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June 17, 1998: Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY

from Karen
It's midnight and I just got home from the show at Radio City. I am not exaggerating when I say that it WAS THE BEST SHOW I"VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!! It was the best I ever heard her sing, and she looked so beautiful and so thin (I swear she lost weight since I saw her Saturday at the PNC Arts Center in NJ). Magnificent!! Enchanting!! Awesome!! She moved me to tears. Her performance and her rapport with the audience was truly magical. She held the place in the palm of her hand.

The crowd seemed more into this concert than the one in NJ-- they were absolutely nuts for her. Chris Nicks came out and read the definition of Enchanted (through my binoculars, he looked strangely like George Carlin!). Outside the Rain and Dreams were great. She said she was so thrilled to be onstage at Radio City. She said how much she loved coming to NYC and how we made her feel so much more special than some of the crowds on the West Coast. She said that when she comes to NY she feels stronger. She was soooo happy and relaxed and smiling (even though I was in the 13th row I had my binoculars glued to her all night). She looked and sounded like she was having the time of her life. I was so happy to see her so happy after all she's been through.

Gold Dust Woman ROCKED!!! (I love that gold shawl). People went bananas when she did the scream and bent over and let her hair fall all over. She was very talkative and so cute and playful. You could feel the love from the audience-- it was palpable-- and you could feel her love for us. She introduced her acoustic/electric/acoustic set and told the story of how she wrote Garbo the night of the cover shoot for Buckingham Nicks and how she didn't want to do it, but she wanted to be rich... and famous.. and a rock star. She gave a little shrug and a smile-- everyone was screaming. Stand Back was the best I ever heard-- she put on the black polka dot shawl and danced forehead to forehead with Carlos, her musical director. Rhiannon gave me chills-- at the end she said "that's Rhiannon 1998. She changes and changes." She dedicated Landslide to Doug Morris of Atlantic Records and sang it with such beauty. When she got to the end and sang the word "snow" she stopped before "covered hills"-- the crowd was screaming and she looked overwhelmed by the response.

Edge of 17 and I Need to Know ("Talk on the street says I might go solo!") ROCKED. Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You was much better than on Letterman-- she sang with such heartfelt conviction. When she sang "And when they ask her about the men in her life" she ad-libbed "and they are asking!" some woman yelled out during the pause "They all sucked!!!" I don't know if Stevie heard her though, but it got quite a few laughs in our section.

One thing, though and I'd like to know what others at the show thought about this. I thought the security guards at Radio City were ridiculously rigid and so mean. I had bought a Snoopy for Stevie and so many people had bouqets of flowers for her. The guards though, had lined the aisles so that they were all sitting cross-legged on the floor staggered every 4 or 5 rows. I had a bad, bad, feeling that they wouldn't let anyone near the stage at the beginning of Edge of 17. At the end of Twisted, this woman came down the aisle carrying her small daughter who was holding flowers for Stevie clenched in her little hand. This moron of a guard wouldn't let her through and held up his hands so she couldn't get past. The woman was trying to explain to him that the gift-giving was part of Stevie's show. He wasn't having any of it. I leaned over and told him that I had seen Stevie many times and she allows her fans to come up to the stage during Edge of 17 and we hand her gifts and she shakes our hands. He just looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. I was standing in the aisle, and all the people started to come out of their seats during the bongo solo introduction just prior to the opening riff of Edge of 17. Everyone started moving forward (and I went with them) but as we approached the stage, the guards formed a wall in front of it about 5 rows from the front, crossed their arms and refused to let anyone through. People behind me were pushing (I guess because they couldn't believe that no one was moving toward the front) and the guards were actually pushing us backwards, so that those of us in the middle (me cluching my Snoopy for dear life) were nearly trampled . I have to say that I was scared and thinking about that Who show in Cincinnati in 1978 (I'm only 5'2"), and.. I couldn't see over everyone's head and I was missing Edge of 17. Now, I can understand that the guards have a job to do (and that this is NYC), but their attitude and actions in pushing us backwards made things worse and I just hope no one was hurt. When I realized I was getting nowhere near Stevie this time, me and Snoopy fought our way out of the crowd and back to our seat. I watched with envy as Stevie accepted gifts from those in the front row-- she got a Penguin beanie baby, and someone handed her a crown of flowers and she put it on and wore it. The cutest thing was that there was a small blond girl (about 5 years old) on her father's shoulders in the front row and she had long blond hair like Stevie and a black tophat on like the one Stevie used to wear with FM. The child looked like a minature version of Stevie. When Stevie saw her, her expression was priceless and held out her arms (but of course, those guards were not letting anyone up there). Stevie looked absolutely blown away by the response of the crowd.

All in all, and guards notwithstanding, this is a show I will never forget. It was one of the highlights of my life (as was shaking Stevie's soft little hand at the PNC show on Saturday!). For those of you who have tickets to upcoming shows, you're in for the experience of a lifetime.

Finally, I also like to thank John & Amy for doing such a great job with the Nicksfix-- it's the best Stevie website and so incredibly accurate and up to date. I look forward to reading it every morning.

And to Stevie..... thank you for everything.

from Cindy
HI its 1 am just got back from radio city. My 2nd on this tour and 20 stevie concert.I will try not to repeat what has already been said, but stevie sounds and looks better then ever. This was the first in door show of the tour. The sound was better then at Hartford. Stevie looks so happy singing dancing talking. At 1 point she was talking about after the glitter fades the place was quite not a sound. Stevie starts laughing she says u have never heard me talk before. Showed started 905 alittle early then other dates so make sure u are in your seats. Don't miss this tour. see it indoor if u can.after edge of 17 only the first 3 rows were allowed up stinks for me 7th row anyway she hugged kissed and talked with the fans cause it was not packed when she went around to shake hands. nite all.
from Carol
I am breathless! What a night! Stevie looked radiant! Her voice was the best ever! Seeing her perform at this venue was unlike any other. It was a polished,flawless performance. Being a fan of the Goddess for 25 years,I must say she has now exceeded what my expectations were of her. The only disappointment of tonight was that Radio City Music Hall caters to a mellower crowd. The crowd was reserved and people did not tolerate dedicated fans like myself. It was kind of hard to get up to the stage during "Edge of Seventeen", because security was tight. Unlike the other concerts,Stevie didnot accept gifts. I left my pillow heart and flowers on stage, I hope she got them. That was the only disappointmen of the evening. I will never forget the way she looked tonight,the sound of her voice,but most of all the way she made me feel. We adore her. Till the next concert,sweet dreams. Hugs Carol

P.S. I found out that Radio Cit Music Hall has certain rules;one being that noone is allowed to place any items such as gifts for the performer on the stage. I guess that's why Stevie didn't take anything from anyone. The security was tight,well it's New York! I guess I'll have to catch another show,or two. Go get those tickets!

From Christopher
I just got home after seeing Stevie give a ravishing performance at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. This is the second time I've seen her on this tour, and she looks and sounds just as beautiful as when I saw her the first time...The set list is the same as the other shows, and of course as it is now well-know that Stevie was very personable and talkative, and she herself joked at our applause by saying, "Oh God, They never heard me talk", and then she started laughing..She was very sincere and was really talking and singing to "us"..The show was essentially a love letter from Stevie to her fans, and our responsive voices singing her lyrics we all know so well was our reply..

I got lucky enough to get a seat in the VIP pit section, so I was practically sitting on the stage.. She really cranked out the upbeat tunes like Enchanted, Gold and Braid, and Stand Back, and sang her acoustic trilogy very sweetly and emotionally..I got a little nervous during Edge of Seventeen, because I thought the guards weren't going to let us approach the stage, but they eventually did..I was positioned just right so when Stevie passed by while collecting her gifts, she took hold of both my hands and gave them a squeeze before continuing on..What a thrill that was, her hands felt so soft, and the smile on her face complimented nicely by the crown of roses she wore on her head( a gift from a fan). The of course came the encore with a powerhouse version of I Need to Know and a very warm and tender Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You? This is a tour that is not to be missed. Thank you Stevie, and we'll keep rockin' on until you come around and see us again!!

From Anthony S.
When I went to jones beach sunday night I rated that concert A 100+ tonight I just came in my door from the city, 12:45 NY time, my rating went to A 1000+ Stevie Nicks let me tell you something she blows away in the business people that is 1/2 her age ! SHE WAS SO ON, Every song was OUT OFSITE, she look so GORGEOUS, and her singing had every person at radio city standing up for the whole show, every song everybody was standing yelling we love you stevie! me being one of them! Then the light show was TERRIFIC THE LIGHTS WENT WITH THE BEAT OF THE SONGS! I am loving her more and her music more! stevie if you are reading this baby you are THE QUEEN OF ROCK~! to everybody reading this find out were she is playing see if there is seats still onsale and buy the best seat in the house! Tomorrow I am going to try to buy her next show or the show after that.

I am going to the AZ show as I said in my last post at jones beach, Stevie is number # 1 and feel very bless, we have her to bless us with her music. GO SEE THE SHOW YOU WILL THANK ME 1000 TIMES Stevie SoloAct will turn out, to go down in history as the BEST SOLO CONCERT OF IN1998 and she WILL WIN IT!I cant wait to july 23 AZ show, those 1000 thousand dollars a ticket is a gift from god! PLUS STEVIE HAS GIVIN ME HER LOVE IN HER SONGS I CANT WAIT TO GIVE BACK TO HER TO THE ARIZONA HEART INSITITUTE BENEFIT! Thank you stevie for 20 years of the best rock & roll that you have givin me in my life!

from Cat049
All I can say was Stevie was incredible at Radio City. The show began right on time, and there she was rocking into "Outside The Rain" Just to pick out some of my favorites, let's see, Stand Back really rocked the place, Edge of Seventeen, and her little stories going along with her singing of After The Glitter Fades, Garbo, and Rose Garden were so sincere. I liked the story about when she wrote Garbo, it was the day after she posed for the Buckingham/Nicks album cover.

Stevie looks great, and her voice was superb. The stage scenery was simple, but elegant. The atmosphere in Radio City was pure love for this Wild Heart woman. I have seen Stevie in all her concerts from 1982 and I was truly impressed with her speaking directly to us in the audience. Everyone hung on every word that came out of her mouth.

It was over too soon, but she asked all of us to take care of ourselves and she will see us again!

from Bill Shanahan
WHAT A NIGHT! I had been looking forward to this night ever since I bought my tickets. I saw Stevie for the first time at Radio City when I was 16 during The Wild Heart Tour. So for me, this was coming "full circle" so to speak. And I had great seats! First Mezz up from the floor DEAD CENTER fourth row! Saw the whole stage!

What a show. She looked amazing and her voice was in the best shape I've heard it in a long long time. The concert got off to a great start with someone (don't know who) reading the meaning of "Enchanted" from the dictionary and then introducing Stevie. Outside the Rain and Dreams were great. She then spoke to the audience about what songs and why she was doing this tour different from anything she's done before. Then she launched into "Enchanted" and I lost it! I have always wanted to hear this song live and always wished it had been released as a single from The Wild Heart. The acoustic trilogy set of "After the Glitter Fades" "Garbo" and "Rose Garden" was so beautiful and touching. Hearing "After the glitter..." live was really sweet. I love that song so much.

The show stopper for me was "Stand Back" This has got to be the best live version I've ever heard of the song. Amazing. Stevie was so personable talking to the audience and you could tell how much fun she was having and how happy she is. That was the true joy of the evening was seeing this woman happy and having fun. She deserves it. I was honored to be her guest for the evening.

"Twisted" was awesome as was "sleeping angel" and "Whole Lotta Trouble" kicked butt. "Edge of Seventeen" was brilliant. She told us to take care of ourselves so she could come back and do this again! For the encore she did Tom Petty's "I Need to Know" which I loved and the finale "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You" brought the place to tears (Landslide earlier in the show brought me to tears as well).

When Stevie decides to come back to New York...I'll be there!

Kudos to Boz Scaggs who put on a great show!

from Peter
Radio City Music Hall blew Jones Beach away!!! One of the best concerts I have ever seen her do, and she IS the best performer around. Maybe it was because it was Radio City Music Hall, maybe it was cause it was NYC, but she was INSPIRED!!! Kicks, Spins, tambourine, we got the works. The crowd was excellent and she really responded to us. She even talked about how great playing NY is. Her clothes were, I think, the same as Jones Beach, and the same dress she wore on Letterman (does she travel with a dry cleaner?) I thought for sure she was going to dedicate "Landslide" to me, but she didn't. I missed a lot of "Edge of Seventeen" because security was so tight, they weren't letting people down to the stage (although some people were escorted down thru the crowd so i think some palms were greased). I couldn't believe the scene in the aisle, yelling, screaming, pushing, I'm surprised there wasn't a fight or that nobody got knocked down. When I could I found a seat and got back into the concert. I'm glad I got to the stage at Jones Beach. I felt bad for people who spent $75, or more, on a ticket, then went out and spent who knows how much on flowers, only to not get down there to give them to her. All in all, however, we could not have asked her to give us a better show. She was INCREDIBLE!
from Dandybee
Last night I saw Stevie preform at Radio City Music Hall. I'm only 13 but I know a legend when I see one. She was awsome!! She looked wonderful and full of energy.She wore her usual black chiffon but then changed into a red dress and then an off/white kinda dress. Her shawls were also enchanting! She twirled, she kicked, and sang her heart out!! Her voice sounded better then even! We heard of "Edge of Seventeen", "Landslide", "Gold Dust Woman","After the Glitter Fades","Stop Draggen My Heart Around", and the '98 version of "Rhiannon" .At the end of the concert when she went to shake hands with the audience she was given a crown of flowers and ribbions which she wore for a brief moment as she walked along the stage.She also commented on how she loves New York and could move right in. This was a night to remember. It was "Enchanting". Stevie said it and I hope it's true-- "This was great,we have to do it again.".I'm praying that this means another tour soon after this one's done.
from Virginia
I have been a Fleetwood Mac fan since RUMOURS came out. I loved Stevie Nicks' voice and appearance then, and when she started her solo career, I followed her hits on the radio and eagerly read of her in the press. But until last fall, I had not had the opportunity to see either her or FM live. Last fall, I saw FM at the Continental Arena in NJ, and then, the show of all shows, Thanksgiving night at Madison Square Garden in NY. When the news of Stevie's solo tour came out, I eagerly bought a ticket. I was only to be disappointed in my surrounding audience members, not her.

Boz Scaggs' opening was great. My 'mature' memory fails at weird times, and I could not remember his hits by name, but I knew I would hear them at this concert and go "of course!". And that certainly did happen. The first 'old' hit I heard was "Love" from Urban Cowboy, and that has been a long time favorite of mine, albeit a tear-producer. "Lido" was another one I recognized as soon as I heard it. One of his 'new' songs, three years old he said, that I liked a lot was "Sierra". His main backup singer, Lisa, was fabulous. Scaggs' voice is in great shape for the time passed - he's still hitting the higher notes fearlessly and right on target. This was a good show in itself.

It only took about 10 minutes before the lights went out again and the curtain went up on Stevie's stage. The design and the colors were most fitting to her - definitely enchanted. Her brother was there giving the definition, and introducing her, and then she was ON. Her voice was great through the whole show, and she had her usual nervous stiff actions until into "Dreams". After "Enchanted", she went to the side stage to put on her golden shawl, and the intro strains of "Gold Dust Woman" started. This is one of my prime favorites of her songs, and she was ON for it all the way. I was seated in the 6th row of the 1st mezzanine, and I could hear the audience singing along with her, and I was, too. Her guitarist did very well accompanying her vocally for "Stop Dragging My Heart Around" (I was amused at her introduction of it as "an argument on stage"), but Tom Petty has a stronger voice.

After a brief pause, she came out surrounded by Sharon and Mindy, and started to tell how the next three songs came to be. She had barely started this explanation when she giggled, looked at Sharon and Mindy, and said, "They've never heard me talk before," and continued with her talk. Until her boxed set, I had not been familiar with any of these three songs, but "After The Glitter Fades" and "Garbo" have definitely grown on me. She said she wrote "Rose Garden" at age 17, and it shows her budding - no, blaring talent already showing at such a young age. "Sleeping Angel" has also become a favorite, and she sang it beautifully.

Stevie kept her motions a bit simple. She did her famous twirl during "Gold Dust Woman", but didn't much repeat it after that. Mostly, she walked or dance-stepped around in a circle from her microphone, with her hands doing rhythms; she looked like she was a frustrated drummer, and her inclination to do that also showed during the FM concerts. During the audience sing-alongs, she did not conduct at all, but her smiling expression showed she was aware of us joining her, and fully accepting.

The band intro of "Stand Back" started and she rocked with it. Unfortunately, my audience section did not, and that was most frustrating for me, as I had danced with the whole of Madison Square Garden during "Stand Back" at the FM concert. A friend who was downstairs said most of the orchestra was up - I could only see the first six rows - and he thought the second mezzanine was mostly up for it. Anyway, I had to rock with her in my seat and she did cut loose, with two kicks at the end.

The next audience sing-along was "Rhiannon", and this is another love of mine. Stevie floated with it. I could see more now how much this song, and its story, fits her.

The band played into a rocking intro to "Whole Lot of Trouble", and that one is also growing on me. Stevie then took a very short break, and came out with her guitarist, and said that she always dedicates this song, and then often finds out the person isn't there. This time she dedicated it to Doug, whom I gather is an Atlantic Records VIP, and she hoped he was there. This introduced the next audience sing-along, "Landslide." This is my second favorite of all time, ("Silver Spring" is the first) and I was singing along, too. From here, the band played twister music, and "Twisted" was on. That song grows more interesting at each hearing.

There was a percussion mini-concert next, led by Lenny Castro. I think he is fab-out- of-sight; I saw him first at FM, where he made the intro to "Tusk" unforgetable. Then, "Edge of Seventeen" began. Again, much to my frustration, the 1st mezzanine did not rock with her on their feet, so it was chair-rocking time again. This is a long time favorite both for the melody, the rock beat, and the fascinating words. It was soon the time of her audience hand-shaking, and I noticed her rings were off before she started, and she had a bodyguard with her. One of the first people she met gave her a flowered headband with white ribbons streaming down, and she took that and put it on. People gave her flowers and stuffed animals; as she went along, she had to drop most of these items; there were stage people picking them up. One person tried to send along a painting, but it didn't reach her before she moved on. There were two young girls sitting on men's shoulders; she acknowledged them, but did not invite any of them up to the stage; maybe she didn't want to frighten another child. Then that was over, and she finished "Edge of Seventeen", and at the end of this, THEN the 1st mezzanine finally got up and cheered her. Oh, well.

A very short break, and then she came out and did "I Need to Know", and then went to the side stage, and came out with a beautiful white lace long shawl to do "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You". That song is now "up there" on my list, and she sang it beautifully. Near the end, the music paused, and she talked generally about the men in her life, quite touching I thought. Then she stood with the band, and waved her way offstage.

Her costuming was great - the old favorites in shawls plus a couple of new ones from a black dress foundation. Her hair was flowing long - it is to her waist and maybe a pinch longer now. She looked good - I didn't see any dark eye circles through my binoculars. During the concert, she almost forgot to go to the side stage and change a couple of times. She said that being inside instead of doing an outside show felt different and good, "very theatrical". She also said New York "makes me strong." She spoke in wonderment about how warm and welcoming to her the fans of the East Coast are, a gal from the Southwest.

I noticed an atmospheric vibe from her, comparing her to being with FM versus alone with her band. Solo, she obviously feels much freer to talk, to make mistakes, and take on-the-spot liberties with her songs - like she did with "Rhiannon", "Landslide" and "Edge of Seventeen". Yet the deep family-sibling closeness and settling that is felt when she is with FM is not there when she is solo, in spite of her closeness with her band and singers. This shows how much a part of FM she is, emotionally as well as musically, and also the great talent that enables her to have such a successful solo career. This is one totally awesome woman.

from Mike
Hey guys, just finished seeing a trio of Stevie concerts that ended yesterday with her performance at Radio City. It was absolutely the best Stevie concert I have ever seen, and was 2 steps better than her shows at Jones Beach and the Garden State Arts center. "Outside the Rain," which was rather weak at the first 2 shows as Stevie avoided belting those high notes like she usually does, opened the show, and found Stevie nailing those notes and working the melody differently. The crowd roared as she laid into the song setting the pace for the entire show. One of the things that I always loved about seeing Stevie is the way she ad-libs her melodies live and adds words here and there in that emotional way that only she is capable of. During the Mac tour, it seemed as though she held back a bit. Well get psyched, she isn't holding back anymore. "Gold Dust" was classic Stevie. "Enchanted" was tight as Stevie again belted those awesome "Whoa whoa whoa I hope you make its." "Gold and Braid" rocked and had much better energy than the previous 2 shows.

The acoustic set was simply stunning and magical. It was a reminder of the the Stevie I fell in love with as a child. She has turned "Rose Garden," a rather average track off of Street Angel, into a beautiful country pop ballad with a new piano solo and a more interesting melody on the "in my life there's been a big change" line. She also adds a few lines in that whispery soft tone of hers that is so heartfelt at the end of the song. I really think she should re-record that one for her next album. It would be a shame not to have a studio take of this version. During "Garbo" Stevie swayed seductively and nailed her high notes. "Sleeping Angel" was magnificent as her voice pierced through the hall like the spell of a sorceress. As always, "Stand Back" rocked the house, and much to my surprise, Stevie strayed away from the recent years lazier vocal of the song and was ripping into the opening verses like I have never heard her do before. I was getting pumped! "Rhiannon" was intense. "Whole Lotta Trouble" rocked hard as Stevie again came through with those rip roaring vocals that made her famous. "Edge of Seventeen" was absolutely the best I have ever seen perfomed by Stevie. She was extremely intense and laced into the vocal like I have never experienced with her live. It was reminiscent of the Rock A Little tour only her voice was much stronger. If I had to make a complaint about the show, Stevie could have danced a little bit more. I also REALLY miss the extended version of Rhiannon with her whole dance routine. I missed that at the Mac tour also. On the other hand, the set was the prettiest it has ever been, and the lighting was better than any other tour she has done. I also loved the clothes she wore, especially the red boots!!! It all worked together to give the very ethereal atmosphere that she is famous for. Best of all, Stevie was very relaxed, really enjoying herself, and it showed from the opening note to the closing. It is so nice to have her back!

from Nia
I got to the concert at Radio City Music Hall about a half hour early. My friend, my parents, and I just sat around for a while. Feeling really hyper, I went up to the security guard and asked her when they were letting people go to the stage. She got all snotty with me and said she didn't know, and apparently she thought I was a juvenile delinquent because she said, "And I'll be here if you try anything." So I asked about 3 security guards after her and they didn't know either and I went back to my seat. Son Bozz Scaggs came on; I'm not really familiar with his music and I mainly clapped because every song brought me closer to Stevie, but I did kind of like some of his stuff. Anyway, at 8:45, Bozz left and the house lights came up again. At this point I kept checking my backpack to make sure my letter and my dragon beanie baby that I had brought to put up onstage were okay. And then it happened. The lights went down and a guy (is that her brother?) came out and read the definition of "Enchanted". Then Stevie appeared at the side of the stage and everyone started screaming and standing up. They launched into a song which segued really well into "Dreams". They played a few more songs and then Stevie changed into what I think was the prettiest costume of the whole night: a long red, velvety-looking dress over her plain black one and it was gorgeous. (Oh, and did I mention that Stevie looked FABULOUS?) She had the little jewel on her forehead too, I could see it twinkle. Stevie talked a lot about her next three songs, her "Electric-acoustic-electric" Hollywood trilogy. I didn't hear everything she said because of the screaming maniac in back of me, but she sounded very excited and happy to be performing. (At one point, she even stopped and said, "Oh, wow, they've never heard me talk before!" in response to all the screaming) Which brings me to my next point. The music was incredible.

Stevie seemed happy and not tired at all, and it showed in the music (although there were, sadly, none of those famous high kicks....) The lighting was incredible, and I was very close to the speakers, so everything was so loud! The band was dancing with Stevie and the audience loved it all. During "Edge of Seventeen" Stevie went along the stage with a bodyguard and took presents from everyone. Apparently everyone but me knew the exact point when she'd being doing this, except me. (And to the crabby people next to me who wouldn't let me into the aisle so I could get to the stage: I hate you.) I got a really good view of Stevie when she came towards my side of the stage and stood next to the speakers (ouch). There was a little girl with a teddy bear that Stevie talked to, but she was just out of reach. So Stevie leaned out really far and shook the girl's hand, while the bodyguard looked really tense and put his arm around her waist.

Then Stevie went back to the mic and finished the song and said something about now being deaf because she spent a while next to the speakers. Then they played some more incredibly good music and the show was over. When the house lights came up and everyone was leaving, I was feeling really happy and wonderful, but a little sad that I didn't get to the stage. But my parents noticed people picking up little presents from the stage and bringing them to the backstage area. So I ran up there and talked with Mean Security Guard Woman and she let me toss my little letter and dragon onstage. So maybe no one'll ever get it, but there's always Ginny the fanmail lady, right? Anyway, I didn't even care that I almost fell asleep during finals the next day because I was riding such a high from the concert. To anyone who hasn't got tickets yet, or has missed a show in their area: Board a plane and get to one of Stevie's concerts as quickly as you possibly can.

from SnFmFan
What can I say? Stevie was GREAT. After all these years, she still "enchants" me and probably will continue for many years to come. She was just spectacular at Jones Beach Sunday night. I felt as though we were all Stevie's guests. This show was unique in a very special way. My personal highlight was during Edge of Seventeen, when I got an up close view of Stevie, right in front of the stage! I hated to see the concert end. It was a great night.
from Kathy
I don't know how Stevie does it, but she was even better at Radio City than she was at Jones Beach. Because the show was held inside, - she remarked that this was the first inside show of the tour - I got the impression that she was able to be more elaborate on the stage setup. She had drapes and scarves framing the stage. This affect really made a beautiful difference on how the stage looked. But besides that, she took control of the stage the moment she stepped out. She twirled and danced and used hand and arm gestures like never before. The energy of this show was remarkable. The crowd was going crazy. She told us that she feels great because she can finally do what she has always wanted to do - talk to her audience - and she did talk, it was great!! Her wardrobe was slightly different. A layer of her skirt had sparkles on it - very similar to The Dance Tour skirt, and during Whole Lotta Trouble she wore a silver sparkling coat as oppossed to the black velvet and lace coat at Jones Beach. Every note was in pitch and she was happy and as beautiful as ever. At the end of the concert she told the crowd how much she loves doing her concerts and for us to take care of ourselves so she can continue to give us concerts. I couldn't get up to the stage this time. I was about 15 rows back - but that's okay because I didn't think I'd be able to attend the concert at all and about 3PM that afternoon I found out I could go and ran to the box office and got the best tickets that were available at that time. I have front row center tickets to the Virginia concert on Wednesday. You'll be reading my review of that concert!! Oh by the way, I met the congo player for Santana (his name is Carlos) at my gig over the weekend (I'm a singer in a band). I had breakfast, lunch and dinner with him and he played with us on Saturday night. WOW, he is a great musician and a GREAT person. I was honored that he chose to play with us. As many of you know, Carlos Rios (one of Stevie's guitar players and her Road Manager) is Santana's son. What a small world!!
from Hupacasey
Walking down the street to Radio City, you could hear "Stop Draggin my Heart Around" being played from the speakers outside the theater, as the rain started to come down. The crowd in the lobby was huge, and was a mix of all ages. I saw many people there with their young daughters, and even a few dressed as miniature Stevies in black chiffon and top hat! The crowd seemed really psyched, I saw a lot of Dance tour shirts and some from the Street Angel tour. I was surprised to see a lot of guys, many more than I expected based on the Mac concert at MSG in November. We got to our seats, 20th row center orchestra, in time to see the end of Boz's set, which was really very good. The crowd seemed very appreciative. It only took ten minutes to set up Stevie's set, she came on about 9:05. You could see her standing on the side of the stage as Chris read her intro...the crowd was absolutely wild when she came out, looking incredibly beautiful. I can't even express the adoration this crowd had for her. Everyone was up on their feet for almost every song, and the screams and applause she got blew away the fans reactions at the FMac show I saw in Nov. Highlights... Enchanted was great, totally high energy. Gold Dust Woman was perfection, better than the video. The crowd was absolutely wild when she started spinning. When Stevie came back on stage to start her acoustic set, a pink spotlight followed her, then she twirled under it, there seemed to be glitter in the light. it was a beautiful effect that I have not yet seen anyone comment on, but watch for it, it's dazzling! The seque into Sleeping Angel was beautifully done, and she sang this song so well, it really brought tears to my eyes as it is one of my favorites. Stand Back - well, I was at the concert with my husband who tolerates my obsession with Stevie, but this song got him on his feet! This song has been seen in so many live versions, but I swear, this was by far the best I have ever seen - she really danced around, even dancing forehead to forehead with Carlos.

Throughout the night she would go over to the side of the stage and take off one shawl or overdress and put on another, which I had a good view of. She looks so much thinner when you see her without all her layers and shawls, she really looks great! The audience totally sceamed throughout Landslide, one girl was screaming 'I love you", I think Stevie was overwhelmed by the response. Edge of 17 - the security was pretty tight but some people did get down... she got a wreath of flowers which she wore on her head for the rest of the song, this with her lovely grey silk dress made her look like a medieval princess... she took a long time shaking hands, contrary to other reviews i've seen she did take many gifts but dropped them on the stage as she went along and stage hands picked them up. There were some little girls in the front dressed like Stevie, they were so cute. Someone had a white top hat for her which she did not take, also I saw some people with huge paintings that did not reach her. Around this time something happened down at the front, I don't know what but security was rushing around and at the end of the show they brought a wheelchair down, hopefully no one got really hurt. The end of the night, "Has anyone..." was so great, she sang it even better than on Letterman... she said, they were poets, etc. "but they were real legends!". Before that she said "when they ask her about the men in her life, and they ARE asking her these days!" - with a little giggle. She seemed so happy, in between songs she would say "be right back!" and scamper off like a girl. The night was so magical, and the love all the fans had for her was tangible. To all that have yet to see her, it is an unforgettable experience. Even my husband was totally blown away by how great she was. Her voice was so strong and clear, every song was perfect. I had a lump in my throat the whole night, I was so moved by her. Truly enchanting!

from Dorothy
This was my third concert for the Enchanted Tour. Stevie continues to delight her fans with an inspired performance which includes her thoughtful reflections, haunting vocals and enthusiastic dancing. Her level of commitment to the songs in this set is intense. She clearly loves what she is doing and is enjoying herself fully. It is a pleasure to see her so relaxed, happy and confident. A highlight for me was actually seeing Stevie perform at Radio City Music Hall. That place is so elegant and has a magic all its own. I've wanted this experience since hearing a tape of Stevie's performance there during the Wild Heart Tour. The energy she gets just from being in New York is tangible. It's intriguing me the way Stevie speaks about her songs in human terms. "She thanks you, the Gold Dust Woman" "That's Rhiannon 1998; she just rolls with the punches." Stevie's brother Christopher was in the lobby after the concert. I spoke with him about how great the concerts have been - sort of comparing them. I recalled how at the Boston show the fans had rushed the stage at "Stand Back" and he commented to the effect yes and wasn't it great how the fans there finished singing "Landslide". The way his face really brightened with this reference made me realize how much attention is paid to how audiences react and the little nuances that make each live show so unique. I'm looking forward to seeing more concerts toward the end of the tour. It will be interesting to see how everything evolves over time. My thanks to Stevie and her crackerjack band for another memorable evening. It was well worth the four hour drive home at midnight so as not to miss the last day of school with my class. "Well it had to do with a dream come true..."
from mbabe
From the moment I walked into Radio City Music Hall, I knew this concert would be magnificent. The energy from the crowd was like one of Stevie's imfamous chiffon dresses. I could feel everyone preparing for what would be, for many like me, the most magical nights of our lives.

I went to the concert with my 13 year old brother and my friend Julie. My mom got the tickets for me as a graduation present. Stevie was so wonderful, I remember more about the concert than about my high school graduation the evening before. As everyone already pretty much said, Stevie was great, terrific, enchanting. She drew each and every audience member into her world of fairy tails and enchantment. After the concert was over, the three of us went outside to see if we could catch a glimpse of Stevie exiting throught the stage door. See, my brother, John, had a rose which he had bought for her, and I had a letter and a song I had written (with Stevie's influence, of course). After about an hour, her band members and back-up singers came out. Some of them (like Frank Simes) talked to the crowd a little. Then (finally) Stevie came out. She was flanked on either side by a total of about 8 security guys. We got to see the back of her head. Then we tried to get through the croud to see her get on the bus (and to give her the rose with the note). But, since we had been at the front of the group, trying to get to the back (and around the trucks and into the street) was neerly impossible. We got there just in time to see the buss doors closing. My brother was pretty disappointed, but I was just happy we got to see her (even the back of her head from 20 feet away)!

I would definitely go see Stevie again (without a doubt)! She is totally awesome!! I recommend that everyone try to see Stevie at one time (at least) during your lifetime. Its an experience you'll never forget!

Thank you Stevie for giving everyone who's seen you or even just listened to you, a little piece of heaven.

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