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June 14, 1998: Jones Beach - Wantaugh, NY

from John
God smiled on our evening, and held back the rains for the entire 2 hours of Stevie triumphant return to Jones Beach Ampitheater. I thought from the opening chords of 'Outside the Rain' that this band is one of Stevie's best, save for the original Belladonna line-up. Stevie walked out somewhat slowly, with head down. Slowly she handed her bouquet to an ecstatic fan, and began to sing that famous set of concert openers 'Outside the Rain/Dreams'. Although the evening was absent of alot of her famous whirls (really, they have been all but absent since the ravages of the Rock A Little tour, and I've accepted it) Stevie was in FINE voice and instead relied on alot hand and arm motions to convey the depth of her messages. 'Enchanted' was fabulous, just as great as I thought it would always be on stage. 'Twisted' was FANTASTIC, just wonderful. Too bad she couldn't have made a recording of this particular arrangemetm, it was different than the 2 versions we've heard so far. The best was when Stevie approached the front of the stage during 'Twisted' and the ocean breeze made her hair blow and tamborine ribbons blow...it was, well, 'Enchanting!' Stevie looked gorgeous and thin, and her outfits were lovely, gone are those shoulder pads and those bathrobe things she wore during the 'Other Side of the Mirror' tour. Her hair was long and straight, and the wind succeeded in making a lovely mess of it as the evening went on, giving it a full and natural look. One of the best Stevie shows I've seen!
from Michel
I have never left a Stevie concert feeling so positive, happy & SATISFIED! This is the Stevie Nicks concert I have always hoped to see and finally have! She is still so beautiful, looking more beautiful than she has in years, one of the reasons is not just the "weight" thing-it's her confidence! It was beaming through her and bouncing off the audience and back to the stage again! Her voice was higher and full of the energy and conviction she had captured us with years ago. She did HIGH leg kicks and raspy screams, like she used to, and gave us all positive affirmations throughout the show. I am so excited to be seeing her again Wed. night at Radio City-oh, this was the Jones Beach show by the way! Thanks Stevie, once again!
from Gy6psy
Yes, I just returned from seeing Stevie at Jones Beach and it was my first Stevie concert. What an awesome night! The ocean is a perfect backdrop and Stevie did comment on how she liked it. The highlight of the show had to be the acoustic set, when " After the Glitter Fades" began it sent chills up my spine and " Rose Garden" was so beautiful, then the band made an pretty transition right into "Sleeping Angel". I swear I saw Stevie give one of her kicks during " Stand Back" even if it wasnt very high. Stevie sure does seem to like her basisst. As i have read past reviews, i must admit that the crowd wasnt the most responsive, except for the very front, i dont know why..... it was the best concert that i have ever been to. During " edge of 17" someone handed Stevie a baseball cap , and she put it on...then she turned it around and wore it backwards, that was so awesome of her, she kept it on the entire time she was shaking hands. Stevie really seemed to personalize " Has anyone ever Written anything for You" It was as if she was really talking to us through that song and it was so touching when she changed the words to " I want you to remember Me". No one could forget the goddess that sings to us in our darkest hours. oh yeah i forgot, Stevie's shawls were exquisite.. especially for Rhiannon and her Twisted outfit was beautiful!!
from NixAngel
Just got back from the show. What a great concert.The rain stopped, the clouds dispersed, the stars shown. It was Stevie's show and she made that abundantly clear. She opened as usual with "Outside the Rain" and "Dreams", then greeted the audience, letting them know that she was about to perform "her" favorite songs. She apologized to anyone in the audience who might be unfamiliar with some of the songs and added "you just didn't get the message I was sending you when these songs were released".

That humorous little intro set the stage for the entire show. Stevie was so personable and obviously enjoying herself as was the audience. The classic favorites were still there;"Stand Back", "Edge of Seventeen", "Gold Dust Woman", a trilogy of acoustic numbers; "After the Glidder Fades", "Garbo" and "Rose Garden", hard rocking on Tom Petty's "I Need to Know" and my personal favorites: "Twisted" and "Sleeping Angel". The obvious inclusion of "Landslide" was quite welcome and a fitting finale with "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You".

It was a wonderful show and I'd like to thank New York's 106.7 Lite FM for providing the tickets.

from Alyssa Lovelace - 10 year old fan!
The concert in Jones Beach of Stevie's was great! She went wild. All the songs were great. Nobody sings like she sings. The special effects for Twisted were really cool. When she started singing everyone cheered.

Stevie's costumes were really colorful. She stood out. She wore gold, black, white, and a green baseball cap at the end. It lasted for two hours.

from Dawn Wilken
Last night I got to see Stevie Nicks for the second time live at Jones Beach ( the first being with Fleetwood Mac), and she was awesome! Everything was pretty much the same as previous reviews except there wasn't the drapes around the stage that I have read about.

Stevie looked fabulous and fortunately the rain stopped in time for Boz Scaggs to begin the show. Then there she was and she sounded really good, I would say better than on the Mac Tour. She didn't seem to dance as much as I have read but I'm sure that she was a little tired being this was her third show in a row.

I was happy that she sang some of her more "unpopular" songs. I really enjoyed her acoustic set also because she tends to put so much feeling into her music. You could tell by the expression on her face that she meant every word she sang. Twisted was really cool the way they redid it, and I love Sleping Angel so I was real glad to hear that one. I'm surprised that she never did Enchanted live before because that song really rocks!

I must say that I yelled more than any other concert that I have been to, and I swear that she heard me a few times because after I yelled (and I can yell LOUD) she would smile.

The weather was great with just the right wind in the air fit for Stevie's atmosphere. All in all I LOVED IT! I look forward to seeing her again, I have been a fan for 12 years and seeing her live was long overdue. Thanks Stevie for being my inspiration!

from Louie
An angel appeared on the Ocean of Jones Beach Sunday night.Her voice in the night was like a siren who can lure a man from far away & make him just want to be closer.She was as beautiful as can be and as humble and personable like no other with the fame she has achieved.The breeze off the Ocean thru her long blonde hair added a mystical effect to her beauty. This angel was STEVIE NICKS.

As the concert began the rains stopped &by the time Stevie took the stage there were stars in the sky above.She was just simply great.Her voice sounded so fantastic,this woman sings better thru time.She looked as beautiful as ever,seems like she is trimmer & in better shape than on The Mac tour.She was in a great mood &seemed to be enjoying this as much as we were.She was warm &open with the crowd sharing stories on many of the songs.Her outfits were classic Stevie &she looked great in all of them.She went from a black based dress most of the show with various shawls(Black- Black w/gold circles- charcoal during Rhiannon which she looked killer in-)A black dress with single thin shoulder straps which was very sexy.I think the best of all was toward the end she had a cream colored dress with a white shawl WOW,just georgeous.During the acoustic set she wore a red dress which was my least fav.Her classic long suede boots.Stevie played the tamborine on &off like only she can &her dances in the shadows of the lights were like a vision of a dream.

The songs were as follow in order.....Outside the Rain(great)....Dreams..(which she looked up&pointed her fingers no no @during Thunder only happens when its raining.).....Enchanted....Gold Dust Woman(awesome)...Gold&Braid.....Stop Draggin My Heart....After The Glitter Fades....Garbo(which she said she wrote the night after taking the Buckingham/Nicks album cover photo,wondering if Garbo/Marylin/&Marlene felt like she did,that something doesnt seem right about this)......Rose Garden(her prophetic life song written when she was 17)...Sleeping Angel(Beatlefans note the bassist used a Hofner McCartney bass for this song).........The crowd rose to there feet dancing to a killer set of StandBack..&..Rhiannon....then band intros.......Whole Lotta Trouble...Landslide (she sent her guitarist to get names of people in the audience because her father was not there&she wanted to dedicate it to someone /lucky J.J.)....drum/percussion solos into a"Hauntingly familar" version of Edge of 17..just such power in her vocal....at the end she went to the front of the stage(with a body guard right with her,hey it is NY..everyone was kool though)shook hands with her fans gatered tons of flowers/stuffed animals/& gifts/&a cap which she wore&put on backwards.She went the whole stage from left to right and i must say it was very emotional&a real sincere,loving feeling that took over and made my eyes water.I'm telling you it was something.After a huge standing ovation.the encores were I Need To Know&Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You...that is hard to describe in words,the feeling this song gave off.It was as if she was singing it to me personally&all in the crowd felt that way.I now truly understand what that song is all about.It was sdone so beautful.She said "i want u to remeber me" in the lyrics and i know i'll never forget this night.As much as i always loved her since the late 70's (i'm 32 now)i love her even more now.I rose with tears in my eyes again to the final standing ovation&thru my binoculars (pinned on Stevie all night)it seemed she had some tears in her eyes too.

I shouted for the last time "I Love You Stevie"as had done a few times during the night,but unlike on The Mac Tour ,i wasnt the only one.Many "We Love u"cries were heard throughout the night by male&females alike.It was an awesome show,,&definatley worth the 50$ ticket price.I was upset i wasnt closer since i got the tixx within the 1st hour they went on sale.I was also unhappy with the tour merchandise.The 18$ program that i bought was terrible.Only has 2 good pix of her in it.Save your money,although the photo of her lying on her tummy on the bed is kool.The 5$key chain has a great photo,worth it.I also bought the magnet(i dont know why since it dont have a pic of her on it).The shirts were ok,but nothing that great.The best item was NY Newsday had a special edition concert sunday paper with a front page Stevie pic&concert promo.Then inside that a 2 page beautiful color picture of Her.I bought 3 of them,great for framing&it was the best bargain around for 75 cents a paper.WTG Newsday.

Also i learned a portion of proceeds from this show went to The Arizona Heart Hospital,Stevies homestate.I think its great all she does for charities&animals .Stevie you are an all around Beautiful,Classy &Good Woman.Thank you for all the joy you given me in my life. I also would like to say thanx to the good people running this web site,its great.A fine job.All the best to you. Rock on ancient queen.

from Kiramarie
I was certainly ENCHANTED by Ms. Stephanie Lynn Nicks at the concert at Jones Beach Sunday, June 14th. I was screaming as soon as I heard the intro to "Outside the Rain." "Enchanted" is a cool tune and sounds great live. I absolutely loved the acoustic part of the show...It was wonderful. "Sleeping Angel" is a very special song to me. I thought she sounded much better last night than she did at the Mac concert I had seen in September. Her new band totally rocked out. "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" was great. Her guitarist rules. However, I can't pick my fave song....I thought there was something special about every single one. "Twisted" was great...With all of the sound effects and everything. I could go on and on.. "Edge of Seventeen..." what an awesome song... "I still hear the call of a nightbird...." Throughout the concert, she was really talkative...She is so cool...she made me feel like she was just talking to me...I think she made everyone feel that way... I was left in tears at the end...After "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You" I clung to my best friend, Kristen, and we both cried. I think we were among the few teens in the audience (We are both 15)...But, I believe the whole audience was spellbound...Completely enchanted... If you haven't bought the boxed set, get off your butt and buy it now...And, buy a ticket for the Stevie concert location nearest you....You won't regret it...Stevie is forever, the queen of rock n' roll....Thanks for reading...
from Kathy Uhlenbrock
Boz Scaggs took the stage shortly after the big rain stopped. His voice sounded great. He can still hit those high notes and his band was very talented. I think the crowd didn't appreciate him as much as they should have.

Watching from my 6th row CENTER seat, Christopher Nicks walked onto the stage and read from the dictionary the meaning of Enchanted and with the stars twinkling and the wind blowing just right, Stevie took control of the stage. Her silky golden hair was shining in the lights. Her figure was as slender as ever. Her face was beautiful with 4 small diamond studs in the shape of a diamond in the middle of her forehead. She had 3 small hoop earrings in her left ear. She had a sparkling long necklace and a diamond ring on each hand. Her black, chiffon layered skirt with her sparkly top accentuated her figure beautifully and she wore her rich red platform boots. I have seen her about 20 times in concert and I have never seen her look so stunning, confident and relaxed and really having a great time. She was the most talkative and at home like never before. During Dreams when she sang "thunder only happens when its raining" she smiled and pointed to the sky. She told the audience that this is going to be a very different style concert so be prepared to hear "her" favorite songs that may be unfamiliar to us. She wore her mystical gold shawl for Gold Dust Woman and did her arm and hand gestures. When she lifted her arms, the lights shined through her shawl and accentuated her slender figure. She com-mented that Stop Draggin My Heart Around was one of her favorites because one of her favorite writers wrote the song. She said that this is the "angry song of the concert". Frank, one of the guitar players sang the male part and did a good job.

She then went into what she referrs to as the accustic part of the set. She said that these songs told the story of her life. After the Glitter Fades portrayed her hollywood lifestyle. Garbo was written on the night that she had her picture taken for the Buckingham/Nicks album cover. She thinks that what she felt at that time is what Gretta, Marilyn and Marlenna must have felt like (doing things they really didn't want to do). Rose Garden - well that speaks for itself - she said she must have seen into the future for she wrote that song when she was 17. The segway from Rose Garden to Sleeping Angel was done to perfection. Sleeping Angel was better than the original. Stevie said the song was played during the movie Fast Times at Ridgmont High when the girl was waiting for her brother to pick her up.

The drum beat and the flashing lights brought the crowd to their feet with Stand Back, performed in her black shawl with the gold moons with a high leg kick at the end which created a roar from the audience. The intro to Rhiannon was slightly different from the Dance version. It sounded more mystical to me. At the end she sang "and after all these years, you still cry out for her, Rhiannon". She introduced her magnificent band and thanked them. She said she would not be doing what she was doing so well if it wasn't for them. During Whole Lot of Trouble the crowd slowly started heading for the front of the stage. So, so did I. Before she did Landslide, she said she always dedicates this song to her father. But because her father wasn't there she sent Frank her guitar player to a member of the audience - which happened to be the girl next to me in front of the stage and asked her what her name was. Frank went back to Stevie and whispered in her ear. She dedicated this song to JJ - but Frank misunderstood her, her name was really Tracey. Oh well, its the thought that counts. You could hear the crowd singing Landslide with her. Stage lightning flashed and thunder roared and she did a great version of Twisted. Better than the original version.

Then came Edge of Seventeen. Sharon shared the mike with Stevie at the end. Then Stevie greeted her fans at the stage. I reached as high as I could. There was only "Tracy" in front of me. But I still couldn't reach high enough to shake her hand. But for all these years, this is the closest I have gotten to her. What a thrill!! By the time she made her way back to the mike she was welled with tears. I Need to Know really rocked. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You was sung with such sincerity. She was singing this song to each and everyone of us personally. She sang "and when they ask her about the men in her life" she responded playfully "and they do!!" When it was all all over she said "take care of yourself because she wants to have something to do so we will have somewhere to go". Her piano player was hanging around on the stage when everything was all over. I went up to him and shook his hand and told him "good job" . He smiled and said "thank you". This concert is a once in a lifetime concert. You don't want to miss it!!

from Anthony S.
Well let me tell you it short but I will say alot with little words, Stevie as you know Rules! how voice was so on it was not funny! she sounded like heaven! I am going to Radio City on the 17th I cant even sleep! can not wait to see her again, this is were I say alot in few words to tell you about last night at stevie at the beach, I called the AZ Phoenix concert show up and I am thanking god! there was 3 tickets left I bought 2 at 1000 dollars each, for that you get front row baby center stage eye to eye contact! then after the show you get to go to a privite party with stevie & her band and Don Henley, Eagles - Mick Fleetwood and maybe Lendsey at Vincent's on camelback close party for those who paid 1000 per ticket or 500 a ticket Plus you get to help out THE HEART INSTITUTE!~ Something Stevie family has! and I am there for her! all the way,,,,If she can bless me with her love with singing her songs I can help out her cause! And let me tell you at 1000 a ticket it was a steal! just to party after the concert is something I will remember for the rest of my life, it was to bad there was only 50 tickets at 1000 and 100 tickets at 500 all sold out. So now you know by Anthony from LI for me to come home around 12:00 at night last night & then spend 2000k to party with her after the concert speaks for it self! A show to see is a MUST! you will walk to your car after the show and say were is she playing next! Trust me on That......I am 34 and grew up on Fleetwood mac and last night took me back to when I was 14-17 it was a feeling only to go to her show to feel! Stevie if you are reading this I love you! you was could not have done anything better baby you were ON LAST NIGHT! YOU TOOK THE HOUSE DOWN & I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN AT RADIO CITY in less then 1 & 1/2 days! And I will be one of the 50 at your show in AZ on july 23...........CANT WAIT TO MEET YOU! will take that night at AZ to my grave!

God is blessing you, every show you did was A 5 STAR!

I am all for you Arizona Heart Insititute Benefit.

from Marcy Greene
What can I say? June 14th 1998 will forever be remembered. It was my 1st time seeing Stevie live and I was just in awe. I'm 16 and my friend and I drove all the way form Schenectady, NY to see her, and it was so worth it! Note to everyone: CHECK THE BOXOFFICE!!! Prior to the show we got our tickets through ticketmaster and they weren't very good, at about 1pm we went to the boxoffice and were able to buy 2 seats in the orchestra section (eventually we sold the others) Also making friends with people around you will help you out. (a lady near us told us that so many people rush the stage during Edge of Seventeen that not everyone is caught) So when we heard that familiar beat we took off and ended up standing in the 4th row!!!!! (I took killer pictures) Stevie was incredible, all of her songs perfect in every way. It was just an all around fabulous night ( especially her encore of Need to Know and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?; I couldn't help getting teary and she saw me and kind of gave a little shrug ( I was like OH MY GOD!!) Some one also gave her a green baseball cap which she wore while collecting gifts: backwards (It was cute) She was incredibley out going and personable. After the concert about 9 of us were standing by the gates where the buses would leave, We saw a bus and could tell that Mindy and Sharon were inside but no Stevie. Later a black limo pulled away (Stevie Maybe?; we didn't think so) So we waited and went into the restricted area (quite an adventure, huh?) We didn't end up seeing her but some lady gave me a Stevie Nicks local crew shirt. All in all the evening was wonderful, I'll never forget seeing her that close and being so full of awe as well as feeling and very close to her during her songs, Thanks.
from Meredith - a 16 year old fan
WOW!!!! The Jones Beach show was the best concert i have EVER been to. Stevie looked FANTASTIC!!! I was in the 5th row...center and i couldn't have asked for anything more. Stand Back was AWESOME. She really knows how to rock the house. It was hard to not have a tear in your eye for "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You"...it was very touching. Toward the end of the show i went up by the stage and gave Stevie a teddy bear with a lace outfit that I made for it. She loved it. She shook both my hands and then I grabbed onto her wrist and she smiled (i couldn't help it!!). Stevie Nicks is the best thing ever to happen to the world of music and she inspires me each and every day. What would I do without her? Mindy Stein(a backup singer) smiled at me 4 times...she is very sweet and the guitarist Frank, winked at me...WOW! What a night!
from Peter
I have been going to Stevie concerts for 15 years and Sunday night she did not disappoint. Not since Wild Heart do I remember her being so talkative and relaxed and "her". And I don't think she was ever as clear in her speaking. I thought she looked and sounded great! I am so glad the big hair days are behind us! My friends and I all loved the set, although I think it would be a kick for her to end with "It's Late". It's great to have the chance to hear some of those songs we never thought we'd hear, especially "Sleeping Angel". I was 5th row, center section on the aisle. The people next to me were duds, anyone who can sit during "Stand Back" should stay home, listen to the album and let somebody else have their seat. In general I thought the audience could have been more receptive to her, but the real fans made up for it. When I saw people going for the stage (before edge of seventeen) I bolted. I got a great spot, right by Tracey or JJ or whoever that was. Edge of Seventeen I was waving my hat and she took from my hand and put it on! I AM THE MAN WITH THE HAT! ! ! ! I felt kinda bad cause it's a ratty old hat but really comfortable. I thought she was going to toss it but she turned it around and kept on shaking people's hands. How cool is that? I can't wait for Radio City! I wonder if I can get that hat back.......?
from Teri
I knew the night was going to be special, when I saw this beautiful rainbow as we drove down the Meadowbrook parkway as we approached the theater. There was a very welcome sun shining in the sky at this point, after 40 hours of heavy rain and thunderstorms. I was so pleased that it turned out to be a perfect night to see Stevie.

The show was in a word, amazing. I have seen Stevie on every tour, and always at Jones Beach, I have never been disappointed, but this time I went home amazed. She looked stunning, I believe she is even thinner now, then when she toured with FM. Her outfits were pure Stevie and they just twinkled as the lights hit them.

Her voice sounded so good, even stronger then last year. I was impressed, by the selection of music, I especially enjoyed the awesome rendition of Gold and Braid. I was so excited to hear that song that I cried. Ofcourse she did the standards like Outside the Rain and Dreams to open the show, as well as Stand Back and Edge Of Seventeen, but it was the songs that she called her favorites that most excited me. I was thrilled to hear Enchanted, I have felt that Enchanted was such a great song for such a long time, I thought that it should have been released as a single when the album came out. Stevie also did a really great job with Twisted, that had wonderful effects with it, as well as the beautiful Sleeping Angel.

My husband a newly converted Stevie fan, thought that she sounded awesome. He said that when he was younger he never took the time to pay attention to Stevie's music, ( He is a huge Springsteen fan all Bruce all the time.) now he thinks that she is really amazing, and was just blown away by the show. He really loved After the Glitter Fades, he looked so confused during the song, he asked me if I had ever heard it, I said of course silly, he turned back looked at the stage and sat mesmerized. I think that this is a true testament to the power of Stevie.

Well I have gone on for awhile, but I can not help it when I talk about Stevie I gush. I realized one thing Sunday night, Stevie may not be a witch, but she certainly posesses some kind of mystical power, and the rainbow and bright sunshine were my proof.

I was also so pleased to see Stevie so relaxed and so happy, it is all I could want for someone who has brought me so much happiness with her music. I hope that she remains this content and at ease. Thank You Stevie you are the best and this household (even my babies) love you.

from James a.k.a. JJ
Ok well i went to the Jones Beach concert on June 14, 1998. I knew that this was going to be a night to remember at the beginning. I was in the first few rows. Well anyway during Landslide she sent the guitar player to come out and to pick a person from the crowd to dedicate it to. I was like pushing everybody to move and everything. I was luckey enough and got picked :-), i was so happy. Then stevie said i would like to dedicate this to JJ. I was like yes, thank you. JJ is my nickname, alot of people online now that to.You people that went to the Jones Beach concert would have also heard saying that she dedicated to me. I am just still so happy, i cant believe it. That will be a night never to forget... All the songs sounded great as usual. Enchanted was the best, it really had a good beat to it, and do did Rhiannon with the piano opening and everything. I hope that she performs next year again for her cd,well anyway if you need more details about it,just write me.to SillyJJ97@AOL.COM
from drew steeL (singer/performing artist)
There is just something about Stevie ... you really want to know her. That's what I felt at Jones Beach when my seat in second row quickly turned into first row.

At this concert, Stevie spent time with us. She wanted to be there. She was in the moment, each moment. And her sincerity was entirely apparent. I believe she was giving back. I believe we really did get to know her that night, somehow. And best of all, I think she recognized the beauty of the audience. In one night, she saw all those things in us that we've seen in her for years.

She held my hand. It was a perfect night for me, for everyone. God Bless Stevie for she has this incredible gift, the ability to inspire. Magic, I tell you. "Once in a million years a lady like her rises!" Good luck Stevie!

from Joe Healy
This may be long, but I feel impelled to write.

I've been a Stevie fan since the Rumours days. I was too young then, but my dad had the album and I listened more than him. As the years went on and she went solo, I always said I would never follow her on tour or become a "groupie", but the opportunity arose this year and I took it.

I saw her five times in June, six counting the Letterman Show. I am the "friend" that is mentioned in the Letterman review. I live in NH, and my first concert this year was the Boston one, by far the best I've seen. The crowd was on their feet the whole time, which I expected, but did not appreciate until I went to the NY/NJ area. My friend is from NY, so I went along for the Stevie experience. Those crowds were a bit more tame, and I was amazed that the whole audience did not get into it as they did in New England. At one show in NJ we weren't even able to stand up for fear of being yelled at by others.

At another show at Jones Beach, Stevie said that she'd be doing songs that some people may not know. If that was the case, she said, "then I had a message for you, but you missed it". I'm glad this box set is out, and that we get to enjoy all of her songs, the ones that are important, but never heard. Hearing them in concert just solidifies the fact that they're important to her too.

I met Stevie in 1994 during the Street Angel Tour. It was a dream come true for me. She is always beautiful and gracious. I have never seen any other star have the trust and admiration for fans as she does. Her "Edge of Seventeen" walk proves that. I got to hold her hand twice during this tour, and the love you feel is genuine. She is truly happy to be doing this, and those who get to experience her touch will agree. She is a special person.

This tour is her triumphant return to the spotlight where she belongs. Although not as dynamic as other performers, her fans just love her for every twirl and bang on the tambourine that she does. Her stage presence is one of a kind, and to see it and feel it brings on powerful emotions to everyone who experiences it.

Thanks for listening

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