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Tips for using The Nicks Fix
Here are some tips to make your visit to The Nicks Fix more productive. If you are a long-time visitor you probably don't need these.

  • Check the Updates Page to find out what was recently added. This will prevent you from wondering if you missed something. You can access it from the Contents frame on the left side or on the Main Page near the top with the date.

  • If your browser supports frames (and most do) use the Back button to back up a page or use the Contents frame on the left. These are much faster that clicking The Nicks Fix button at the bottom of each page (This was needed to accomodate people without frames, but it reloads the entire Main Page, including Contents, which isn't necesssary)

  • New information will stay on the main page for a while and will eventually be transfered to the appropriate pages (News Page, Articles Page, etc.).

  • If you don't see updates that you expect, try hitting the reload (or refresh) button on your browser. This will refresh the page that is stored in your cache. If you are an AOL user, hold down the CTRL button as you click the reload button.

  • If you have trouble printing a page, try clicking your mouse inside the window you want before selecting print.

  • To save an image from the Nicks Fix to your hard drive, click on the image with your right mouse button and you will have an option to save the image.

    AOL users: We want you to view the Nicks Fix with the finest detail and quality. For improvement on image quality, use the following steps:

    America Online versions 8 and higher:

  • Click on "Settings" then choose Preferences.
  • A second window will open with a number of options.
  • Select "Internet Preferences(WWW)".
  • You will next see 3 choices for graphics: "Always Compress Graphics", "Never Compress Graphics", and "Compress Graphics only when I do not have a broadband connection to AOL".
  • Select "Never Compress Graphics". NOTE: You may have to close and re-login to AOL for this change to take effect, even after clicking apply and ok in the preferences window.

    America Online versions 6 and 7:

  • Select the menu that says "Settings" on the top of your screen.
  • Under this menu select "preferences".
  • A second window will open with a number of options.
  • Select the option that says "Internet Properties(WWW)".
  • A new window will open. Click the "Web Graphics" tab.
  • Select "Never Compress Graphics".

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