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June 13, 1998: PNC Arts Center - Holmdel, NJ

from Rose P.
No need to give specifics about last night's show, all I can say is I'm very very happy I was there, and it was obvious Stevie was very happy to be there too. Only my 4th time seeing her in person, but it was by far the best ever. She really connected with her fans, talked to us a lot, which I've never seen her do before. How could she when I've only seen her with The Mac. When she did the entire length of the stage and held out her hands to anyone in reach, and accepted and thanked everyone for flowers and gifts, it was absolutely fantastic. Although I wasn't one of the lucky people up there, I felt as though I had touched her too. She's genuinely a warm, sweet lady. She let us know throughout the entire show how much we really do mean to her, and I hope by our reactions to her she knows how much she means to us. @)--)-- Rose P.
from Karen
Well, it's 2:15 am and I just got back from the show at PNC Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey. Ladies and gentlemen, Stevie Nicks ROCKS!!! Well worth the 2 hour drive home in the pouring rain.

One of the most magical evenings of my life began with copping 6th row aisle seats from a scalper I found just minutes after arriving at the show. The angle was stage right, meaning that when Boz Scaggs was playing (he was great, don't miss him), I looked through my binoculars toward the backstage area, and who did I see standing behind an amp with her hair up in these huge curlers but Stevie Nicks herself!! She was grooving to Boz, and dancing and clapping. I really enjoyed getting a chance to see her in such an unguarded moment.

At about 9:10, Chris Nicks came out and read the definition of enchanted. And... out she came, looking resplendent in the black dress and red velvet boots. The set list was the same as has been reported here before. During Outside the Rain and Dreams, she looked a little nervous and tentative. However, by the time she got to Gold Dust Woman, she was smiling, and really seemed to enjoy herself during Gold and Braid. She got really into Stop Draggin' My Heart around (and said that Tom Petty was her best male friend), but I agree with the comments posted by other fans here that the guitar player Frank really isn't that good of a singer to do the Tom Petty part, and that detracted a little from the song. (Is it just me or is he a little goofy? I never thought I'd miss Waddy Wachtel!) However, Stevie seemed to be having a really good time and spoke alot with the audience, saying "it's a party!"

She then went into her acoustic electric trilogy as she called it about Hollywood and the things it had done to her life. She said before the beginning of Garbo that she had written that song the night after she had shot the Buckingham Nicks cover in 1973 and that she had been very unhappy about that cover and did not want to do it. She said before the beginning of Rose Garden that she had written it when she was 17 and "who knew?"

Stand Back rocked the house (finally, people got up and danced to this song). Rhiannon was also a killer -- Stevie smiled when she got to the "Stay" part and people were going bananas. Whole Lotta Trouble was smokin, and I enjoyed it more live than I do off the recorded version. She then went into Landslide and said that she usually dedicates that song to her father, but since her father wasn't there tonight, she sent Frank the guitar player into the audience and he found a woman named Gabriella, so they dedicated the song to her. However, Lindsey's absence loomed large during Landslide as Frank just doesn't have the guitar chops for this song, and screwed up a few notes in the beginning, but Stevie overlooked it graciously. Although everyone was singing with her, she didn't stop and conduct the audience in song as she has done in other shows. She said at the end of the song that she would do that song any time, anywhere.

Now.. for the really good part. I knew from reading the NicksFix religiously that the audience rushed the stage at the beginning of Edge of 17. I heard one security guy say to another during Twisted that he should let us rush the stage for the next song. That was all I had to hear, and at the stroke of the first guitar riff, I bolted for the stage. I was one of the first ones there, right at the front of the stage. I was getting crushed from behind, but I was not moving for anyone or anything. In the middle of Edge of 17, Stevie turned her back and took off her rings, and that's when I knew she was coming to shake hands and accept her gifts. Suddenly, she was standing right in front of me!! I couldn't believe it, nor could I speak. I just raised my hand and she shook it and smiled and I damn near died. Her hand was so soft and she looked so beautiful.

With all that said, it was a great show. One thing though, and I would be interested to know whether anyone else observed this. First, although Stevie looked beautiful (as she always does) she looked very, very tired at this show. There were dark circles under her eyes (noticeable even under the pancake makeup) and she looked drawn and sad sometimes . Alot of people around me noticed that she looked so tired (you could really see it through the binoculars).. Is she sick? Did they have a bad bus ride in the rain down from Boston? I hope she's OK because I've got 10th row seats for Radio City on Wednesday! Anyway, all in all she was wonderful and shaking her hand was a dream come true for me, and it was a night I will never forget!

from Scream1
from Candice
First let me start by saying, Stevie Nicks is beyond anyone's wildest dreams in concert! You can NOT imagine how glorious, and wonderful she is untill you have experience her, YOU must get to a concert! I won't bore you with my trip to and from....i just listened to stevie music the whole time, and got phsyched for the event!

WHen we first arrived, we had to go through the gates and NO CAMERAS were allowed!!! I was SO upset, the security ppl were ever checking purses!!!!!! But anyway, i got up there, I had a camera in my purse, and the guy was like..."i'm gonna have to take it"....i was like "omg, i totally forgot i had it, i'll just give it to my mom once i get inside, she's way back in the terrace, i promise she won't take any pic.s".....and then, HE LET ME TAKE IT IN!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I located my seat (ff 59, in the back of the orchastra section) around 8:30 pm(this was right after i purchased a Stevie shirt, it's the one with her by the blue lamp, on the cover of ENchanted, i just love that picture), Bozz was preforming his songs......among them was Lido, It's supposed to be one of his hits, although i would be too young to know. Everyone cheered for Bozz, but i think that it was more of a cheering that with the ending of each one of his songs, we were getting closer to seeing Stevie:) SO Bozz's preforming drew to a close, and the lights went out. Stevie's brother came on stage and read teh definition of enchanted.......and after that I lost it.....lol.....i mean from that point on i was crying in hystarics, and dancing in the isle!

STEVIE WAS SO FABULOUS! With every note she sang and every twirl she made, it was like she held the audience in her hands!! The song line up was genius, Stevie just totally out did herself! We all know the line up though, so i'll just tell you the highlights...lol....well the WHOLE show was a highlight but.....STANDBACK must have been the most energenic, happy preformance Stevie ever gave!! The lighting was great, and with each little kick, or twirl........i swear it was as if you were in heaven watching an Angel preform!!!

There were no let downs at this concert at all. Stevie sang the best she has ever, her band was great (including the awsome back up singers). I stood the entire concert, there was no way i could have possibly sat in HER presence!!!! And, although i didn't have the "Best seat" i was able to snap off a few good pic.s i think......lol........that was 2 whole rolls of film to be exact!!!! THen the security guard asked me kindly to put the camera away.....i didn't have anymore film left anyway, so i did with out arguement.....lol!!!!

LEt's see what else, she was just TOO MAGNIFICANT!!!! LANSLIDE left we awestruck, I cried through out the entire song! ENCHANTED was just fabulous, and ROSE GARDEN was beyond anything i have ever imagined!!!! Stevie's voice/lyrics are so deep and true, she is THE Goddess of Rock and Roll!!! Every little coment before and as well as after her songs just made me feel so warm and happy inside......I was seing Stevie LIVE she was talking to ME (well, us), it wasn't an interview on T.v. this was teh real thing!!!!! And she said things, as i'm sure she msut always do , that will remain in my heart forever.

AS i said the whole line up was just spectacular....her last song however HAS ANYONE EVER WRITTEN.........was beyond words. I'm not going to lie this was not one of my most favorite Stevie songs to listen too, that was, before this concert!!!! Stevie preformed this song so wonderfully, and when she got to the "POets, priests of nothing...Ledgends..." part...oh i was just dying!!!!!! Well, I ment to make this review short, and I can see I haven't really done so......but it's just so incredibly hard to put EVERYTHING Stevie "IS", into words. So, I guess it's best for a closing to say that, Stevie just IS. THere are no words for her greatness......she truly is "a princess in her time". This was was my first Stevie concert, and the best night of my entire life! And, to the Angel of my dreams, Miss Stevie Nicks: I LOVE YOU!!!! YOU ARE A DREAM COME TRUE!

Mary Mirabella
I'm glad to hear sooo many people who enjoyed the show!! However, to answer the question, Is Stevie a witch?? Well, no magic spells kept the rain away yesterday evening. I was one of the many who was showered upon as my seats were two rows behind the PNC Arts Center awning. However, our little group had come prepared with umbrellas and slickers!! I just want to give much love and thanks to my dear hubby who kept me "Outside the Rain" the whole concert 'cause he knows how big a fan I've always been to Ms. Stevie Nicks. And thanks to all the husbands, boyfriends and significant others who through the jokes and grumbling really enjoyed this concert. I know mine did, he was very impressed!! And this from the man who says the Beatles are the end all and be all of music!

The reviewers may not be impressed w/Boz Scaggs but we were. He dragged us back to the 70's with his performance of "Dirty Low Down" and "LIDO". And as he left stage, the flashes of lightening in the background didn't dampen my spirits and our whole groups enthusiasm spilled over to the surrounding seats!! By the time Stevie stepped on stage, several of us girls were all fast friends sharing & swapping Stevie fan stories. It sooo nice to meet people as enchanted with Stevie as I am.

Of course Stevie's first song "Outside the Rain" was a premonition to us all. But the rain held back ironically until "Stand Back". By "Rhiannon" it was pouring but we held our ground as fans ran for cover!! I looked forward to and was not disappointed to hear some of her great but not raido hit songs such as "Enchanted", "Whole Lotta Trouble" and "Gold and Braid". Everyone really enjoyed and loved the Acoustic section and "Rose Garden" was a definite highlight for me. Most of us girls chose the "gold band" path in life and sometimes we wonder and dream about the life Stevie's chosen. But when I looked over to my hubby, wet as a puppy dog, smiling back at me, I knew I was where I was supposed to be and Stevie was where she was supposed to be!!! Pretty good for 15 years of marriage I'd say!!

Stevie can still rock with the best of them and "Stop Draggin my Hear Around" , "17" and "Stand Back" proved it!! Stevie seemed in high spirits and I really enjoyed her talking to us with her stories and thoughts about her songs. It made the evening truly something special. The concert ended to soon with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" but it was truly inspirational.

I was willing to stay wet for some encores!! I would have loved to hear "I Can't Wait" but it was not meant to be. I've seen the "Bella Donna", "Wild Heart", "Rock A Little" tours but despite the rain I enjoyed this one the best. Stevie keep rocking and twirling and I'll see you on your next tour!!!

from Christine Peterson
Absolutely Magical!!!!! There is no other way to describe last night's show. Even with the threat of rain, the PNC Bank Arts Center was packed with fans...all waiting for Stevie's appearance...and she did not disappoint.

She opened with ENCHANTED...and upon seeing her, the crowd went WILD!!! She looked WONDERFUL and sounded like she was at her best yet. Above all, she looked like she was having the time of her life...and frankly so were the fans. At one point, during her acoustic-electric-acoustic set she looked like a schoolgirl, telling us that she was "having so much fun doing this". She sounds like she's come completely full circle in her life and her music, and she freely talked to us as if we were in her living room.

From OUTSIDE THE RAIN to DREAMS...to EDGE OF SEVENTEEN...Stevie did not miss a beat, and put her soul into every word. No matter what seat you had, you could see her and hear her EVERYWHERE. The whole concert..from the beginning to the end (over 2 HOURS later) was one big invite into Stevie's world...as told through her favorite songs...everyone was entranced and captivated...Lord knows I was!!! It was great to hear her sing songs that I only could have dreamed she would perform, as well as those that she just HAD to perform, like STAND BACK and EDGE OF SEVENTEEN. During EDGE, in pure Stevie style, she made her way around the entire stage, shaking hands with all the fans she could reach. She really connected with all of us...from those in the front row, all the way back to the lawn seats.

After about an hour...the inevitable happened...the threatened rain turned into reality. However, instead of everyone in the lawn and terrace seats leaving (some did leave). The majority just sneaked down into the covered seats where they could, or others, like myself, my brother and my friend, just braved the rain, ponchos or no ponchos. Even though people were soaking wet and cold, they were still dancing in the rows. Actually, the people who left, made more room for us to dance!

Stevie had two encores, "I NEED TO KNOW" and "HAS ANYONE EVER WRITTEN ANYTHING FOR YOU". Both were excellent, but in the four times I've seen Stevie, I have NEVER seen her perform "HAS ANYONE EVER WRITTEN ANYTHING FOR YOU" with quite that much feeling. It was as if everyone was "enchanted" by the way she sang it...no one wanted it to end!!!!

Over all, this was one of the best Stevie concerts I've been to. She was in GREAT voice, sweet, stunning, and above all highly entertaining to watch. It was as if we were visiting with a dear old friend, and I CAN"T WAIT to see her again...Kudos Stevie....you NEVER disappoint me....EVER!!

from Amy
Some Enchanted evening............. We arrived an hour before the show, it was a beautiful evening, a little muggy, but breezy. It had poured in the morning and there was to be more rain later, but nothing could put a damper on this evening for me. Nothing can prepare you for 6th row center seats, I could not believe how close I was and how intimate the venue was. When we took our seats at 8, the orchestra seats were not even half filled. Boz Skaggs and his backup singer, especially were very good, but I didnt really want to get into a bluesy mood for Stevie.

People finally started filling the seats in Orchestra, and they readyed the stage for Stevie (the perfect set, by the way). The band came out first and the audience was going crazy, personally I was jumping up and down, with my Mom trying to calm me down, my heart was going a mile a minute. She came out and everyone was on thier feet, she walked all around the stage while they were doing the intro to Outside the Rain, and she gave a bouquet of flowers to a young woman waiting by center stage, then Stevie had to run back to the mic to start the song.

For the first song I was in a bit of shock, believe it or not, I didnt quite know what to do with myself, yet. First off, the people around us were drunk and seemed disinterested. There was still a bunch of seats available right across the aisle, so Mom and I jumped across to 4th row on the aisle. Now, I was ready to rock! There was some really cool, happy people seated around us. Stevie started Dreams, and I was just looking at her, not believing I was really there, and I just started crying. I think, at least where I was sitting there was a good amount of audience participation, standing and dancing for: Enchanted, Gold Dust Woman, Stand Back, Rhiannon, Landslide (which everyone joined her on singing), Edge of 17. By the encores everyone was standing, rocking back and forth, singing Has anyone ever written anything for you, everyone was so happy, what a high! Stevie looked and sounded fabulous, my Mother said to me "she looks just like an angel", I said " she is". Everytime she would go for a break or shawl change, she would put her little pointer finger up and say " I'll be right back". Stevie was so full of energy and above all, happiness, during instrument solos she would either rap with the musicians or just be there dancing and talking. Her band is top notch, very talented musicians. Stevie, the band, the set, everything was visually appealing, all of your senses are stimulated. During the bongo solo for Edge of 17, people in the know tried to make thier way to the stage, but security was like, no way! It was probably too early, so a few moments after Stevie started singing, they could not hold us back anymore. Towards the end of the song she came down to greet us, I had 4 big guys in front of me and I had a little gift to give to Stevie. I asked one of them if I could get in front of him, at first he said no, then he turned around and put me in front of him. My gift was a teenie weenie beenie baby penguin and a little key chain license plate for NJ (animal lovers) with STEVIE on it. It was so small, but when she got over to me she took it, went OOOOHHHHH!!!!, KISSED IT!!! and then held it up (shaking it) to the ENTIRE AUDIENCE!!!!!! then she leaned down and shook my hand, I was sooooooo happy, I will not forget this ever. She had the smallest, softest hand, and it looked to me like she didnt have a lot of makeup on, but, shes just so beautiful! She talked a lot during the set, I couldnt make out much of it because we (audience) were so loud. I do know at the end she said she loved being able to interact with the audience and meet the people. Stevie loves what she does, and she does it well, her warmth and sincerity shines through, and that love goes right back to her. Same time , next year, I'll be there.

from Rose P.
One thing I haven't read anyone mention about Stevie's show is the stage setting. Fabulous, all layers of pink & black drapery, flowers, etc. I'm sure Stevie had a lot if not everything to do with designing the stage, it really added a lot of ambience to the whole experience.
from Bobbi and Buddy
Having seen Stevie 24 times between the two of us, we feel as though we have the experience to be able to say that this is Stevie's best tour since "The Wild Heart" back in '83. The set list featured familiar favorites (the same set list that's listed here on the NIcksfix) and some great seldom or never before performed songs- "Enchanted", "Garbo", "After The Glitter Fades", "Rose Garden", "Sleeping Angel" and "Twisted". It was also great to hear faves like "Gold & Braid" and "I Need To Know" (WHY isn't that on the box set?????). Unlike the last couple of tours, Stevie seemed to be GENUINELY having fun and we've NEVER heard her talk so much between songs. The set, featuring a giant stained-glass type backdrop, was used to great effect throughout the night including a cool tornado effect during "Twisted". It was also interesting that so many songs feature references to rain and storms and it became a downpour five minutes into the show. The merchandise was the best ever and featured a KILLER "Blue Lamp" blue t-shirt, 2 different baseball caps, keychains, buttons, magnets, a teddy bear and more.... and be sure not to miss the tourbook featuring a 1999 calendar and pics from Stevie's home in Phoenix. Be sure to get there early to catch Boz Scaggs great opening set (he hits the stage at EXACTLY 8:00), bring lots of $$$ and be prepared to be blown away. Can't wait to see next year's tour !!!
from LadyJmeow
Hi - I just had to add my 2 cents in about the June 13 show at PNC Arts Center - It was my first Stevie concert ever and she really outdid herself. She looked so beautiful and sang so strongly, her voice definitely sounds the best it ever has. The rain was a real damper of course but thunderstorms are a perfect backdrop for Stevie anyway. I was lucky enough to be under the pavilion in row HH orchestra section. Not the best seats for seeing her up close of course and I was real envious of any of you up there in front - especially during Stand Back (which really rocked the house) and Edge of Seventeen. It was fun seeing some of the women fans dressed up like Stevie too -- I paid homage to her with my outfit too but not as much as you funky chicks out there - You looked great in the lace and feathers!! I also saw alot of older people - like in their 60s!! And they really seemed to enjoy the concert too. A few mother/daughter fans too I saw. Stevie was goddess-like in her lace and shawls and boots; from what i could tell she didn't flub any of the lyrics and her voice was just so bewitchingly beautiful - the rafters of the set had layers and layers of dark pink draperies which seemed to change colors all the time. A seemingly stained-glass fan was the backdrop of the stage which also changed colors throughout the night thanks to the awesome lighting effects. The band sounded really tight but I didn't notice like some of you did that the "goofy" guitarist messed up a bit at the beginning of Landslide; it sounded good to me! I notice that she had the guitarist pick someone from the audience for the Landslide dedication whereas the night before in Boston someone wrote that she did it herself. Maybe she was too afraid that somebody would rush up on stage like that guy in Boston did.

At the end of Edge, does she take her rings off so none of the ardent fans try to take them from her? I wasn't suprised to hear that her music director was "Carlos Rios" -- you could hear some latin-dancy type undercurrents in the show, especially at the beginning of Stand Back. She really outdid herself during Stand Back -- she was dancing and dancing with Carlos and she seemed to enjoy it to the hilt. The audience was going wild during that song - it rocked!!! She wore some black & white polka-dotted cape I'd never seen before for that number. My camera was safely tucked in the bottom of my purse and although security asked to see my purse they couldn't find it under my make-up bag!! Gold Dust Woman was also awesome and so was Dreams - She also made a comment of how she loved that she could do what she wanted on stage unlike when she is with Fleetwood Mac. She seemed genuinely happy to be there last night and she gave a GREAT performance -- Catch the Enchanted Concert if you can!!!

from Melissa Nagy
What a night!!! - Mesmorized by Stevie not even realizing that it's pouring on my head with my lawn seats! It was lightning out, what a way to start the concert!!! I think Stevie made mother nature do it to add special effects to the concert. The stage looks awesome, just like you're in her home. She said at one point that she wanted us to feel like we were in her home and that she enjoyed our company. So I guess that's the theme of the tour since the tourbooks are a calendar with pictures from her home. Well anyway, I have to say that this was probably the best concert of Stevie's that I've been too, and I've been to quite a few. I love the fact that she sang songs that only true fans would know. My friend that was with me kept saying, how do you know this song, and that song? - Well, like Stevie said at the beginning of the concert, she would be "playing songs that are on the boxed set and that if you didn't know them, then maybe that is a message to you." (GO GET THE BOXED SET!!!) - The audience totally joined in during Landslide and you could see (well, from binoculars) that she was smiling at everyone... Stevie did a trilogy of songs which included "After the Glitter Fades, Garbo, and Rose Garden." It was her version of the acoustic effects. Everyone came to the front of the stage (kind of like at the Dance) and sang harmony on all three songs. It was cool. Stevie was talking like a little kid explaining how she was going to do this trilogy and explaing the whole life experience of Hollywood, etc. I'm so glad I went to the PNC Arts Center, I originally wasn't going to go because I spent so much on this Wednesday's show (Radio City Music Hall), but once it came closer, I said, she's 20 minutes from my house and I'm not going to go? What am I crazy? Twisted sounded fabulous!!! They played thunder and lightning effects on stage before the song came on...you could tell Stevie loves singing this song. After all, this is the song that brought her and Lindsey singing together again after all these years! Well, I'm not going to keep going on because I'll give you an even bigger review after Wednesday's show. DO NOT miss this show....it is definitely the "BEST OF STEVIE NICKS!"

P.S. - Not that many people are buying the T-Shirts with Stevie's painting on it. Make sure you buy it because 1. it's beautiful, and 2. it's going to be worth money one day!!!

from Sabrina S.
The night started out horribly as my aunt and I were shuffled with the endless line of cars into the north parking lot. Then we took the shuttle bus, which was crowded and stinky, but then the night got GREAT!

Boz Scaggs was already onstage, but it didn't seem long before Stevie emerged, dressed in her black lace from head to toe, and I nearly DIED! This was only my second time seeing her, and this had to be the greatest time I had by far. She did all the songs I hoped she'd do, plus she even talked to the audience, which made me feel like she really knew each of us individually and was talking straight to our hearts. I'd never heard "Garbo," "Gold and Braid," "I Need to Know" or "Sleeping Angel" live before, so that was an added treat for me. And even when we had to drive home in the pouring rain just as we'd come, it didn't matter to me. All I knew was that those past two hours had been pure Magic that only Stevie could make.

from Gil Garcia
This was an UNFORGETABLE performance that I will always cherish. I had a decent seat in the orchestra section and was close enought that I knew I had a good chance to get near the stage at the right time. Stevie's selections were the best and this is the most relaxed and content that I have ever seen her. It was a packed house at the Arts Center. Although the rains came at some point during the show, it did not dampen the mood of the audience. At the prelude to 'Edge of 17' I made my move and got directly in front of center stage opposite Stevie. I couldn't believe it! The security people were very cool. I think they realized they were not dealing with a wacked-out crowd. Everyone was well-behaved. When Stevie did the sweep of the front stage, I started to get a bit nervous. And then there she was within minutes, standing directly over me with my hands outstretched. She grabbed both my hands and I said (shouted), "Thank you for everything". She was talking to me, but I couldn't understand what she was saying because the music was very loud. The expression on her face said it all... a feeling of love and appreciation for her fans. I'm so happy I had the chance to experience it firsthand. I will always remember it. I'm now looking forward to see the next show at Radio City in NY.
from Rochelle Markee
Christopher Nicks said it all in his definition of Enchant! To cast a spell over, to charm greatly, to delight, to en-trance, to bring one to tears.... Stevie did all that at the PNC Arts Center June 13, in Holmdel NJ!!

The set was beautiful! Lots of curtains drapping the stage and the backdrop was a hugh semi circle window with lots of flowers and curtains through. The lights changed colors behind it giving a different look and feel throughout the night. The drums looked like they were sitting on top a marble stand, with flowers everywhere.

Stevie was dressed all in black, in layers of chiffon skirts. The bottom layer was all black, on top of that a shorter skirt that sparkled, and the top layer a short skirt with sequins. Her jacket was short, and the sleeves sparkled. She changed shawls throughout the night, the gold one for Gold Dust Woman, the original Stand Back shawl, a black shawl and then she had a few floor lenth cloaks. One was rose colored, and for Edge of Seventeen a cream colored cloak with a shawl over that, that she threw off before collecting gifts and greeting fans. She wore a long white lacy cloak that looked like it buttoned at the front bodice for Twisted. It was very pretty. She also wore the jewel like stones on her forehead similiar to what she wore for the Dance tour.

The song set was the same as others have already said. I have to say all the songs seemed to have a fresh new sound to them, unlike older shows. Stevie seemed very happy with this tour, she kept saying this is so much fun, and was full of smiles all evening! She was so filled with energy!! The acoustic set was wonderful. It was great to hear songs that have never been sung live, or haven't been sung live for a very long time! But even the songs that she usually sings at every show sounded so fresh, new and beautiful.

For Landslide, she said she usually dedicates the song to her dad, but since he wasn't here she needed someone else to dedicate it to and had her guitar player go to the front of the stage, pick out someone and ask their name. So Stevie dedicated the song to a girl in front row center, named Gabrielle.

At first security wouldn't let us stand up were we where in second row, but eventually they gave up. Stand Back everyone was on there feet, and thats about where they stopped asking people to sit down. Everyone was standing pretty much the rest of the show. Also, security was not stopping anyone from taking pictures, which surprised me, but was great. I took lots of pictures and hope they come out! For Edge of Seventeen, we were first up to the stage. She touched my hand, and said to my niece who was next to me, "are you ok". This is her first time up to the stage, and with people dancing and jumping around, maybe she looked a little scared! This was also my first time being at the stage for Edge of Seventeen, so it was pretty great for me to!!

We talked to Chris Nicks after the show. My sister showed him a photo of her other daughter, who did not come with us last night, when she was on stage with Stevie for the Street Angel tour. He asked for a copy which she is sending him.

Finding the Best Buy coupons was not easy. No one knew anything when we got there, then someone said they would give them out on the way out, which they were. I hope everyone got one!

When we left I was not thinking about the songs I would have liked to have heard live that weren't part of the set, we left, as Christopher said in the beginning, charmed, delighted, en-tranced, brought to the point of tears, Enchanted.

from Joseph Burton
I went to the show at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Jersey on Saturday night. Again, it was as great as opening night (which I was at also at). I was fortunate enough to call the day before and get a seat in the 12th row on the aisle right center which is in between Stevie and the girls. The setlist was the same. I had a great time and I suspect everyone else did too even though the crowd in Hartford was more wild than Jersey. I stood up the entire time and danced to most of the songs. It is really great to be that close because you can absorb more of what's happening on stage and you feel more a part of the show. Stevie again sounded great and looked great and seemed giddy at times talking to the audience. She dedicated "Stop Draggin..." to Tom Petty. "Landslide" was dedicated to a girl named Gabrielle who the guitarist picked out. The acoustic set was beautiful and Stevie told us how she wrote "Garbo" the day she did the photo shoot for the Buckingham/Nicks cover. She had been thinking about the isolation that happens in Hollywood and Marlene, Marilyn, and Garbo came to mind and she was not happy. "Stand Back" rocked and she really got into it doing some of her trademark twirls and spins with her silver polka dot black chiffon shawl.

The highlight of the evening for me came during "Edge of Seventeen". You know what happens at the end of the song especially if you're close to the stage, well, I was prepared. I had gone out and bought a small penguin beenie stuffed animal that day. I know she doesn't keep them but what the hell. Anyway, as soon as "Edge" started people started rushing the stage so I ran up there as well. I was flipping. I was right there. We all stood there for the duration of the song and then she started coming around greeting everyone. She got closer and then I had my hand up to her ( as well as the penguin but she didn't take it ) and she smiled at me and shook my hand! All I can say is that it was almost like a religious experience. I also remember mouthing to her "we love you". And that was it. I remember putting my hand on my head and shaking my head thinking "I can't believe it, I just shook Stevie Nicks' hand. I've been a fan since 1981 and have been going to see her since 1986 and I had always wanted that to happen but I never had good enough seats. Actually, for Fleetwood Mac last year and her one-off performance in Boston in 1996 I was right at the stage but she didn't come around. Anyway, the penguin got tossed on stage during "I Need to Know". And, some guy managed to get onstage as they were taking their bow. If anyone was there, do you know who this was and how he got past security? If anyone has had any expeiences like mine ( and I'm sure many of you have ) you know the feeling. It's like you just want to put your arms around her and give her a big hug - she's so sweet. Well, I've rambled long enough. I am going to Radio City on Wednesday and then that's it (for now at least). Will give you a report.

from Stephanie
I was lucky enough to have 1st row for this performance and I must say that Stevie was incredible. I have been to quite a few of her shows over the years. I had 4th row seats for the Fleetwood Mac show at Nassau Coliseum, but this topped them all. She was great. She really enjoyed herself. She played songs that I have always wanted to hear her do live, especially Sleeping Angel. She looked like she was a little tired though. I noticed that someone else had written that in an earlier review. When the light hit her just right she had really dark circles under her eyes and just looked tired. Hopefully she is ok. Although she seemed to keep her energy level up through most of the show. I think the highlight of the show must have been After The Glitter Fades. It was incredible. This is the first time I have ever been front row for a Stevie show and it was worth every dime. I got to the front of the stage during the Edge Of Seventeen and was lucky enough to get to shake her hand. I almost died. Anyway the performance was second to none and anyone who hasnt gotten their tickets yet... get em now... You wont regret it. It was awesome. I cant wait for next year!!!!!
from Leah
Hi my name is Leah and I am 15 years old. I went to the Stevie Nicks concert in Homdel N.J and let me tell you it was the best concert that I have ever been to in my whole life. I really thought that the lights were really coolm and she put on such a good show. I almost got to go up and give her a bear that I won the same day in Great Adventure but the security guys said no. I was upset but I was just glad they said that they would give it to her. The other really cool thing was that every song Stevie would change into something different or have a different something on. It was really fun I hope she does another tour.
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