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May 29, 1998: Pine Knob - Detroit, MI

from Sheri Bowers
When I arrived at the amphitheater where Stevie was too play, I became a bit spellbound for what the nights events were to bring. I was a bit on the late side, as Boz Skaggs was halfway through the show, when I sat down in my seat. Traffic was pretty obnoxious at rush hour on a Friday night. I sat patiently with my boyfriend and waited for Stevie's turn. I did not really know much of Boz's music. I only knew the familiar songs off the radio. I watched as the stage people set up her stage. It was beautiful. She had pink draping all around the stage. My seat was not in the center of the audience and with speakers and things in my way, it was absolutely impossible to see the back drop. I could see her black silky draping as it lingered down on her microphone. It was to be a tremendous show.

Just before Stevie came on the lights went dark, everyone began to holler. We all were ready for Stevie. A guy came to her microphone and read the dictionary definition of ENCHANTED. Everyone cheered for her to begin. Then he said, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, STEVIE NICKS. The entire audience jumped up out of their seats as the goddess of rock and roll entered the stage. She had in hand, a bouquet of Flowers for a fan, sitting in the front row. I thought that was very kind. She handed the flowers to a fan, then went to her microphone and began her set. "OUTSIDE THE RAIN AND MY HEART SKIPS A BEAT" Everyone seemed to calm down a bit as she went along with her set list. Dreams immediately followed. Next, was Enchanted. She said right after, That is the first time that song was ever done onstage...Everyone cheered. Was it for her? I am certain it was. Stevie looked absolutely amazing. Long, shiny blonde hair that draped down over her shoulders falling on her back. She had her famous black outfit on. Were they burgundy boots? I could not tell I was too far away.

Then, the audience went absolutely crazy when Stevie went into Golddust Woman... She had her Shaw on her back and danced around as she did last fall with Fleetwood Mac. The highlight for me was of course the acc.set. She and her band did an excellent job. Stand Back and Edge of Seventeen seemed to be the biggest highlights for her audience. At the end of Edge of Seventeen Stevie, walked along the tip of the stage, she did not seemed frightened at all. She shook her fans hands and accepted gifts from them. I thought, even after all these years at the top that she could still think of her hands. Well, that was saying something about her, she adores her fans....Still. When she came out to do her final number. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You, I began to shed tears. She had done such a beautiful job, if that is even the word I am thinking of. The highlight for me, was the end when she did the final number. That song, just touches my heart. After that, the band and herself walked slowly off stage. For the moment, that seemed to come, was now something that had gone. One thing I have learned of that show, Stevie Nicks is still, after all these years, THE QUEEN OF ROCK AND ROLL. My advice to you would be, if you don't already have a ticket, get one, just as soon as you can. Stevie is Still The Enchanted one..... Thank you Stevie...

from Mike
Just got back from Stevie's show at Pine Knob. IT TOTALLY ROCKED!!! I've never been up that close at a concert before, and having it be a Stevie Nicks concert was great! Stevie was definitely better solo than she was with FM! She was so happy!

"Gold and Braid" was pretty good, but for some reason this song seemed to be when the most people got up. The acoustic set was amazing! I loved the way her whole band got close together in a group on stage for this set. "Garbo" was one of my favorites from the show! "Rose Garden" was also a highlight, but "Sleeping Angel" didn't really do as much for me as the others. "Whole Lotta Trouble" really rocked the venue! Stevie and her band really got into this one. Stevie yelled after the song was finished, "that if you're ever mad, just sing that song, it's a great way to vent anger"!

"Landslide" was done pretty well with Stevie's guitarist, and was sung beautifully. There was this one guy about 10 rows back who kept moving up closer and closer to the stage, trying to give Stevie a teddy bear, but he couldn't quite get it over to her. While she was singing "Landslide", he threw the bear up on stage in Stevie's direction and she moved back to avoid it and laughed while trying to keep singing. I thought it was cute that, during the piano solo in "Landslide", Stevie bent down and picked up the bear that was thrown, and then kind of cradled it as she sang the rest of "Landslide". I REALLY wish I brought a camera! That shot would have been PERFECT!!!

"Twisted"... what can I say? I loved this version better than any version I've heard so far. Lots of energy, the guitarists really charge this one with power. Overall, I was very impressed with Stevie's band. And of course, "Edge of 17". The entire audience was on their feet through the whole song. This was one of the most memorable moments for me, because after the song was finished, Stevie started accepting gifts from people in the audience... and at a couple points she came over towards the right side of the stage (where I was seated), that was the closest I've ever been to her. One of the guitarist's broke a string during this song and I noticed he kept turning the guitar pegs to re-tune, trying to make up for the loss of one string.

"Has Anyone Ever Written" closed the show... beautiful piano, even more beautiful singing by Stevie. It left everyone with a nice memory of the night. I know I left a bunch of songs out, but I listed what I wanted to talk about! What a great night! Everyone whose concert is coming up is in for one heck of a treat.

from Lisa Wentzel & Sandy Tyra
It's 9:20 p.m. the lights have gone down. A gentleman walked to the microphone and he began to recite the definition of "Enchanted" ... "to captivate, put a spell upon, to charm diligently..Ladies and Gentleman....Stevie Nicks" As Stevie walks on stage with her dark midnight blue sequin dress with maroon boots she hands a fan in the front row a beautiful bouquet of stunning flowers, (the crowd is on their feet cheering, applauding and ready to rock) she begins with "Outside the Rain". Flowing in to the end of "Outside the Rain" began "Dreams". When the song was over Stevie began to say "Welcome everyone: She explains that this is the only time that she'll be able to due this kind of tour due to the "box set" and being able to have "fun" because she could perform songs that have never been done in concert before. Stevie begun to sing "Enchanted". At the end of the song Stevie said that this was the first time "Enchanted" had ever been done live in concert. Stevie walks off stage.... The lighting is gold.... Out walks Stevie on to the stage. She has on a gold shawl... She begins to sing "Gold Dust Woman". In the instrumental portion of the song Stevie begins to turn in circles, her shawl flowing in the breeze with each turn, the crowd went crazy with cheers.

The next song played was "Gold and Braid", then "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (her guitarist, Frank Simes singing Tom Petty's part of the song). Next Stevie talks about a series of three songs which she is about to perform that are about her life, They are "After the Glitter Fades", "Garbo" and "Rose Garden". (Stevie told the fans that the song "Rose Garden" was written in 1965 when she was 17 years old. The next song she sang was "Sleeping Angel", then "Stand Back"... The next song played..."RHIANNON. The crowd is just entranced by the performance... at the end of the song Stevie makes the remark "another year...another Rhiannon.." The next song was Whole Lotta Trouble and then Landslide (the crowd reached in to their pockets took out their lighters and let the flames flow with the wind)... Next you hear thunder and see a small flicker of lightening...(as heat lighting streamed across the Michigan skies) "Twisted" began. The next song started by bandmate Land Richards playing the bongos..."Edge of Seventeen" began. The crowd roared!

At the end of the song Stevie walked to the edge of the stage and began accepting gifts from fans and shaking their hands. (meanwhile, myself and my 5 year old daughter (with my sisters guidance) walked to the side of the stage and placed a teddybear, rose and a birthday card signed by all of us in our group and placed it on stage. It was the highlight of the show for my daughter who was entranced by watching Stevie perform all night and was one of the lucky ones to get an "up close" view of her on stage. (we were in 9th row!). The first encore was "I need to Know" (which is an old Tom Petty song) the second encore was "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You"... She says at the end "You make my life worth it (as her voice cracks and it sounds as though she is about to cry) Stevie walks off stage for the last time this evening. The time is 11:05 p.m. 18 songs were performed in total.

This is one concert no one should miss and when you go, the memories will forever stay with you. T-shirts cost $27, Key chains $5, Tour book/calender $20. They had teddybears for sale (with Japanese writing on their little T-shirts), Baseball caps and buttons ($2). This concert, in our opinon, was the best performance yet. Every concert she just seems to get better, enchanting, vibrant, cheerful, and more beautiful!

from Daniel
Stevie sang with a sense of purpose. Superb!
from Anonymous
"Enchanted" says it all.......
from Jayne
I have just a few words to describe Stevie & the concert she brought tears to my eyes and was one of the best performances I have ever seen. Thank You Stevie & the band members for an enchanted evening.
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