[The Nicks Fix]

June 12, 1998: Great Woods - Boston, MA

from Greg
I have just gotten back from the best event in my small 16 years of existence. Stevie Nicks rocked Boston, even those of us with crappy seats. She was utterly amazing. She looked beautiful and her voice was better than it has ever been. Highlights of the night included Stand Back, Rhiannon (amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Edge of 17, Landslide (which everyone sang and Stevie complemented us on). I had some paintings i wanted to give to Stevie but the front was too mobbed. Luckily I met a GREAT security guard (THANK YOU!!!!!!!) who promised me he would get the paintings to Stevie! At the end of Egde Stevie brought up a little girl onto the stage. She was adorable (both of them). Then after the encore some fruity pebble runs onstage with a flower and Stevie's guitarist knocked him down with hsi guitar!!!!!!!!!!! OH WELL she rings like a bell through the night and she knows that we love her!
from Jonathan
I've just returned from by far the best Stevie solo show I have seen since my first concert in 1986 (Rock A Little). Stevie was in PERFECT voice. She was nervous at first and made some mistakes in Outside the Rain and Dreams. She finally got in the groove and the rest was incredible! The "acoustic- electric" set (as she called it) was wonderful. I've waited all my life for those songs, and the others that she hasn't played in concert EVER.

Stevie got more and more enchanted and enchanting as the show went on. She talked so much to the audience, about her songs, about herself, and mainly that she was having such a BLAST! She kept saying how much fun she was having - especially the fact that she could pick songs that she was never allowed to do before.

Towards the end when she shakes everyones hand, at the end of the line she picked up a little girl onto the stage. She was about 4 or 5 years old and was a little scared. Stevie was trying to get her to dance and not be afraid. Stevie danced for her and sang to her and tried to get her to sing to the audience. This was all at the end of Edge of 17. When the song was over she gave the little girl back and laughed and said how she wanted to keep her.

There were so many moments when Stevie talked and when she sang that the REAL her came out - no characters, no drama, just HER. It was really nice. She really let her "hair down."

The only sad part was just before the final bow, a man jumped up on stage and made a mad dash for Stevie. He wanted to give her a rose, but luckily the bassist acted fast and stopped the guy in his tracks, and he was hauled off stage. Stevie regained control of the situation and said to the band, "c'mon bow!!" Then she said to the audience, "take care of yourselves and we'll do this real soon," and they left. I think it freaked heraout a little, but she maintained her composure.

The band was great. The blond guitarist who sings "Stop Draggin'..." was not the best person for that song. He can sing alright, but he seemed a little goofy (for lackof a better word) doing it. It just didn't have the magic that other people have had with it. (Of course, noone can beat T.P. or Waddy, but some have done much better than this guy.)

They picked a girl from the audience and asked her name (Dawn) and dedicated Landslide to her because they didn't know anyone personally in the area. It was nice. Everyone sang along, and Stevie was delighted. She stopped at the end right after the long high note on "snow," and didn't sing "cover hills," but laughed because everyone was singing with her and exactly like her and she said, "I'm so impressed!," and then finished the song.

The rhythm section was awesome! Mindy was great - we really got to hear her this time, and she has a pleasant, clear, strong voice. And then there's Sharona. What can I say. She's INCREDIBLE. We miss you, Lori!

There were many more moments. It's hard to record them all.

Everysong was magical. The REAL Stevie Nicks was certainly on that stage tonight. Everyone could tell it was a full moon, and although outside the rain, inside it was truly ENCHANTED. I'll not soon...forget it...

from Sue
I just got back from Great Woods which is outside Boston, all I can say is that Stevie was her usual outstanding , wonderful self, giving all she's got to give to her audience. She made a comment during the concert saying that she loved it around here and she really wants to get an apartment in the Boston area, well the crowd went nuts.

Every song she sang the entire audience sang with her , it was sooooooooo beautiful. I have been so touched by her music tonight that for the next few days I'll most likely be on a natural high from this awesome night.

Thanks so much Stevie and the answer to your question --Has anyone ever sang a song for you? Yes-- you have sung many songs to all of us and soooo many of us love you, forever, Sue

from John Powers
Just got back from the Stevie concert. Really, it's 2:15 A.M. Sat. The show was outstanding! Stevie opened up with her usual medley of Outside the Rain/Dreams, rocked into Enchanted, and then did some real nice aucoustic stuff, After the Glitter Fades, Garbo and Rose Garden. It was absolutely beautiful! Her country tunes almost bring tears to my eyes. So heartfelt. She did a great version of Twisted, and kicked ass with Stand Back. She also did alot of talking to the audience. She said: "If this was Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey would say 'What are you doing'" She talked alot about what certain songs meant to her, how life is short and we need to take care of ourselves and that she hoped that the fact that she is 50, inspires people to realize that 'life is short.' All in all it was a great show. I've seen her solo 6 times. This was the best, and definatly the most personal. She really gave her all to this one. She looks great and sounds better than ever! She is timeless. "Oh how I've changed, but she remains ageless"
from Eliza
Oh boy! I just went to the show at Great Woods last night and I am so tired! Well, the two hour car ride out to Great Woods was definetely worth it. Stevie was amazing. I could tell that she really was having fun. She seemed a little nervous at first, but that all melted away. Highlights were "Twisted", because the man next to me let me borrow his binoculars to catch a glimpse of her, "Gold and Braid", because I was afraid that I may never get to see her do that live, besides the concert video, "Garbo", because she explained the meaning behind it, and I ove that song, and "Edge of Seventeen", because she brought the house DOWN. Her voice was in top form, and she had lovely clothes. With the binoculars I saw that she had a little red bindi on her forehead, which just made her all the more mystical. She danced like the goddesses and gypsies she creates in her songs. The most wonderful thing about this show was that it was my first Stevie show ever, and it was really, REALLY her up there. She looked so healthy and happy, it just made it so fulfilling for me. Her last song was "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You", which brought tears to my eyes, especially at the end when she says,"And when they ask her about the men in her life.......and they do ask her...she says they were poets.....they were priests of nothing......oh, but they were legends....." And then it was over. This was the greatest show I have ever been to. I will not ever forget this......magic.
from Laura W.
The show was great. I am looking for a picture of the little girl that Stevie took up on stage with her? She is just turning five and a photograph will help her to aways remember how special that night was. We had a great time. It was my first show and I was very entertained. Stevie seemed to be in such a good mood and very open and happy. I think that enhanced the feelings throughout the crowd. If anyone can find a picture or knows haow I could find a picture, please respond to stevew@mediaone.net
from Allison
For all you intending on skipping Boz Scaggs-definitely check him out!! He was really great! He was a good choice in setting the 70's mood for Stevie! B. Stevie seemed tense at first but once she was up for a few songs, was fabulous. I've never seen her so at peace with herself, and she was having as much fun with us as we with her. Her band was great, with the percussionist that tours with FM. You'll all note that the guitarist/vocalist looks a bit like a thin David Hasselhoff with Simon-Le Bon hair. Where is Waddy?? This is the first time she'd done Edge of 17 in a few years, and was worth the wait! When she sang Landslide, we were all singing so loud!!! She even stopped before the end and announced "you guys are so great!, I'm really impressed" and the applause was enormous!! It was a really intimate show, as she conversed with us throughout the concert! I felt a little bad for the guy at the end that came prancing on stage with his rose! I'm not sure where security was, but the bassist swiveled out and flattened the guy, and Stevie was waving to let him go, but then 68 guards dragged him unceremoniously from the stage, kicking and flailing his arms. It was awkward for a moment but of course Stevie recovered gracefully. After the show when we were all being herded into the parking lot, Stevie's bus entourage went flying through the lot beeping, and again, we all went wild! Thanks to Stevie!
from Dorothy Keveny
"You know I’m fifty years old and I’m having fun." So spoke Stevie last night at her Enchanted Concert at Great Woods. Clearly she was enjoying herself totally. Stevie is moving freely and loosely using her body in a most graceful way with constant dancing movements and intense expressions which add drama and depth to her words. She absolutely owns the stage in a way I have never seen before. There is nothing tentative about her performance. It is full tilt, all out amazing and pure magic. Everyone I spoke to last night said that this concert was by far the best they had ever seen of Stevie. She was energetic and animated throughout the entire evening. Stevie stretched several song endings adding words and seemingly not wanting to end the song. These included "Gold Dust Woman", "Garbo", "Stand Back", "Rhiannon", Edge…", "Has Anyone…" Stevie spoke in a most endearing way throughout the evening. "Enchanted" works so well live and seems to elevate the concert to a higher level. Stevie was full of enthusiasm and it’s clear that she loves performing this particular set of songs. At the end of GDW Stevie said, "That gold dust woman she’s always there." Stevie is obviously thrilled to be able to do the songs she really wants to do. When introducing her trilogy she said, "So if you hear something you don’t know maybe you blinked or were sleeping and just missed it." A highlight for me was "Garbo". Stevie spoke about how after the Buckingham Nicks cover "In my very dramatic way I thought about Marilyn Monroe, Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich and myself and I wrote this song. Here she extended the word Marleeene and gave it an "Edge" kind of wail and it was chilling. She ended the song with, "Or you could forget and go home, go home." For "Rose Garden" Stevie said how at the age of 17 "Something really struck me to write this…listen and understand whatever this song is saying to you." Stevie has said many times how maybe she would have been a teacher. She is . At the end of RG, "You never promised me right from the start you broke my heart." Stevie’s additions and ad-libs of lyrics have always intrigued me. After "Sleeping Angel" Stevie said, "That officially ends the "acoustic-electric part of the set." Boston fans are truly mad for Stevie. They rushed the stage early on at "Stand Back".

So I’m happy to say that I enjoyed the rest of the concert right up against the stage. For SB there aren’t enough words. Stevie danced up a storm and the lights worked their magic to enhance the effect. After another awesome "Rhiannon" Stevie spoke about how whether with Fleetwood Mac or solo "Rhiannon" always finds its way into the set. To quote Stevie , "Rhiannon is always there and she’s always really good." At the end of a really rockin’ "Whole Lotta Trouble" Stevie said how "If I did that in FM Lindsey would be over saying what are you doing?…" For the dedication of "Landslide" Stevie said, "Who do I know in Boston? I don’t know anyone in Boston. I really love Boston but I don’t know anyone, I know all of you." Then in a really classy move Stevie stepped to the edge of the stage and asked a fan for her name. She then proceeded to dedicate "Landslide" to Dawn and at the end of the song said "Thank you, Dawn." It’s moments like this where Stevie shows how much she really loves and appreciates her fans. Stevie seems to be thrilled with the way the audience sings "Landslide" along with her and she even stops in places and directs the fans. Unlike Hartford the audience stood for the entire concert. Another very special moment was when Stevie said, "What is it about Boston and New York that you love a dizzy blond girl from the desert and California." Smiling and playfully Stevie says that she’ll have to get an apartment here since she’s going to live here. "Twisted" continues to work very well in the set and Stevie really gets into her tambourine for this one. "Edge of Seventeen" was truly awesome. When Stevie did her walk, I was able to thank her as we held hands and she smiled warmly. At the far end of the stage a little girl about 4 years old was lifted up on stage. Stevie brought her to the microphone and held her in her arms while she finished the song. This was reminiscent of the Wild Heart Tour and that little girl Elaine. This little girl didn’t smile and when Stevie tried to dance with her she seemed scared. Stevie in a very comforting gesture bent down and spoke to her for what seemed like minutes. Then she went to the mic "I have to give her back right, I think we frightened her…"

"Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" is such a great and touching closing song. Stevie spoke, "And when they ask her about the men in her life and they do ask her, she says : They were poets, priests of nothing, priests of nothing, priests of nothing, legends…" Once again the ending of this song got a fully creative treatment. As the band was gathering to take their final bow a fan ran toward Stevie with flowers to give her. Bass player Don Boyette stepped in his way to stop him and the man fell backwards, seemed stunned and was escorted out. After the final bow Stevie said "Take care of yourselves…" and the concert of a lifetime was over. The electricity Stevie generates in her live performance is indescribable. I have seen her countless times both solo and with FM. Tonight’s concert was simply the very best. Stevie’s crystal clear and powerful voice, her fluid movements and graceful dancing, her intensity, her relating to the band, her chatting with the audience, her love, her magic… but most of all to see how much Stevie was enjoying herself, to see how much fun she was having, to see her so energetic and healthy. Stevie deserves this happiness after having given her all for so long. Thank you so much Stevie for the magic that is you and your music.

from Michele
Stevie was awesome...it was the first time I ever saw her LIVE and it was an incredible experience. She is such a genuine person, and at 50 she is still going strong. I was speechless after the concert and totally ENCHANTED .....

Would see her 1,000 times.....worth the money for good seats, definitely. She is indescribable.

from Lee
After driving 3 1/2 hours to Great Woods from Maine, due to wonderful traffic problems. I finally made it at about 7 p.m.! Hooked up with some friends, got inside bought a t-shirt, found my seat (it was row 7 stage left). This seat was perfect and there were no seats in front of me directly. Great Woods is a horseshoe shape and the venue has about 10 seats in the front row and it graduates upwards from there. So for all purposes I had front row. Anyway a perfect seat for the rushing of the stage when The Edge of Seventeen starts! Went out got myself a beer walked around for a few minutes to see if I could see anyone else I knew. I did see Stevie's brother roaming around......with his long ponytail! I did not know it was him! Bummer I would have struck up a conversation with him. Maybe got myself backstage, but now I am kind of glad I didn't, as you will read of later. It was a light rain kind of night with some fog, reminded me of the Fleetwood Mac show. Then the lights went down, back to my seat I was ready!! Boz Scaggs was awesome.....but being 40 I do remember all his tunes and liked them then, as well as now.

To the show that I paid $57.75 to see! Chrostopher Nicks came out and read the meaning of Enchanted.............. The music started......out comes Stevie with a bouquet of flowers and walked over to the other side of the stage and pointed to a girl and gave her the flowers. Some guy tried to get her to give them to him.......not happenin' buddie!! She seemed to have a mission! She went back to the mic and started singing Outside the rain and the whole place was on its feet never to sit down again! This place was ready to welcome Stevie! And that is what she got. Outside the rain didn't even end and all of the sudden it was Dreams. She kept smiling and looking up at the sky at the "Thunder always happens when its raining" part of the song.......I don't think I ever remember seeing her smile like that during a song. She then said "Welcome........welcome to MY show!" Thanked us for coming and went right into Enchanted. After Enchanted she said she was so happy to be doing this type of show because SHE gets to pick out the songs SHE wants to sing. Some of the old songs that she has never ever been able to sing before. She said some of them we would know and some of us might not know them at all......"You must have blinked or something and missed them!" Like in the box set notes. Went into Gold Dust Woman.....then started chatting with us again after the song......She said that if we read in the reviews tomorrow that she talked to much we wouldn't mind, and that she didn't care because this is her show! The crowd was going nuts!! I don't think I have ever heard her talk so much with the audience. She kept laughing and telling us how she really loves this and that we just don't know how great it is for her to be able to sing these songs for us. She said because of the box set she can sing all of these songs and she won't ever be able to sing them ever ever again! If she only knew how long we have waited for her to sing these songs! Gold and Braid was fabulous.....she danced twirled a lot and just never kept still! Stop dragin' my heart around was good.....the guitar player couldn't get into it though.....she said after the song that she has been trying to get him to get into it more because it is song that a duo need to go back and forth with. She laughed and said that he was getting better. The Acoustic set was next and she told us that After the Glitter Fades was written when she was seventeen right after she moved to California, all those feelings of moving, becoming famous...she almost sounded like "I don't believe I wrote all this looking back on it"...It sounded awesome! Garbo was the next song and she said that it was written the day after the famous Buckingham-Nicks album cover shoot. She said that she felt like all those actresses and famous people you know the ones and the "Casting Couch" She just felt degraded and wondered how all the famous people dealt with it. "Like Garbo, Marlene, Marilyn & Me" I was eating this up the stories right from Stevie!!!! When she hit that piece in Garbo, when she is singing Marlene..........she tipped her mic way back and low and held it the notes so beautifully..........the crowd went wild and I could see her smiling!! I tell you she was having so much fun! She kept putting her head down and shaking it and telling us that this was so much fun and so great, to be able to sing these songs! "You just don't know" she kept saying and laughing. At one point she said that if she was with Fleetwood Mac right now Lindsey would be right over there asking her what she thinks she is doing. She really needed this tour on her own, one that she could really remember........and enjoy! She was so relaxed.......she wasn't walking on eggshells........and was truly the STAR TONIGHT.....and having a blast! She did Rose Garden-another that I think by the way she talked she is amazed at her own insight (She did say that the name of the song was "I never promised you a Rose Garden") she looked at her hand "Well, I've got all these things but a small gold band on my finger on my left hand No no you never promised........" how did she know?, Sleeping Angel, they were both also awesome........... Then the drums and synthesizer started for Stand Back........from the corner of my eye I saw people moving.........I was outta there.......the stage rush was early!!! I figured all that can happen is the big bouncer that was there would send me back.......He was so not paying attention, that by the time he saw us coming all he could do was jump up and look for HELP, grab is chair and get out of the way!!!!!!!!!! I didn't quite get center stage but to the right a bit........I could not believe I was this close!! Elbows on the stage and 10 feet away! Stevie started singing and kept saying this is amazing........guess we surprised her! I can tell you the pictures in the people magazine are not airbrushed! This woman doesn't have a line on he face..........nothing! She is totally beautiful!! She was laughing at us all and telling us how great Boston is and it is funny how a girl from the West coast could be this popular on the East coast!! Can you imagine.......unpopular Stevie! I cannot tell you how relaxed and how much fun she seemed to be having! I have seen 2 Fleetwood Mac shows and a Stevie show back in the eighties, What a different Stevie! Rhiannon was great and said it is a song that she will never ever not be able to do live, and something else------I missed because the girl next to me kept talking to her friend and I couldn't hear Stevie...........Why do people go up front and carry on conversations during a concert? Talk to your friends after the show! She then tried talking to me........I told her I just wanted to watch the show.

Whole lot of Trouble was great.......she played around with us in, pointing her finger and laughing, Landslide was next and she came up front and spoke to a girl........went back to the mic and said that she doesn't personally know anyone in Boston, so this song was for Dawn. The girl that she gave the flowers to at the beginning of the show, or it looked like her. At the end of the song she kind of let up on her part stopped and smiled because everyone was singing....Then said something like this is so great, she had the biggest smile on her face! Then finished the last line of the song! She kept telling us that she loves Boston and that she needs to get an apartment here because everyone loves her so much!! Twisted was awesome it started with thunder and lights flashing........really awesome and it had a great ending. She left the stage and came out with a different dress on I noticed right away that she didn't have any rings on?! Yes, she was going to shake hands with us..........I really started to get freaked out now......I am up front and here she comes!! She started stage Right and when she got to me she took my hand......it was so soft......(I etch pictures on polished granite......I have the driest, roughest hands on earth). She then got closer and put her hand under my chin, I haven't decided whether she wanted a closer look, or if she was trying to shut my mouth..........she then said "Your beautiful, thanks for coming".........Now being a woman of 40.........I felt like I was 5 or something....I mean really, I have met people like Robert Plant, Jakob Dylan, Natalie Merchant, Sarah McLachlin, Denzel Washington, Kevin Costner, I have even met Christine McVie, had conversations with them!!....all I could say was Thank-you Stevie..........well, DUH. I have loved this woman's voice and music since Buckingham-Nicks (--I always played this album at my best friends house when I was in high school but she got divorced and her husband took it with him, I haven't heard it since).

My knees were shaking, I was totally dumbfounded. I did manage to hand her a yellow rose from my buddie Kelly, who could not get down front. This was the greatest!!! If I had ever got backstage with Christopher I probably would have passed out!

I got some pretty good pictures, (I do need a better scanner though) the girl next to me kept hitting me...not as clear as I would have liked on some of them.....and if it wasn't her it was Stevie dancing around, she was just full of energy!! But not bad, I have attached a couple, I do need a better scanner though! Stevie got to the end of the stage and took a little girl out of the audience about 7ish, and was holding her while she finished singing Edge.......but the little girl was afraid and Stevie put her down and got down to her level, kept kissing her and telling her it was okay and she would take her back...then told us all that she would have loved to keep her! She felt bad that the little girl was afraid.

Has anyone Ever, was the last song as you all know, and it was beautiful........as usual.........

At the end of the song some guy got on stage and was running towards Stevie, and the bass player cleaned him out! Knocked him right on the floor.........Stevie was waving for the bass player "Lets get going" She wanted off that stage.........before anyone else made the plunge!...........She told us to all take care because she wants to do this again! It was an evening I will never forget..... I know this was long but for anyone not yet going........do what you can to be there & up front....this isn't the old Stevie.....this is a new Stevie.......and she is incredible!

"And the days go by Like the strand in the wind In the web that is my own I begin again......."

She sure has......... until the next concert

from Mike - Springfield, MA
Hi everyone, it is the day after the Great Woods concert and I had to say something about the concert last night. I was fortunate enough to have won back stage passes to the Hartford, CT show and I must say that Stevie looked just as good if not better than she did in Hartford. I won't say much about the set, because everyone else has and we all know that no matter what she sings anyway, it is always amazing and spellbinding.

Stevie has a very genuine and real love for the people that listen to her, believe in her, and for those of us that always keep her in our hearts and prayers. I did not get to see her back stage at this concert, and for those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting her yet, she really is wonderful, genuine, and loving. She has a real connection with her audience, and you can tell that by the way she involves the audience in her concerts and how she takes the time to talk to her audience. You can tell that its important to her that her audience understand why she writes the song that she does.

When Stevie brought the little girl up on stage, if you were close enough you could see that the girl was pretty scared. I was right at the stage and I was able to see the whole thing. Stevie at one point knelt down and tried to comfort her and told her that it was o.k. if she did not want to dance or be up on stage, Stevie was very gentle and loving to her, much like a mother would be.

As for the bum who rushed up on stage, he was standing right in back of me at the stage and was asking people if he could get up to the stage so her could see her better, when he got in front of me he hopped up and grabbed someone elses flowers that had been thrown up on stage and ran across the stage, thats when he was knocked down and taken off.

from Kasey
I went to the Enchanted tour at Great Woods on June 12. Boz Scaggs, I must say, was in good voice, but not as excellent as the Queen of Rock and Roll!

I'm only fifteen, so this was my first Stevie show; I am a HUGE fan of Stevie and Fleetwood Mac. I was so impressed by her enthusiasm and her ability to joke about being fifty (fifty is looking pretty good, don't you think?!). She took a little girl on stage during "Edge of Seventeen" and was so happy. She started to cry at the end of "Landslide." I thought she was especially classy when she went on without a hesitation after a lunatic fan stormed the stage. This is one show I will never forget, mainly because of her realisticness and her happy smile through the entire show.

Melanie Watson


from Maureen Angel
From My Point Of View
It may have been rainy and miserable Friday night at Great Woods in Mansfield, MA, but the huge crowd of fans gathered to watch the reborn Stevie Nicks grace the stage amassed enough energy and enthusiasm to transform the dreary night into a magical evening.

Every time Stevie Nicks comes to Great Woods I am there with binoculars in hand, transfixed by this spendid and mystical rock legend. This year, something was different!!! Something that made the $40 tickets, the cost of the limo ride and fighting my way through the drenched crowd all worth it! Stevie Nicks gave the most spectacular performance, this time chiming in with personal tidbits about herself between songs --- letting all of us who love her and her work so much to peer into her life for just a brief second before gearing up another "Enchanting" vocal. This is the Stevie I have come to love and was lucky enough to see again Friday night.

The warmth she exhuded whipped the crowd of more than 13,000 awestruck fans into a frenzy and I found it hard to turn my attention to the guests I had brought along with me as she glided across the stage in her trademark gypsy garb making everyone present feel as if she was performing for them and them alone!

The most spectacular experience of the night was Stevie's heartwarming rendition of "Landslide" when the hypnotized crowd joined along -- singing every lyric she had penned years ago for her father. Although I was sitting in the rear of the pavilion (still a good seat at this small venue) I, as well as countless other Stevie devotees around me, found it hard to sit for one second of this stunning and well produced show! Every twirl, wave and raspy vocal brought me and my guests to our feet - hoping, preying, the end was nowhere in sight!

from Colleen - Acushnet, MA
I saw Stevie in Boston at Greatwoods on June 12, 1998. The night before the concert I was upset because I wasn't going. Then on the radio station I listen to they had a chance to win tickets to go see Stevie. I thought it was worth a shot in winning, but I didn't think I was gonna win. I had my dad call in the staion and they said we were caller 10 and where going to see Stevie!! I cried out in joy.So I got to go and, boy did I count my blessings that I was going. All day in school i was excited. You see, im only 15 years old and STEVE NICKS IS MY FAVORITE! I also love Fleetwood Mac. I also got to go see them at Greatwoods last September and they were great too, but Stevie is my fav. Anyway, I wanted to get there extra early. I got their and it was raining. Bob Skagg's came on and he was awsome too. Then as soon as Stevie came on, the place was screaming. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. You see, Stevie has been my inspiration since I was 12. I also got a t-shirt which i am proud to wear everytime i wear it. So when she performed her 1st song It was like I was in heaven. She was awsome during Standback and Edge of Seventeen. Also the place was screaming of joy when she was performing Rhiannon, Dreams, and Gold Dust Woman. I also liked it when she was talking to thre audience. You could really see, Stevie adored her fans. She even told us she was having fun. I am so glad that I got to go. It was a pleasure seeing her. I would also like to take this moment to thank her. Even though I know she won't read this letter, I would Just like to say : " Thank you Stevie. I know you hear this all the time from all your adoring fans, but I wanted to tell you this because your my inspiration, my mentor and my role model. You don't know how much I think your great. You see, because of you, I want to fore fill my dream too of becoming a singer just like you. I have always wanted this dream and i really want it to become true. I may only be 15 now but in my furture i hope to become a singer like you. THANK YOU STEVIE!!! "
from Laura C.
Friday, June 12,1998 was the absolute best night of my ENTIRE life!!!!!! I got to see my favorite singer and biggest idol; the one, the only Stevie Nicks!!! It was cold, very overcast and wet when we arrived at Great Woods Center at about 7:10 but I could have cared less. This was my first Stevie concert, since I'm only 17 and I was so incredibly excited. The whole way in through the parking lot I was jumping all around and singing to the flood of Stevie's song that filtered in and out of the cars surrounding us. When we went in the first thing that I did was grab myself a tourbook and two of the prettiest T-shirts in the world. Then my mom, dad and I made our way to our seats which by the way were nose bleed seats all the way in the corner and a row away from the end of the roof. But as I said I could have cared less because hey I was there and so was Stevie and nothing could possibly ruin this night!!! I waited as patiently as I could while Boz Scaggs performed all his hit songs. Then finally after what seemed like forever the band walked out on stage. I jumped up screaming in anticipation of Stevie and scrambled to get my binoculars up to my eyes where they would stay for the entire night ( except for when Stevie sang Gold and Braid and of course I had to do the dance that she did on the White Wing Dove concert video.) Then to my complete and utter delight, the person who I want to be most like in life, my idol waltzed out on stage in the gorgeous outfit she wore on Jay Leno and sang the opening to "Outside The Rain." At this point I went "completly nuts," in Stevie's own words, singing,dancing and screaming my head off. Believe me I would have been twirling and doing Stevie high kicks if there was enough room. After all I was already dressed in one of my most Stevieistic outfits; a black top hat with the scarf around it of course, black shirt with a black lace shirt over it. Attatched to the shirt was two black scarves and since my mom wouldn't let me out of the house in the skirt I was planning on wearing, I had to settle for black jeans. Anyway, during the course of the concert she did my favorite songs: "Enchanted," "Gold and Braid," "Stand Back," "After the Glitter Fades," and "Landslide." :-) During "Landslide," everyone was singing along so when she got to the part where she holds out SNOW..., Stevie interrupted herself and said to everyone "Wow that was beautiful." It was so cute! Then after giving the audiance a big smile (a sort of thank you for singing along,) she finished the song and the crowd expoded into loud cheering.

Then she smiled and went to change into the cape she uses for "Rhiannon," which was sung beautifully. After "Rhiannon," she did "Twisted," "Whole Lotta Trouble," where Stevie was bouncing and twirling all over the stage and then "Edge of Seventeen." This was when everyone rushed the stage and I wished with all my heart that I was in the front row. Also during the end of the song when she was walking around the stage shaking hands and greeting screaming fans, she took a little girl who appeared to be about 6 or 7 years old out on stage with her where she picked her up and twirled her around, all the while trying to calm her down with kisses and kind words but the girl was vissably scared. Stevie carefully brought her back to her parents saying how she wanted to keep the little girl but she knew she couldn't. Then she blew kisses to the audiance and walked off the stage. At this point, I screamed so loud waiting for her to come back and do the encores. When the band crept out of the shadows and back on to the stage, the crowd went wild again. I jumped up and down extatically while screaming and once again the band started playing, this time it was "I Need to Know." (I love that song!!!!) Then after that Stevie sang the most heart tugging song I know, "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You." All of a sudden, the tears came. Not just one or two but "a flood of tears." At first I didn't want anyone to know I was crying but after I grabbed my moms arm and squeezed and she squeezed back I really could have cared less who saw me cry. Even now I'm not quite sure why I did. I don't know if it was because I was sad that I knew the most incredible night of my life was quickly comming to an end or because that song is so meaningful to me but I couldn't stop crying. At the end of the song, Stevie thanked the crowd and said with a big smile, "We'll do this again." After that everything was a blur. I can remember though the final word in "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You," kept rolling around in my head. "LEGEND." Stevie is a legend; to me, to all her fans; to the world, and even after she stops singing, which hopefully won't be for a long time, she will always be remembered as a legend. I think thats why we all love her so much!!!!

from Landslide81/17
Well let me just say that Ms. Stevie Nicks rocks and is the most incredible and wonderful singer this world has ever known. She truly is!!!! I attended the 9th stop of her concert tour at Great Woods in Mass. and it was the best night of my entire 17 years of existence!!!! :-) I have never been so unbelievably happy as I was sitting in our nosebleed seats dancing and screaming wildly and not to mention singing to all of Stevie's songs as I was that night. Highlights were "GDW, "where Stevie was twirling all over the stage in the gold sequined cape (she looked so mystical!!!)----- "Landslide," which was when Stevie picked a girl from the audience, named Dawn to dedicate the song to, The acoustic set that illustrated the way Stevie felt about being a cleaning lady,waitress and a famous singer that included ----- "After the Glitter Fades," "Rose Garden," and "Garbo" and during "Edge of Seventeen," Stevie took a little girl out of the audiance,brought her across the stage and twirled with her. The song that shook me the most though was "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You." Now I am a very sensitive person. I mean I lost it during the Lion King so I knew immediately when Stevie started to sing this song I would cry. And sure enough, when the opening started I just broke down completely. The song in its self is sad but the story behind it would make anyone lose their cool. And then it was over. As quickly as it began it was over. Stevie told everyone to stay healthy and safe and said "We'll do this again."

It's been two months since that wonderfully enchanted night and I am still in a state of shock. Every time I think about it I feel so bad that it's over but so warm inside that I was able to experience seeing Stevie live and being right there. I know that she will never read this because she herself said she's not a computer person but if she ever does I have something to tell her. Ms. Stevie, you are my inspiration and idol. If I ever become a singer, which is something I have been pursuing, I want to be just like you. You have such a powerful connection with all your fans and it is truly real. You are the poet in MY wild,wild heart and I as well as ALL your fans love you and believe in you and all your enchanting magic!!!!!!!!!!!!

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