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June 9, 1998: Starlake - Pittsburgh, PA

from Amy Inge
I just got back from THE GREATEST concert EVER at Star Lake Amphitheatre, Pittsburgh, PA!!!!!!!!! I don't think that I could ever do Ms. Nicks ANY justice in my summery of this concert. So I'll try to keep it short. First off, I met the main man of percussion, Lenny Castro. He was really cool. Boz sounded great. Christopher, her brother, came out on stage and read the definition of "Enchanted". And then around 9:20-ish, She came out on stage in all of her majestic glory. She radiated with beauty and grace. She first sang Outside the Rain leading into Dreams. This was a great opening. I knew from here on in this was going to be the best! Enchanted was the second song She sang. Then She had to make a quick cape change, into none other than the Gold Dust Woman attire. That song rocked! So did the rest of them, but it was awesome. Then She sang Gold and Brain and Stop Dragging My heart Around. There was a short break so She could change into a red dress. She sang what She called a trilogy set of acoustic songs: After the Glitter Fades, Garbo, and Rose garden, which She wrote when She was 17. She rocked right into Sleeping Angel, one of my personal favorites, Stand Back ROCKED SOOO HARD, everyone was dancing, and then Rhiannon. She took another break, and while she was changing, Lenny and Land Richards, the drummer played a very long intro toWhole Lotta Trouble. Then She did Landslide, as on The Dance video, with the guitarist. It was done so beautifully. Everyons started to sing along, and by the end, she was conducting the audience when to hold notes and when to end them. She has a great stage presence and sense of humor!! Twisted was the next to the last song before her encore. And then the Edge of Seventeen. There are no words to describe it but STEVIE!! She then went around shaking people's hands and accepting a few boquets of flowers. Then they came out for the encore, which consistd of, I Need to Know and Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You. It was a beautiful concert. No one could capture and "Enchant" the hearts of their listeners like STEVIE NICKS, and NO one EVER will! Thank you Stevie for making this night so "Enchanted" for me. Much Love, Amy I.
from Corey Gutilla - AKA Landslide or Slide-
The show was amazing!! I have seen Stevie several times (both solo and with FM and almost always in crappy seats) and this show was the best--one I will never ever forget. I had the best seats ever (3rd row center in the pit). I was in a daze (and not from any mind altering substance) through most of the show and just could not take my eyes off of Stevie the entire night. She had me captured, enchanted, hypnotized, mezmerized, and every other word I can't think of right now to describe my psychological state of mind.

During Whole Lotta Trouble everyone charged the stage. Well I went full speed ahead like I was running with the bulls, and I ended up directly against the stage right smack dab under Stevie's microphone for the rest of the show. Edge of 17 was playing, and Stevie was making her way towards me; she was shaking the girl's hand next to me and I just reached up and grabbed her arm. The next thing I know I had ahold of both of her arms and she is directly in front of me. I screamed, "Stevie I Love You," she smiled and said, "Thank You." I didn't realize that I had such a grip on her and she basically had to yank her arms from my grasp. I didn't want to ever let go, or that moment to ever end. But it all happened so fast and she moved on. My dream finally came true, I TOUCHED STEVIE NICKS, and she acknowledge my existance. I just can not begin to express what this night was like for me, other than I didn't want it to ever end. She rocked the house, she sounded incredible, looked absolutely gorgeous, and was very happy to be there.

One incident that did occur, that I think everyone else left out of their review, happened towards the end of Edge of 17--Stevie was still shaking hands and collecting her gifts--when all of a sudden the blond haired guitarist (that I just can not remember his name) was walking backwards playing and he tripped over something and fell right on his behind. He was so embarrassed and the people that happen to catch this were all screaming and laughing. He was a good sport about it and just kept on playing the entire time, even on his butt.

If you haven't seen Stevie yet, you will probably agree with me that it was spectacular. Other than a few minor flubs, Stevie was in rare form. Her solo shows just seem to get better with age (like a fine wine). There are a few songs in the set list that you will love. She called them her Trilogy of songs and she explained that they were songs that she chose and was not told to do. They are After the Glitter Fades, Garbo, and Rose Garden. They were all excellent!! I am so glad she has her voice back. A few other songs that were great to hear were Sleeping Angel, Gold and Braid, and Twisted. Yes, they were all wonderful as well. But my favorite song of all (which shouldn't be hard to figure out) was Landslide. There I was only about two feet away from Stevie while she sang my alltime favorite song. The whole audience was singing the entire time and she was directing us like a choir teacher, waving her arms and letting us know how long to hold out the notes. It gave me goosebumps. She ended the night with Has Anyone Ever Written.... and it was as always beautiful. She thanked us and told us to keep coming back because she doesn't have anything else to do. I will keep coming back Stevie!! The only thing that can top this night will be to meet her backstage. I am still walking around in a daze, my ears are still ringing, my throat is still raw, I lost my voice, and if I could turn back time, I would do it all over again. It was one of the best nights of my life and I am still on a high thinking about it. Thank you Stevie, I hope you rock on for another 50 years!

from Karen Kopnitsky
June 9 Pittsburgh. StarLake Amphitheater. WOW!!!!!!!!How do I begin to tell you about the best concert I have ever seen. Stevie was so great!!!. When I walked in I was told no cameras aloud in so I hid my camera. I was so amazed to see alot of look alike stevies all around. I first went to the t-shirt stand and I bought a really cool one with stevie in blue and she is pointing at the sky and the back of it has enchanted 98 on it. The shirts are $27 each and the tour book is $18. I think that is really expensive. I wanted a tour book but I just could not see spending that much. I went to my seat and it was the 1st section 9 rows back. Really good!!!!!! Boz Scaggs came on around 8 and I only listened to a couple of his songs. He doesnt really interest me but he had a back up singer that was really great. Fianally around 9 Stevie came on. My friend and I decided to see if we could get better seats a little closer. We moved to 5th row center. Outside the Rain and my heart skips a beat came on over the microphone and I got my camera out and started snapping pictures along with everyone else there. This song sounds great live and her voice is in top condition. Next was Dreams. Halfway through the song these chics came to claim their seats. I took on more picture and we got up and moved back to our seats. I was so glad because we were on the end and I got to dance in the aisle until a security guard came and told everyone to move over. Enchanted came on and I seemed to be the only one who knew the words to this song. Stevie was so full of energy. She was dancing all around the stage and she was having the best time. I really love the song Enchanted. Gold Dust Woman was amazing. I attended the Fleetwood Mac concert last year and I missed this song because I arrived late. Stevie came out in her yellow cape and she was triwling around the stage. Her band is really good and this song was outstanding. When she screamed "Go Home" the audience went crazy. By this time I was beside myself with excitement. I kept screaming hoping Stevie would hear me. Gold and Braid was excellent. I though this song sounded even better then on the boxed set. Again it seemed not too many people knew the words to the songs. Stop Draggin My Heart Around was good even though she had the guitarist sing Tom Petty's part. That song is one of my favorites. Stevie looked so happy and she would talk to us after every song. She said she remembered being in Pittsburgh last year and that she loved playing here. This woman is 50?

I started to take more pictures and the security guards kept telling people they better stop or they are going to take their cameras. Then Stevie did the acoustic set with After the Glitter Fades, Garbo and Rose Garden. This set was awesome and Stevie's voice never sounded so wonderful. Then she did Sleeping Angel. I just listened to this song the other day and it instantly became one of my favorites. I took a picture everytime I saw the security guard look the other way. People kept trying to get to the front of the stage. She changed so many times but she has the most beautiful clothes. The highlight was when Stand Back came on the crowd went crazy and so did I. This song is so powerful live. Everyone was singing and she had so much energy singing this song. WOW!!!!!!! Rhiannon is really good. It pretty much is close to The Dance version. Again everyone was singing. There was a really hugh crowd also. I did not see an empty seat anywhere. At least 15,000 or more were there. I really like Whole Lotta Trouble. It was really loud and heavier then the cd version of it. Stevie dedicated Landslide to some lady that her father knows that was in the audience. The guitar player did a really good job on this one. Here is the highlight of the show. Halfway through Landslide my friend told me to go up to the front to get a better picture. I saw the security guard walk the other way and I went right up to the 4th row. Then a whole bunch of people just went to the front of the stage. All the chairs were flipped over and pushed aside. All of a sudden I was 2 people away from the stage. Then Twisted came on and I was jumping up and down. I got a couple more pictures even though the security guy was almost right next to me. My friend tried to get to the front and they would not let her. The lighting for Twisted was cool. Just being that close to Stevie was a wonderful experience. Then I heard the bongo drums playing and I knew it was time for Edge of Seventeen. It seemed like forever until Stevie came back out. It was well worth the wait. She had on a black and white cape and she sang her heart out on this one. Then she bent down to pick up the flowers and gifts that everyone had to give her. I edged my way closer and then everyone was just pusing too hard to get the stage. It was crazy!!!!!!! I tried to reach her hand but I couldnt. She waved at me and a couple of other people and said she loved us all and said hi. I was about to pass out after that. I think she even looked at me. I kept jumping up and down waving my arms.I just followed my way down to the other side of the stage. Then these people started fighting right in the middle of the song. Can't everyone just get along? I was really mad because I got hit luckily not too hard. After that I moved back somewhat to get away from those people. After Seventeen Stevie got with all the band members and they bowed. When she left the stage the crowd went crazy. She came out and did I need to Know which I think is a Tom Petty song. It was really good. I was getting sad though cuz I knew there was only one song left. Then Stevie sang Has Anyone Ever Written Anyting For You. What a perfect way to end a perfect night. I almost cried because that song sounds so beautiful and Stevie is so beautiful. I took my last picture of the evening and found my friend and headed the car. The show ended at 11:15. I have to say that this concert is the best ever. If you dont have a ticket get one because this tour isnt one to miss. She is just so amazing live and you have to see her to believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is 2:00 now and I definitley wont be able to sleep but I know that I attended something really wonderful. That is the the gift of Stevie's voice!!!!!!!

from Steve Kisko
Well... what a night. First of all, it's 3 a.m. and I've been ready for bed ever since I got in my car and began my 3-hour drive home, so I'll try to keep this short... anyway, Starlake was completely filled, I swear to God... it seemed like the only seats that weren't taken were the ones that me and my friend kept stealing! (it's funny, we *never* stayed in our real seats the entire night!) Even the lawn looked packed... Same set list and everything... Stevie was absolutely amazing... she sounded so *young*... her voice is much clearer and brighter now than it's been in a while, I suppose. She hit some high notes that I wasn't expecting, wailed an awful lot where I wasn't expecting any wails, and the only thing missing, really, was the high kick she did on "Gold and Braid" from '82. :)

The highlights came mostly from her between-song banter with the audience. The most memorable thing she said came at the end, after "Has Anyone..." -- she said that she truly appreciates us being there for her because if it weren't for us, "What else would I do?" When she said that, it sounded more sincere than sincere. I came away from this show loving Stevie more than ever, and I can't wait to see her again. I definitely plan on taking care of myself so "we can do this again," as she said.

Just a tip for those of you going to upcoming shows -- if you're unhappy with your seats, just look around for open ones closer to the center or down closer to the stage -- whatever; just steal them! If people get up and leave and don't come back or if they just don't show up for their seats, take them!!! Me and my friend had to move around about 6 or 7 times cuz we kept on getting kicked out of people's seats, but it was worth it. By the time we moved for the last time, we were closer than ever... Unfortunately, when we tried to sneak past security to try to shove our way down front for "edge of 17," they demanded to see our tickets and sent us back to our seats... oh well. At least we had a cheering section ("Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!") - :) while we were attempting it! ha ha...

Oh, and to the lady who bought us beer in exchange for the constant use of my friend's binoculars, thank you... whoever you are...:) And thank you, Stevie Nicks. You rock so hard!!!! (and you're pretty damn hot, too).

from Paul Gallagher
I have seen Stevie Nicks more times than one can remember, and last night in Pittsburgh had to be the finest and truest Stevie engagement yet. Her intimacy with the crowd was what the finest of Stevie addicts long for. The stage was truly inviting. The voice was in rare form. The wardrobe was 100% Stevie. The night was a spectacular one that ended with cracks of lightning in the sky as she close with the beautiful anthem, "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You". Personally, my life is now complete...after "The Edge Of Seventeen", she dropped the shawl and headed to the left side of the stage to collect her petals and gratitudes from her devoted fans. She came to the edge, shook my hand, looked directly at me and said and kind and gentle(not to mention sincere) 'thank you'. Stevie always remembers how important the fans are in her career and this simple show of thanks at the edge of the stage always puts her at the top. Stevie Nicks definately rocked the 'Burgh in rare form last night...she is the 'long distance winner'.
from Shawn Collins and Scott Fulmer
OK....I know it was going to be a good day when Sharon Celani ran right into me at the Doubletree Hotel last afternoon!!!!

Me and my friend Scott waited in the lobby for about an hour, and then we started seeing Stevie's band. I spoke with lenny Castro and Frank Syms for about 20 min's and those two guys are the nicest you could ever chat with!!!! We saw Stevie's who crew and band running around doing there thing before heading to Star Lake. But, we didnt see Stevie, but thats ok. We sort of watched from afar....it was like we were watching a video!!

Anyways.....the show Well, my first row ticket turned out to be Third row center.....the 2 rows in front of me were reserved for Best Buy Managers only.....SUCKS!!!!! Thats what was told to us, so my Row A ticket was actually row 3. But...who really cares.....I seen Stevie!!!! We had brought a huge white bear and sunflowers for Stevie. Before the show, a guard came to us and said "Stevie would like anything big like stuffed animals to be given before the show becuase she is letting people rush the stage during Whole Lotta Trouble which is near the end, and it's gets too pushy down front." So me and Scott give him the bear and we put a little note in it and 10 min's later the guard waved for us two to come over to him. Well.....Stevie said thanks and gave us a little note back. YES I WAS IN HEAVEN!!! The show was FAB!!!!!!! Much better than Clevland show I went to last week. The secruity was not tight at all. They let us take pictures!!!!!! I took one full roll last night, and got some GREAT shots!!!!!!! During Edge of 17......YES.....she shook BOTH my hands, and took the bunch of Sunflowers we brought for her!!! No I will not forget this night...........

from Katie
Stevie was the bomb in Pittsburgh. The night was magical, highlighted by lightning and a cool rain. Great music, good food and even better fans are going to make this a truly "enchanting" tour. Only the "Queen of Rock" could put on sucha show. Thank you, Stevie, we love you!!
from Mark
This was my first opportunity to see Stevie Nicks, and she was amazing! She is so candid and energetic, and she is one of a select few who actually enjoy what she is doing. The show flowed really well early on, and Stevie changed wardrobe around a dozen times, and she always looked stunning. Another true highligh was the acoustic set. She started by saying that this is the first time she's been able to do this and play the songs she wants to play. Before 'Garbo', Stevie spoke of how she wrote the song the night of the "Buckingham/Nicks" album cover shoot and how she really didn't want to pose nude, leading thoughts to go through her mind of actresses such as Monroe and Garbo. Another great example of her pure honesty. Before 'Rose Garden' she spoke of how she wrote the song at age seventeen and isn't quite sure how prophetic the song would be, but said that she just knew something was going happen. 'Rhiannon' was fabulous, and Stevie began it with it's now famous prologue and it continued on for many minutes. Stevie performed many of her well-known twirls, and the crowd roared everytime.

Late in the show, Stevie was in a playful mood and would tease the audience by performing a half twirl. It was really cool. She was having fun! Her presence on the stage is so captivating. 'Landslide' was dedicated to her father's equivalent of a secretary (Francis, I do believe) who was present at the show. Everyone sang along, and I mean everyone. What a beautiful song. 'Twisted' (One of my favorite songs) was a pleasant surprise and absolutely one of the best performances of the night, Though no song came off poorly. The percussion interlude before 'Edge Of Seventeen' was great and got the crowd pumped. Stevie, of course, did her edge of the stage walkabout. The lead guitarist stummbled backwards, but managed to get up a few seconds later unscathed with a smile. She returned for the two song encore, and almost seemed saddened that the show was over.

Stevie summed it up best by telling everyone that we all should do this again because, "What else would I do?" What a great time she had, thus making the night enjoyable for all. I highly suggest anyone to go see a Stevie Nicks show. I have no more words to describe her. As for the others, Boz Skaggs did put on a good show and Stevie's backing back was fabulous. What a great time. I might try to get to another show on the tour. Hope to see you there!

from Anonymous
The crowd cheered as Boz Scaggs set the mood for the gypsy queen herself, Stevie Nicks. After about 50 minutes Boz stopped playing and the stage crew began to set up for Stevie Nicks. It took about 15 minutes to set up, but the wait was well worth it! Suddenly the crowd started to cheer at the sight of Ms. Nicks entering the stage. She entered the stage wearing her traditional black dress, which she usually wears. Stevie started out with playing the song, "Outside The Rain," which everybody seemed to like. She went on to sing more songs including: "Dreams, Gold Dust Woman, and my personal favorite: "After The Glitter Fades."

In the middle of the show, Stevie said how she enjoyed this concert the most, because these are the songs she likes to do, instead of the ones she has to do. She did a trilogy of three songs mainly focusing on the acoustic parts in her music.

Concluding her show were the songs: "Edge of Seventeen," "I Need To Know," and "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You." The crowd went wild after those songs, because she went down to the lower section of the stage and shook hands with people in the audience. Ms. Nicks definitely rocked the house with her June 9th concert, and we at Pittsburgh hope she comes back next year to perform again.

from Patricia
Went yesterday to Starlake to see Stevie, and it was the ULTIMATE concert to see. Stevie did a wonderful job, along with all the band. She is the most beautiful, best singer of all times. Her lineup was great, I just can't say enough about it. Thanks Stevie, you're GREAT.
from Lise
This has to be the 7th or 8th time I've seen Stevie in concert with and without Fleetwood Mac. I really prefer seeing her solo. I've read all the previous reviews and just wanted to add a couple of things that the others seem to have missed.

During the introduction of After the Glitter Fades, Stevie seemed to have forgotten the name of the song. I had my binoculars trained on them the whole time and you could see Sharon giggling. It was a momentary lapse but it showed how human she really is. Even my friend remarked that Stevie seemed stumble for the name of the song.

The woman who had Landslide dedicated to her was Frances. She was Stevie's Father's Secretary and moved with the family. It was an incredible performance of that song. Very moving.

Twisted turned out much different than I expected. I didn't realize what song it was right away. It was certainly an interesting mix on this song. I loved it.

And last but not least, in tradition of nearly every show Stevie has done at StarLake Amp. It was a rainy and chilly evening. It almost seems that wouldn't be a great show unless it was cold and wet. The only exception this year was the lack of lightning to light up the lawn. And hearing Stevie going OOH AND AAAH with every flash.

This was perhaps the best show I have ever seen her perform. As I stated before, I have seen her 7 or 8 times with and without Fleetwood Mac. Even though I was a lot further back than I really wanted to be, I was AWESTRUCK by you Enchanting us all. THANKS STEVIE.

from Anonymous
WOW. It truly was an Enchanted evening on June 9 at Starlake in the 'Burgh. Stevie really rocked! Words cannot express how great she was. Hold on for the concert of your life. Boz was also really cool, so don't count him out. Made it to the car just in time, before the storm came. How cool is that? Keep rocking, Stevie.
from Janet Francis - Blacksburg, VA
I just got back to work after driving from Blacksburg, VA (home of Virginia Tech) to see Stevie in Pittsburgh. It was an 800 mile round trip but was worth every mile twice over.

It had rained all the way to Pittsburgh and suddenly stopped for the concert and didn't resume raining until after Stevie left stage. As if even Mother Nature knew that the weather should smile on a Stevie Nicks concert.

Boz Scaggs was excellent...being an older fan I knew who Boz was and was familiar with his songs. When Stevie hit the stage I realized, to my horror, that I couldn't see a thing...not one strand of her golden hair (of course everyone was standing up cheering and screaming). So I abandoned my seat and my friend and went closer to the stage...I was still back in the second section but I could see Stevie quite well from this place. My thanks to whoever had abandoned this excellent seat. Stevie was incredible. There aren't enough adjectives...she looks beautiful and more importantly, she looks happy. She seemed truly touched by the fans reactions. To hear 10,000 people singing your songs word for word with you seemed to overwhelm her. Her voice is in excellent condition. Her band is incredible. Her girls are beautiful as always. It was a magical night and I'm still very hyper as I come back to work and listen to her box set as I think about that magical night in Pittsburgh.

from Erin
Let me say that I had the BEST night of my life last night. I got lucky with my seats because someone was selling 9th row tickets online. With those in my hands, my friend and I walked down to our REALLY close seats. I was dressed in this black dress, with a ragged hemline. It sort of looked like the Rumours dress. Anyway, as soon as Stevie came out on to the stage, the whole audience jumped up. I NEVER sat after that. I could make this really long, but I'll just say this...Stand Back was AWESOME! She did this kick during it which reminded me of the old Stevie (ie...1983). Of course, all the other songs she did rocked the house...but the best part was this... during Landslide people started going down to the stage. My friend and I busted down front. We were RIGHT at the stage, I was hanging on to it...and Stevie was so close to us when she'd leave for clothing changes. Anyway, Edge of Seventeen started and I had my bouquet of flowers ready. She kept getting closer and closer to me...and then...she took my flowers and grabbed onto both my hands! She looked right at me...everything melted away and it was just us. I kept saying "I love you I love you" and then she had to continue on...and as she was touching the other fans, I had to reach out and touch her leg and dress. It was so amazing. Stevie is so incredibly gorgeous and I wish I could go to EVERY concert of hers.
from Mikie Ray Turner
We arrived at Starlake around 6:30 p.m. We pulled into VIP parking and then walked the lot to see if we could find any other list members from Enchanted and Rumours. We found several nice people tail-gating and stopped to chat for awhile. My friend, Jeff, who is VERY honest asked the guy at the gate if he could take his camera in and the guy said no. Jeff then went back to the car with the camera and we walked the lot again as more people had arrived. Three teenage girls yelled "Hey Stevie!" to me as I was fully dressed in Stevie's outfit from the Dance (courtesy of Bear). The young girls came over and complimented me on my outfit. We then decided to enter the venue because we were supposed to meet some Enchanted and Rumours members at 7:15 to the entrance of pit seating (left side). As we walked in I got several admiring looks and several weird looks on my outfit. Some people gave me smiles and thumbs up and some people snickered and laughed behind my back. Did I care about these people that did not understand? Hell no, I just ignored them and their snide remarks. Waiting at the entrance to pit seating, we met up with Karen and her husband, Phil (from Rumours) and MaryBeth and her husband, Barry (from Enchanted). These people were very nice and friendly and we talked up a storm. We then met a nice fellow named Mike Struchion (spelling?). I believe he was from Enchanted too. These people were very nice, not "internet weirdos" like my husband thinks.

At 8:00 we found our seats and sat down to watch Boz Scaggs, who I must say, put on a very good show. His back-up singer, Lisa Frazier, was excellent. Boz left the stage and came back for an encore. When he was finished, the road crew began removing his equipment and checking and positioning Stevie's equipment. At this time, we went back out to our meeting place and talked with MaryBeth and Barry again. We saw Karen and Phil in passing. At about 9:15 we went back to our seats and got ready for Stevie. The lights went down and the whole venue screamed when Christopher Nicks came on to read the definition of Enchanted. Then the lights came up and there she was! I screamed "Stevie" real loud and everyone was on their feet. I about died, I have never seen her this close before. She came out wearing the velvet floor-length coat from the Leno show and changed accordingly for each grouping of songs. Among the clothing I saw besides the first outfit were: the Gold Dust Woman shawl (which looked more beautiful than it did on the Dance), a red and gold floor-length dress/jacket (made of satin, I think), a red jacket thing (during Whole Lotta Trouble), a beautiful silver-gray full length shawl (that looked like a dress), a white sparkly shawl (floor-length) and the last outfit a beautiful sliver/white floor-length velvet, rhinestone, satin jacket with a white shawl over it. I may have missed a few here. After Twisted, which I must say was the best I've ever heard her do this song, my friend and I went to the stage and I got up right against it, I was next to last at the stage. There was no pushing or shoving. We were in 7th row and it was a piece of cake to get up there. I watched Edge of Seventeen from the stage front. After the song was over, Stevie started to make her way along the stage shaking people's hands and collecting some gifts. I saw her put on a ring, a thing that was like a tassel (like a priest wears) around her neck, a bouquet of brown-eyed Susan flowers, a stuffed animal. I could not believe I was there and that my dream was going to come true. What would I say to her? I had no idea. When she got to me, she took my hand in both of hers, looked directly at me, maintaining eye contact and smiled the biggest smile I'd ever seen. I said "I love you Stevie." and she nodded to me. Now she did not just let my hand go, she held on and squeezed. My friend, Jeff, said the blue stage light was shining on my face and I was in a trance. Her hand was the softest I've ever felt, tiny, and a little moist. She had medium length nails with pearl polish on them. As she moved to the last person, I touched her burnt red color boot and touched the hem of her jacket. You could tell the clothing was super expensive by the feel. We watched her two last songs from the bottom of the stage and then the lights came up and she was gone. Some drunk girl was boosted on stage by her boyfriend during Stevie's encore and a big security guy made her get down. What some people won't do.

As I left the venue, I was walking on air. I had never expected in my life to share such a special moment with my idol. I think Stevie noticed my costume. She genuinely does appreciate her fans. My friend, Jeff, who had never seen her before was impressed with her rapport with the audience. I got home about 12:15 a.m. and had trouble falling asleep. I was thrilled to death and couldn't wait to tell everyone about my experience. I bought the tourbook, blue t-shirt with Stevie pointing and a keychain. I am totally broke until Friday.

My Dream came true, I will remember this night.

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