last night. The interactions between Lindsey and Stevie were just so cute, watching them hug and him kissing her forehead after Landslide. The music, the chemistry, the energy....EVERYTHING was better than I could have ever imagined. I sang every word to every song and lost my voice to prove it, but it was well worth it. Fleetwood Mac is the epitome of a rock band and Stevie is just pure magic. I hope that everyone that is reading this has or will get to see FM during this tour because it is impossible to put into words how enchanting the entire night was.
After seeing the show in Albany, I was skeptical that this show could be any better... Lordy was I wrong! I don't know if it was because the audience was more lively (sorry Albany) or if the Mac was just having a better night, but this show was unbelievable. Stevie was much more animated, danced MUCH more and absolutely nailed Silver Springs, Stand Back and Gold Dust Woman (3 of her weaker moments in Albany I thought). Her voice was so strong and the scream in GDW was awesome, to the point where at the end, we (the audience) almost drown her out with cheers. She held NOTHING back and it was as though we were seeing her 20-odd years ago. She did not fade back from the mike on the high notes as she did in Albany and she was so passionate, more so than I have seen her in ages. Lindsey, well he couldn't get much better. What can I say, he is simply a guitar god, and was obviously having a great time. He was so intense at points and so playful at others. He leaned out into the audience several times to let people touch him and his guitar. He didn't even mind when someone stuck a disposable camera about 4 inches from his face to take a pic. I have always been a Stevie fan, but after these two shows, I am a RABID Lindsey fan. Mick's drum solo on World Turning was much more playful and animated (if that is possible). John, who is usually more sedate than the others, was even jumping around a bit and having a ball. At the end, the four of them took a bow together, something they didn't do in Albany. In closing all I can say is GO SEE THIS BAND.
Patti Raffa
I am middle aged and better than drinking from the fountain of youth, I found myself transported in time to where I fell in love with the band. Lindsey's guitar was a living thing in his hands and Stevies voice was never better. To top it off the playful affection between all was so nice to see and realise that the past truely was the past between them all and they are all in a good place. With that fact the music has become a celebration and joy for them and for all of us.Mick was a master who treated us to that amazing vest and John was so animated and an intrical piece to such a great big wild 2 1/2 hour thrill ride!! I had Floor seats right close to the stage and danced in the aisle....I dont think anything could top the evening I had. I wish i could have returned the next nite!!!!!. Don't miss out on the chance to catch this tour!!!!
Sara Green
I was absolutely blown away at the May 27th concert in Worchester Mass !! It reminded me of the old Fleetwood Mac…the band looked and sounded great. Stevie was incredible--totally unreserved and free spirited. Lindsey can still make his guitars work and can still make me step back in awe. Mick, well Mick is Mick--I got such a kick out of watching him on the big screen so animated and into his rhythm and John is still the cooliest bass player, quiet but can set the underlining mood of each and every song. I honestly cried when Stevie sang "Beautiful Child" and the closing encore "Goodbye Baby"…the band didn't seem so reserved and held back this tour. The electricity and magic was throughout the entire concert. Thank Fleetwood Mac for once again for all the wonderful years of music, reminding me of what's important in life by just listening to your words and music. And thank you Stevie, your beautiful word set to some incredible music still touch my soul. Bless you---
Chris S.
All I can say about the wonderful and stunning performance put on by Fleetwood Mac is WOW... I am 14 and have never been to a concert before, and I think I picked a good one to start. I LOVE Fleetwood Mac, especially Stevie. When ever I saw their shadows coming from backstage to start up "The Chain", I flew up in my seat and begain clapping my hands to the beat. It was all soooo intense! I don't even really know where to begin. STEVIE! She lookes and sounded SOOOO good. Her voice was as mysterious and silvery as usual. She rocked the house with her stunning voice and awesome hits like "Gold Dust Woman" and "Silver Springs", and my mom cried when she played "Beautiful Child" and it really was a moving song. Stevie can touch anyone with that voice and her increadible lyrics. Most of the Centrum sang along to the new hits, all the classics, and as last night, they overpowered Stevie on "Landslide". Mick, what a card! He is sooo funny with his crazy faces and banged the heck out of his drums tonight! Lindsey was AWESOME on the guitar, flailing both arms in the air while strumming his guitar. TUSK ROCKED! And then of course, there was John. His awesome bass solo in the chain was superb! All together, they were just incredible, I don't think anything I could say right now would do them justice. Thank you Fleetwood Mac for giving me such a good experience, and I hope that you guys come back around New England soon, because FOR SURE, I'LL BE THERE!

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