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June 3, 1998: Riverbend - Cincinnati, OH

from Barb
We were lucky enough to have second row seats but they were kinda towards the side of the stage (about even with the backup singers). I had a pair of small binoculars with me - cause you never know what the view is going to be like....started talking to the fella next to me during Boz Scaggs set (which was much better than I expected). This guy thought he saw Stevie backstage. We both had our binoculars trained backstage - sure enough, Stevie was sitting stage-left with big red curlers in her hair!!!! She was made up and had on a black dress or robe and had these curlers in her hair. She was just enjoying Boz's music, swaying back and forth......couldn't believe it!!!!

Stevie's set was great!!!! Towards the end when everyone rushes the stage after Edge of Seventeen, I made a beeline for the stage - a security guy would not let me past!!! I asked a different guard if I could go up for the encore - she said yes. I was standing right in front of the stage (my hands and program resting on the stage itself!!!) The backup singers were in front of me and Stevie was changing her shawl right there, just a couple of feet from me! So I watched the rest of the concert from this spot. Again I really enjoyed the show....(but not the two hour late night ride back to Columbus!!) I'm going to show the show in Columbus on friday (seats aren't as good though!)

from Anonymous
I started to write this as soon as i walked in from the show last night, but honestly I came in the house put in Sleeping Angel and cried for an hour. To date I have seen Stevie solo and with FM 34 times but last night touched me like never before. I have never seen Stevie looking or performing as wonderful as she did this night !!! I was so fortunate to have seats 3 rows from the stage center.. Per the reviews that have been posted thus far, her platforms were like burgendy red. The song set listed here on Nicks Fix is accurate. She sang each song better and with more emotion and enthusiam than I have ever seen or heard, not to mention how much she spoke to the audience!! During "Edge Of 17" while all of us are gathered at the edge of the stage I was finally able to give her my Top Hat draped in ribbon and lace that I have worn to every show for more years than I can remember and roses! I burst in tears AGAIN when she knelt down and said OH THANK YOU while holding both of my hands and letting me kiss her cheek and hand. A lady next to me with her small child recieved a towel and guitar pick from Carlos. This was a 100 % packed venue that was on its feet for the entire show !! At times you could not hear Stevie over the fans screaming, expecially myself. Before she took the stage I had walked out for a drink and ran into Chris walking towards the stage and got to shake his hand and have him sign the tour book. Am off to the Columbus show tomorrow, I Can't Wait !!! Ladies and gents, if you have the chance to attend this tour you will remember it always!!!!
from Eleni Hambrick
I have seen a goddess...and her name is Stevie Nicks!
from Braden
Well, I have been a Stevie fan for a surprising number of my 20 years, but this was the first show I have ever gotten to go to. Let me just say that it was well worth the wait. I actually flew out to Cincinatti just for the show (I live in Oklahoma) and managed to drag my best friend who is not really a fan along. After Stevie's performance, she is hooked. As everyone has said, it was a great treat seeing some of my favorite rarities along with the classics; I was praying for weeks that she would do "Gold & Braid" and "I Need to Know." It was the latter song that really made the night for me. With all the energy she put in to it, you might have thought it was the Bella Donna tour all over again. One more thing, she tore up the stage dancing to "Stand Back." Anyone else catch her shimmying with the guitarist? Just can't wait for the Dallas show.
from Becky
Hi. It is now the 7th. I went to see Stevie on the 3rd. I am 16 years old and I just really got into FM/ Stevie Nicks over last summer. I now have 6 FM cd's 1 Stevie Nicks cd. And an above average knowledge of them. With enough whining and pleading. My dad bought me tickets. I was 11 rows from the stage and that was good enough for me. When I was a child I thought that the most magical creature was an angel. But I have been corrected. the most magical creature is an angel. And her name is Stevie Nicks. That was the first concert I had ever been to. So that made it memorable to me. But for it to be Stevie.....that was really something. She seemed to float on the stage guided by something that was not to be understood or explained. She is truly woman beyond her time. I loved hearing her sing. I absolutely floated when she twirled and spun around in her eccentric yet appropriate wardrobe. I stood and sang along as she sang some of my favorites. And I stood in amazement as she sang songs I'd never heard before. I stood and watched as the man with the top hat surrendered his tradition to the goddess. It was truly moving. If there were one thing I would like to revisit in my short life, it would be that concert.
from The Wild Heart
Ahh..the second Ohio show,one that will go down in the history book as one of my favorite shows. As I've said in prevous reviews,I've been a fan of Stevie for 15 years.I've seen her 12 times live,but this has to be one of the best,if not THE best show I've ever seen her give! I was 5th row center(the best so far in this tour) and noticed even MORE detail about the stage,such as sponge painted canvas around the bottom of the risers and garlands of flowers outlining the top of the risers. There is also a pattern on the floor of the stage itself that I couldn't make out,kind of like a giant compass.(anyone remember the "rug" with Stevie's initials from the Whole Lotta Trouble tour?) THE SHOW...Stevie Rocked,I mean she ROCKED!!! Constantly smiling,dancing(the most energy I've seen in a LONG time)she was very happy to be there. I have to say right here and now that I heard her do one of the FUNNIEST things I've ever witnessed on this night.

At the end of the piano part of "Rhiannon",when she says "all your life you've never seen a woman taken by the sky"(longtime fans will remember that the original FM version was "taken by the wind"),she kind of got lost,saying "taken by the...what? wind,sky? you say don't go,she says i can't stay,not this time,you say don't leave" It was hysterical! I just LOVE when she does stuff like that! It was like"OK,I've messed this up,so i'm just gonna GO for it!" She was ad libbing for DAYS and it was GREAT! She was very animated on this night and talking even more than on previous nights. During the "accoustic-electric-electic-accoustic" set,she once again told us how much fun it was to do the old songs she hadn't done before,saying"I'll never have the chance to do this again,so I figured what the hell!" At the end of "Rose Garden", she said "please come home". After GDW,she said"I wasn't going to do any FM songs on this tour,but I said that and got a message back saying ARE YOU CRAZY? PUT THEM BACK IN!" She was just so FUNNY on this night! So many things to remember,so little space to put it down.

Skip ahead to "Edge of Seventeen". I usually don't enjoy this song live,not because I don't love it,'cause I certainly do.I guess because I know the show is almost over and I don't want it to be. Not so on this night,I was rocking! I wasn't sure if i would be able to get down front from the 5th row,but just before she made her trip across the stage,a couple of guys a row or two in front of me slipped out and went up front.The guard didn't say anything to them,so out I went! I got out of my row just as Stevie was slipping off her shawl(a sign that the trip across the stage is about to begin) I walked up to the end of the stage(I was the 1st one on the end) and she walked straight to me. I don't have to tell those of you who have been down front what an overwhelming sight it is to see Stevie walking toward you with a smlie on her face! I was so mesmerized by the sight of her that I nearly forgot to put my hands up to be touched! I put them up and she walked up to me and took both of my hands. At this point, I'm just about to DIE,and I'm trying to think of something to say while looking into those beautiful brown eyes. I can't say something like "OHMYGODIJUSTLOVEYOUSOMUCH!!!" (which is what I was thinking),so I said "thank you,thank you SO much" (which was a heartfelt thank you for this night and everything over the past 15 years) She said "you're welcome" She then let go of my left hand to touch a guy that had come up next to me,then let go of my right to move on. I stood there for a few seconds in pure awe,then returned to my seat.(not to sit down,of course,but to continue to ROCK!) The girl behind me asked if I touched her,and when I said yes she said "you BITCH!" It was very good natured,of course,we both cracked up! I was in Heaven,i had touched Stevie on 3 other occasions,but never spoken to her.And she spoke to ME!!! Truly a dream come true:::sigh::: At the end of the stage trip,she handed a bunch of flowers and stuff to Mindy,who had a look on her face like"what am I supposed to do with this stuff?"

I almost forgot,early in the song,Stevie's shawl slipped of her shoulders. She had this look like "Oops,oh well",and continued singing.(as soon as there a break in the lyric,she picked it up and wrapped it around her again,without pulling her hair out of it) Oh yeah!...another thing I forgot...while doing "Gold and Braid",during one of the "don't hide behind your hair"lines,she completely covered her face with her hair...it was so cool! This performance was one of the most loose,relaxed I've ever seen. During "Whole Lotta Trouble" she was doing this wail thing. I can't really describe it,but while the girls were singing the chorus,she was kind of hunkered down with the mike just WAILING for DAYS! She was very into the song. There are probably tons of other things that I'm forgetting,but this review is getting WAY too long,so I've got to stop. Incredible show,I'll never forget it.

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