[The Nicks Fix]

May 30, 1998: New World - Chicago, IL

from Lizzie
Just came back from the concert in Chicago. First and foremost I would like to thank Stevie for playng 10 minutes from my house. Now to the concert itself, what can I say it was awesome! I bought the black t-shirt and I know they didn't have programs for Hartford but they did for us, lots of great pictures. Stop draggin' my heart around was amazing, her guitarist sounds a lot like Petty. She dedicated Landslide to her first love Stephen, I don't know who that is but she said he was there. The guitarist on this did a good job, but I couldn't stop myself from screaming where's Lindsey at the end.

The greatest part of the concert was sneaking up to the front row, and actually locking eyes with Stevie, then she smiled at me, I will NEVER forget that. Her eyes were so intense. She didn't change any of the song set. Other highlights; Rhiannon, Gold Dust Woman, and Stand Back. As for the crowd it was huge, and although it was mostly an older crowd, the under 30 crowd was well represented(including myself, I'm 20). As for turning 50, she simply said "I am 50 years old." The crowd went nuts. As for Boz he managed to suck up to us pretty well by mentioning the Bulls, and did a good set, I'm only familiar with 2 of his songs so I really can't judge his performance. Stevie's outfits were great and I liked the jewel sticker she wore between her eyebrows, perk of sneaking up to the front. I didn't notice it when I was in my regular seat. This was the best concert I've ever been to, and anyone who doesn't have tickets should proceed directly to Ticketmaster without passing go. And don't worry security guards are easy to get around in the dark!

from Anonymous
Well it is a little past 1:20 AM and I just walked through the door. What a night! Stevie, I feel, was brillant tonight. Following are my observations: It was nice to see SO MANY people all there to see Stevie. I remember being depressed for Timespace's tour which had huge amounts of seats open. Stevie took the stage promptly and was introduced with the defination of Enchantment by her brother. A roadie type person helped Stevie on the stage, letting her go when she was by Sharon C. (back up singer, friend). While walking towards the microphone she gave Chris a kiss on the cheek. She was able to be heard despite the huge back up band, and, also, her voice was in great form. "After Outside The Rain" and "Dreams," she sang "Enchanted" which was a real treat. She also explained the significance of this tour as opposed to past concerts and future ones. She spoke about how this tour was special since some of these songs would probably "never be performed again" since she was promoting the box set this time. Her wardrobe was classy.

Fans can expect the traditional "Stand Back Cape/Shawl" and "Platform Boots" (though there is an argument as to the color -- I say light brown), "Gold Dust Woman" Shawl, etc. Yet, also, there are added extras. First, she had a strange triangular rimestone pattern on her forehead. In addition, the majority of the changes are done at the side of the stage. She will wear a basic black glittery dress, and then change into a number of different Kimona like costumes. However, they are not the kind from the past with the shoulder pads. To be honest, I see a new down-to-earth, yet "Enchanted" Stevie. Her clothes are vintage yet refined, Her voice traditonal yet disciplined and careful (the vocal couch was credited in the tour book), and her attitude is very complascent. Her conversations with the audience were very intimate, sharing little stories about where some songs came from, and dedicating Landslide to a gentleman named Steven. That was kind of interesting. She came to the mic. and said that "[she] always has to dedicate this next song to someone. . . " This night, she dedicated the song to someone named Steven who supposedly was in the audience. However, she was'nt sure if he was there or not, laughing and saying it would be typical for her to dedicate a song to someone who was'nt there. At any rate, Steven was the first person she ever loved. To me, she seemed so relaxed in front of the audience. . . When she introduced the bass-?? player she said. . . "And the gentleman on my. . . (pauses and laughs not sure what side to say) right/left has been with me for. . . " I found it amusing that she was so honest with us, not sure to say her right or our left. . . so she just made a joke out of it. The rest of the band was great. Stevie seems to be very fond of her new back up singer, Mindy Stein, who held her own during the show. It was great to see "traditional" musicians like Carlos Rios and Sharon Celini again.

The merchandise was expensive, but unique. I decided to invest in a program which I recomend to any Stevie fan wanting to see glimpses of her home. The program is set up more like a calendar, with photos from her own walls in her Paradise Valley home. Also, there is a page of "tour stuff" and some added photos from the People Photo Session. If you choose a T-shirt, one of them was actully done by her. Anyhow, enjoy the show. . . It's a special one. I hope you all remain. . . Enchanted.

from Daniel Watts
the Stevie concert in Chicago's Tinley Park Suburb was absolutely fabulous. Boz Scaggs started @ 8-9:10 then Stevie came on @ 9:15 playing til 11:05.

Here's my report of the concert - a two thumbs up MUST SEE. Some of these songs I've put down are out of order but I'll leave that to the official hardcore who wrote them all down. She did play 2 new songs - (1) I think was "reconsider me". "Rose garden" (old song wrote when she was 17- on Street Angel album) , "after the glitter fades", she mentioned she turned 50 earlier this week on the 26th, played 2 Tom Petty songs "Stop Draggin my heart around"(the duet) from her solo album & 1 on his tour in 80's followed by "landslide". The 3rd song was Stand Back w/ Rhiannon 2 songs later followed by "Whole lot of Trouble"and "edge of Seventeen"as their 1st official walk of stage last song. She came to the front of the stage from her right to her left shaking hands ,accepting some roses and even a penguin Beanie baby. Lots of other stuffed animals but she didn't take any.

They then came back for 2 songs.A new one that was mellow & very nice & last song "Has anyone ever Written a song for you" from 'Rock a Little' album.The weather was great w/ a nice cool breeze and she was in top form. A true DIVA. Her voice was even better than on the Mac tour end of last year and from the May Entertainment Weekly article - I believe her when she said she feels her voice is much stronger now. Her voice flowed and that "gaze" was mezmerizing. My binoc's were glued to her & my trying to keep my wife having a good time since I had to convince her to go w/ me. She thinks my obcession is a little much and says it's bad to be so obcessed. My wife did look thru my binoc's several times though, did dance to several songs, and we kept hoping Stevie would do Gypsy - but she didn't. I heard she doesn't do that song often in concerts and never really made it a big part of her tours. Don't know why. And no "Rock a Little" - god I love that song. The tour programs are $20.00 and are actually calenders for 1999 w/ lots of tour photo's in front and photos' of her homes interiors w/ lots of famous people in photos on her walls and paintings people have done & old Concert posters from the 70's. Kind of unusual - I saw one but didn't get one relunctantly. Didn't get a cool $25 hat either. Only a keychain I thought was nice and a Great shot of her on a postcard - I think I've seen it on the net.maybe from EW or something - great photo. lace net hose w/ high heels in a 40's type dress on her velvet chair in her CA home.The shirts at the concert are fabulous and the "Rock a Little" painted shirt in a Garcia Style is very cool. The sweater was cool too. Hope to catch you all on the Nicks Fix.

The word is though that my wife did enjoy herself, said Stevie looked great & had a great set & also had a great voice even better she said than at the F.Mac concert. I agreed. The lessons Stevie took during the Mac concert every day obviously paid off. Not that she needed lessons but that her voice is much stronger now than ever which is saying alot because it's always been strong. Maybe she gets horse though after concerts before and doesn't now which would be great. Keep on babe.

from Jill
Wheww......what a night!!! The weather was great!! A little windy but Stevie liked it!! The set was sooooo cool!! Very feminine. Stevie was absolutley beautiful!! She glowed!! Her diamonds were fabulous!!!!!!! Although I did miss her awesome braclets...but we all know she doesn't need anything to make her sparkle and glitter..she does that all on her own! I swear she looks better everytime I see her (this was my 9th time).

The set list was the same as the first 2 shows...perfect!!! She rocked during Rosegarden, I'm so glad she included that one....I LOVE it! Rhiannon was awesome...not quite like the Dance version nor exactly like the Enchanted cut...but a killer mix of the two. It totaly "smoked"!! Landslide was fantastic!! GO STEVIE!!! Her voice was in "top" form..she sounded absolutley wonderful. I had pretty good seats...25 rows back center stage...but I still had my binoculars plastered to my face for most of the show!! I guess I have to be right UP there! :o) I'm glad I was because during Edge of Seventeen (which kicked a**) when she was taking the flowers and stuff from the fans, she was handed a little stuffed penguin!!!! Hey fellow ledgie!! WAY COOL!!!!! She was almost center stage and she held it in her hand as she walked around the mike...you could tell she liked it by the expression on her face!! KILLER!!!!!! She talked quite a bit to the audience..which was really nice..she was very appreciative and gracious. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You really blew me away....it is ONE of my all time favorites...the piano is breathtaking and the lyrics are "enchanting". I had to stand on my chair for the entire song...my body was shaking with emotion...sighhhhhhhhh.

As usual Stevie never fails to delight!! What a show!! I can't wait till next weekend...Indy...get ready every one for one HELL of a show!!! She will She will rock you!! "Has anyone ever written anything for you...well I have...I have given this to you...if it's all I ever do...this is YOUR song"!!! Happy Jill...:o)

from Peter
This was amazing! Boz Scaggs came on, and was alright, but the place didn't start to rock til Stevie came on. First, someone gave the definition of the word, "Enchanted." Then Stevie came on to see everyone in the theartre on their feet, she started to sing "Outside the Rain." She sounded like she was in her "Belladonna" years again, then went right into "Dreams" with every singing and on their feet, it sounded identical of "The Dance" version. She then sang the amazing "Enchanted" with everyone's energy surging, everyone was still on their feet. She then sang "Gold Dust Woman" with her gold shawl, which was great, sounding again like "The Dance" version. Then she went into "Gold and Braid." Everyone finally sat down at this point.

She switched into a violet red dress and did her acoustic set, which included a good "After the Glitter Fades," and a great "Garbo" and finally an amazing rendition of "Rose Garden," which she said was a foretelling of the future. After that was "Stop Draggin' my Heart Around" whcih i thought was alright, but not great.

When "Stand Back" started, WHOA! Everyone Jumped up and dance and sang to this electrifying, amazing version, after that it was "Rhiannon" that rocked everyone too. People sat down during the song "whole lotta trouble" a great song that sounded as good as it did on "OSOTM." "landslide then came on, and she dedicated it to Steven. Everyone waas waving their arms around, touching everyone.

The song "Twisted" was a surprise favorite of mine, it was a lot different than the box set verion, it was rock, total rock, it was so great! After this the people jumped back off their seats, foe "edge of 17" which i think was one of the highlights of the night, she did a little duet with sharon, which was really nice, people young and old were dancing to the rockin' song. She collected flowers during the song.

She then did "I Need To Know" during the encore, which i have never heard before, but enjoyed a lot! And "has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" was just at it was over 10 years ago.

It was an amazing night, and the best part was seeing Stevie have so much fun, it was such a joy to see her this way, at 50. She is still a rocker!

from Mark Dailey
Hi everybody! I am not going to write about the great show that Stevie did in great detail. I want to talk about the special moment I had with her. First of all, I was in amazement to get a third row center seat from TM. So when I got to my seat I was the happiest person in the world. The show started and never miss a beat. On of my favorite moments was when Stevie did her "Dirty Dance" with the guitar player during "Stand Back". Well now to the great part. After "Whole Lotta Trouble" started, they let us walk up to the stage. I was in shock I was inches away from Stevie now. At the end of "Edge Of 17", Stevie Started to collect gifts. I had bought a Penguin Bennie baby for her. When she got to me, she touched my had and took it. She smiled, shook it, and then said "Bennie Baby". I am still in shock. I still can not get over that I was able to interact with Stevie. That just made this the best concert I have ever been too. What made it even better is that I gave my extra seat in the 18th row to my mom and she was able to Stevie take the gift from me. Talk soon everyone!
from Jason
Hey everyone. Just got back from the Chicago show. First of all It was a beautiful night, a little windy but a beautiful sun-set as Stevie came on stage. She looked amazing as did the stage. The lighting was the best I have ever seen for her, really top-notch design. She Kicked things off with Outside the Rain and Dreams, Did a stellar rendition of Enchanted. Then moved right into a very haunting version of Gold Dust Woman. She had the crowd in the palm of her hands. Since Ive been seeing her for countless years, I have never seen such an enthusiastic crowd. And she nearly sold out, So that would be about 35,000 people at the World Theatre. The highlight besides her 3-song Acoustic set, Was Stand-Back, she sang and danced so intensely. It was the best version I've seen to date. Oh and how could I forget Has Anyone Written... A spectacular way to end such a special evening. Also Landslide was amazing very acoustic, just her and guitar, and she dedicated it to an old friend in the audiance. Just a little note, costumes where great, Hair had red streaks in it, in the front. Circa Otherside of The Mirror.

Well I will keep you guys informed, because I am flying into NY to see her in three weeks at Radio City. Will be nice to see the diffrences between the two shows. P.S. Someone was looking for a Tour Book, They had em, for us I got one it's actually a calendar of her. If someone needs one let me know I can pick one up in New York on June 17th. Thanks, Jason/Chicago

from Marty
My name is Marty. I'm 12 years old and just got back from Chicago/Tinley Park. I was at the World Music Center Watching the Show of my Life. Last night was my first concert and certainly will remain one of the best. We, my sister Kelly , my Dad , and I, left for Tinley Park on Saturday morning at 7:50 am , cause we live in Wisconsin. I have grouped to the categories to make my review more understanable. Here we go.............

The arrival to the World music center was a very different experience. My dad parked the car and we got out onto the gravel parking lot. People were all over trying to sell tickets to us. We had 14th row (X) in section 105, seats 12 , 13 , and 14.No one could have sold us 3 better seats right next to eachother. We managed through them and went to the gates to get in....

When we had our tickets tore and were self escorted into the main area, the merchant's lot, we saw tons of cool things for sale. Me and my sister each got a shirt and a key-chain. I will tell you about the for sale stuff later. There were a few Stevie look alikes out there.

The merchandise there was really neat. Here's some stuff- They had like 4 or 5 styles of t-shirts that were $27 each. They had tour books with a calendar in them for $20 each. Key chains were available , only 1 style for $5 each Buttons with Stevie on them , 1 style were $2 each Baseball caps , 1 or so style(s) for $20-$25? There were also dresses being sold. Best Buy rep's were handing out these cd slips for a collectors limited edition 2 cd set.....

-----THE SHOW----
Boz Scaggs opened for about 45 minutes. Hey , he was pretty good. Then the lights dimmed for about 10 minutes and her lead guitarist came out with the rest of the band , not Stevie, and said"Enchanted", and then said the dictionary definitions. After he said that he said "Ms. Stevie Nicks!" and Outside the Rain started to play. The crowd of about 30,000 - 40,000 started going crazy , screaming and clapping. When she came out , I have never heard a louder applause , not even on videos. Most people , including me were standing for most of the show. When the first song ended , it was connected with "Dreams." I clapped really loud and screamed cause I love that song and I missed the Fleetwood Mac tour. SHe sang Enchanted , Gold Dust Woman , Gold and Braid, After the Glitter fades , Landslides, Stop Draggin My Heart Around , Rhiannon , Stand Back , and some others. After Stand Back , she took her first bows and she and the band exited to stage right. Then she came back out and sang 2 encores. All I know is that the last song I heard was "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything FOr You." Since it was and outdoor show the wind was blowing quite a lot. The stage was decorated in the back with what looked like a half of a huge lacey spiderweb. It changed colors alng with the lights. The lights put on an excellent show for us.

Stevie told us a lot of time just "Thank you very much", but that often led to something else. Stevie said that she really does not take this for granted and that she is thankful for all of it. While thanking ius I noticed once that she accidentely said "Thank You's" instead of "Thank You." She said to us plain out after a while "I am 50 years old." At the end when they took their bows , Stevie said "Be with us next time whenever we do this again." I loved the show and I will never forget it. But if you can't go , don't worry, she and/or Fleetwood Mac will tour again !!! Thanks!

from Wildheart
My first time seeing Stevie on her own was no disappointment...this lady ROCKS!!! From the moment that she took to the stage, she had the audience in the palm of her hand.She is in perfect form and voice... much stronger vocal performance than what I had been told that I could expect. Upon arriving at the theatre, I was quick to find that the Stevie groupies had come en masse... girls dressed in long, flowing dresses... platform boots and chifffon for days...a definate site for this first-timer and I was very impressed by their loyalty. The concert opened with " Outside the Rain/Dreams'', which I had seen on her home video and long been waiting to see performed live.The crowd was on its feet from the moment the first note rang out."Love is a word that some entertain and if you find it...You have won the game"... She is definately the winner. One of the high points of the evening was the accoustic set...After the Glitter Fades", " Garbo"(which was truly amazing), and "Rose Garden". Befor each, Stevie gave a brief explanation of what the songs were about and how they came to be. She then did "Landslide", during the chorus the crowd chimed in and it echoed throughout th arena...gave me chills. I have to admit...I was Enchanted by this lady...I have been a fan for a very long time, but this experince was something I had never thought possible. Seeing the legendary Stevie Nicks on stage was a night that I'll not soon forget. To close the show, she performed "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" ... very few dry eyes in the place after that one. Great show and I'm looking forward to what she does next...I Can't Wait...
from Bonnie
AAHH, I love going to a concert and leaving the parking lot at 11:15 and being home by 11:30! I HAVEN"T BEEN ABLE TO POST THIS ON THE LEDGE YET AND I"M GETTING REALLY TICKED! Let me start off by saying I was trying to take notes in the dark, so I'm not positive that the songs are all in the right order. I think I mixed a few up. Okay! I'll try to run through the song list and my input asap. First, Boz was ok, but we were thinking, "Do we know of any songs he's done?" The name is familiar but I couldn't associate any songs with him. But I did recognize 3, 1 of them being from the "Urban Cowboy" soundtrack which everyone will probably remember from the 70's.

Concert started at 8:00, Stevie came on at 9:15. 1.) Outside the Rain. SET IS AWESOME!!!!! I've heard that from the first night, but it was purple and peach colored scarves hanging from the lights and the backdrop was a smoky or iced glass with colors in the middle (changed colors according to song) It was just a girlie set up. I couldn't imagine the FM guys dealing with it, but it was just so Stevie! After this song she says, "This is my time to do all my favorite songs, most of them from my box set." To which I think, "Stevie who the hell picked your song list from the Bella Donna tour on? You're the boss, it's your music, why did it take this long to put your foot down and say, "I don't care if that's a hit, I wanna play it!" Anyway, SHE"S TOTALLY PSYCHED for this tour and SOUNDED F****ING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I think she sounds better than the Dance tour! Even the couple in front of us said she sounded better than they ever heard her on tour. 2.) Dreams 3.) Enchanted (I thought she opened with this the first night, but maybe I was just thinking that because it was the first on the box set) 4.) GDW (Wears her gold shawl, of course. I mentioned this a zillion times during the Dance, but I love this song so much more when she sings it now. When I hear the version on Rumours, I love it, but she still sounds naive to me since it's a lot more potent with everything she's gone through. I also lov ethe way she no longer crouches down at the end, but stands tall and proud. What a woman!) 5.) Gold & Braid. I TOTALLY loved this song when I first bought the White Wing Dove concert video and was pretty ticked when everyone starts to sit down since they don't know it. I was hoping for some high kicks like in 82, but you got to give the woman a break. It is almost 20 years later. So no high kicks unfortunately. We had seats in about the 20th row, and there was only one couple in front of me up until the 4th or 5th row who was standing for the whole concert. I know Jim B went of on this tangent before, but WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE THAT GET BETTER SEATS THAN ME AND SIT THERE LIKE A FREAKIN BUMP ON A LOG!?!? I got tickets by phone the first 10 minutes they went on sale and I'm stuck back here!?!?! I should be in the first couple rows! OK, sorry about that.6.) Stevie dedicates the next song to her "good friend Tom Petty" which is of course Stop Draggin. She then mentions that the next couple of songs were written about her ideas of Hollywood when she first got there and how she still thinks about it. 7.) After the Glitter Fades. Let me put in that she begins with the black lace dress with the sweetheart neckline and changes to 3 or 4 different shawls throughout the night. Then purple lights are on all over and 8.) Sleeping Angel begins Brief pause for 9.) Stand Back begins with Stevie in her black & white polka dot shawl/wrap. Of course here the whole crowd goes nuts. I pretty much embarrassed Bill the whole night since I was dancing and singing along the whole night, although he won't admit it. 10.) First chords start up and the woman in front of us says, "That's not Sara is it"? And I get goosebumps and think, "Of course not, but it'll be cool as hell to have her play here"! It is Rhiannon which the whole place sings along for. Her band is REALLY SPECTACULAR!! I have to admit that I missed Lori and definitely didn't miss Waddy (don't start with me there! :-) ) Rhiannon without Lindsey just isn't the same for me, but I really liked this guitarist a lot better than Waddy who massacres the song IMOO. When Rhiannon finishes, Stevie turns away at the end while everyone is still screaming and puts her hands to her head like, "WOW, I can't belive all this is for me!" She was just really gracious and sweet the whole night (as always!) She then says again what a pleasure this is and introduces the band. It was kinda cute cause she says, "On my left, right, yeah, on my RIGHT is...."Then she says somthing about and my bassist who I just now realized..and I didn't catch the rest. Anyone? 11.) Whole Lotta Trouble 12.) She introduces as a song that takes on a whole different meaning each time she performs it and dedicates it to "someone who of course isn't here , although he's supoosed to be, the first guy I ever fell in love with, Steven." At this point my husband Bill asks me "Who"? I guessed some kid in grade or middle school who was her first "Boyfriend" and lives in Chicago.13.) Purple lights come on and then she says, "I wrote this right after the Buckingham Nicks album and was not a happy person. This is Garbo.14.) Next song introduced as a song she wrote when she was 17 and "It's kind of creepy when you think about it." This of course is Rose Garden, my personal favorite on "Street Angel." I'm so glad she included this on tour cause I love it . 15.) Landslide. Really missing LB At this point, but the other guitarist is really good. Sorry I don't remember his name, I know that's really rude, but I kept thinking he looks like Adam Clayton. I know it's the wrong instrument, but the hair looked the same and we were 20 rows back . After the song he picks up a rose off the stage floor and hands it to her, which I thought was really sweet. Let me say at this point, there was no touching or leaning of any kind on this guitarist thank you very much. (And since he was actually wearing a WHOLE SHIRT it wouldn't have grossed me out if she did) 16.) Twisted. I think this version is better than the box set, but not as good as the first version I heard, Off the Soundtrack with LB. She does change the first line to "I think WE are the demons" instead of "you" Then Lenny? has a bongo solo for a few minutes while she is changing. 17.) Edge of 17. This is my all-time favorite Stevie solo song so if I hadn't embarrased myself enough at this point I now am doing so. Stevie is wearing a silver or taupe colored wrap over her black velevet dress. Sharon takes over at the end during Lori's usual part. Stevie then walks the length of the stage doing the usual hand shakes, flowers, etc. Finishes by saying, "These are the moments I live for..I really appreciate this loyalty." Encore: She comes back on and jumps around on stage a bit. It looks like she's wearing tux tails over a black silk or satin dress. 1.) I Need to Know. Was very glad to hear this again. I notice at this point when I look up at the large screen above instead of the stage, There is Stevie, but because we're in an outdoor theater, I see the moon right next to her. It would've made a cool picture if i had a camera! She runs off stage to grab a shawl and ends with Has Anyone Ever Written.. She finishes by saying the last part is about the men of her life," They were poets, but they were priests of nothing, but they were legends, etc. and then sings that line.

Well, I must say that when you go to a concert you expect a live performance with flaws, etc. It doesn't sound like you are listening to a cd. Let me say that if I hadn't actually seen Stevie, I would've thought it was a cd playing the whole night. That's how good she sounded. And I was very impressed with her bandmates again. I've always thought she picked good musicians for her solo stuff. I really wished she'd played Rooms on Fire and I Can't Wait , since I really love those two a lot. But then I think that these are the songs she wanted to play this time so I should be glad she loved them enough to share them with me. I hope you all have A TERRIFIC TIME at your future concerts. I thought about Toni a lot tonight and wished we had been able to finally meet. But she'll be seeing all the dates now. Sorry again if the songs were out of order. Talk to you all later, Bonnie

from The Wild Heart
this review may be a bit different(i hope) than the others i've been reading.so much has already been said about the show,i would like to try to use a different approach. we arrived early,after having driven 3 hours,getting to our seats right after they let people into the pavillion.i was a nervous wreck,in anticipation of seeing a solo show after a 4 year absence. FW was awesome last year,but it's really all about stevie for me.i enjoyed boz,although it was a bit hard to concentrate with everyone wandering about in search of their seats. his backup singer was fabulous,stevie should contact her for the next tour! the crowd took a while warming up to him,but by the end of the set,it was very enthusastic.we had left our seats when they pulled the black curtains down to reveal stevie's set,but i could hear the applause when it was revealed.it was probably the prettiest and most interesting set of all the shows i've seen.(i've seen stevie 10 times-5 solo,5 mac- and seen video of all the tours i missed) it was a bit different than i expected,the fan backdrop was HUGE- much bigger than i thought it would be.the curtains were pretty,but not as elaborate as i antipated.the matching valances covering the lighting were nice,but the wind kept blowing them up,spoiling the effect.(that same wind,however would have a VERY cool affect on stevie's hair,however.more about that later) there seemed to be almost no time at all until the lights went out,the band came on,and christopher went to the mike to read the definition of enchanted(half of which i couldn't make out,due to people screaming!) i have to say here that i'm AMAZED at how many people don't know that "the man" introducing her is her brother.the band begins...and there she is.i must tell you that as long as i've been a fan(15 years),and as many times as i've seen her,i never fail to nearly FAINT when she comes on stage! (i nearly did in 1990,i was hyperventilating!) ok,i'm obsessed,i don't apologize for it! my initial reaction,as always,was OHMYGOD ITSREALLYHER!!! let me take a moment to say how she looked,which my friend and i both agreed,was beautiful.perfect makeup,gorgeous straight hair(my favorite.no more fuzzy,fried out perms.thank god!) some people are talking about a jewel on her forehead, i was to far away to see it,so i don't know about that.i had binocs,but i don't like to use them,it's too distracting.even when i did look thru them,i didn't see the jewel.(i did see a stevie "wannabe" after the show with one on)i also forgot to look at her boots,so i don't know what color those were,either.i DID,however,notice the clothes.of course,the obligitory black outfit(sequins were a nice touch),the gold shawl for GDW,there were a couple of form fitting coats that appeared to be dresses,but they were definetly worn OVER the black outfit.the first was the same one as in the People interview(worn under the tan duster-their is an alternate of that pic in the tour book)and the other was mauve.i am very happy to announce the return of the Stand Back cape!!! it was very much missed on the 94 & 97 tours.also,the sparkling white number worn during Has Anyone... is the same one as in the Red Rocks video.

the set list was the same as reported in previous reviews.the sound was a bit muffled for the 1st few songs,but the problem was eventually corrected.(it could have been a bit louder,but that is the case for most concerts) the crowd was VERY enthusiastic,particularly when she did the FM songs.their was a bit of confusion around me when Rhiannon began, somebody thought it was Sara,another thought Rooms on Fire,another thought Has Anyone... i knew it HAD to be Rhiannon,since i'd read the set list,although i'll admit i ALMOST got carried away with the idea of Sara(in my wildest dreams!) because the intro did sound different. i have to say this version of Rhiannon sounded more like FM than any other solo i've heard. there was,however, a slightly different guitar rift that sounded familiar,but i couldn't put my finger on. about halfway thru,i realized it was like the guitar on Pamela Stanley's version of Rhiannon. (if you've never heard it,and like dance music,get it. it's killer!) i must say,i was not looking forward to hearing Rose Garden. sorry to those of you who love it,but it's just not a favorite of mine. however, i was quite surprised at how much i enjoyed it. she sounded great,better than the album version.in fact,it was the best of the 3 "Hollywood" songs.i really liked her discription of it,also.having written it at 17, and not knowing how her life would turn out,that song turned out to be a glimpse into the future.she said "it's kinda creepy when you think about it" one of the highlights for me was Sleeping Angel. i've always loved this song,and it was incredible live! she changed the words a bit at the beginning,saying "take me sleeping angel" instead of "take me if you need me" and then saying "i'm asking you to trust me" instead of "you're asking me to trust you" Enchanted was also different on the chorus "like a light thru the night" instead of "like a voice thru the night" i also LOVED the new version of Twisted! it's SO much better than the others. Stand Back,as always,was unbelievable. the intro was quite lengthy,and she was jamming in front of the mike before starting to sing.also,they used the extended ending like on Timespace and Street Angel tours,which kicks my butt!!! i was glad she only did the "playing it for you" in Dreams and "singin it to ya" in Edge once per song, i don't care for that at all,it reminds me too much of those scary RAL days.i was also quite pleased that she sang the real lyrics at the end of Has Anyone... she did do the "men in her life" part,but also sang the original words,which is my favorite part of the song. Whole Lotta Trouble was musically great and stevie's vocal was strong,but the tempo was a bit slow. they need to speed it up.

earlier,i mentioned the wind blowing stevie's hair. those of you who have seen the 83 US festival will know how the wind blows her hair during Outside the Rain- well,i was getting CHILLS watching the wind blowing her hair last night,looking VERY much like the US festival! it was really cool. as long as this review has ended up being,i'm sure i'm leaving tons of stuff out,but i'm sure i'll remember next time i see the show! to sum it up- great show,longest set EVER,stevie looked and sounded great,beautiful set,great band,sound a bit muffled at 1st. BEST SONGS: Stand Back, Twisted, Sleeping Angel. WORST SONG: After the Glitter Fades (sorry,i HAD to pick one!) SONGS MOST MISSED IN THE SET: Talk to Me, If Anyone Falls. SONG I COULD HAVE LIVED WITHOUT: Stop Draggin My heart Around. see you at the next show! ~ The Wild Heart

from Barb Olsen
Stevie was BEAUTIFUL!!! she wore a tiered black dress and BURGANDY boots. she was happy and smiling and made jokes. ( i was in the second row, thanks to Alicia.) at one point, she watched a security guard run, crouched over, across the entire front row. She just followed him with her eyes, as if saying, "what the hell is he doing?" the set was wonderful, it was great to see a new Gold and Braid. Stand Back was awesome. And for some reason, we were allowed to rush the stage before Edge of Seventeen. They let us up for Whole Lotta Trouble and the rest of the show. My personal favorite song was Rose Garden. A close second would be Garbo. I've seen many, many Stevie shows, bootlegs etc., and it was great to see some different songs. It'll be interesting to see if the set list changes as the tour progesses. Overall I'd have to say, this was the best Stevie show I've ever seen. Rock on, Stevie!
Duane Woeste
What can I say? This was the best concert of my life. After reading several reviews from others that attended the Chicago show, it's apparent that Stevie along with her band fulfilled many "dreams" that night. But for this concert attendee, my experience was out of this world.

My sister and I drove from Cambridge, Minnesota the day of the show listening to Stevie's CD's and FM for the entire 8 hour drive. After arriving at our hotel, we were eager to get ready and leave, so we could check out our seats.

When we arrived, you could feel the excitement, anticipation, and euphoria about seeing this lady perform. Stevie fans love this woman!! We met so many people that night that had their own stories about how many show's they've seen, a time when they personally met Stevie, or what Stevie's music means to them. We was so impressed on how friendly everyone was, this was even more evident when we got to our seats. Yes, second row stage right (That's my right). Even though our view was slightly obstructed by the control boards (where all the wires connect so they can control the sound), we were elated. But what made it even better were the people we sat with. There was a man from LA named Mario who talked to us about his Stevie and FM experiences as well as the couple to our left who named their baby girl after Stevie. During the show, he bought me a beer because I let him use my binoculars. We were just glad to be there; but after talking to these people, we realized that this concert was going to be special.

I didn't think it could get any better. I can't remember what song Stevie was singing (I think it was "Whole Lotta Trouble") when people were allowed to move to the stage, but it was at that moment when my dreams came true. My sister Kathy pointed out that people were moving to the front, so without a moment of hesitation we bolted for the stage. We stood right in front of the lead guitar player and back up singers Sharon and Mindy. Stevie stood about seven feet from the left of us. I knew right then that I was very lucky and this experience will be one to be compared to nothing else. As she sang Landside, I stood quietly and took it all in. I thought about my wife, wishing she could be with me experiencing this moment (she actually bought the tickets, since I was working), I thought about how this dream of always wanting to be in this position at any concert not to mention a Stevie concert was coming true, and I thought about how wonderful this felt. This gift, this feeling, knowing that it might be possible to me to shake her hand was something one hopes to experience when we listen to her music when we are feeling down or when we just like to hear the story being told in one of her songs. As I looked around, I saw these people who were also in our row sharing this experience with my sister and me. Words can not describe the excitement I felt. She sang "Twisted" and the crowd rocked along. The blowing wind was a nice effect provided by mother nature.

Then came "Edge of Seventeen". She sang with power and passion. She moved to the crowd on my left and started shaking their hands. As she moved toward my sister and I and took a hold of my hand, I kind of thought "Would the Earth move?" HA HA . It didn't, but for a brief moment in time, my heart was still. She and the band rocked to "I Need to Know". The lead guitar player came right down in front of my sister ripped into a guitar solo. God, it was great!! After Stevie finished singing, "Has Anyone Written Anything for You", she thanked the crowd and took a bow with the band. As they walked off stage, Stevie looked toward the crowd our way. She looked right at me!! So to say thanks for a great memory, I gave he the "peace" sign with my hand. I know it was a corny gesture, but for me in a crowd of thousands of screaming fans, it was, to me, a simple way of saying thanks for a lifetime of music.

As the people left and they packed up the set, my sister and I returned to our seats. We stayed a bit longer to reflect on what had just happened. I listen to a lot of Stevie's music and to FM. Some of my friends and family kid me and say I'm a little obsessed. Maybe I am, but I can think of a lot of worse things to be obsessed about. For me, it is the message in her music, the voice, and the harmonies. I think for many of us, Stevie's music gives us insight to our love for our friends and family, it gives us a time to escape from life's every day worries, and gives us great music to rock out to when we just need to rock out. That night, I realized that after meeting some of the other "Stevie fans" that her message of love and understanding truly shows through her fans.

So whoever you are and you're reading this, go and see this tour. The Show is simply awesome!! The songs, Stevie's voice, the band, the concert goers and weather all added to a fabulous show.

from April
OK you guys here is my review of the concert!!!! That was the best concert I have ever been to. And I have been to many. She looked so beautiful, amazing. She sounded great. And the clothes were so awesome and beautiful. I want them and her boots. Well first I'll take you on my journey to the conert. OK we got there and my mom brought in a camera. So let's hope the pictures turn out good. Anyways back to my journey.We saw some women dressed like Stevie. Some pulled it off. They had the boots and everything. My friend and I looked for Stevie's tour bus and we thought we saw it.... OK Boz Scaggs went on.(I didn't know who he/they were). They were pretty good. Well I knew some songs. The bassist was cool. Boz Scaggs singer guy remimded me of the character Mike Roy on the soap opera"All My Children". If any of you watch AMC, then you will know what I am talking about. The wind was really blowing. But it was nice a breeze and while Boz Scaggs were playing , you could see Stevie's set. It was so awesome. She has chiffon drapes on the lighting rigg. I can't explain. I guess you will have to see it for yourself. Ok we waited for about 20 minutes for the roadies to move the set and get everything ready.

And then the lights went out and she was ready to come out. Man we were screaming our butts off. Some guy introduced her. She started off with Outside the Rain. She sounded great.She wore a black dress. Then it went into Dreams. She said something afterwards, but you couldn't really understand her because at the World, when people speak..the sound ges muffled. She said this was something new for her..and blah blah..OK then she played Enchanted..awesome..She was having fun. Gold Dust Woman was next. Stevie came out with her gold shawl. For some reason it looked different. Maybe I was seeing things. Oh yeah she had her red boots on. She sounded great.. just wish Lindsey was there and Chris and john and Mick.. ok... blah blah..then it was Gold and Braid.I love this song.. Then she thanked Tom Petty for the next song. Hmm.. I wonder.. it was Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. The guitarist guy sounded good. Her band were really getting into it. Then she came out with a red over coat type thing. It was so beautiful. It was her three part acoustic set. She played After the Glitter Fades. AWESOME..AWESOME....She said she was going to explain everything as she went along. Ok before she played Garbo, she said she wrote thins song after the Buckingham Nicks album. I couldn't quite pick out what was she was saying.. but I think she said it was a hard time..I don't know.. my hearing is going.. but anyways.. (will they re-release the album already).. ok back to the show. Then after Garbo, she said that she wrote this next song when she was 17..and that if you look at the lyrics, it's kind of creepy..She sounded great ...Rose Garden went into Sleeping Angel..OK now it's time for Stand Back. She came out in a shawl. It was black. It looked like it had gold sparkly poka-dot things on it. But I thought it looked great. You can tell she really loves performing this song. She awas really getting into it. The crowd was going nuts(including moi) when she started dancing on stage. Now you had to have seen this. It was great. She was getting it on with the guitarist on her right. She was doing some hoochie dance(not really).. but she was shaking it.. and so was he.. it was awesome.. she was going crazy..it was awesome..I wish someone videotaped this.. but I doubt it. Then she played Rhiannon. I wish Christine could have played the piano part..but oh well. The piano guy(he was on tour with FM) did a nice job. She sounded amazing,. great.. how many times can I say.. she was awesome...I still can't believe I saw her.. WOW!!! Rhiannon had mix of how FM played it on the reunion tour and the album version. It was great. Then she played Whole Lotta Trouble. Awesome!!!! ..now the next song is where I really WISH LINDSEY was there.OH well.She dedicated this song to the first person she ever fell in love with. His name was Steven. Who is STEVEN? I don't know.. does anybody. Man I thought she was going to dedicate it to Lindsey.. oh well..damn.. ok..She only had that on guitarist guy with the blonde hair play it. He was good, but not as great at Lindsey. And the solo part was played by the organ guy. It was really beautiful.. But I still wish Lindsey was there. Then she played Twisted. The beginning was cool... at first it sounded really dark...but it was great. Sorry if I keep repeating the same words.. But the concert was the best!!! Then Lenny Castro(the bongo player) and the drummer played a cool drum solo thing while Stevie got her white over coat on. It was beautiful. It looked silky. Let's just say, she was the white winged dove. Wel she didn't have wings on. By this time, the crowd was at the stage.

Now normally the security people don't let you even near the stage. But everybody, had there roses and wanted to give then her. Well towards the end, she walked to the right side.. amd there I was..and we screamed our butts off. She collected the flowers. There was a security guy who followed her so no one would pull her in. She didn't get all of them. she shook hands with the crowd. I wished I was the one up there in front. Then she started dancing again.. she was really getting into it.She was such a little kid..she did not act 50 or look it. I swear she is 30.Oh yeah I can't remember when she said this during the concert.. but she said, " I am 50 now." And we all screamed... ok then she finished Edge of Seventeen. The whole band bowed. And she went off stage.. and we all screamed.I was drumming on the seats. Then she came back out and said" We need you." and started playing I Need to KNow. I wish she would have put this on the box set. Well I can watch it on the in concert video> She sounded so great here. She was really into it. Then for the last song. Has Anyone ever Written ANything for you. It was so beautiful. I almost cried at the end. She came out in a white shawl. Then it was over. I coudn't believe it.

It went by so fast. I wish she could have played more and I wish Lindsey was there. She was so awesome.. You guys are going to have the best time of your life. OH yeah. I got a Tour Program book. It has cool pictures. It has a pic of her stage. It it so awesome. I got two t-shirts. I love them. And I got a button and a postcard. There were other mechandise, but I didn't have that much money. Ok.. there were some crazy people at the concert. Next to my mom was this couple who were seriously getting it on. And they spilled beer on my mom. And my friend said the guy mooned the girl. Thank god I didn't see it. And then people were saet hopping. And then the security kept coming by us, because they were checking where all the camera flashes were coming from. They didn't catch my mom, but theydid catch some guy. WellI hope when you guys go.. screamyour butts off, and just have a FABULOUS TIME!!! Well that was my long review.

from Bob
First off, before I get to the main event, a word of praise for Boz is in order. I can't admit to ever having been a big fan but his hour on the stage was enjoyable and the Lido Shuffle (the encore) brought down the house. A real highlight of his show was a backup singer by the name of Lisa Frasier (sp) who really sort of upstaged Boz. She exhibited raw energy, searing vocals and seemed to have more prominence and stage presence than the garden-variety backup singer.

Anyway, on to Stevie:
I like to fancy myself as macho and masculine as any 42-year-old man but Stevie reduces me to rubble every time I see her. I just crumble when I look at that wondrous face and hear that golden voice penetrate right through me to the very core of my soul.

As an aside, I want to say that Stevie's voice has grown richer and more resonant with age. The woman is a goddess, mesmerizing and magnificent in her mystique, her aura. She seemed truly touched by the adulation and the love shown to her by her adoring fans. And there was much to love about this concert.

The entire show was consumed with an emotional fire that started (I felt) even as Boz was singing as the Stevie fans (including some adorned in Stevie garb) took their seats. Each song stoked the flames of Stevie passion and built to a scintillating emotional crescendo as Stevie sang "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You" so intimately and with such conviction that I felt like she was speaking the lyrics to us by candlelight in a room in her house.

Stevie seemed in great spirits, elated by the chance to sing so many of her songs in concert for the first time. It would be redundant to repeat some of this suffice it to say I echo the sentiments of previous Chicago reviews posted earler -- but the acoustical set for "Glitter," "Garbo" and "Rose Garden" elicited the first wave of tears for me. More tears when Stevie talked about the meaning behind those songs and when she said (paraphrasing here) "I am truly grateful for your loyalty....more than you will ever know." She also said (after the finale) "Stay well....so we can do this again." I loved every second of this show. Stevie sang nearly two hours and it truly felt like about ten minutes.

Some more personal highlights:
O "Stand Back" --- Just the intro itself brought the crowd to its feet and then came Stevie from the darkness, shimmying and sashaying across the stage in that incredible black cape festooned with golden circles. I have to tell you O I don't love Stevie exclusively because of her sex appeal (it goes much, much deeper than that!) but she was absolutely sensual and very SEXY at this juncture. As she swung her hips and her lovely little body, she held her hands in front of her and rotated them as she gradually moved toward the bassist for the culmination of this dramatic entrance. Strobe lights flashed each time she said "Stand Back." It was awesome and I use that word sparingly.

O "Edge of Seventeen" when she spent lots of time moving from one end of the stage to the other shaking hands and accepting gifts. This was another high-energy moment.

O There were numerous costume changes and all of her outfits --- not to mention those Stevieboots -- were incredible and fit that particular song, i.e. the famous gold shawl for "Gold Dust Woman." This garment looks like something otherwordly---it gives the illusion (or is it an illusionULOL) of creating a halo around Stevie's entire body! And the way the light shone on Stevie---her body, with the black bodice clinging to her underneath the shawl, creating a silhouette effect---positively sucked the breath right out of me!

I won't go through the entire set---I think the magic of each song has been well-documented by others---but I absolutely loved this concert. I have rambled on long enough. When Stevie started singing "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You" I totally lost it and yelled "You Have!!" I got a few strange looks but I think I heard others say it too.

As someone else mentioned, I wish my mind had a rewind button! I actually dreamt of this concert all night and woke up feeling like Cinderalla. Was it ALL dream? For two hours, the world was a perfect place

from Scott S.
It was a windy night in Tinley Park, which made it even more perfect for Stevie to show her loyal fans how she has risen to the top again, as the (High Preistess Of Rock & Roll). She is a woman (an angel here on earth) who has provided me more inspiration than anyone in this world. Having had the fortunate opportunity to meet Stevie on several occasions provides me the ability to let all of you know that she is a "Long Distance Winner". I first met her in Chicago on the "Rock A Little" tour.

But this show was special. I did not get to see Stevie Saturday night, but I am so very happy for her. I think she is doing what she loves best and God has given her the glorious opportunity to "sing for the things that money can't buy". She is in phenomenal voice and looks more beautiful than ever. I went to the show with my wild friend Jeff who has also been fortunate enough to meet her in the past, as well as two of my best friends Ken and Matt, who are not huge fans. But I think they walked away with a new perspective of the ENCHANTING works of Stevie Nicks.

She rocked us with emotion like I have not seen her do in many years. The accoustic set was special and it will remain with me for a very long time. The images are clear and I believe that is what she loves the most (Enchanting us) the one's who stay with her, the charmed one's. In my mind this is what truly makes her the most happy.

The WORLD needs more goodness and our children need more ispiration. If only everyone could lissen to her lyrics, her mesmerizing voice and learn. Because she has given her soul to this world that we know, to try to make it a better place. And my survival became more important the very first time in 1995 that I heard these words "So, if not for me, then - Do it for yourself - If not for me then - Do it for the world - Poets...priest of nothing - Legend... I will never forget "The Legend" as long as I live.

from Katy Haigh
WOW....that's all I have been thinking for the past 2 days since the concert of my lifetime!!! AMAZING...those of you who haven't seen it yet, you are in for the time of your life! Stevie has never looked, sounded, or performed better than she did in Chicago, I kid you not. Anyhow, we arrived at the concert a little after 8:00, and apparently Boz had kicked off his set right on time, because we missed some of it :0)...But that Urban Cowboy song, Lowdown, and Lido Shuffle seemed pretty well-received by the crowd.

But the REAL thrill came when Miss Nicks hit the stage...I can't even BEGIN to describe what THAT was like!! Her brother came out first and introduced her to us, and then came her band...and at first I didn't see Stevie at all, because we were pretty far back..but then she came out slowly, escorted partway by another guy. And the crowd went NUTS, including me, lol. She kicked off with 'Outside the Rain', which led straight into 'Dreams', with no break between the songs, it sounded really cool. Next up, 'Enchanted', which is definitely one of my favorite songs, and then 'Gold Dust Woman'. By this time, I had almost keeled over and died, mainly because of the fact that I was within mere feet of STEVIE NICKS, but also because, on all four corners of us, people were smoking everything imaginable, and it was all blowing straight into my face, lol. Some of the Stevie merchandise was really cool too, I bought the tourbook/calendar (a MUST for true fans), and the blue t-shirt with the pic from the cover of the box set booklet. I wish I could have bought more, but I'm tellin' ya, it's all really expensive....bring extra $$ for sure, I wish I could have gotten the bear, and some keychains...oh well :::sigh::: **Also, some noteworthy things...the weather was very Stevie-esque...it was very warm, but slightly overcast, and there was a strong wind that was making Stevie's chiffon billow around...very atmospheric!...she also got some big rises out of the audience with some of the things she said, like when she got confused on her right/left when introducing a band member, and when she simply said "I am 50 years old". Also, during the traditional long instrumental at the end of 'Edge of 17', she started collecting flowers and stuffed animals people were giving her in the front row...she seemed really pleased with a penguin Beanie Baby (she was smiling :0) All in all, this was by far the best concert I have ever been to, and those of you who haven't already gotten tix, please MARCH STRAIGHT OVER TO TICKETMASTER AND BUY THEM--NOW!! You will not regret it!

from Anonymous
i was just reading the reviews from the chgo concert.i had 1st row dead center,and went back stage to meet her.everyone kept writing about how she said she was 50 years old.it was because everyone (at least up front broke out into song singing happy b-day to her.when we were done she was so cute she smiled and said im 50 now.maybe people further back couldent hear the happy b- day song.anyway she was incredible and to meet her back stage was an honor
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