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June 2, 1998: Blossom - Cleveland, OH

from Anonymous
Words cannot express the shoe that i saw last night. Stevie Nicks was incredible. hours before the show started we were under tornado warnings and everything. It looked like there wasn't going to be a show (the stage is outside). But the Gods must of liked us because all of the bad weather left. When she came out in her typical Stevie outfits, she looked smashing!! She even mentioned that there were no tornado warnings so we could have a good time. She sang all of the great old songs and did an awesome acoustic set. i never liked the song Twisted until she sang it last night. She is the best and i hope she keeps rockin for another 50 years. If you don't have tickets, RUN to get them. it's worth every penny!! Rock on Gold Dust Woman!!!!
from mikeymikeyMIKE
Hi Stevie fans !
.....It is hard to believe that a great thing can get better....but that is exactly what happened at Blossom Music Center last night.....I attended the show last Friday at Pine Knob in Detroit and last night in Cleveland at Blossom and the Ohio audience went over the top to make Stevie and band mates feel welcomed and loved. This is the third time that I have seen Stevie play this venue and it was far and away the best concert she has ever performed there. The pavillion was packed...the hillside was full and the evening was beautiful. At one point Stevie commented that she was very grateful there were no " tornado " warnings as it was exceptionally windy....but that only added to the magic of the evening. The set was played in the exact same order as the show at Pine Knob but the band was totally energized by the audience adoration. When Stevie took the stage the entire pavillion was on it's feet and the roar of the crowd thundered with the gunfire of applause. The crowd remained standing the entire show with the exception of the acoustic set. When the band launched into " Stand Back " everyone was on their feet again and remained there till the end. Staff allowed fans to approach the stage and everyone was orderly and respectful considering the excitement level. One of the best highlights was " Landslide ". I think Stevie herself was amazed! The entire crowd sang with her on this song......at one point she acted like a choir director....it was so loud and sooo beautiful....their was a feeling of holiness. Stevie looked radiant.....you just have to see for yourself. Fans waiting for the up-coming shows.....get ready.....you are in for an " Enchanted " evening.....! Boz Scaggs is a perfect choice for opening the shows. His set totally sets the mood for the evening...and it's great to see and hear him perform live again.
Have a great Summer !
from Ben Dieterich
I have been a fan of Stevie Nicks since I was 12 years old and have made an effort to see every local concert by Fleetwood Mac and Stevie over the past 16 years. Last night at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, (my hometown), Stevie finally did what I had always hoped she would do. She put on a perfect concert.

It was incredible to see the stage I read about in earlier reviews in person. For clarification, someone reported that the backdrop was a “big spider web”, when in actuality it was the top of a massive French style stained glass window. The window was back lit and changed colors constantly during the show. During “Twisted”, there were flashes of lightning and rain behind the window which created an amazing effect. The layers of draperies hanging from the light rigs were beautiful. It was the classiest stage ever for Stevie.

Stevie looked and sounded phenomenal. There were a few songs where she sang the verses out of order, but she put her left hand up to her left temple and twirled her finger, letting us know that she was a little mixed up, but still singing her heart out. Her voice was the clearest and strongest I’ve heard in concert. The set was a refreshing mix of old classics, rarely heard songs and newer material. She did that great tune from her first live video, (...don’t hide behind your hair...), and “Twisted” was an exciting version, much better than the movie soundtrack.

Her “acoustic” set was a little too loud and heavy on guitar and percussion, (not truly acoustic), but thrilling just the same. I always thought she could do an entire acoustical concert someday with just a piano and guitar, and last night I got a sample of what that might be like.

“Landslide” was just as beautiful as ever. The entire audience sang along with Stevie, and I noticed alot of tears flowing by the end of the song. We’ve all been down so many different paths, and are all getting older too, aren’t we? I couldn’t help but think what a timeless song she was singing. The audience was on their feet and dancing almost the entire evening, and the roars between some songs were deafening.

Stevie seemed to be taking in every moment of applause and appreciation for her music. She kept thanking us for still being there, still listening to her, etc. I have heard rumors that her eyesight is poor, but with my binoculars, I could see that she was looking all around the pavilion and across the sea of fans and appeared to be seeing everyone in the crowd. She thankfully gave up her routine of changing shawls after every song, and limited her costume changes to 3 or 4. Her hair was silky and straight and more beautiful than ever. I did not notice any color streaks or the jewel on her forehead as mentioned in prior reviews. Her jewelry was simple and very elegant, no more rings on every finger.

I convinced my friend Kathy to help me get closer to the stage about 2/3rds through the concert. We managed to side step several security people and get to the first section of seating. Then we saw an opening and bolted for the aisle and up towards the stage. Just then a security guy jumped up, but amazingly he pushed us through and forward and said “hurry up and get in there”. Suddenly we were standing at the stage with Stevie just feet away! She did her traditional “Edge of Seventeen” walk across the stage, but I missed a handshake by inches. Watch for the special lighting effects on her big “scream” during “Seventeen”.

She ended the evening with “Has Anyone Ever Written...”. She sang with such sincerity and honesty in her voice and her appearance, that I finally felt an intense connection with her. Stevie’s music has always affected me in so many ways, but last night, after so many years of just watching her, I suddenly felt a part of the whole great play that has been changing and unfolding all these years.

You are going to love this tour and concert. I will be looking forward to reading more reviews as the summer progresses. Peace to everyone.

from Jan, Roy & Lisa
It was a beautiful night for this concert. It was at Blossom Music Center, an outdoor theatre on a hillside in the woods, with a perfect moon to go with the mood of the night. Boz Scaggs was good and did a great opening! What can we say about Stevie? The woman ROCKED THE HOUSE! She was in top form and very touching in her words to the audience. We've read the reviews from others concerts so we won't redo the clothes and set list as they were the same. Her brother, Chris, opened with the reading of the meaning of "Enchanted" - a very nice touch. We did have the pleasure of meeting one of Stevie's keyboard tech's at the souvenier stand where he was showing someone his picture in the back of the program so we asked him to autograph our copies of our programs. We thank Michael for his time and wish the girl he was with a Happy Birthday today and to him next week! We liked to thank him for taking the time to talk with us. It made for an extra special evening. We thank Stevie for having Cleveland on her schedule and giving to us a wonderful evening. We've seen her many times in concert and she has never failed to "Enchant us". Thanks Stevie! Also Lisa would like to add that Stevie is her Idol!
from Angela Overbaugh
I have to say that this show was definitely Stevie at her best. Her set and lighting were excellent, totally blowing away "The Dance". The song set was the same as in the previous shows, I have to say my personal favorites were "Sleeping Angel", Rose Garden, and of course Rhiannon. Stevie's dancing in "Stand Back" was killer! You would have thought she was a twenty year old up there! Another highlight was Stevie sharing how she wrote "Garbo". She said after the whole awful incident of posing for her "Buckingham/Nicks" album cover, she went home cried, and wrote the song. The show is excellent, and one of the best things about it was how personal Stevie made it with her sharing of herself. I wish I could see it again!!
from Chris Markiewicz
The streets of Heaven are paved with Gold Dust!

Any doubts as to whether Stevie Nicks still had what it takes to remain the Queen of Rock and Roll were laid to rest Tuesday night, as she "Enchanted" a near-capacity crowd at Cleveland's Blossom Music Center.

Nicks sung, twirled, and danced her way through a 100-minute set of selections from her CD Box Set, entitled "Enchanted". The 50-year old singer looked happy and healthy...and her voice was in fine form. From the opening "Outside The Rain/Dreams" medley, to her closing "Edge Of Seventeen", Stevie ruled her enthusiastic audience like a mature Gueneviere, one moment the shy princess, the next moment the firey warrior maiden, the next the wise Ancient Queen.

The crowd loved it all, even the acoustic set which featured some of Stevie's less well-known songs, like "Garbo" and "Rose Garden" But clearly the favorites were "Dreams", "Rhiannon" (complete with ballad-like beginning), "Stand Back" and "Gold Dust Woman" . It gave this observer chills to hear 10.000 people (or however many were in attendance) singing every word to "Landslide" so loudly, it was hard to hear Stevie over the audience!

Her encore consisted of 'I Need To Know" and the beautiful "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You". Some in the audience, even guys(!!!) were crying by this point.

While it is clear she has toned down her show somewhat from the Bella Donna and Wild Heart days, it is also clear that the lady can still rock!!! And equally clear that Stevie Nicks is back--with a vengeance!

from Anonymous
First, everything other fans have written after the previous concerts is all true. After a scary beginning to the evening--tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings--the storms passed and the night was windy and cool. Perfect Stevie weather. Blossum is a beautiful outdoor venue [Boz Scaggs commented that Blossum is the most beautiful outdoor venue in the US] and the people were great. Such a nice crowd.

I won't go into the set list because it was exactly as opening nights. No complaints here, though, she was flawless. The night was so intimate as she shared so many stories about her life and songs. And tears came to my eyes many times that night as the crowd joined Stevie in singing---I hink even she was taken aback at times-- it was so intense.

To all who will be seeing her this summer---it will be one of the best evenings you'll ever experience. I know it was for me!

from Bill
THe Enchanted tour was the six solo Stevie Nicks concert I have attended.I must say it was her best.Not just because of the EXCELLENT stage,lighting & sound but because Stevie really connected with the audience.I was in the 9th row/center(the best seats I have had in 20 YEARS of attending MAC/NICKS shows.The addition of songs to her usual live song list was the highlight for me(actually the whole acoustic thing was it) Garbo,Sleeping Angel Rose Garden & After the Glitter Fades could have been the whole show for me.I have never heard her voice sound so clear and crisp!She hit ALL the high notes(hello 1970's)I must say even Stand Back a song that always rocks live was taken to a much higher level .She danced & danced and was so much enjoying every minute.Twisted was assuume! .Im glad I decided to fly to Cleveland to see the show and not have this tour be her first solo tour that I miss because of a hectic schedule at the end of June when she comes to my home town.This tour shouldnt be missed.
from Kara
My name is Kara and last night i experienced ny first concert ever and let me say it was what i expected and more.Stevie looked beautiful,she changed several times during the show. Boz went on at about 8:00 and played for aroud 45 minutes.I dont know many of his songs but he was good. At about9:15 Stevie's broher cme out and read the definition of Enchantedfor us.Then stevie came out with flowers and gave them to someone in the frnt row.She hd ona black dress and her boots were red i think bcause i was far away.

Stevie opened with Outside the Rain and then strait inti Dreams.She hanked everon fter Dreams.Then she sang Enchanted which I think was really good.Afterthis sog she said something to the effect that she was glad that there weren't dny tornadoes because there hadbeen a tornado watch for the area all day.The next song was Gold Dust Woman.Stevie had on her gold shawl like from The dance.Next was Gold and Braid,Ithought this song sounded great. One of herguarists sang Tom Pettys part on Stop Draggin' My Heart Around.He did a good job doin Tom Pretty's parts.For the acoustic section Stevie had on a red coat type thing on over her dress.The first song of the acoustic set was After the Glitter Fades,beautiful version.Then therewas Garbo folowed by Rose Garden which she told us she wrote whn she was 17 and then she said something like "Little did i know then what i was talking about."

After the acoustic set she played Sleeping Angel,this song was beautifly done.Stevie had left the stage for a quick change while the rest of the band started Stand Back.She came out with a black shawl onEveryone was up dancing during this song.It was done much like the version done on Leno,and a leg kick at the end.After thi song was Rhiannon which rockd the house.Next was the band intro. Whole lot of trouble was next,and was great.I couldn't tell if Stevie ha on a green or bluish shawl on now.Next was Landslide, it was ok but I like the version on The Dance better.

Stevie had now put on a coat like the one she hd on wn=hen she was on Leno but tis one was white.Lenny had a short soloduring this time.Stevie came back and did Edge of Seventeen.During the solo part Stevie went and shook hnds with the front row.A lot of people gave her flowers,but someone gave er this big gorrila hat was almost as big as she was.Oh cool lighting during this song.

For the encore she did Tom Petty's song I Need to Know.The final song of the evening was Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You.Stevie had on a white shawl/caot on during these two songs. Over all I hade a great time and I can't wait for another tour.

from Kim
Last night we saw Stevie Nicks in concert and she was definitely worth the seven hour trip we made from Kentucky! There is no need to go into the song set since everyone already knows what it is but Golden and Braid and Stand Back are personal favorites, especially done live. She looked beautiful, sang great and looked very happy to be there. This was the trip of a lifetime since we have waited forever to see her on a solo tour. We saw her twice on The Dance tour which we thought couldn't be topped, but she proved us wrong last night. We have tickets for Indianapolis on Saturday, 10th row center, the Manassas show and Nashville in July. Last night's show definitely proved that this lady still rocks. We can't wait until our show on Saturday. Out of all the concerts that we have attended, this was definitely our favorite!
from Gypsy a.k.a. Leather_And_Lace
Here is the Cleveland concert review from the Cleveland GYPSY. The concert was great! Stevie was beautiful and her vocals were powerful! She came out in a black layered and sequence dress. The first song was OUTSIDE THE RAIN and she went right into DREAMS. I always enjoy the smooth transition to DREAMS - it’s so cool! Then she talked to the audience and welcomed everyone. She thanked everyone for coming to see her at Blossom Music Center with such bad weather coming. We had tornado warnings all day. That didn’t stop the people with lawn tickets; they were ready for anything. Stevie made it clear that she really appreciated our effort to come that night. Then she told the audience how she loved doing the box set CD ENCHANTED - this gave her an opportunity to sing all of her favorites. The music started as she walked off stage for the famous yellow shawl for GOLD DUST WOMAN. I looked around and saw that everyone was standing for the first three songs. Cleveland was rockin’ with Stevie with or without a tornado warning. During GOLD DUST WOMAN, the crowd cheered as she twirled during the guitar solo part - we love that! After this song, she took off her gold shawl and began GOLD AND BRAID. The crowd mellowed a little and people sat to listen and watch Stevie. At the end of this song, Stevie commented on how it was never released in 1982.

The music then began for STOP DRAGGIN MY HEART AROUND. People stood up and cheered. The song sounded great - better than the record. The male vocals (I think by Frank ?) were excellent, too! After this song, she thanked the audience and walked off stage. The stage crew set up tall bar stools across the front of the stage in a line - just like at the Fleetwood Mac concert. Stevie walked out with a beautiful maroon velvet dress. It had a cream-colored flower pattern throughout the material and sequence on the bottom half. She announced that this was the acoustic set As she started talking about the song, she mentioned Hollywood and the crowd cheered - they knew what was coming next by her explanation. She started into AFTER THE GLITTER FADES. The people in the front center section lit their lighters. Stevie saw this and smiled at them. The next song was GARBO. She told us how it was about movie stars that do stuff they shouldn’t have done. The crowd mellowed and listened. After the song, she introduced the next song as ...”One I wrote when I was 17 (a little cheer from the crowd). Who’d know that it would be so true.” This was ROSE GARDEN. Then SLEEPING ANGEL. She went for another costume change...as the band started STANDBACK...Stevie appeared on the stage dancing across it as though she was really enjoying this concert. The crowd loved that! She had on a gorgeous black shawl. It was the sheer material covered with gold circles and gold fringe. The black dress had a layered bottom half. You can tell she loves this song. (I know from my experiences that this is a fun one to do on the stage). At the end of STANDBACK, Stevie gave a big karate kick with her left leg (on the last beat of the song). What a powerful ending! She, again, thanked the crowd. I, personally, love it when she thanks the crowd - it shows her class and style.

Next, the piano started playing RHIANNON. The crowd sang along. Then, the whole band took over and rocked the house with the ever-so-powerful RHIANNON. I looked away for one minute to buy a drink and Stevie changed costumes. Now, she was wearing a blue denim-colored lace-patterned shawl. It had sparkles all over as the light shined on it. This was one of my favorites! What style! As Stevie danced and turned on stage, the crowd went wild. This RHIANNON version was longer than the record, but not the long concert version she used to do. The crowd went wild at the end of RHIANNON; then Stevie introduced the band. I counted ten people on stage. As she introduced her backup singers, Mindy and Sharon, she told the crowd how she didn’t want to sing alone (I’d sing with Stevie at anytime, ha, ha! That would be great!) The next song was WHOLE LOTTA TROUBLE. From what I could tell, Stevie gave a look to her drummer and bass player as if there was an error at the end. But the band covered it up, well. Then, LANDSLIDE. The crowd once again went wild. The crowd finished the la la la’s at the end of the first verse as Stevie smiled. Stevie walked off stage as the band made thunderstorm sounds. I was expecting to hear Talk to Me, but they played TWISTED. When Stevie walked off stage this time, the percussionist started a bongo solo. The drummer joined in. These guys were great!

Then, the guitar started. “It’s White-winged dove” - I heard from many people yelling in excitement. (No one ever gets the title right! Ha, ha!) No, it was EDGE OF SEVENTEEN. Then I looked and Stevie was walking up the ramp towards stage with two security guards (one on each side of her to protect her). She was back and as she approached the stage the Blossom Music Center crowd made their own thunder sounds. She had on a Cream shawl w/sequence shining in the light. Under it was a Tan dress with sequence on the lower half. Sharon shared Stevie’s microphone as she sang the echo part on the last verse of EDGE OF SEVENTEEN. Sharon looked good as usual, but sounded better and stronger than I’ve ever heard her before. The people in the crowd started handing Stevie stuff as she walked from one side on the stage to the other shaking hands and thanking people for coming. Classy lady! I couldn’t get close enough to shake Stevie’s hand. I did get to shake her hand at a previous concert some years ago. While trying to ‘inch’ past the guards, I saw someone give Stevie a large painting. How nice! I wonder how it looked close up. From a distance, it looked like the front of her Bella Donna albumn. But, I don’t know what it was for sure. While I was conversing with the security guards, Stevie changed into a long gold coat of silky material covered with sparkles. At the end of this song, she thanked the crowd and said, “Of course you know these are the moments that I care about.” (How sweet!) All of the band members lined up on stage and took a bow. Off stage, Stevie changed into a long black coat covered with sequence. The whole pavilion was lit up by all of the lighters. For her encore, she did I NEED TO KNOW then stepped off to the side of the stage where Sharon put on a beautiful white-laced shawl. This one was my favorite! The piano started YOUR SONG. After, the band lined up and took a bow. She walked off stage as the crowd roared for more. Then the lights came on. Wow! What a concert! Well, I hope you enjoyed my review of the Stevie Nicks concert on June 2 at Blossom Music Center. Have a great time if you’re going to see the ENCHANTED concert. If not, you better get tickets so you don’t miss this one - Stevie and the gang are HOT, HOT, HOT!!! God bless!

from Anonymous
My older brother was on the vurge of missing his first Stevie Show in 20 Years. No fear - I helped him get 800 miles to Cleveland. I have to admit, my concern as to how much I would enjoy the show (other than the classic Mac tunes I new she would do), but you know what - that girl can Rock. Her voice sounded clean and new, her band was great and seemed to enjoy every minute of the show themselves. Earlier that day we vistited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and she does belong there!
from Anonymous
This is about the 6th. time I have seen stevie in concert and this was her best show :) We were all at blossom music center in cuyhoga falls Ohio..It was raining before we left and they were saying something about tornados glad they did not happen did not want to miss the show at all :) me and my neice went we were sitting seprate cause at the time of buying the tickets they were the closest we could get I had 10th. row and my neice sara had 14th. row..but it gets better the security person was really nice we asked her if we could go see our friends who had 5th. row and she said we could well noone claimed the 4th. row so we stayed had a blast..and we were the one with the BIG monkey and the peguin my neice put a note on it hoping she will get a reply..this is my neices 2nd. time seeing stevie and she loves her music :)and I have been listeing to her music for about 15yrs. now and and will always play it :) we both had tears in our eyes when she started to sing landslide and Rhiannon ...stevies music means so much to us it has so much meaning especialy nightbird and Gold Dust woman.. Stevie will always rock on and as long as she is still singing and touring we will be there to see stevie the ancient queen :)
from The Wild Heart
At last,I have sat down to review the Ohio shows! I call this my "Ohio odessy",the trip itself was a nightmare.I won't bore you with details,but EVERYTHING that could go wrong did! That all fades from memory,however,because both shows were AWESOME! I had considered not going to Cleveland,because of the long drive(5 hours),lack of funds and I was taking my chances on getting a good seat(I didn't have a ticket) I was VERY glad I did,however,because I got 11th row center. I sat next to Anastasia,who was reviewing the show for The Plain Dealer.She had 2 tickets,one of which she turned back in,thus my good fortune in getting 11th row.On to the show..I must say that I enjoyed myself much more than in Chicago,because I was MILES closer to the stage,and the sound was much better. I observed some of the details of the stage that I had missed before,such as the garlands of flowers holding back the curtains,and also outlining the fan back drop.I really got into the show much more this night and was able to really enjoy songs like"Enchanted" and "Gold and Braid",because I could really HEAR them,unlike in Chicago. As someone mentioned earlier,Stevie momentarily flubbed a line in "Dreams",and made a little circling motion by her head as if to say"crazy". It was ADORABLE! Something that is really cool on this tour is that Stevie is kind of "ad libbing" on lots of the songs.She's famous for changing the words in live performance,but this time out,she's doing it a lot,and different stuff each night...I love that.There's no way I could remember all of it,only a few here and there,but it was very cool.I very much enjoyed the "accoustic electric- electric accoustic" set on this night. I said in an earlier review,that I wasn't looking forward to this part of the show,but have been TOTALLY enthralled by it EVERY night! (sometimes even I underestimate my love of her music!) She really enjoys this part of the show,and has not failed every night I've seen her to tell us about it! I also noticed a lot more on "Twisted". I said in the Chicago review that this was a favorite of mine in the show(which is still true) Tonight,however,I noticed the"storm" affects:wind,thunder,lightning.It was VERY well done. I must say again how much I LOVE this version of the song! It is way better than previous versions. Stevie said early in the show that she was grateful there were no tornadoes,but she and the band made one of their own with "Twisted"! I wasn't able to get down front,due to the Neo-Nazi staff at Blossom,but I didn't mind because I knew I would in one or both of the upcoming shows.(I did,by the way!)

I'm having a little difficulty finishing this,because i've still got 2 more to write,and I'm trying to distinguish this show from the others! Just me say that the show was wonderful and well worth all I had to endure to see it! I've been following Stevie for 15 years,and I never fail to be blown away by her. This tour is the best thing in years and I'm glad I have been a part of it.

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