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June 29, 1998: Oak Mountain - Birmingham, AL

Timothy Dobson - Fort Payne, Alabama
Totally enjoyed the concert in Birmingham. The night was perfect. It was warm and the sky was clear. Boz did a great show and he got started before dark. It was great to see him back in the circuit again. Then Stevie hit the stage and the crowd went wild.

I work for the country music group Alabama so I studied all the sound equiptment and Lighting gear. It was awsome.... The sound was perfect...Located about 75 yards from the stage, the sound was so clear and powerful. Stevie was in great form. She even talked about Birmingham and her prior days before Fleetwood Mac on how her and Linsey almost made a move to Birmingham and instead joined Fleetwood Mac. From what I could see (people standing up in the isles) the acoustic set was great. Stevie mentioned that these were songs that she picked out and wanted to do. If any of her other shows was like Birmingham...they were a treat....

from Jamie Cole
Birmingham LOVES Stevie. And she loves us back.

I've seen Stevie on several tours and never has she been more vibrant, more open, more personable. The set list here in Birmingham was a little different: "Whole Lotta Trouble" was earlier in the show and there was no "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around," for some reason.

But Stevie did take a few minutes before her Hollywood acoustic trilogy to tell a story about herself and a certain guitar player coming to Alabama in 1973.

"We were starving in L.A.," she said, "and then we come here to play for 5,000 people."

The freak success of the Buckingham Nicks album in Alabama gave our favorite duo a choice, she said. "I told Lindsey, 'We can move to Birmingham, and branch out from the South, or we can join Fleetwood Mac.'"

The crowd roared its approval for the former, but Stevie explained why she and Lindsey went for the latter. "Fleetwood Mac gave us money," she said.

The biggest spontaneous cheers of the night came every time she mentioned the Buckingham Nicks album, including a brief explanation of the song "Garbo," which she revealed was written on the day she and Lindsey shot the infamous nude cover. "I wasn't sure I wanted to do that," she said, "but I thought about how a lot of the girls probably did things they didn't want to do."

Many in the crowd hoped we'd hear a little something from the album, but Stevie stuck to her solo and Mac set.

The biggest ovation came for "Landslide," which Stevie dedicated to the graduating class at Huntsville High School and to a student that wasn't allowed to perform the song for the class since church leaders had labeled Stevie a "witch."

"Can we take a minute to talk about the uproar over my song?" she said. "If ever I wrote an angelic song, it's 'Landslide.' Emilie, I would have come to sing it for you myself if I hadn't had a show."

The venue at Oak Mountain State Park was packed, from front row to lawn. I'd estimate 12,000 or so fans turned out on what Stevie called a "hot, hot Southern night in your town. Thank you for giving this to me."

Thank you, as well, Stevie!

from Kae
Hello Enchanted.....just a few thoughts on the Birmingham, AL concert. Stevie was truly magnificent!!!!! She really is so beautiful....even more so in person. I was fortunate to have seats near the front, so I had a perfect view of Stevie and the stage. She performed the usual song set, except she omitted Gold & Braid and Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. She didn't twirl and dance very much, but she was quite interactive with the crowd. I was glad that the audience was very into Stevie and stood for every song except for the acoustic trilogy. The security guards let us rush the stage during Rhiannon and it was great being so close to Stevie for the rest of the concert. She accepted gifts and shook hands during Edge of 17. I was so thrilled that she shook my hand and smiled at me!!!! It was truly a magickal evening!!! Thank you Stevie for enchanting us.....once again.....
from Kristal
Hello again everyone! It is 9:30 a.m. and I just made it back from class so I thought I would share my experience from the concert at Oak Mt. in Birmingham. I left Auburn yesterday at around 4:30 and made it to the venue around 6:30. My friends Kesia, Angela, and D.L. were coming from back home to meet me but they had to stop and eat so I knew it would probably be a little while before they got there. As it started to approach 7:45 I began to worry about my friends but they called me on my cell phone to tell me it would be a little bit longer before they arrived. So, I told them that I was going to go on in and find our seats because there was no way I was going to miss any of Boz's show. So I went on in and talked to a few Stevie fans and I bought a rose from this vendor so I could give to Stevie if I made it to the stage. There definitely wasn't as many "die hard" Stevie fans at this concert as I had encountered in Atlanta but there were a few. So I made my way to our seats (section A row 18). We were in the center so I was very happy. Boz got started at 8:00 and after his first two songs I immediately had to go to the lady's room.

Meanwhile there was no sign of my friends. Upon returning, I saw that my friends had finally made it. During a break between songs, I stopped this girl with a security shirt on and asked her if they were going to let us go to the stage at the beginning of edge of 17 and she said that she wasn't sure but that we could probably make it down there from our seats. Then I had to go with Kesia to get her a drink but while we were waiting, I heard Boz begin his last song and I had to scurry back to my seat. I did notice that there were some seats that weren't filled that were about 5th row dead center, so when Chris came out and read the definition of Enchanted and Stevie started Outside the Rain, D.L and I decided to go for those vacant seats. We made it and it was just so awesome to be that close. Then after a while, Kesia came down to where we were and D.L. went back up there with Angela. I don't know what was going on because my eyes were locked on Stevie. Everyone stood for the entire time except during the acoustic set which was just beautiful I might add. It didn't seem like many of the people there knew these songs as well but Kesia and I were singing our hearts out. Stevie and the band definitely noticed us because we were singing right along. Stevie was very talkative as in the Atlanta concert but I wanted to tell you that she talked a little bit more about when she had came to Birmingham when her and Lindsey were first getting started as BN and got a very warm response here at Oak Mt.

During a break between one of the songs, I talked to this nice security guard who told me that we would be able to go to the stage. O.K. well at the very end of Stand Back people started the rush so I stormed to the stage as quickly as possible. I got right up against the stage. I was a little to the left of center right by a speaker. When Stevie made her way through the shake everyones hand some idiot threw a rose and hit her in the face. Imagine how scary that must have been. She had no idea what they had thrown until it had already hit her. Needless to say she shook it off and kept coming. These people next to me gave her a nice porcelain doll. When she got to me and held my hand, it was just a dream come true. I was spell bound as I thanked her and handed her the rose I had. When they exited the stage and then came back on for the encores, Frank twirled around with his guitar and almost hit Stevie. She just laughed and made this flinching face as if gee how many more times am I going to get hit. When she did Has Anyone Ever Written, everyone was chanting you have Stevie. It was beautiful. If you can get up front, try to because they really recognized and responded to my friends and I as we sang along. Don't miss this show! By the way, Angela and I will be attending the Nashville show on July 10 and we would really like to meet some of you, so look for the girls in the Nissan Altima with signs hanging in the windows. See you soon!!!!!!

from Ashly Webb
Stevie Nicks was wonderful!! I saw her in Birmingham Al. She looked so good and thin. I had goose bumps all night because her voice was just beautiful, so much better than on the tapes. I didn't want the night to end. She just seemed so mystical up there on stage twirling and she wore beautiful shawls over her dresses.
from Kim
I am not going to go too much into detail, as this is the third show of Stevie's that I've been to and posted reviews on. She did mix the song set up a little bit. She left out "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around", but she seems to get better each show. Due to the heat in Birmingham, she took a couple of breaks and didn't wear alot of her outfits that was listed earlier. While doing Landslide, she did address the "witch" issue and said that the song was the most spiritual song she had done and if she could've, she would've come to the graduation and sung it herself. She talked about how special Birmingham was to her because it was one of the cities that was receptive to Buckingham Nicks. We did however, make it to the stage again and again got to hold Stevie's hands and talk to her briefly, although we got stopped the first time by a security guard. Another security guard which was down in front of the stage, let us come to the stage and he let us take as many pictures as we wanted. Stevie was very enthusiastic in Stand Back and she talked a WHOLE lot tonight. Once again, this is the best concert that I've ever been to!!!
from David C - Florence, AL
With hot temperatures in Birmingham, AL on Monday, the concert went on with great performances by Boz Scaggs and Stevie Nicks being performed. Boz Scaggs electrified the audience with performances of old and new songs that he had done over the years. One song that got the audience really going is when Boz Scaggs made reference to coming to Muscle Shoals, AL in the early 70's when many hit song recordings wonders was being produce in the area and working with Greg Allman to produce a song that reflected back to the Sierra's were Boz was living. After completing his set, Boz came back out one more time which had the audience rocking in a wild frenzy.

As the set was changed out and the back drop curtains was being brought down that revealed Stevie's set, a sound of awl came from the audience with the brilliant colors of the set. Then when the band came out the audience rose to their feet waiting for the entrance of Stevie to the stage. When Stevie came on the stage, a rush of excitement went across the stage. Stevie was dressed in her black long dress, red lace up boots and during each set changed shaws. Stevie was very open in telling things related to her songs and she seemed more relaxed in her performances then other shows.

After a few songs, Stevie spoke to the audience about her Enchanted special three c.d. release and that she was going to perform three songs that had meaning in her life. In relation to this selection, Stevie mentioned that back in the early days Nicks and Buckingham that no one would listen to their songs in California. So Fleetwood Mac approached them to join his band and they decided to join to keep from starving. Two weeks later after joing Fleetwood Mac, Nicks and Buckingham came to Birmingham to do a concert and was greeted with 5,000 in attendance. Stevie was amazed with how many people had come out to see then since they were having no luck in California. When Stevie got ready to perform "Landslide", she made reference to the trouble that was brought about with the church in Huntsville. So as promised, Stevie dedicated the song to the graduating class of Huntsville H.S. and to Ms. McDowell.

At the end of the show, Stevie walked along the edge of the stage and shook hands with people that were gathered around the stage. Overall it was a great performance and it is worth seeing.

from Elizabeth
My husband and I got to the ampitheatre at 11:00pm the night before the event, just to see the big white trucks that carry the sound equipment. If you think that's sick, just remember that you are dealing with a 53 year old woman who spent the night on the parking lot at a local ticket outlet, during a mini tornado, just to get two row 13 tickets which we ultimately sold for face value because they were way, way too far back for an aging, devout, hard core, card carrying fan like me. We went on to spend the night before the event at the gnat-ridden State Park, so I could be there early in the morning to climb a rock strewn 90 degree bank just to get a glimpse through a jagged fence, probably electrified, of the band setting up. It was worth it, however, because while crawling down the 90 degree rock pile, I looked up and got a peek at Stevie's big old bus. I could smell the diesel fumes. It was wonderful!

The Row 1 ticket my husband provided me, as a token of esteem for 34 years of occasional wedded bliss was shamefully beyond my wildest hope. But, like so many special others/husbands, he inwardly knows that "Stevie Therapy" is by far cheaper than all the pills and shrinks my friends have delved in. It has worked for me since 1974.

The colors and sounds were wonderful. The added fact that I was the fortunate "old child" to whom Stevie gave the pink nose gay of roses left me absolutely drained! My beloved husband insists that they were meant for him - like hell! She did look right into my eyes and ask that I divide it with him. We gave it instead to a friend a few seats over who recently lost her husband. If you think, "wow, what an unselfish, giving, wonderful fan this is".......forget it. Stevie just affects me like that; makes me do strange, totally uncharacteristic positive things. Tell THAT to the Minister of Music in Huntsville.

Naturally, being on Row 1, I managed to plaster my body against the wall of the stage from the first few bars of "Rhiannon" until the very end of, "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You." Stevie looked as if she were 17 years old and radiant...just as she has always. The costumes were exquisite, but she would have been "all the same" if it had been a dirty chenille robe, hair rollers and worn out bunny slippers. She chose not to do "Gold and Braid" but no matter. I probably couldn't have taken the excitement. Let's face it. It hasn't been 48 hours, and I"m still hoarse from singing every song with Stevie, as loudly and abnoxiously as possible (a real treat for those close by.)

If you can go to this concert, and don't, you will regret it for ages to come. Rock On Ancient Queen, for I am one who will forever pale in your shadow.

from Jeannie L.G.
WOW! My dream that I have had since I was 11 years old finally came true last Monday night.I not only got to the stage in time to rest my arms on the stage I actually touched STEVIE as she walked by.I almost missed shaking her hand because I was the one who brought STEVIE the porcelain doll. I was trying to give it to her but she would not take it. The man that was walking alone with STEVIE finally took it from me and laid it on the stage.I guess it's kinda hard to shake peoples hands when you have a big doll in your hand.I then reachd up very quikly and shook her hand before she was out of my reach and then she smiled at me and went on. I was so very happy to have made it to the front of the stage. It was sooooooooo very hot and pushy down there.

When I had rushed to the stage during,( My favorite Song ) RHIANNON ,I noticed that I did'nt have the doll that I was going to give STEVIE. It was still in seventeenth roll with my Husband. I thought, man I wish I had that Porcelain Doll.I heard my name Jeannie, I turned around and my mouth dropped. It was my husband, he had brought the doll to me. I told him thank you and he went back to his seat. I thought that was so sweet of him to do even though I did'nt sit with him soon after STEVIE hit the stage. I could'nt see very good from seventeenth roll and I wanted to see STEVIES face up close,my husband understood that. IT is a good idea to keep moving up front. there is usally a vaccant seat somewhere. I found lots of empty seats that nobody had been sitting in all night. It was good that I kept moving closer because if I did'nt I would not of have gotten to the front of the stage.This girl behind me and this other girl, was pushing us so bad trying to get up to the stage where we were. The girl next to me said to Ms.PUSHY ,STOP PUSHING ME! and there was just about to be a fight.Suddenly a lady behind us said PLEASE, YALL DON'T FIGHT, I HAVE MY LITTLE GIRL WITH ME! Then STEVIE came back from changing her shawl.

Finally MS. PUSHY gave it up on us and I could like breath again.She then made her move on the Security Guard.She wanted him to move so she could get in his place. He kept telling her that he had to keep his back on the stage.He was not a very nice SG. he had gotton on to me for standing in places where I was'nt suppost to be. After she started rubbing herself all over him he then became a very nice and happy man.That was good for me because I had my camera with me and this was my chance to take some really cool pictures. I took a whole roll of film and the SG. did'nt seem to care at all. When I get my pictures developed I will try to send some in with my scanner.Being up front and having a zoom lens was a great place to take pictures.It will be nice to have pictures without hands and heads in the way.Although little Ms.PUSHY was moving her hips on the SG.which made me not to able to hold my camera steady.My pictures could be blurry.I hope not!STEVIE did put on a greaaaaaaaaat show! I did'nt really want to watch BOZ SCAGGS but his music was really great!I had a wonderful time seeing STEVIE again ,I hopes she comes back soon. OH ,and DON I will send some pictures to you soon! AND STEVIE THANK YOU FOR GIVING UP EVERYTHING ELSE TO DO YOUR MISIC!WE LOVE YOU. I was not really in to watching BOZ SCAGGS but his music was really good. I really did miss GOLD AND BRAID It's one of my favorites.

from Mike
The least that I can possibly say about my trip to Birmingham Monday was that it was excrutiatingly painful. The concert, however, made me forget about the trip. I was taking my girlfriend to her first concert ever, and this would be my first chance to see Stevie live. On this night, my girlfriend would have to play second fiddle to the goddess of rock. We left Dothan, AL (about 3 hours away) around 2:00, much later than I would like to have departed, but there were two other friends (only one of which was a die-hard Stevie fan) and arrangements had to be made. The trip up was slow and hot, and the traffic was horrible. We arrived in Birmingham around 5:00 and managed to find a very nice hotel directly across from the amphitheatre... perfect. Still, we decided to drive to the concert for the sake of pre-partying, unfortunately, there were not a lot of people in the partying mood, and there didn't seem to be a lot of avid Stevie fans at the show. Most of the people we encountered were parents bringing their children to show them a peice of musical history... a legend in the flesh. The heat was unbearable, so we had to consume a few adult beverages to maintain our sanity. We made constant trips to the concession stands in order to have a good stockpile when Stevie hit the stage. The wait was on.

I must say that we were all completely surprised with Bozz Scaggs. The crowd was really into his set, and I was more familiar with his material than I thought I would be. Everything was at a frenzy when he closed with "One More for the Road." The final traces of the sunset could be seen from our grass seats as Stevie walked across to center stage. The crowd went wild. I was in utter awe. From start to finish, I stood amazed at the presence on stage. Stevie's voice was perfect, and she looked incredible... better than I have ever seen her. As far as the show, I won't go into any detail... I'm still too shocked by the event to really describe it, but there was one magical moment that was pointed out to us before Stevie began. An older couple was sitting a little away from us. They had known each other for over 30 years, but they hadn't seen each other for 10 or more. They decided to reunite for the music they loved. They got back together to see Stevie Nicks. If that isn't proof that Stevie's music is magical, I don't know what is. On a side note, a very good friend of mine (and avid Stevie fan) passed away almost a year ago from cancer. We were supposed to attend the reunion show in Atlanta, but things didn't work out. "Edge of Seventeen" brought all of this back to me, and I was left standing on the hill gazing at Miss Nicks with tears in my eyes. In closing, thank you Stevie for that moment, and yes, someone has written something for me. All hail Stevie.

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